Desktop icons Windows 7 converted at each reboot

Windows 7 reorganizes my desktop icons after each reboot or after coming out of standby/hibernation.

I am running Windows 7 Build 7100 on a laptop Dell Latitude D830 completely standard (which includes a nVidia Quadro NVS 140 M graphics controller). All drivers are clean windows; I have not replaced all the drivers with vendor-specific versions.

I'm not using a KVM, I'm not using a projector or external monitor, and I never change the resolution of the screen. It couldn't be simpler: I start, move my desktop icons to where I like them, working for a few hours and closed. On the next reboot half of the desktop icons have been moved. There are no error messages or a warning during startup or shutdown, so no reason to explore should be unhappy.

Clearly, this is a bug. But what is the workaround?


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    This is a silly question tiny but it's bugging me. I like to keep the shortcut icons on my desktop to allow a quick selection or programs. Recently, I noticed that after a reboot, the icons available is blurred.
    I want to do is organize the icons in one, for me, in a logical way and fix then this arrangement as well as reboot icons are arranged in the same way. I searched everywhere but may not know how to do this. I know that this must be possible because this interference is just a recent phenomenon and I know I must have done something to bring.
    I thank anyone in advance, can provide assistance with this.

    Use this tutorial:

    It is the only method that keeps shortcuts and the desktop icons where you want without have moved them or rearranged themselves to restarting.

  • The desktop icons to change the order after reboot

    Original title: the icons on the desktop in the Land of window 8

    Hello my friends. Before entering my question, I would like to thank all those who more graciously helped me with the many difficulties that I had with my old Dell XPS 8100 Studio, running Windows 7, Service Pack One, who went from the realms of the puffy clouds, halos, and * cherubs Flyin 'around pluckin' at the age of harps. Unfortunately he succumbed to Cyber Devils and digital demons that has infected. Even after the Pixel priest to perform an Electrosisim filled with the anointing of the Holy soldering, the pose of the figures on Ctrl-Alt-Delete, an attempt to restore to an earlier time, the computer was found dead of CPU. So at 2:35 on July-11-2013 with a tear to the eye and a hand shaking, I pulled the plug on my old Dell XPS Studio 8100 paper weight for 3 years and he passed quietly in the mist of the net and internet wholesale in the cloud. :)) So now I have a new ASUS computer and it runs Windows 8, and a few things are not as they were in Windows 7 like the arrangement of the icons on the desktop. Now, in Windows 7, I could resize, change the image and place the icons where I wanted to, and as long as I box unchecked her "snap to grid" in the settings under view they would remain locked in their assigned positions. Good, assuming that the parameters for the icons were the same as they were in Windows 7 in Windows 8, I went to the subject to carefully arrange my icons. When I had finished my task, I went in the view and the box unchecked that pesky 'snap to grid' and everything seemed fine until I had the need to restart the computer. After restart my office came on the screen and I couldn't believe my eyes, all of the icons that I had planned so carefully were in their original position they were before them, I changed? I went quickly into the display and don't you know that the "Snap to grid" box was checked. I tested this confusing situation several times, and any time the results were the same? Now, once more I seeks the advice and wisdom of you Wizards of Windows and Microsoft Magi digital defenders of the net in the hope that you might have a solution to my situation. Sincerely yours, Esq. Tiffany Amber Snow "Help me Obi Wan, you're my only hope"

    Hi Tiffany,

    This problem may occur if there are a few themes that are installed on the computer, which interferes with the operation of the desktop icons.

    Perform the steps mentioned below and see if it helps.

    a: Right-click on an empty space on the desktop and then click on Personalize.

    b: Then click on Change Desktop Icons option present in the upper left.

    c: uncheck the option allow themes to change desktop icons.

    d: Click apply , then Ok.

    Answer please if you have any questions.

  • The desktop icons Windows 7 keep moving and changing size on reboot

    After the last update of Windows, icons (10/07/12) the Office will move to the left side of the screen and change the size of small to medium. Automatic reorganization is NOT checked. Only to snap to grid is turned on. There has been no other software installed since run Windows Update. The video drivers are up to date. I tried all the recommendations made in various online forums from the ridiculous (Refresh) to third-party manufacturers (Stardock Fences) software. The only thing that worked was fences that I wouldn't need to use and even then, if you click Refresh icons are trying to move to the left side of the screen and resize anyway. The fact that this all started after the restart after the Patch the latest Tuesday updated. What the * did you do this time Microsoft?


    Have what troubleshooting measures you tried so far?

    Method 1: I suggest you make a system full scan just to be sure.

    Here is a link that will give you information on how to perform a full scan of the system:

    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Method 2: Uninstall and reinstall drivers display adapter.

    See the following steps:

    (a) click Start, right click on computer.

    (b) click on properties, click on Device Manager

    (c) Expand, graphics card, right click on the adapter

    (d) click on uninstall

    (e) now go to your computer / site Web of the manufacturer of the device, download the updated drivers and install them.

    Method 3: Since its startup after Windows Update, perform the restore of the system, i.e. to restore the computer to a date when it was working fine.

    Step 1: System Restore: frequently asked questions:

    Note: After the system restore, you will be offered Windows updates, install a clean boot and check if that helps.

    Step 2: A clean boot to test if any element of service or third party application startup is causing this issue.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

    Note: When you're done to diagnose, follow step 7 in the article to start on normal startup.

    You can also check:

    Updates: frequently asked questions:

  • Duplication of 'My Computer' - computer desktop icons Windows 7

    Using Windows 7 x 64.  Have onscreen 'My Computer' on the desktop.  Create a temporary folder on C: and copy the files in this folder on the network.  The 'My Computer' icon will duplicate it several times during the copy.  To get rid of them, uncheck the 'My Computer' icon in personailization settings and double check.  Now back to an icon.  Anyone know why this icon duplicates?

    I have thought of it myself.  After more net research, found in the same issue (but not exact) due to the use of a Windows "tweaking" program.  I had another program installed but providing the same features "tweaking".  I uninstalled this program, and made a copy test.  Icon did not multiply.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Is signed in to Windows Messenger message on each reboot of Windows XP.

    Original title: problem connecting Windows Messenger.

    I am constantly (maybe not always) get a connection on the front of Windows Messenger message as my Windows XP Tablet starts and I'm connected to Windows. Then, I need to fill my username and passwords (again - not always) and I always check the box to remember such things. It stores this kind of things like a cookie that is erase my cCleaner or something? Why that often? I'm sick of it and considering only using my Yahoo Messenger, that always records me automatically at startup.

    Windows Messenger seems to work fine now. I just disconnected from Windows then recorded on twice, and it connects to Windows Messenger on its own well. I need to go to file > disconnect, then file > sign in during all windows connect to prevent show the signature in the thing forever. If I did these two steps, it would always be quickly connect.

    Also... don't know why you say cCleaner deletes passwords. Mine does not work. If I want to erase the passwords, I needed to:

    To delete information from Internet Explorer, click on tools > Internet Options. Select the content tab, and then click AutoComplete > settings. Uncheck the user names and passwords on forms, so it will not save those ever. Click on AutoComplete delete history... Now click on the history button to AutoComplete to remove. Check all of the boxes on the next window that you want to remove, and then click on delete - maybe not forms and browsing history

    But now I have this feature disabled, I use the password Omnipass software that uses fingerprint for me my reader to log on Windows, and then save the usernames and passwords for all sites. Is a system much better, because it will allow me to see the names of registered users & passwords after proving my identity with a shot of fingerprints. It will also allow me to delete only a single username / password entry if I need to change it, without destroying all others. Also, I can choose to disconnect Omnipass at any time so that the usernames & passwords don't fill up, if I need to temporarily circumvent this.

  • When I restart my PC Windows XP desktop icons auto arrange on the left side of the screen.

    On the screen of "rearrange icons by", "Auto arrange" is unchecked. !!!

    I use the app "icon Restorer" to move my icons to how I arranged the on the desktop, but every time that I reboot the desktop icons auto arrange themselves on the left side of the screen.

    What can I do to keep my static desktop icons (and not self organization after reboot)?


    Hello Henry

    The list in two steps below are users in another thread about the same exact issue. Try the steps suggested, let me know they help. Thank you.


    Hi there, have you tried? Click with the right button on a blank space on your desktop, highlight the icons on the desktop, check on "locking up icons" and organize the uncheck'auto?



    When you say "LOCK icon on my desktop items" I assume you mean to stop to rearrange a reboot? If that's what you mean, so just copy paste then whats below into Notepad, then click on "file > save under...". "in the part superior, save it to the desktop. When you save the 'Save as type' change to 'Documents text (*.txt)' to 'All Files' and name it anything with a .reg extension. Close everything and then click on the file and select "merge". also, you want to make sure to add the part "Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00".» This registry setting records the position of items on the desktop when you turn off

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    "NoSaveSettings" = hex (3): 00, 00, 00, 00

    Change the settings of the REGISTRY can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the REGISTRY settings configuration can be solved. Changes to these settings are at your own risk...

    The answers are from the thread linked below.

  • My desktop icons reset their positions to restart windows 7 64 bit

    I try MicrosoftFixit.WinFileFolder and icon cache Rebuilder, it works: my desktop icons are restored, but when I reboot my desktop icons windows are reset to zero once again, I have to throw the fix for every time windows starts. If someone knows why?

    Thank you and see you soon


    1. what applications do not work in the new user account?

    2. do you get an error message? If Yes, what is the exact error message?

    Please answer these questions so that we can better help you.

    See also,

    Difficulty of a corrupted user profile

  • verification of the shadows down using the desktop icon labels works not

    in windows xp, I tried to remove the shadow around the label of the icon and the mycomputer, properties, advanced, settings, dropshadows to use icon on the desktop check box labels don't market not delete.

    in windows xp, I tried to remove the shadow around the label of the icon and the mycomputer, properties, advanced, settings, dropshadows to use icon on the desktop check box labels don't market not delete.

  • My desktop icons keep stepping back to the left side down after each reboot.

    Micons office keep movong

    I am running Win XP with Vista Upgrade. All of a sudden my desktop icons keep stepping back to the left side down after each reboot

    I am running Win XP with Vista Upgrade. All of a sudden my desktop icons keep stepping back to the left side down after each reboot

    Try this tutorial. It worked for me when I had Vista 32 bit. I used to have more than 150 shortcuts on deskops, and they tended to move 'by themselves' as you said. This tutorial below worked for me.

    Note: the tutorial is done for Vista 32 bit.

    Is a 64-bit installation program which I have not tried. I can't guarantee that.

  • I am running windows xp sp3, the volume icon disappears from the taskbar on each reboot or shutdown/startup.kindly, help any permanent solution known.

    I am running windows xp sp3, the volume icon disappears from the taskbar on each reboot or shutdown/startup.kindly, help with any permanent solution known.i should go to the control panel and to recover it again whenever I turn my on.kindly advice, someone machine me a solution permanently this problem.i want to stay always on the taskbar the volume icon.
    the honest answer is expected... Thank you!


    Try this:

    Control Panel - device - sounds Manager - note manufacturer device name and info on the graduating model.
    Double click and get the date and version of the driver (if 06 are dates, you use the default windows driver). Now
    Click the DRIVER UPDATE (this can not find anything because MS is far behind the certification of drivers). Now LAW
    CLICK above and UNINSTALL - REBOOT - it will refresh the driver stack.

    Now, go to the manufacturer of the system and recover the last pilot audio/Hi-Fi as a fall.

    Download it - SAVE - go to where you put it - RIGHT CLICK top - RUN AS ADMIN - REBOOT

    Now do the same for the manufacturer of the device (the one that made the device - if you were using the default windows
    you might need to look in the Device Manager - his new driver).

    Often, you will need to run the sound card drivers several times to get the latest version installed and will appear in
    Manager - Sound. This is because they make back the drivers one at a time and then finally install the
    most recent. Look in the Device Manager to be sure that you have installed the version of the driver is the one showing, if not
    run the driver again (reset each time) until the shows a correct.

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Windows 7 desktop icons move after reboot

    Hello world!

    This is the first time in my life (and I am 41) ask your question like this, windows product but I am already desperate with this annoying icon problem, and I consider myself an advanced PC user.

    I like to organize my desktop icons (and I have a lot) in my own way everywhere in the desktop for my comfort and until a few days ago they still reappeard on the same place where I put them after the restart or shutdown.

    A few days ago, I bought a new TV (LG LCD 80 cm) with a HDMI input and connect with my Nvidia GeForce 9400GT via a graphics card HDMI 10 m long hi-speed and turn on my PC. During the time of startup, I chose Windows 7 (either by the way, I have 3 OS-es on a HARD drive on separate partitions 3: WinXPpro Win7pro 64 bit, Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit) and when the loggin screen should appeard there was only white screen on my primary monitor, ACER A221HQ (22 "), connected by VGA cable. I couldn't even logg in Windows until it hits me, I better turn on the TV as well and BINGO, my loggin screen was on TV and not on my screen. Then I try to set my screen as main screen to be invited to have the obsolete Nvidia graphics card driver and I need to download the latest version. Is not not lazy i made cela, open the Nvidia Control Panel and set both views to clone fashion but the TV is to be marked as 1 (primary) and 2 (secondary) monitor and there is no option to manually set monitor as display a (primary).

    After that whenever I boot windows 7, that the desktop icons move to the left side of the screen little matter what I do in the menu desktop options.

    I guess this happens because windows now think my TV is the main display, not the monitor and send it so the Office on television to see that is turned off and then sends it to the screen, but with desktop icons rearranged for a stupid reason because I put resolutions on both screens to their native 1920 x 1080 resolution / 32 bit color / 60 Hz.

    Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem? I tried to install this 3rd party software to save the position of the desktop icon, but it didn't work, I uninstall.

    Also this problem appears only on Windows 7, Windows XP have no problem at all, nor Ubuntu 11.04.


    (Sorry for the grammatical errors, but English is not my native language)

    I'm sure you're right about the why behind it all, and I don't have an immediate solution.  However, I recommend a program of a company that has done a lot to work with and licensed a lot of Microsoft software.  It's an arrangement program called desktop icon by StarDock fences.  It might suit your needs.

  • The desktop icons and taskbar disappear when windows has finished starting - any of the usual things help

    I have a Windows XP Home Edition with a breath main card computer.  Replaced the Board, PS and other items.  Then re-activated windows and everything was fine.  Until the last moment, I rebooted after activating it.  I have the problem that I have seen posted in a bit.  When Windows has finished initializing all the desktop icons and task bar etc. disappear.  Nothing works.

    I can bring up the Task Manager and manually run programs, etc.

    Believe me when I say I spent reviewing EACH reference to this problem... Yes 5 days and counting... Tried them all.

    I also tried a repair of windows in place which ends without any problem (twice)... but still no icons or taskbar.  I also ran several controls of virus, including one for the virus, which is usually the cause of this problem.  (fsnimda3.exe), I tried all the ideas in another thread (page 9) and many other institutions.  Before I did the reconstruction of the material I've cloned the original hard drive and have used the disc cloned juggling his original for the back.  Even tried to reinstall the old disk and do a comparison of sector by sector, in the case where my cloning process missed something.  In the 30 years I've been in the computer business I have never had a re - format a hard drive to solve a problem.  BUT I think it will break my record.

    I'm doing this as a favor for a friend.  But at this point our friendship is really put to the test


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  • Windows XP: desktop icons changed to the same names, but retained their original functions


    I know that put at the point before, but the problem was never properly solved. I have Windows XP. While I was changing the name of one of my Office Word Document files yesterday, all of a sudden all my desktop icons changed under the same name. I can't tell you how it happened. 'My computer', 'My Documents', 'Trash' 'Internet Explorer', 'Adobe Reader', 'Corel Photo House', "MS Paint", "HP Solution Center" and eight other program launch icons, as well as 12 document records and 25 files of Word document on my desk, all had the same name change that I'd just been undertaken with one Word on my desktop files. Each icon has yet launched the successful operation or properly open to its original content.

    I called my friends in the Geek Squad to two different Best Buys and they had never heard of him. I called Microsoft Corp. in Washington State and spoke to someone there. He had never heard of this before but found a couple of reports, one in 2006 and one in 2009. He said that he asked around the House Microsoft and if he could find an answer, post it on the forum.

    No one was able to tell me how it could happen and no one could tell me how to fix it.

    I then, on my own, done a restore of the system in two days. He restored the original names on all the items that I have listed above and it restored the original names on all 12 desktop file folders. But it does not restore the names under the 25 Word document files. Those that I had to open individually to see what they were and then rename them manually the original name. Would enjoy to hear your opinion on this.

    Pete Speth

    Hi Pete,.

    I tried what you wrote... Select all the files, rename one file and all the files are renamed automatically - as I thought - but for a change of my computer, my network places and My Document obtained renamed the sting that it represents in the registry! I tried CTRL + Z file names seem to be restored, but not for the default icons!... Seems interesting...

  • After the reboot, Vista blurs the desktop icons - why?

    Whenever I reboot Vista desktop icons on the right side of my screen (usually after some kind of update) will be massaged on the left side of the screen in a piece of big - do not crush anything, but clumped everywhere where there is not already an icon.  My screen resolution is 1600 x 900 and virtually every icon of PX 1200 to 1600 px is moved...  Is this normal?  It's happened since I've owned the computer about 14 months ago.

    Hi Hiballer,

    It would be possible that the icon cache where stored windows icons is damaged.

    This corruption can lead to garbled/fuzzy/false icons. To resolve this problem, rebuild the icon cache by deleting.

    Method 1:

    a. click on organize on the toolbar and choose folder and Search Options.

    b. click on the view tab and check to select the files and folders hidden, and then click OK.

    c. After this, navigate to the location, which by default is C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Iconcache.db and delete the iconcache.db file.

    d. restart your computer.

    Once the computer restarts, it will recreate a good icon-Cache file.

    Method 2:

    If you still experience the problem, try to perform a clean boot and check if the problem persists.

    A clean boot to check if startup item or services to third-party application is causing this issue.

    You can read the following article to put the computer in a clean boot:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    After you resolve the problem, see the section on boot link to how to restore your computer to a Normal startup mode.

    Hope this information is useful.

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