Desperate! lost all emails

Hi, can someone please help me. I made a new configuration on my laptop after various problems and when I put everything back on the laptop computer including thunderbird all my email disappeared. I put up as a POP3 mailbox. I have not deleted my mail and I'm desperate to get it back on the server there are two years worth of important emails. I tried various things, but cannot find them. I wasn't expecting that windows would have left a set of old files from my original installation, but I can't find that either. I had hoped that all my old mails were originally TB program somewhere.

Any help greatly accepted.


You said that you "made a new configuration on my laptop. Does this mean that you started from scratch, or just reloaded Thunderbird?

If you don't recharge your Windows system, there is a possibility that you have more than one profile of Thunderbird. Look at and then look in the same directory using File Explorer to see if there is another * file *.default.

If so, see to switch to the other profile.

In addition, if your email provider has to a webmail (such as interface, look there to see if your email is always there.

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    Thanks for any help you can give!

    Open Mail, enter time Machine and scroll in position until the things that you want is visible, then tap on restore.

  • Smartphones blackBerry lost all emails & SMS after change of date

    After that I updated my BB Bold 9000 date 6 July 2015 , I lost all received emails and text messages. It is amazing that this can happen without any warning. This certainly isn't the first time that I am losing all my data. It's so frustrating that I am strongly considering leaving BlackBerry and switch to another brand.

    An assistance service, you can call and talk to a real person also seems to be not implemented to BlackBerry. Maybe they hate costomers?

    Your comments are welcome.


    Karim says:

    You have a backup of the device, you need to do at least once a week?

    My last backup is June 25, so fairly new

    Let me know.

    I am mainly interested to recover SMS lost - are. I have seen that it is possible to use back pointing up. How to recover SMS throughy this method? I don't see TEXT in the list.

    Connect your BlackBerry to your PC via the USB cable.

    Open Desktop Manager > backup/restore > advanced.

    In the right pane, you will see your device data, in the left window, you will see your backup data. Do scroll through SMS messages and see if there's something there.

    IF you do not see the backup data in the page on the left, above the pane, you choose file > open and navigate to your specified IPD backup file and open it.

    In the left pane, navigate to the SMS database and highlight the

    Click on the RIGHT facing arrow in the clear of the screen to move the data to the device.

    Follow the remaining prompts to complete the process.

    Karim says:

    JSanders wrote:

    You're kidding right? You come here on this forum, made up of volunteers and those who like to help others and in your fifth only after you choose to insult us? I think you could discover that"poops in his back yard, steps of battery.

    In a way you are right, although some understanding for the frustration when someone has lost all the data would be welcome.

    Key. Don't come here to criticize the volunteers very well here, either. Check my 26 000 posts here and see how understanding I have for frustrated users. I have very little understanding for rudeness.

    Karim says:

    I can count tens of thousands of users who have been helped here.

    It is excellent for those thousands, but is not strange is that a device needs a forum where thousands of users need to go to get help because they are lost or frustrated. The best provider is a provider that does not need a helpdesk because everything is clear. This seems to be impossible these days 

    Of course, it is not strange that there is a forum like this. You have quite a learning curve high on BlackBerry, and you have users. Combine the two and you have gobs of questions.

    Karim says:

    It is if you have a BlackBerry with Vodafone BIS data Plan. How do I know this?

    Call your carrier and you ask if you have the BlackBerry BIS data Plan. They will know. It should be on your billing, as well.

  • Restore settings / lost all emails

    I recently bought a new iPhone 6. My old iPhone 5 is perfectly fine, so I decided that I would give it to my son. I'm mainly the iphone 6 because I got the free update and he wanted additional storage (former did 16gig, a new to 32).  The old pick up still Wifi, so as soon as I turned it on a whole bunch of my emails came pour... and there also all my music and pictures etc on this subject. I wanted to have a clean slate, so that it is actually HER phone, instead of feeling like you're borrowing the phone of your dad, so I clicked on "restore settings" on the old iPhone.  My idea was that I would rub the old phone of all my music, photos, emails, whatsapp and facebook messenger messages etc.  I had planned on setting up as a new iPhone.  What I didn't count was that he would have ALL my scrub emails entirely, on all my other devices!  ***?? I went from 10,000 emails to 0 on my iMac computer, as well as on my new iPhone 6. Disaster!  Somehow, I was able to find 700 - odd messages in the trash folder and was able to bring the messages dating back to November 2015, which is great, but all the messages that I have that date back to 2005 are all gone.  Now, you might think ' well, what do you want to? ", but some of them are important emails that I sometimes referred to, some of them are important from a point of view of historical database (being able to refer to what someone said or did 8 or 9 years ago), some of it is the proof/evidence and also it is a bit of nostalgia involved (such as the emails from people who are no longer about discussions 10 years ago which may have sentimental value).  It's obviously not life or death, but it just strikes me as very strange that you can so easily (and unintentionally) lose 10,000 stored emails!

    Is it possible to undo that, or retrieve my emails? None of these emails would be in some deep hidden cache or somewhere on the computer (in the Finder?)

    I see no reason for whatever why reset settings would remove the emails. I have reset the settings several times on a couple of devices and nothing lost at all except for the settings on each device. However, you use the terminology restore settings, and there is no such thing on the phone. Maybe erase you content and settings. If that were the case it should still not delete emails on other devices. Which simply clears the device itself.

    If your e-mail account is IMAP, whatever you do on a device is to reflect on all devices. In other words if you delete an email on one device, it is removed from everywhere. If you account is POP, it should only affect the decision that you are currently using. I have a POP account and I can delete an email on the phone and it will always be on my Mac.

    Lengthy explanation, but my question is did you somehow delete emails by mistake? They should not have disappeared from your Mac if simply delete you the phone.

    You can take a look at this as well.

    What to do before you sell or give away your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • Lost all emails and Valerie from cat I need to court. Help.

    Hi my name is Ian Crook. My email is * address email is removed from the privacy *. I was recently accused of stalking. I was told not to communicate with my ex and told to delete everything I know as not not to contact her again. Since then, the Court gave me communication. And I got a package with all the emails from the past sent to my ex not of them show her responses. I need to get correspondence from Sep 2010 to 22 January 2011. All about my account. Her name is Natalie Wintels * Email address is removed from the privacy *, and I Ian Crook * E-mail address is removed from the privacy * I made a recovery of data at low level on my computer and came to nothing. I need the HISTORY of CONVERSATION between her and me more and emails that I can Getdes, Sep 2010 to 22 January 2011 please help me get all these information, historical msn messenger conversation mean the most in this situation. My future depends on it. Please if you have any questions call me at xxx xxx or xxx xxx xxxx xxxx. My court date is March 10, 2011. Please help me as soon as POSSIBLE.

    Yours Truly,

    Ian Crook


    1. How did you delete the data?
    2. you did a backup of the data on your hard drive?
    3. what version of msn messenger, you used?

    Because of e-mail, I would recommend you post your question on the forums of Hotmail.
    Hotmail Portal

    I hope hear from you soon!

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Removed the POP account trying to pass to the imap server and lost all emails, thought I was just delete settings, they are recoverable?

    In the support section, explains that when that you delete the POP account you must move the files of electronic mail to the local folder before deleting because if you do not, this process is not easily reversible. So I hope someone can help this fool who does not do and that I can somehow retrieve old emails, because it implied that they cannot be definitely missing still.

    _ _FAQs_:_Recover_Deleted_Account

  • After April 2013 lost all emails in one of my folders (about 5,000 emails...)

    When I open Thunderbird earlier one of my folders (called "Inbound") did not immediately open it was empty and was process messages that it (don't know if it's the right way to say it). It took a minute or two and when he finished in there made more recent email from April 2013.
    In other words, there are more than 5,000 missing emails.
    I did no updates recently on Windows or Thunderbird (unless it's an automatic update).
    My version is 38.3.0

    Thank you very much!

    right click on the folder, select Properties, and then on the button repair

  • Lost all email accounts and messages in Windows Live Mail after restart PC

    All the tricks of Windows Live Mail has disappeared.
    After System Restore came records with account names in the Windows Live Mail folder in my profile.
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    Thanks, Jim

    Welcome... :-)

    (Although real and expert help is Firedog).

  • l lost all emails in my archive

    How do l recover some the found in the deleted file

    What type of e-mail account do you use?

  • I lost all the emails, photos and notes after iOS Update 9.  I am able to get back them?

    I have lost all emails, photos and notes after that 9 update iOS.  Is it possible to recover?  Help, please!

    It is very unusual - do you by chance have an iTunes or iCloud backup, you can restore?

    Restore your device from an iCloud or iTunes backup - Apple Support

  • 6 iPhone lost all messages upgrade to 9.3.2,and any way to recover

    Updated my Iphone 6 and 4th gen ipad to 9.3.2 and lost all emails, is it possible to recover?

    Restore the backups you made before the updates. If the accounts were IMAP or Exchange accounts, mail is on the server. Simply remove and reinstall the accounts. If it comes to a POP account and the post has been deleted from the server, they are gone, if you do not have a backup.

  • Hotmail does not play back, today lost all my messages on the Omnia 7

    Samsung Omia 7 works well for a month.  From 3 days ago got in trouble synching hotmail account.  Now seems to have completely lost all emails. Any ideas?

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  • I've lost inside emails, where the systen to save?

    I lost my system has lost all emails to the recent inside where the system stores the file containing this information?

    The inbox.dbx file is the one that keeps your Inbox messages.

    I lost my system has lost all emails to the recent inside where the system stores the file containing this information?

  • How can I keep all emails on the server if my hard drive fails

    My hard drive crashed and had to be replaced.  I have lost all emails Windows live program.

    I would recommend to use IMAP instead of POP3, however if it were to be POP3:

    1. file
    2. Options
    3. e-mail accounts
    4. Select your account and click on properties
    5. Hop on the tab advanced
    6. Make sure these options are checked: "leave a copy of messages on the server" and "remove the server after deleting"Deleted items"

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