Developer Web Inspector without Console


As a developer, I use the Inspector (Tools-> Web Developer-> Inspector) a lot to find the DOM elements. And I work with several different screen widths, I like the inspector at the bottom of the screen.

Since lately, I seem to have a very small window of the Console when I start the Inspector. It's a little hard to explain, so I added a screenshot.

I remember (but I'm not completely sure!) that did not exist before, so I thought that it has something to do with an add-on. But disabling all modules and restart do not solve the problem.

I went through all the options and Google search, but not luck.
It's no biggie, but if there is a way to get rid of...

See you soon,.



You can activate or deactivate the Panel of the Console switch with the ESC key.

There a button in toolbar "Toggle split console" available in the Toolbox Options to hide or show the console.

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    I'm trying to debug initiaization Stadium on a real device.  The problem is that I won't be able to establish a remote debugging session until the application is running.  And by then, I miss any message on the console that I have put in my initialization codes. Is there a technique to catch all console messages?

    In Web Inspector, you can also press CTRL + r to trigger a cooldown.

  • Web Inspector does not not with Blackberry OS 7 and Chrome Simulator

    I found a resolution to this problem, at least for the moment - I downloaded and installed a different Simulator (Bold 9900 OS  Previously, I was using the simulator that is included as part of the installation of SDK WebWorks  The Web Inspector feature is now available, for the most part.  I found a deviation from the documentation that I have been following (, which tells the user to click on the "Sources" icon to start debugging.  In my case, this is the icon of "Scripts" instead. When you click on this icon to the user has the choice to turn on debugging only for this session or always.  Choose 'always' active debugger, at least in my case.

  • problem with connection to the playbook Simulator Web Inspector


    I get all the outputs to Web Inspector. I am able to properly connect Web Inspector to my application, but I'm getting no output to the console.

    This problem seems to have started when I upgraded my simultor OS 2.0 beta to version of the OS 2.0 gold.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    Solved by disabling the cache of Safari.

  • Web Inspector: Unexpected response Code: 426


    I'm trying to debug my application in Blackberry OS 7 Simulator. The Web Inspector is started and I can join my app. But after I clicked on the page I want to debug, all controls in the bar above (console, network,...) are suppressed.

    Debugger for chrome with attached message responses. I tried Safar with the same result. IE and Firefox are not yet able to show almost complete page.

    any idea?

    Best regards

    Was the only browser it works with Safari 5.x not 4.x as I've tested before.

  • App Web Inspector difficulties Webworks help


    First of all, I would like to say that I am a new developer that started after hearing about promoting free playbook (thanks for this RIM btw).

    My problem is the following. I developed my application entirely using textpad, chrome and using a token of debugging to test my application on a playbook before submitting the app world. Now, I'm working on the optimization of the app as much as possible improve the performance.

    I've read the tutorials on how to daydream web Inspector and I did the following:

    1 permit web Inspector in the privacy settings for the browser Tablet (does not close the browser, just reduced)

    2 packed app using the following command:

    bbwp "c:\" -d -o "c:\packagedApps\"

    3. it installed on my playbook by the following:

    blackberry-deploy -installApp -password  -device -package c:\packagedApps\

    4. with the browser still open in the background, I launched my freshly installed app

    5. open google chrome

    at this point, I see two balls and that's all. Inspector Web seem to work fine when I run a Web page in the browser of the playbook. In this case, I saw the title of the Web page in chrome and another bullet below empty (which I can not click on).

    I'm doing something wrong? I thought that web Inspector was supposed to display the IP address in my application while it is running (but this is not either).

    Anyone have any ideas? I share my experience with my colleagues at work tomorrow and I'd like to be able to demonstrate this ability.

    Thank you!

    When debugging is enabled, the ports are open from 1337. If you build an application with WebInspector debugging and run, WebInspector will open at 13:37. However, if you have the browser open with WebInspector also good running, then your application will be in 1338, or vice versa depending on when you start each. The links in the list refer to your application of title in its html file, or to the title of the Web page in the browser.

  • With BES Web Inspector

    Instructions for debugging a smartphone using Web Inspector specify to debug on wifi.


    I don't have wifi access. Is there another way to debug on the device? It is currently connected to a BES.

    Thank you!


    You must be connected to WiFi as the smartphone does not have an IP address when it is connected to a network of carrier only. Test directly from my browser of the unit, allowing the web Inspector via the Menu > Developer Tools > enable Web Inspector, it seems that it is defect silently, that would be an expected behavior, once again because the device does not have an IP address for broadcast on.

    Erik Oros

    BlackBerry Development Advisor

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    Download update and scan with the free version of malwarebytes anti-malware

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    5. To start Windows, you'll be a typical logon screen. Connect to your computer and Vista goes into safe mode.
    6. Do whatever tasks you need and when you are done, reboot to return to normal mode.
  • Web Inspector on smartphone bb7

    Web Inspector really works?

    In the web browser, web Inspector open port and I can connect with the pc browser to it. I saw the title of the web page opened in the bb browser, but when I click it, I don't see the web Inspector. I see only a white page with a search box and two buttons to the web inspector at the bottom of the page. I click on it but nothing happens.

    With webwork, a compilation of my apps with option d application, I install on my device bb9900, and when I click on the app icon it seems the webwork loading img and the alert message with the IP address and PORT of the web Inspector. The app do not continue, and if I connect to the web inspector from the pc web browser, I see the name of the application on the first page and the white with the search box screen when I click it.

    Someone at - it do the AME web work on real peripheral BB7?

    Uh, in another computer works. It should be some configuration of chrome...

  • Need for education better to learn how to use the web inspector with smart phone

    I've been trying to run the example of kitchsink webworks app for my Smartphone with web Inspector is not successful.

    Here's what I did.

    1 bbwp d

    2. sign the cod to the bin/StandardInstall/kitchsink.cod file

    3. connect to the usb port my 9930.

    3. javaloader my 9930 cod.

    4. disconnect the usb.

    5 startkitchensink app on the device.

    6 see popup 'Web Inspector online'. Click ok and see the app running with the initial page.

    7. on chrome desktop, type "", I see a hyper link "Web Works Kitchen Sink. I click on the link.

    8 see "" on the address, but the screen is blank.

    9. I remember at the Conference, the port number is 1337. I tried "", but it says "Google Chrome not could not connect to

    I missed the steps detailed here?

    Thank you

    June Jorgensen

    Thanks for the information. I tried it on safari and web Inspector works with the smart phone.

    Do you know if there is plan for the future for the web to rework on Chrome Inspector?


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    It is not a community forum for VS.

    Try the Visual Studio Forums

    Visual Studio development category:


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    Hi Erskin,

    Please refer to:

    Enable and disable Adobe products

    How can I disable my Adobe software?



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