Detect the passage from one screen to another screen

Hi guys.  My application starts with a screen called screen1.  The user can click on the BB of 7 points and choose an option to switch to another screen called screen2, to make changes to the admin.  I push screen2 in the stack.  Later, the user closes screen2 via the option "close" key BB by 7 points.  The screen1 appears again.  So far so good.

But I would like to make a few changes to screen1 (change labels text and image) based on some parameters of the screen2 user.

I tried to replace the onDisplay() for screen1, but it is called only when the screen is placed on the stack, and not when it eventually rises to the top after screen2 is popped :-(

I tried to replace onFocusNotify() for screen1, but it is called even when the menus option in the key of BB 7 points few disappear, when we leave screen1 go screen2 :-(

OnExposed() method is the same for my needs.

What I need is a way to know what screen1 reappears after serious another screen or full screen has closed.  If the battery includes all screens (menus, dialog boxes, etc.) then I guess I need a way to know what screen I just.  I guess I could keep my own State, but I guess that it is a problem that many others have dealt with...

Thanks for the tips!  -fd

I solved it just trivially pretty average overall.  My app looks like:

public class BBApp extends UiApplication {
    public static BBScreen1 screen1;
    public static BBScreen2 screen2;
    public static Screen whoJustClosed;

    public static void main(String[] args) { ... }
    public BBApp() { ... }

public class BBScreen2 extends MainScreen implements FieldChangeListener {
    public boolean onClose() {
        BBApp.whoJustClosed = this;
        return super.onClose();

public class BBScreen1 extends MainScreen implements FieldChangeListener {
    protected void onExposed() {
        if (BBApp.whoJustClosed == BBApp.screen2) {
            BBApp.whoJustClosed = null;
            Dialog.alert("screen1 onExposed() after screen2 !!");

(Edited after the post office, to the difficulty of formatting)

It works, but if there is a built in support for this, please let me know.  -fd

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