Device right out of windows and sliding bottom don't work in all applications. In the pictures folder slide bar does not remain in the position. It slides up. How can I fix it?

The cursor does not work in all applications.  I was allowed in word documents.  When I click on the connection box, I don't get the drop down with choices; the choice will Flash and then disappear.  A spreadsheet in Google docs, does not work with the cursor.  the window opens to the right and if I drag the slide to the left, it slides back just before I can select one cell.

I tried to empty the caches and history (successfully, I think).  I use Mozilla and Safari.  Gmail was my first instance of the problem with th elog-in box.  Now, the problem seems to be spreading.


Hi Kenypat,

A. - what happens with internet explore?

B. what applications like Excel, Notepad, etc.?

You try to run a scan for viruses on your computer and check if the problem persists.

If the problem is with other browsers, you will need to communicate with them in that regard.

Bindu S - Microsoft Support
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