difference between gateways, voice and Porter


Someone might well want explain (or provide a url link) the main difference between the voice gateways and a guard?




Your best source of information is the book of Cisco Press 'Cisco Voice Gateways and guardians (GWGK)' which explains these 2 more in detail. I have included information to help...

The role of voice gateways:

In a VoIP environment, voice gateways are the interface between a VoIP network and the public switched telephone network (PSTN), a private branch exchange (PBX) or analog devices such as fax machines. In its form the simplest, a voice gateway has an IP interface and a legacy phone interface, and it manages the many tasks involved in translation between protocols and transmission formats.

At least one gateway is an essential element of any IP telephony system that interacts with the PSTN or analogue devices. In addition, when the front doors are configured correctly, many can resume when it is inaccessible to a Cisco CallManager.

The gateway that enables communication between the two networks by performing tasks such as these:

Interfacing with the PBX and the PSTN or IP network.

Support IP call control protocols, more than time-division multiplexing (TDM) call control protocols.

For calls between VoIP and PSTN closing networks and REPETITION of the call media and noting the call setup and teardown artist.

Providing additional services, like call hold and transfer.

Relay of DTMF multi-frequency (DTMF) tones.

Supporting modems and analog fax via the IP network.

In a Cisco CallManager network, a gateway must also do the following:

-Support the CallManager redundancy in replacement of spare CallManager.

-Support survival call when no CallManager is available.

Gateways communicate with other gateways, guards, their end points or their control agents, such as Cisco CallManager call or a PBX.

Protocols that use Cisco gateways for voice signaling and media are:

Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP)


Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP)

Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP)

The role of guardians of the voice:

Access controllers help scale of large VoIP networks. Businesses that are geographically dispersed, networks of voice, or that have become so important that they are difficult to handle, could opt to segment their network. In a network of CallManager, you can create multiple clusters. In this case, you need to configure a full mesh of connections via the WAN IP to connect all segments or clusters. You need to configure the dialing information for each remote location on each bridge and CallManager cluster.

It is preferable to use the guards. In a network that has doormen, trunks are necessary only for the keeper and the goalkeeper keeps information of remote endpoint.

When you use access controllers, gateways and CallManager to register with their goalie. Doormen divide the network into 'zones', or groups of devices that fit to a particular access controller.

When an H.323 gateway receives a call that is intended for a remote phone, he asks the guard for the location of the endpoint.

If the call is for a different area, you can configure the guardian to allow it only if sufficient bandwidth is available. In more complex networks, you can use a directory gatekeeper to maintain information on all areas.

You can configure routers Cisco with the Cisco IOS appropriate as guardians H.323.

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