Desktop won't start. flashing green light

I have a 1318NX Compaq Presario SR which will not start!  There is a green light flashing on the back of the power supply; which is normally green 110V AC is plugged into it.  I tried the trick of the Start button while not plugging the power cord... no help.  I also opened the case and carefully got rid of any power cord of all internal devices... the light turns green only when I pull the main power of the motherboard!

I need to replace the motherboard?  Troubleshooting on site would indicate that the power supply is OK if the light is solid green.

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My wife's computer had the same problem several times. A solution I found that worked before was to unplug the power cable from motherboard and the power supply cable to the back of the PC and then connect the power cable and plug the motherboard power cable while holding down the power button. Scary, to say the least, but it worked, until one day I accidentally spilled the bad circuit breaker and then spend two hours trying the same solution with no luck and the Google search again. And here's what I found. It is the simpler solution even more cruel. It is simple and noninvasive and no matter how tech savvy you are. Take a blow dryer and turn it on to blow air at the rear of the power supply for a few minutes. When you see the light turn green, you're ready. It's worked for me after that it worked for a hundred others, maybe more. A look at the testimonials on this site: It's a shame that nothing like that appears on any site of HP. So don't waste your money on a new MoBo or PSU. All you need is dry hair of your wife.

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  • Desktop won't start no-of faulty power or motherboard?

    Compaq Presario SR5000/Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

    I had this problem for a few months - the Office doesn't turn back on when I unplug and plug it back and the green light of the power cord blinks. Based on the troubleshooting guide from HP for this flashing light, I was able to isolate the problem to the connector 24 pin main that feeds the motherboard. Whenever I got in this regard, the light was stable. Thus, the last two times I've been able to bring the office back to life by unplugging / plugging the 24 pin connector.

    This time, of the power supply does blink everything as long as the motherboard is powered but puts constant green when I get this connector.

    I tried the hairdryer mentioned here but stuff that no longer works.

    As the POWER light turns off when I have the motherboard power and turns on when I win, I don't know which replace - block power SUPPLY or the motherboard but obviously one of them is the question.

    Power supply model #: Bestec ATX 250 12Z

    Thank you!

    Power supply failures are much more common than the failings of the motherboard... and less expensive to replace. I have a machine now sometimes, which flashes and takes a few coachig at startup if unplugged for awhile and anticipates a new power supply in the near future.

    If you check the specifications and dimensions, you can buy a replacement WHAT PSU to many points of sale, or online at places like or pretty cheap.

    You could also first remove the power supply and take it to a place that makes the PC repairs and ask them to test it. I bought a tester of POWER a few years ago that saved many hours of troubleshooting.

  • Flashing green light

    After that my Tablet has been asleep for a while, a green light flashes next to the power switch. It is about 1 cm in diameter. I chatted with support and she told me it was an indicator that the battery is fully charged and if I turned on the Tablet it stops flashing. I told her that my battery is at 57%, and the light flashes only when the Tablet has been asleep for a while. This went back for a while before that she said that she could not help me. Nobody knows what this flashing green light and how do I turn it off? It is very bright in a dark room. I see two posts on the forums of Android Tablet but no solutions, although some thought it was a gmail notification.

    This is a notification e-mail and should be able to be turned off by disabling the notifications. [Press where time is on]--> [time again when the display appears]--> [notifications turn off]. See if it works for you.

  • Dell XPS 420 not go, bright, flashing orange light orange on the motherboard, flashing green light behind USB on motherboard

    I am running Windows 7 on my XPS 420, I had updated the power supply two years back and installed extra ram and an SSD, a few months ago.

    I quit the PC last night, normally

    This morning, it is not booting, the light was blinking orange, including the connected mouse was blinking also.

    I decided to open it and check all connections; everything went well on the inside.  Before you open the PC, I unplugged all the extras connected like mouse, etc.

    The computer has actually started up normally and when I plugged the monitor it looked ordinary, he had reached the Windows login screen.

    HOWEVER, when I plugged the first rear USB component, the computer off and started to blink.

    I'm not sure what the problem is here.  My motherboard is fried?  I don't think it's the power supply from the computer DID resume after I noticed the blinking yellow light.  I wonder if the flashing of the earlier mouse and/or the flashing green on the back (inside the PC) of USB port average something else.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated


    First check that all the cables for power and data are correctly connected, including the cables on the front panel.

    No difference and if you're comfortable working around computers, you can try the following:

    Note: The only 100% POWER supply test method, is to install a known working power.

    Unplug the power cord, hold the power button in for about 15-20 seconds, open the case, disconnect the power connector 24-pin motherboard and jumping the Green wire to one of the black wires, plug in the power cord and the power of the system, if the PSU, case fans and disk hard drive performance then the power supply can be good.

    Note: Do not remove the wires from the plug, use a small piece of wire or a paper clip as a rider.

    Extract supply and the system still does not work, yet once remove the power cord, hold button power in a few seconds to discharge residual power, reconnect the connector 24 pin to the motherboard.

    Remove any PCI video card [as appropriate], memory cards, all the devices, unplug data cables and power to all readers, check that the cable from the front panel is connected to the motherboard, without anything else connected to the system, reconnect the power cable and power the system on.

    If there is no difference in the diagnostic lights, of "Beep" codes and/or the indication of the LED on the power button, it would seem that the motherboard is dead and/or the processor and the only method I know to check a processor is perhaps install a compatible work PC, or use a known job processing.


  • I am expierencing problems with my isight Camera on my MacBook Pro. Suddenly the video camera does not start (no green light on) FT or Photo Booth. The screen is black, if I restart computer it works but after closing the lid, it stops. V10.11.3

    I have problems with my view i camera on my Mac Book Pro. Suddenly the video camera does not work (no green light on) FT or Photo Booth. The screen is black, if I restart it, it works but after closing the lid it stops and I have to restart the computer.  I use V10.11.3. An idea about what is happening

    Hello mpm068,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    Since your iSight webcam works up to the time that your Mac goes to sleep, I would like you to start please help desk trying to replicate this problem then to reboot in safe mode:

    1. Choose the Apple menu > shut down.

    2. After your Mac stops, wait 10 seconds, then press the power button.

    3. As soon as you hear the startup tone, hold down the SHIFT key.

      You must press the SHIFT key as soon as possible once you hear the startup tone, but not before.

    4. Release the SHIFT key when you see the gray Apple logo and progress indicator.

    To exit safe mode, restart your Mac, but no press during the startup.

    OS X El Capitan: start in safe mode

    Take care.

  • After 32RL933 the firmware update won't start no - green LED lights

    After an update of the firmware via wifi and use the TV for a few hours, when I changed the Source, the TV goes black and reboot, right now the TV is always black, green LED flashing and the screen turns black.

    I think it's a firmware issue, I tried to pull the plug and put back in operation and does not. I have donwloaded a rl933_748304.bin firmware on the site, loaded onto usb and plugged into the TV and does not work, so I think I need a "auto-install" firmware that runs at the start of the TV instead a normal firmware.

    I've read that a lot of people have this problem, I hope that you could give me support.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.

    Try this:
    Turning the TV off. Wait 30 seconds, then press power button.
    Then OFF it again. Unplug the power cable and LAN cable.
    Reconnect the cable LAN and power ON the TV.
    Now reset the TV.
    GO to the system configuration menu, select TV point Reset and press OK to select.

  • Yoga: S1 ThinkPad won't start, only the light flashes three times.

    So I just bought a refurbished Thinkpad Yoga and everything was great for a little while. So I decided to stop it and put it aside for a few minutes. After coming back, he now refuses to even POST. I tried each power cycle I could think of, in various combinations and traveled several forums. At the end of the day, I have no functional solution.

    Current situation:

    System responds in any way other that 'i' (in the Thinkpad logo) light flashes three times when the charger is connected, or even when you press the reset button while the charger is plugged. Another illicits nothing any kind of beep, light, or otherwise.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you and best regards.

    I have the feeling that you had opened the back cover of tinkering with components (whether a change of SSD or the modem 3g / 4g).

    the symptoms you described sounds exactly like a cut cable MB. You can try opening the hood back and on the left side, you will see a wire labeled "MB". tighten, and the computer should fit now.

  • Satellite L635-S3030 won't start - flashing cursor

    My laptop won't boot! When I turn it on, the Toshiba logo comes then it goes to a black screen with a small white cursor that turns into a smaller white cursor. It won't do anything else!

    It just flashes and when I press the power button it turns off. I need help!

    How can I get my computer to work?


    I think you're talking about the cursor blinking in the upper left corner. Right?
    Well, I can tell you that the blinking cursor is a typical sign of a malfunction of the HARD drive.
    I think that your HARD drive is dead, and perhaps that is the reason why the laptop can not boot from the HARD drive.

    Replace the HARD drive and install the operating system using the recovery disk.

    Guarantee is valid? In this case get in touch with Toshiba Asp in your country to get this replaced.

  • Satellite C870D-10 t won't start - flashing cursor


    I'm really stuck here,
    A few days ago my laptop (Satellite C870D-10 t) began to have problems with its slowness and browsers started to freeze.
    Of control of virus then did a chkdisk and then the real problems started.

    When I tried to start (recommended), or reboot I get the message starting windows normally when choosing repair startup would start loading windows files then stop after the windows logo and go to a black screen with cursor.
    Security modes do not work either.

    I must of retries to more than 50 times until I then opted for drive recovery HARD and restore to the factory settings. After I did it I had a similar thing happenend.

    Windows first loading of files, windows logo, Assistant recovery: choose language, then the screen with the white cursor black... sometimes I got error F3-F000-0001
    Only on one occasion did he go a bit more far but left after the same error message I think.
    Restarting the disc also has not worked since the first time I did the HARD drive recovery.

    ANY HELP is very appreciated

    welcome them


    I think that the HARD drive is faulty.
    The cursor blinking in the upper left corner is a typical sign of a malfunction of the HARD drive.
    I recommend you to check the new HARD drive.

    Also a problem of RAM may be the reason for these problems, but I recommend check (replace) the HARD drive first.

  • 13 stream: Stream HP 13 (13-c010nr) won't start - flashing caps LED twice

    Laptop boot more.  Was working fine before that we have a significant voltage drop/blackout.

    Shift caps lock flashes two times, and then repeats.  Black screen.

    Not useful support Web site.  Guard sends me the General information on blink codes, which may mean that my BIOS has been corrupted.  I tried Windows-key + B + Power to reset the BIOS, but not sure it will work on this model.  Just did the same thing.  Never made up a BIOS screen with option to retrieve internal drive.

    I could go through the hassle of building a USB from BIOS drive, but the site doesn't tell me if a 13 Stream supports the functionality of booting from a USB BIOS using Windows-key + B + Power key.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Discovered that YES, the 13 HP FACT flow support reload the BIOS from a USB key, even if it will not recharge off the internal memory drive.  Problem solved.

  • BlackBerry smartphones which is the flashing green light?

    In addition to drive me crazy, of course. I know when it is red, I have a message, but it has been flashing all night and I had to cover only to find this morning, he's still alive! What to say? How do I turn it off?

    I think that he is here to tell you that you are in the coverage of the network.

    You can disable it by going to Options, screen/keyboard and the value ' coverage seeing: "to 'Off'.

    See you soon


  • That means a green light flashing on iPod Shuffle 4th Gen?

    When you listen to songs on my iPod Shuffle 4th gen, the LED flashes green (connected to the helmet, not the USB port on the computer).  I thought it was supposed to stay green. What does a flashing green light?  Thank you.

    When you play the shuffle, the light usually indicates the level of battery charge.  Green , fresh strong (I think that more than 25%).  He goes to the orangeand then Red (reduced rate).  While playing songs, he should not stay ON or flashes continuously, unless you press the control buttons.

  • Green light flashing by blackBerry Smartphones?

    Maybe it's a bit stupid, but what is the importance of the flashing green light? That's all the time. I have not found any program that runs in the background. So, not sure what is happening.

    Thank you

    It's showing that you are connected to the network. You who can disable in the options, screen/keyboard, "indicator of coverage."

  • Satellite C660 - right of the screen will flash green

    Hey, I wonder if someone can help me - the screen on my satellite C660, only about two months old, started flashing green stripes a couple of days after I set the screen forward slightly. Nothing has got rid of him, and whenever the screen is moved it flickers more strongly or turns into a solid green Strip.

    I thought that this could be a problem where the screen connects to the computer, but I looked around the hinges and it seem not to be the son of cowards. I have not yet contacted Toshiba because I'll have to call their support number UK since France, which will cost a bomb, wonder if anyone here had any ideas first? If it happened to someone else?

    Thank you!

    In my opinion, it is not so important if someone else the bonnet or not and that you should not waste your time waiting for responses.

    I put t know where you bought this laptop but every laptop purchased in Europe has guaranteed EMEA then please call authorized Toshiba service provider in the country where you live now and ask for help. You have the new laptop and if there are some hardware related question lets fix that.

    Addresses and telephone numbers of aspic all you can find on Toshiba support page under > support & downloads > find an ASP.

    Good luck.

  • My Airport Express will randomly start flashing orange and I have to unplug it to make it back to the green.  Wifi continues to operate even when the light is orange flashing.  Anyone know why this is happening?

    My Airport Express will randomly start flashing orange and I have to unplug it to make it back to the green. Wifi continues to operate even when the light is orange flashing. Anyone know why this is happening?

    The next time you see the flashing light amber...

    Open Finder > Applications > utilities > AirPort Utility

    Click on the image of the AirPort Express

    If you see a button update, click on update the firmware on the airport

    Otherwise, find status and click on the little orange dot it. A message will appear to say why the airport complained and suggest a remedy for the issue.

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