Developer SQL does not start


I just downloaded SQL Developer, I instaled java jdk and tried to run the sqldeveloper.exe file. Developer SQL window opens, it says loading, progress bar moves up to something like 10% and then it just stops without any error or warning.

Anyone have any idea what should I do?


I've moved the SQL folder to C directly and it worked...

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  • Developer SQL does not start on Mac OS x Lion


    hoping someone can help me with this one, I've been running 3 SQL Developer on the macbook no problem for about a year, I have recently updated to Mac OS x Lion and now when I try to start SQL Developer, he is not running.

    I downloaded and installed the latest version of java, as noted on the download page of SQL Developer.

    When I start the SQL Developer and view the activity monitor the 'bash' process starts to use 100% of the CPU very quickly and Developer SQL can't yet to the start screen.

    Can someone point me in the right direction in terms of diagnosing this problem? Is there a log file I can see again or how to start the SQL Developer with specific arguments?

    Kind regards

    Developer SQL works for me on my Macbook the Lion. Corresponding host Java looks like:


    Here's how my conf file is set up:

    AddVMOption - = "SQL_Developer"
    AddVMOption - = false
    AddVMOption - = true
    AddVMOption - Dapple.laf.useScreenMenuBar = true
    True SetSkipJ2SDKCheck
    SetJavaHome /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home
    AddVMOption - Xbootclasspath/p:... /... /RDBMS/jlib/ojdi.jar

    (/ Applications/

    Good luck!

    -Andrew Wolfe

  • 4.0EA3: Developer SQL does not start on 19 64-bit fedora


    When I run sqldeverloper in the command line, it fails with the following messages:

    [[email protected] jdk1.7.0_45] $ sqldeveloper

    Oracle SQL Developer

    Copyright (c) 1997, 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

    Type the full path of an installation of JDK (or Ctrl-C to exit), the path is stored in /home/alexander/.sqldeveloper/4.0.0/product.conf


    LOAD TIME: # 867

    # A fatal error has been detected by Java runtime environment:


    # SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc = 0x00000037dda62de0, pid = 2562, tid is 140088626366208


    # Version JRE: Java (TM) SE Runtime Environment (7.0_45 - b18) (build 1.7.0_45 - b18)

    # Java VM: Java hotspot 64-bit Server VM (24, 45 - b08 mixed mode linux-amd64 compressed oops)

    # Problematic frame:

    C# 0X00000037DDA62DE0


    # Write core dump failed. Core dumps unannounced have been disabled. To enable core dumping, try "ulimit unlimited-c" before starting the Java again


    # A file error with more information report is saved as:

    # /tmp/hs_err_pid2562.log


    # If you want to submit a bug report, please visit:



    / opt/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/bin /... /... /IDE/bin/ online 1117:2562 Aborted (core dumped) ${JAVA} "${APP_VM_OPTS [@]}" ${APP_ENV_VARS} - classpath ${APP_CLASSPATH} {APP_MAIN_CLASS} ' ${APP_APP_OPTS [@]} ".

    unplugged the GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID variable, you should be good

  • Developer SQL does not start, crashes with loading screen, the Mavericks MAC

    I know not where to go from here, I have the JDK path worked I believe (see below).

    Open the start window, the blue bar goes to about 1/2 "and then it is just there and don't do anything.

    How can I debug this from here?

    I don't think that it is the JDK, I did the following and I see to open the log file that SqlDeveloper has the JDK files open.

    Ive done everything I have found to be relevant, everything that follows without success...

    • added SetJavaHome /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.7.0_51.jdk/Contents/Home to sqldeveloper_darwin.conf
    • added IncludeConfFile sqldeveloper - Darwin.conf to sqldeveloper.conf
    • added (link)

    function setjdk() {}

    If [$#-don't 0]; then

    removeFromPath ' / System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home/bin'

    If [n ' ${JAVA_HOME + x} "]; then

    removeFromPath $JAVA_HOME


    Export JAVA_HOME ='/ usr/libexec/java_home - v [email protected] '

    export PATH = $JAVA_HOME/bin: $PATH



    function removeFromPath() {}

    export PATH = $(echo $PATH | sed-E-e « s;: $1; ") -e"s; $1 : ? ; ")


    setjdk 1.7

    in. / added to bash_profile

    I downloaded the previous version Version and it works without any problem.

    I'll wait until the next version comes out and try it.

    Thank you

  • Developer SQL does not


    I use SQL Developer Version Build 15.21.

    When I change some developer packages SQL freezes and get of does not.

    At the same time, he starts using 25% of the CPU and about 500 MB of RAM.

    From what I can tell, the issue seems to occur when you double-click a word in the package editor or after pasting a word at random.

    It seems to be random and I can't find a reason for this except what happens inside packages with more than 1000 lines of code.

    Please find some information of log files:

    SEVERE  4449    0   oracle.ide.controller.IdeAction Error during handleEvent on action 'Thumbnail' (id=150). None of the attached controllers handled the action..
    SEVERE  4449    0   oracle.ide.controller.IdeAction Error during handleEvent on action 'Thumbnail' (id=150). None of the attached controllers handled the action..
    SEVERE  24085   0   oracle.dbtools.raptor.backgroundTask.RaptorTaskManager$1    49
    SEVERE  24086   1246    oracle.dbtools.raptor.backgroundTask.RaptorTaskManager$1    49
    SEVERE  24087   10838   oracle.dbtools.raptor.backgroundTask.RaptorTaskManager$1    null
    SEVERE  4590    94562849    oracle.ide.controller.IdeAction Error during handleEvent on action 'Compile' (id=374).None of the attached controllers handled the action.
     - [email protected]bb730a4[[email protected][oracle.dbtools.raptor.plsql.PLSQLController]].
    SEVERE  4648    3908208 null  

    Please help to solve this problem, because it's really frustrating to compile the package all 2-3 rows of written code because you don't know when it's going to crash.

    Currently, I have the sqldeveloper64W.exe process that freezes user 50% of my proc and the only way to close is to kill them from the Task Manager.

    Thank you


    Hi Alex,

    There is a known issue when you use copy/paste via the shortcut keys.  Don't know if this is quite fixed yet - here is the link to more complete discussion I could find:

    copy/paste 4.01 freezes

    Kind regards


    SQL development team

  • Developer SQL does not not under win 8.1.1

    Hi, I do not know if I am in the right section, sorry if not.

    I have problem with Oracle SQL developer (also SQL developer Data Modeler), which does not load under win 8.1 update 1 (fully implemented win8 to date).

    I get only start screen with about 1 cm bar loading with the message "loading", after seconds, start screen turn off and nothing else happens. There are no related processes in the Manager of tasks, no error message, nothing. My friend has the same problem. Both PC's are laptops.

    Pls help.

    I just noticed new version has been published, ( and his work with my windows 8.1.1

    Thank you.

  • Buffer SQL commands (get, run, save, etc.) in Developer SQL does not?

    I am a developer SQL Windows 7 64 bit with java 1.7

    I have c:\test.sql that contains
    PROMPT Working
    and c:\testscript.sql that contains
    set echo on
    set serveroutput on
    GET c:\test.sql
    SAVE c:\test_working.sql
    If I open a new worksheet and type:
    then press F5, I get:
    set serveroutput on
    GET c:\test.sql
    SAVE c:\test_working.sql
    If the c:\test_working.sql is not created and the content of the script is not executed.

    What I am actually trying to do here (and maybe you guys have a better idea) is to capture the output of the sql command that appears on the client, send it to the server, treat it somehow and then do everything with her (she log in my case).

    For example (a very simple example from my scripts).
    spool c:\temporary.tmp
    create table test();
    spool off;
    get c:\temporary.tmp
    0 begin insert into logtable (msg) (trim('
    100 ')); end;
    save logit.sql
    the idea is to be able to save the output of any control block / anonymous plsql in a way that can be sent to the server for processing (this is for most mistakes, of course).
    I can intercept DBMS_OUTPUT turning SERVEROUTPUT then a DBMS_OUTPUT. ACTIVATE and finally using DBMS_OUTPUT. GET all the lines and the process/log them, but I have not found a way yet to catch the rest of the "TERMOUT' of treatment other than the queue, but even then, I couldn't find a way to get the local file (content) on the server; and this idea GET/SAVE/RUN appeared to be feasible but its does not work (I even tried interactively, but maybe I'm doing something wrong).

    Any ideas/suggestions on the topic are welcome.

    Thank you.


    According to the SQL Developer documentation, the "get" command (among others) is not supported:
    Help | Table of contents | SQL Developer concepts and use. With the help of the SQL worksheet | SQL * more supported and unsupported statement...

    If the options are limited. If sqlplus is available and use it as an "external" tool will not conflict entirely with local policy, these links may interest you:
    Re: sqlplus vs sqldeveloper
    Easy Connect and sqldev.conn issues

    Otherwise, you can add a feature request for this on the SQL Developer and see if such an improvement is a priority for the community.

    Kind regards
    SQL development team

  • SQL Developer debugger does not start

    I found a strange behaviour, while debugging PL/SQL stored procedures using SQL Developer version on Ubunto 12.04 LTS. The debugger works fine for all the bases of my company, except one. When I start a debugging session in this database, the debbuger let go forever and never debug dialog box open. When I use another IDE, for example, PL/SQL Developer of AllroundAutomations on Windows 7, the debugger works very well. I used the same user database with all necessary Preobrajensky. First I thought it was a bad configuration of the database, but as I could start with another IDE debugging sessions, I think that this is not the case. So, I would like to know if someone could help me understand what is happening.

    Captura de tela de 2015-05-12 17:09:15.png

    We opened a request for support at Oracle and they offer us to turn on an earlier version of the debugger to work around the problem:

    Add at the end of the file line-by-line


    The file can be found here (on Windows XP):

    C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\SQL Developer\system${VERSION} \o.sqldeveloper${SYSTEM_VERSION}

    or here (on Windows 7):

    C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\system${VERSION} \o.sqldeveloper.${SYSTEM_VERSION}

    for Linux users:


    It works!

  • Developer SQL does not recognize my network drive

    I have to cut and paste the full path, including the name of the document in order to pull up a file of my network drive.  Same question if I try to save a new document on my network drive.

    This is what I see when trying to open a document:

    However, you can see that I have a lot of mapped drives:

    Found the problem.  Right click on the shortcut I used to run SQL Developer, chose Properties, click the compatibility tab and unchecked 'run this program as an administrator' under the privilege level.

  • the inventory of VMware service does not start, the wrong function, bad sql server port

    I've migrated vcenter SQL database to a new server after this KB & cmd = displayKC & externalId = 7960893

    but now most of the vcenter services does not start cause of according to the inventory service.  I see service log of inventory which is the problem, it tries to connect to SQL Server by default, 1433 port, but my SQL server instance is listening on a different fixed port, I don't want to change.  Where can I configure the inventory service we another port of SQL Server?  According to a KB related to the above, it is possible to do & docType = kc & docTypeID = DT_KB_1_1 & externalId = 2033516

    but unfortunately I have vcenter 6 and the instructions above do not seem to apply, I can't even find ssocli, the mentioned folder structure does not exist on my installation

    Thank you.

    I solved this.  Despite what has been reported in the newspaper the issue was not the port.  The new database is a named instance, the connection string for, he entered as the server name = hostname\instancename in fact, it is necessary to use two slashes return hostname\\instancename :-/

  • vCenter Server Service does not start after P2V

    Hello community.

    A problem that I have not been able to solve and looking for help.


    vCenter Server Service does not start after that Windows Server was P2V would be.  We get an ERROR 2 of the Service.  Get the error of the system Windows 7024 event log.


    The client, I currently work with that tries to smash to the high location of the DEV VCENTER.  Location of DEV vcenter works now all for this site (domains, dns and all development servers).  If its VCENTER PRODUCTION of this location.  Currently, SQL Server (dedicated to vCenter), VCENTER and SSO are all sitting on the same box.  Let's break the SSO, SQL and VCENTER in their own servers.  However, the client wants to re - use the current physical server for SQL Server.  So I need P2V physical server existing until I can start the new environment.

    I was able to get all of the services working on the virtual vCenter (SQL, SSO, Update Manager etc etc) but have been unable to get the real vCenter Server Service works.  Fails every time with the 2 ERROR Code.  I was unable to get a KB of VMWARE item that corresponds to the issue I'm having.  ERROR 2 code has many articles and none have worked.


    vCenter 5.1 Build 799731

    SQL 2008 R2

    Windows 2008 R2

    When the vCenter Service tries to start it will stop at the 50% mark and gives this error: (I removed the names for security reasons)

    Windows could not start the VMware VirtualCenter server on <server name>. For more information, see the system event log.  If it is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor and refer to service 2-specific error code

    When I saw the Windows system event log I get this error:

    EVENT ID: 7024

    The VMware VirtualCenter Server service stopped with the error special service that the system cannot find the specified file...

    When I go through the vpxd log file I see this at the end of the newspaper: (I removed the names for security reasons)

    2013-12 - T 03, 16: 08:21.843 - 05:00 [info 09168 'dbdbPortgroup'] [VpxdInvtDVPortGroup::PreLoadDvpgConfig] loaded config VGA objects [0]

    2013-12 - T 03, 16: 08:21.844 - 05:00 [info 09168 "authvpxdMoSessionManager"] [OSP] [SessionManagerMo::Init] Admin URI value: https:// < name of vcenter server: Port #> / sso-adminserver/sdk

    2013-12 - T 03, 16: 08:21.844 - 05:00 [09168 "authvpxdMoSessionManager" info] certificates [OSP] [SessionManagerMo::Init] download m root...

    2013-12 - T 03, 16: 08:21.858 - 05:00 [01440 info "Default"] wire attached

    2013-12 - T 03, 16: 08:21.880 - 05:00 [09168 error 'vpxdvpxdMain'] [Vpxd::ServerApp:Init] Init failed: unexpected exception

    -> Backtrace:

    -> backtrace [00] rip 000000018018977 a

    -> backtrace [01] rip 0000000180100 c 98

    -> backtrace [02] rip 0000000180101fae

    -> backtrace [03] rip 000000018008aeab

    -> backtrace [04] rip 00000000005 b 4971

    -> backtrace [05] rip 0000000000551298

    -> backtrace [06] rip 00000000005516 c 9

    -> backtrace [07] rip 00000000004c0fae

    -> backtrace [08] rip 00000001405bbfb8

    -> backtrace [09] rip 000000013f4b0078

    -> backtrace [10] rip 000000013f4b016a

    -> backtrace [11] rip 000000013f4b0279

    -> backtrace [12] rip 000000013f4b0609

    -> backtrace [13] rip 000000013f7f2903

    -> backtrace [14] rip 000000013ff9e4b9

    -> backtrace [15] rip 000000013ff9835c

    -> backtrace [16] rip 00000001401b8a3b

    -> backtrace [17] rip 000007fefedca82d

    -> backtrace [18] rip 000000007783652d

    -> backtrace [19] rip 0000000077ccc521


    2013-12 - T 03, 16: 08:21.881 - 05:00 [warning 09168 'VpxProfiler"] ServerApp::Init [TotalTime] took ms 4603

    2013-12 - T 03, 16: 08:21.881 - 05:00 [09168 error "Default"] could not initialize VMware VirtualCenter. Closing...

    2013-12 - T 03, 16: 08:21.882 - 05:00 [09168 "vpxdvpxdSupportManager" info] free/busy information wrote

    2013-12 - T 03, 16: 08:29.280 - 05:00 [00788 WARNING opID "VpxProfiler" SWI-39d3665d =] VpxUtil_InvokeWithOpId [TotalTime] had 12000 ms

    2013-12 - T 03, 16: 08:41.280 - 05:00 [00788 WARNING opID "VpxProfiler" SWI-da6b3df9 =] VpxUtil_InvokeWithOpId [TotalTime] took ms 12001

    2013-12 - T 03, 16: 08:53.281 - 05:00 [00788 WARNING opID "VpxProfiler" SWI-5086bf7f =] VpxUtil_InvokeWithOpId [TotalTime] took ms 12001

    2013-12 - T 03, 16: 09:05.282 - 05:00 [00788 WARNING opID "VpxProfiler" SWI-3abd7c64 =] VpxUtil_InvokeWithOpId [TotalTime] had 12000 ms

    2013-12 - T 03, 16: 09:17.283 - 05:00 [00788 WARNING opID "VpxProfiler" SWI-b9c8c88a =] VpxUtil_InvokeWithOpId [TotalTime] took ms 12001

    2013-12 - T 03, 16: 09:17.353 - 05:00 [info 09168 "Default"] forcing of VMware VirtualCenter stop now

    I pulled the virtual machine in a laboratory and all network problems that would be removed to isolate.  Now the VCENTER is shouting at this topic it can't find one of its guests in the vdxp log, but that shouldn't matter.  All Services have been changed for local accounts.  All network and ODBC parameters are able to see the server... aka the server can see.  I didn't remove any software or drivers for the VM (techniques it is my third P2V to the same server for testing reasons)... And the only thing that won't start is always VCENTER SERVER... SSO is started, SQL is launched...

    Also everything remained the same on the virtual machine (DNS, IP, NAME etc etc). Stop the physical and start-up it upward don't show any problems.  Only when its summer P2V would have done that themselves.

    I can't get this number.  Need help.


    Thank you


    In this case, we have finished rebuilding the vCenter and all migrate on.  Wish had better put up-to-date, but ultimately, it's what has been done.

    Thank you


  • Portege R100 laptop computer does not start after a while without food


    Well there is some time, I bought a beautiful used R100 - a laptop Toshiba in passing - but now, she has developed an annoying problem. Whenever it disconnect the laptop from the power supply for more than 2 hours about (don't know if this is not longer) I can't begin the R100, even if the battery indicator is green. After pressing the powerbutton the power led lights in green, and nothing happens. The "solution" to this problem is to give the R100 some time in this 'turned on' - State and after 15 minutes, I am able to start the computer (turn market again).

    I think that this could be a problem with a battery on the motherboard that is at its limits and needs time to gather enough power to start the computer.

    I hope you can help me identify the problem with my beloved laptop :)



    p.s. I have more or less need to identify the problem and some tips how to solve - the pleasure with the surgery will be from me :)

    p.p.s. Unlike the problem of the M400 further down, I've won if the beginning focused on the hard disk to Flash. In my case the R100 does not give a glance if it does not start. - And as a reference to the other post: "Hmm, I don't remember of the R100 fan not have it at all" * huggs its r100 * "."
    And I tried unplugging all the bits of the laptop and removed the battery, waited 15 minutes and tried to turn it on. the only way to obtain the departure of r100 is the method described above.

    You have an additional RAM installed?

    Maybe you need to re-seat, or it has a intermittent or heat associated with problem.

  • Windows 7 Enterprise does not start successfully after re - install

    I have just reinstalled Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit with SP1 on my laptop HP 6715 b. (I use 32 bits for any software that I develop is always compatible 32-bit.)

    After you have re-installed however, it does not start correctly. What came with windows announce "Starting Windows", but the following animation never - start the four lights that turn and turn into the "Flying Windows Icon.  It then crashes right there - do nothing, no matter how long wait.

    If I can put the machine power off and re - start, we are at the "Windows Recovery screen" - because it has not started correctly the last time.  From there, I can choose to make a recovery and return to the last Point of good restoration, i.e. on a freshly installed system before the update of Windows, of course.

    If I select "Start Windows normally", it starts however. But it is not 'Normal '. For example I can't finish my "Windows Easy Transfer".  It says that it cannot connect to my domain name - even if I am connected to my area and have been using it to install other software.

    Or I can do a Windows Update "normally". The last time I tried, it is gone for hours without finding what be - so I left it overnight. In the morning he had apparently found nothing yet.  However when I turned off the machine and then turn it again - he told me there are 211 updates installed.  WHO has literally all day.

    I'm not happy to come back to the last good Restore Point.  I did once.  He has NOT fixed the problem.

    I also tried:

    • Using MSCONFIG to disable all the startup and Services, apart from Microsoft and Kaspersky - no improvement.
    • Do a CHKDSK - revealed nothing.
    • Start in Safe Mode, did change his behavior.  This time I do not have the Herald "Starting Windows".  But turn the machine works again once, return me the 'Windows Recovery screen '.

    Ideas anyone? I'm at my wits end.

    It's OK guys.  I have it sussed.

    He was objecting to the fact that I had my USB with my "Windows Easy Transfer" files on it, plugged during the initialization of the system.

    Also, I was wrong in my thinking on how "Windows Error Recovery".  I assumed that he would do all that it checks before proposing to do a system restore.  It is not, it suggests a restore of the system first.  If you say NO to that, then he makes his audit.

    What is finally here, is that I finally chose an option before he went into the system recovery.  Then, I waited until he was asked to do a system restore.  I said NO, so he went in it checks.  He went through his analysis and finally concluded it was some "system unspecified device" recently added.

    Well I haven't nothing added to my machine for years.  So, I was puzzled.  Then I thought ' well, I don't normally have my key USB is plugged. "  I wonder... ».  I therefore disconnected the USB drive and rebooted the machine.  The rest they say is history.

    Hope this sorry tale helps someone else.  It just cost me four days!

  • PlayBook Simulator does not start in vmware.

    I had just installed sdk playbook and Simulator on windows 7 and configure the Simulator on vmware.

    But the playbook Simulator does not start on vmware... He simply display the splash screen...

    Do you have another computer to try out it?

    For example, in my case, I have 3 PC. Two of them the Simulator installed and worked well, the third, no matter what I do I can't get the Simulator to go beyond the start screen.

    I even took a suspended version of the Simulator everywhere for my 3rd machine, and it has run for a little while so locked up when I tried to activate the mode of development. However, VMWare works perfectly for other sims installed on this machine (but with VMTools installed in the virtual machine), then it is not a VMWare question by itself.

    Personally, I think that unfortunately for certain combinations of hardware/OS simulator simply does not work.

    FWIW my 3rd machine is underpowered with only 2 GB of ram, an Intel ATOM (z520) processor and a GMA 500 GPU which are pushed along Windows 7.

    HTH - Rufus

  • Z10 Z10 blackBerry does not start since then try a secure erase

    I had problems where none of my text messages have been moved during the previous Blackberry, such as reported earlier today. I was also disappointed by the speed of handset, BBM for example would take at least 5 seconds to load (now on my old torch), so I made a secure erase so I could try the installation again. This seems to have been a mistake, as the handset now does not start. I see "Blackberry" appear for a second, then get a logo that seems to be asking me to connect the unit to a PC. It does nothing - the PC does even not record that a device has been plugged in. After a minute or so, the screen fades and the handset appears just to turn off. I'm very disappointed in my first day with the handset - far from a smooth experience as it should be, I was left the impression that OS10 is still in early beta development.

    What can I do to remedy this?

    kb33480 should help you.

Maybe you are looking for