Destroy the function of flow endpoint

When using the diffuse network of functions, I noticed that my EXE does not release the memory. I've been tracking to create features of network streams. I do not destroy the flow, but it's as if the reference is still valid. Does anyone know of another way to do this?

Thank you



This seems to be a known bug. We're supposed to be fixed in SP1 LV2010

Tags: NI Software

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  • Where lives the logic for the types of flow control step?

    For most types of step, the behavior of the type of the step is determined entirely by the configuration of the stage - that is to say, the properties that can be configured in the window type, such as the properties of the step, steps, etc..  But as far as I know, the behavior of the control flow step types (for example, hop, back at the beginning of a block of loop after a late stage) does not seem to be defined by a lower level, flag, attribute or any other configuration item - it seems to be something inherent to the motor TestStand.

    If this is the case, how the TestStand engine knows to provide the functionality for a particular flow control step type?  It runs the appropriate logic based on the name of the step type?  I suspect that this may be the case, because if I create new types of step in copying the types of step ForEach and end without any changes other than to specify the new name for the beginning of the block and end step types, new types of step repeat not the loops as expected.

    Can someone clear this up for me?  Types of flow control step break the model completely define the features by changing the type of step, or I am simply not find relevant configuration items?  I tried to create a new type of end step that allows an expression pre, but it broke my step ForEach (new) type loopback functionality.  Is it possible to do what I want?

    You are right that the engine processes specially the flow control measures. He looks at the name of step type. If you want the same behavior execution, you must keep the original name of type step as a prefix on your step type name, such as NI_Flow_End_CustomizedByMe.

    Also, check out the

    There is the source code that is similar to what the engine makes the steps of flow control. That was the actual code before it moved into the engine. It might be a bit outdated now. I found this on my machine in C:\Program Files (x 86) \National Instruments\TestStand 2010\Components\StepTypes\FlowControl\

  • How to write to .subckt with the function I - V

    Hi all

    Now, I am trying to build a Spice model for a type of diode high voltage for 13 Multisim. Because I do not have the LED electronic settings, and I only have the function of the I - V, I tried to write a file .subckt for him.

    Assuming that the anode is A1 and the cathode is A2, the current flowing through the diode can be expressed only by the function:


    With her, I wrote a .subckt:

    . SUBCKT LED A1 A2
    B1 A2 A1 I=((0.581*(V(A1)-V(A2))*(V(A1)-V(A2))/3/3-18.4*(V(A1)-V(A2))/3+144.66)/1000)*U((V(A1)-V(A2))-53)
    . ENDS LED

    This model works well under the IV parser in Multisim 13, but when I connect 2 or 3 of them in series and make a simple circuit simulation, I always get the error report and not always not correct the error.

    Any body can help me to check if my .subckt is correct or not? Thank you.

    It seems that the convergence error is caused by a discontinuity the diode to connection 53V.  Run DC scan using the test circuit.

    To prevent the discontinuity, use the express following with the fi works instead. You can give it a small current when V (A1, A2) is less to 0V.

    B1 A1 A2 I=if(((V(A1)-V(A2))-51)>0,((0.581*(V(A1)-V(A2))*(V(A1)-V(A2))/3/3-18.4*(V(A1)-V(A2))/3+144.66)/1000),-230u)

    The attached circuit have a resistance using convergence.

    You can simplify your expression for readability:

    -(V, (A1), (A2) V) = V (A1, A2)

    -If you can do the expression in this form, it will simply be the calculation ax ^ 2 + bx + c

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    How do I destroy a thrust from a NavigationPane page when the page is created with C++.

    Here is the code:

    // applicationui.cpp
    Page* ApplicationUI::doLoadPageDetails(QString fn) {
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     [...]  Page *newPage = qml->createRootObject();
      return newPage;

    When I open the app displays a ListView. When I push on one of the elements in the list the PageDetails page is shown.

    // main.qml
    [...]onTriggered: {
                        var selectedItem =;
                        var page = app.doLoadPageDetails(selectedItem.toString());

    Now, I have written a delete action in the application.cpp

    void ApplicationUI::popFinished(bb::cascades::Page* page) {
        delete page;

    and used in the main.qml in onPopTransitionEnded:

    onPopTransitionEnded: {
            // Destroy the popped Page once the back transition has ended.

    But it's not destroy the page. Can someone tell me how to get destroyed page when you press the ButtonBack?

    The count method gave me what I expected when I start the application number is 1-> home page.

    When I click on an item on the next page open-> count = 2.

    When I come back-> count = 1.

    But I solved the problem.

    The second page is filled with information from functions in C++. So in my additional popFinished function on page "Delete" now also clear the list of contacts with the clear function, as I said before.

    void ApplicationUI::popFinished(bb::cascades::Page* page) {
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    You would need a RV016, who takes in charge up to 7 WAN ports. RV082 has only two WAN ports.

  • Helps the function 'Running background PL/SQL'

    Hello everyone.

    I come here for assistance with the service running background PL/SQL within the APEX. Here's a background of what I have to do.


    Currently, I have just a page with a button above and some display boxes. The button calls a process flow Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) named RUN_ADJ_VAR and does what he must do. That works fine if my button simply calls the PL/SQL code of




    Now that I know that the process flow and the button are working fine, I need to make the page "intelligently" by limiting multiple submissions until the process ends.

    What I need:

    I need assistance with running background PL/SQL function. My work has been running for a while and I need to run in the background and provide a status of the user, while restricting another presentation by the user. From what I've read here:

    Advanced programming techniques

    According to me, that this DBMS wrapper function, it's what I use.

    What I have so far:

    Using the API and example, I made my own attempt at this and it does not work. Here's what I have so far:



    v_sql VARCHAR2 (32767).


    v_sql: = '




    P_JOB = >: APP_JOB,.

    P_STATUS = > "done");

    END IF;




    p_sql = > v_sql,

    p_when = > sysdate,.

    p_status = > 'Submit');

    : P1_POST_DONE: = 'Y ';


    [/ code]

    What the code so far:

    The code seems to ignore the first part and does work through the underlined only section. The work never appears to run and the button can be clicked several times.

    Other Options:

    I don't know if the function from PL/SQL background running is the only way to do that. The work is performed for about 15 minutes so I can't use a javascript script wait indicator since that will expire because of the hours of work. I searched all over the internet and forums and I feel I have exhausted all my options. I am very new to the APEX and PL/SQL in general, so your help is very appreciated.

    Thank you!!!

    Hello Konrad B.!

    Try to rewrite the code as shown below:


    v_sql VARCHAR2 (32767).


    v_sql: = '





    : P1_JOB: = apex_plsql_job.submit_process (v_sql);


    Assume that P1_JOB - question on the page. After submitting the job, this point will be containing number of jobs. The job number,
    username (can get APP_USER) and workspace id (can get WORKSPACE_ID) you can check the status
    view of working level (field SYSTEM_STATUS) APEX_PLSQL_JOBS:


    So you can make conditional button, selected example condition "NOT Exists (SQL query returns no rows)" and in the expression type:

    Select 1 from apex_plsql_jobs

    where employment =: P1_JOB

    and end user =: APP_USER

    and security_group_id =: WORKSPACE_ID

    and system_status in ("in PROGRESS", "SUBMITTED")

    If you must run the job for the user, then button will not be returned.

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    Where is the function "fluidity" in 14 Photoshop elements?

    Thank you Google - now I see where it's hidden filter-online-online flow deformation

  • Gah! Web site has the function which replaces Chr (10) with spaces

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    I'm working on a site that has a function that will automatically replace all Chr (10) with spaces when a form is present. I can't prevent this being used.

    When a form with a textarea component is present, line all the jumps are replaced by spaces, destroying the formatting of what was originally submitted.

    When you pull of the text from a database, how are we going to rebuild line breaks and the restoration of the formatting?

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    Optionally, use javascript to replace the lf characters before the form is submitted.  Replace all the lf characters with some other characters that you can later (on the side Server) replace in any character you want.

    I really don't like this solution, but it could work.  It feels good for me because it's just a hack to work around the problem.  I agree with Adam because I would try to remove the offending first software.  Or at least to stop depriving the lf characters.  Is - configurable as to what replaces it?

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    I hope I am making stopper, with the title of the thread, because I'm a bit confused, how do you explain in Word...

    anyway I'll describe what I mean and hope you guys can help out me..,.

    Here I am doing some object of action script..,.

    What about this object that is in the constructor function of this object is as I do to send a parameter of sprite that will act as it's parent..,.

    var anObject:myObject = new myObject (parentSprite);

    and in my main project, I used those object and store in a table after it is added to the scene...

    I store it in a table cause I have to be able to return to the it...

    everything was fine until I have to call the function inside this object which I already stored in a table..,.

    so, how should I call the function in this table object that has stored the object?

    hope that I specify me...

    Thanks in advance guys..,.

    Well, the error is tell you that removeChild() destroy() function in the class Newsticker is having a problem because you try to remove a child does not belong to the parent. How your destroy() function looks like?

  • Run the function of the stadium of as a file

    Hello guys,.

    I make a game in action script.

    I have the regular scene (stage) with functions of ActionScript, game initialization etc.,

    and external AS files with (assigned to some clip) works

    Can I perform the function which is on the stage of this folder?

    I tried this:

    var host: MovieClip = MovieClip (this.parent.parent);
    main.increaseScore ();

    this.parent.removeChild (this);

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    Thank you very much!

    use that newly created class as a class Document (you can set it by clicking on the empty stage and passage to the properties pane, there are small field with a pen top, put the name of your class without the .as endpoint and your file should work.

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    Lot, what exactly will change?

    Titles, Descriptions and capture date - Yes.

    Select the images you want to change the title or the description and to set-up the info (command-i) pane.  Enter the title or the description in the appropriate field and he will be assigned to all selected pictures.

    If you want to batch, change the title with sequential use attached many Applescripts provided by users in the Photos for Mac user tips section.

    Batch change/correction of dates is provided by the Image ➙ setting Date and time menu option:

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    I have an iMac 27' 2012 with macOS Sierra and Apple Watch with watch OS 3, I can use the function "Log?" in Apple Watch

    Hi John 2078 Tito.

    I understand that you have updated your iMac and Apple Watch and now you're curious about unlock your iMac using your Apple Watch. I know that it is a nice feature to be able to quickly and safely unlock your computer, so I'm happy to help you.

    This feature is available on 2013 iMacs and later versions, which means that your iMac won't be compatible. You can see more info on this feature here:
    Unlock your Mac with Apple Watch - Apple Watch user's Guide

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. See you soon!

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