DeskJet 712c does not work with Win 7

I recently switched to a new win 7 Home Premium SP1 (64) my old XP computer which worked well with my printer.  The printer does not work with the new OS and the computer.  Even if the computer indicates that the device is functioning normally, the printer will not accept print orders.  Not even the printer print test.  There is no error reports but the system behaves as if the usb is not connected, even though it is.   There were no changes in connectivity before or after installing new software (or trying) trying to get the new computer set up.

I just found it and tried the wizard of the printer which also implies that the usb is not connected even though it is.

The compatibility options have done nothing to help.


EUREKA!  At the risk of party too early, it seems that I am able to print with my new computer (HP).  Fixed after almost endless hours trying to get my printer to work despite many internet messages saying it could not be done and other giving solutions that didn't work.

Why o ' why the solution apparently a hidden secret and why the tools did not work?

In any case, thank you very much.  With all the problems I'm having to migrate to Windows 7, it's a very important achievement.  Thank you, thank you.


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    Hi all!

    I am facing a lot of problems with my printer (Desket 3420) that doesn't seem to work with Win 8. I installed it first with the 'old' drivers supplied with the original CD, and then, when I discovered the problems of compatibility, I tried the Deskjet 3600 drivers provided by Windows Update.

    The printer seems to be properly installed and "ready" (if I can see in Control Panel), but every time I launch he grabs a sheet and seems to start printing but awkwardly, with characters bad and extremely slow, even if I set the option "starts printing immediately" or, Alternatively, "start printing when the coil is complete! Also when I try to delete a document in the print queue, it seems not respond!

    Can someone help me find a solution? There is the chance to use this printer with Win 8 or I have to buy a recent news?

    Thank you for the support.


    As you can see below, I'm afraid your pritner is not compatible with Windows 8:


  • Monitor all-in-one Epson Stylus CX3900 printer ink does not work with win 7

    Ink monitor does not work with win 7. It is connected to a pc win 7 and the ink monitor does not work on the two win xp computers on the same network.

    There are Windows 7 drivers here...

    Have you tried?

    Generally, functions such as ink levels work only on the host with the full support of the package installed and is not available for all computers that are connected to the host of the printer.

  • My HP Photosmart 7660 printer does not work with Win 7 Ultimate. Need help, where can I get the right driver?

    My HP Photosmart 7660 printer does not work with Win 7 Ultimate. Need help, where can I get the right driver?

    Visit the HP website and look.

  • HP deskjet 995ck does not work on win 7

    HP deskjet 995ck does not work on win 7

    Check on the Web site of the manufacturer for an updated driver:

  • Satellite A300 - built-in Chicony webcam does not work with Win Live Messenger


    I just bought a * Satellite A300-1MC * (works on Vista Home Premium) and downloaded Windows Live Mail and Live Messenger.
    The integrated webcam does not work with Live Messenger; and when you select the tool, Audi + Vieo Setup in Messenger I get thye following message: "we are unable to launch the Audi video installation.
    The webcam works fine with the Camera Assistant Software.

    I tried: 1) killing the AC software and from Messenger. (2) dowanloading one driver webcam Toshiba Web site; (3) update of Windows Vista
    None of the above works.
    Any suggestion received with joy...

    You can try to install the CAM such as ManyCams software -
    Basically, the program to access your webcam video and redistribute it as a video device ManyCam.

    Richard S.

  • I have a HP 3970 scanner that does not work with Win 7.

    My new computer came with win 7 is installed.  I have a HP 3970 flatbed scanner

    It will not work with win 7.  Before that I had win xp and the scanner worked fine.

    How can I solve this problem?


    It probably won't work because they don't have windows 7 drivers written for her by HP

    HP has written drivers for their products non-microsoft

    read the information about the available drivers below

    You can try the vista drivers or contact HP or buy a new scanner

  • Qosmio F60 - 14Q - FN key does not work with Win 8.1


    FN key does not work when I press the FN + F1 keys... F12 after installation win 8.1 instead of win7 which originated with my camera.
    is it possible to make it work even once with 8.1 win and if I need your instructions.

    Can you please tell us what model of laptop do you have?
    Your machine is supported for the own Win8.1 version? Did you check that?

  • Portege Z30-C-12Z cam does not work with Win 10

    I have a problem with my Portege Z30-C-12Z. Camera in win10 does not work.
    Error code: 0xA00F4273. Have tried all the following steps: and like many more check the BIOS etc.

    According to me, I tried and everything, checked it please help!

    Try this:
    Type of storage in the search window and go to the storage system settings page. Make sure that the economy sites point to existing folders.
    I moved the files on a SD card and the camera could not find the folder of photos. Also, I've seen the suggestion to check that the folder of photos contains the security settings to allow access.

    If still no good, remove the driver of the webcam from the Control Panel, then let Windows Update to install a driver for the webcam update.

    Reinstall the camera application can also help.

  • Satellite P105 carpet * a dvd player does not work with Win 7


    I need an upgrade on my dvd to my vintage Satellite P105.
    I want the possible fastest dvd burner right now because I'm a fan of film and keep them in digital memory.

    (1) first should I get an external drive or can I get the best performance with an internal dvd replacement of a reseller of parts or Toshiba?

    The problem is when I've upgraded to windows 7 things have changed. I lost my sound, but that solved using a driver inherited Visa as apparently the sound 'Council' on the laptop is for Vista only. Then I found the dvd player which is a mitsu * an internal UJ-450 does not or is extremely slow in saving films, records or files. The available recording software seems also planned for Vista performance was acceptable. Even the dvd burning software does not work.

    (2) so my question for multimedia specialists is: what should be my next move?

    (3) should I go outside and confront the neck of the bottle USB or

    (4) to make the speed of the bus on the internal dvd?

    (5) given an internal dvd is preferable, because it's exactly a dvd-ram/IDE as it is currently, or some other configuration of bus.

    (6) most importantly, what dvd burner would give me 18 x speed with current programs like ConvertXtoDVD and did as a symbol external or - better - as an internal dvd replacement or my slow drive currently?

    Of course, if you could give me a model number and direct me to the sales it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.


    > 1) first of all I should go for an external drive or can I get optimal performance with a dvd replacement internal to a coin dealer or Toshiba?

    You should know that not all internal STRANGE machines are compatible. You will need to use a not compatible and supported and such device could be ordered in a local ASP.
    But it s more expensive as an external CD/DVD device so you could also choose an external that would be compatible with all computers and laptops available.

    (> 2) so, my question for multimedia specialists is: what should be my next move?
    As mentioned. Good option would be to buy an external burner drive ODD

    (> 3) should I go outside and confront the neck of the bottle USB or
    External device are compatible with all computers and are less expensive

    (> 4) go to the speed of the bus on the internal dvd?
    If you have the money for an internal device and want to use it with P105 only then you can also choose an internal burner.

    (> 5) because a dvd internal is preferable, because it is exactly a dvd-ram/IDE as it is currently, or some other configuration of bus.
    As far as I know it s an IDE interface, but the device would support setting master or slave or c - salt. As mentioned, you can buy a Toshiba a recommended.

    (> 6) especially, what dvd burner would give me 18 x speed with current programs like ConvertXtoDVD and did as a symbol external or - better - as an internal dvd replacement or my slow drive currently?
    Point 5 of the air)

  • Portege M800: webcam does not work with Win 7 64 bit - webcam driver open failed

    Hey guys

    just got my companion to upgrade me for win 7 64 bit.
    Now, my camera does not work. I had to reinstall the drivers (they only had vista drivers) - can anyone help?

    "driver open webcam fail. Please restart camera or computer.

    See you soon


    Seems that you used the wrong webcam software/driver or is not compatible
    You must use a webcam Chicony Win 7 64 bit software.

    > Now my camera does not work. I had to reinstall the drivers (they only had vista drivers) - can anyone help?
    The Portégé M800 Win 7 drivers are available on the European driver Toshiba page.
    You will also find the driver of Webcam Win 7 64 bit

    Please remove first the old driver, and then restart the unit clean to the BONE using CCLeaner, reboot the device again and then install Chicony webcam software.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300 - 1GN PASGCE - LED light button does not work with Win 7

    I improve my laptop for windows 7 everything works fine but the touchpad multimedia light led power button does not work.
    Play, stop, next work earlier but not the light / off does not work.

    No idea why?


    Maybe it's a question of s a Win 7.
    I mean that the software is not intended for Win 7 but only for Vista.

    But you should check if you can reconfigure this button again.
    In Toshiba Assist-> optimize, you can find the Support of Toshiba Button tool.
    This tool can be used for the new configuration of the control buttons.

    First click on the button that you want to reconfigure and target path you can then choose the path to the exe file that must be executed by pressing this button.

    As far as I know that the exe files are placed in the program files/Toshiba/TSB folder.

    You will find different applications and one of these applications control the light on/off.

  • Satellite A500-1f5 - FN key does not work with Win 7 64 bit


    The FN key does not work

    I have the installer: added value package + Flash Cards Support utility

    Laptop model: Satellite A500-1f5

    WIN 7 64 bit

    Thank you


    Try restarting Flash cards.
    Start > all programs > Toshiba > utilities > restart Flash cards.
    After doing this press FN button several times.

    or remove the vap utility and support of flashcard and download:

    Then install the utiliy and flashcard Vap, support.

  • Satellite L305D-S5895 - keys to functions and the wifi does not work with Win XP


    first sorry for my English

    I bought a Toshiba Satellite l305d s5895, with Windows XP, I need a software, but the function keys does not work.
    So I need a driver, but I can't, and wireless internet does not work.

    > Where could it find special XP BIOS?
    In my opinion, there is problem because most threads here are on the European laptop models. then come to question United States. Toshiba Europe and Toshiba U.S. do not work together and each of them is responsible for own models and provide support for specific country notebooks models.

    For most models, so here in Europe Toshiba has offered two BIOS. We were already on the delivered Vista laptops. The Toshiba page download available BIOS for Windows XP Home edition. in most cases, it was version 5. XX and this BIOS was designed to support public services and specific tools of Toshiba. For example, all the FN key features was only available with this BIOS WXP.

    So if any of you have laptop model US they would see how the solution with Toshiba U.S. or US forum under

    Bye and good luck!

  • Microphone does not work with Win 8 Pro (driver issue)

    I just bought a new PC with Windows 8 pro and the following technical details:

    Motherboard: GA - X 79 - UP4
    CPU: Intel I7 - 3930K
    Graphics card: Nvidea Geforce GTX670

    The Microphone plugged into the port back does not work and produces his scrambled a lot like a warped computer extreme voices and is extremely soft at the same time. Re-install the original drivers and try to obtain new did not help anything.

    To prove any wrong material, I then removed the hardrive where victory 8 has been installed and installed a new version of Windows 7 Ultimate on a new hardrive and here evrything works without any worries. Probably, this proves that it is certainly a driver problem.
    Also, what about this is that Windows 8 has crashed several times already by activating the "speaker" icon.

    Any help would be apreashiated

    I actually solved the problem by updating the bios of the motherboard that was sugested to me by the Gigabyte support.

    Thank you

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