Difference between Seagate Plus backup and Time Machine?

Can anyone tell me what the diff between backup and Time machine?

I started and this next screen (see below).  This means that the Seagate Plus backup will replace Time Machine?  Or he supplement TM?

I'm afraid that if I select "Use as backup drive", I might regret it... then I would understand.


If you use Time Machine with your Seagate hard drive, say Yes.

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    Is there a difference between a Hot Backup and online backup? These terms are not interchangeably used? Could not find a wire similair in OTN.

    Yes, these terms are used interchangeably.

  • Backups and Time Machine

    I have VM Fusion installed on my Mac.  Uses the operating system: Windows XP and Leopard 10.5.5

    Nobody knows, if I make a Time Machine backup on the side of Mac OSX, see it and save the files and data of Windows XP?

    Or I have to 'ignore' my XP is running on a Mac and a Windows backup engine?

    Thank you all.

    GaryFlorida wrote:

    This means that the 'Virtual Machines' folder in the 'Documents' folder inside my house icon folder is all I would like to drag and drop?

    This has all Windows XP OS and support files, or just my data?

    Yes and normal file default base Fusion of the virtual machines are created in the "/Users/$ the specified item was not found./Documents/Virtual Machines" but this does not prevent the user to place them elsewhere.  The Virtual Machine Document Package is a folder that, by default, has a hidden of .vmwarevm extension and this package contains the files of the compromise, the Virtual Machine and hard files are the virtual hard drive that contains the OS/Applications/data.  Backup of all, it's what you want to do.

    Finally, excuse my ignorance, but what are the abbreviations that you used: FWIW, YMMV, AFAIC

    You could Google it or try something like http://www.acronymfinder.com

    FWIW = for what it's worth

    YMMV = your mileage may vary

    AFAIC = as far as I'm concerned

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    I have the music Apple and operational Match on all my devices.

    The music icon is for streaming from the cloud and would have access to your library, if you use iTunes game. The computers icon, is streaming your iTunes on your local computer using home sharing.

    If there are differences in the playlists in the section music on ATV then you can enable/disable iTunes game and restart.

  • Slow backup on Time Machine to Seagate Maxtor M3


    I'm trying to save on a Seagate Maxtor M3 2 TB external, portable player using Airport Extreme and Time Machine, since my Mac Book Pro 13 "beginning 2015."

    Is 7 hours for a 91 GB a reasonable turnover?

    The backup seems to stop when the machine mode 'sleep', is there a way to keep it alive and back up, even with the black screen?

    Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions you may have.

    Kind regards.


    Hello Toni, I had this problem too. Your backup hard drive maybe a good speed, but the usb of the airport is only a USB 2 port, and he has always shown to be slow for me when I connect a hard drive in this way. My suggestion would be to go in on your mac Energy Saver preferences, and then select the power adapter. Then select never sleep. Then at night, turn your MacBook Pro on the charger and let it open. Then connect the backup hard drive, and it backs up during the night. Airports have shown to be a little weak in this area. In fact, my Airport stops working if I try to do.

  • Backup Restore Time Machine does not see RAID external drive

    Hi all

    I have a problem with my iMac restore from a Time Machine backup, and I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem already.

    I had to reinstall OS X El Capitan from scratch, based on education, I received Support from Apple. That worked without problems and my iMac works fine. However, I wanted to restore it to how it was before, using Time Machine. I keep my backups on a LaCie 5big Thunderbolt 2 and never had any problems with it.

    To restore the system, I followed the instructions on the Support page. I restarted my system in recovery mode and selected the "restore from Time Machine backup". Unfortunately the LaCie 5big does not appear on the list of drives, so I'm stuck... When you use the system in normal mode, the external RAID is visible and Time Machine stores backups on it without any problem.

    Any of you are familiar with this problem? I would be very grateful if you could help me with this problem!

    Kind regards



    -While the system is booted in recovery mode, confirm that the Lacie 5big network is visible in disk utility.   You will need to disconnect / reconnect the Thunderbolt cable to the Lacie 5big be detected.

    -Once seen, a new attempt to restore from Time Machine backup.

    See you soon

  • The airPort Extreme (2007) and Time Machine

    Hi all

    I read the info "how to ask a good question" and apparently you need details. I'll try and be concise but informative with my problem. It has been a long journey to get to where I am, but hopefully, with a little help from this amazing community, I can get to my destination.


    To produce a backup solution Time Machine for the family spending as little money as possible and using the BRIC and broc, I already have.

    Equipment available

    I have a House with some ethernet cables for most rooms that through switches to allow a variety of, most entertainment devices to communicate. It is:

    1 x NAS/Media (ReadyNAS Duo v2) server,

    2 x TV (Samsung),

    2 x TEU (Beyonwiz),

    2 x Apple TV (a 2 nd generation the other is the latest version)

    2 x DVD players,

    1 x iMac.

    2 x 8-port switches,

    1 x 16 switch ports,

    1 x AirPort Extreme (2007).

    1 x Airport Express (age unknown but older than the extreme)

    1 x Fritz! Box 7490 Modem/Router

    Courses in place

    All the associated TV stuff are connected in 2 rooms through ethernet via switch 2 x 8 ports switch 16 central port and then to the Fritz! modem/router box.

    There are also all the usual WiFi going on with mobile phones, iPads and laptops.

    Remarkably, it seems just to work!

    However, I want to add some backup data on our computers. I tried to do by using the ReadyNAS as it is supposed to support Time Machine, but I can't it to appear as a backup destination. So, I thought, as I have AirPort Extreme, I add it to the network and attach a USB HDD for Time Machine since it is supposed to be easy. However, I've been home for hours and cannot make the HARD disk appear in system preferences/Time Machine.

    I plugged the Airport Extreme in one of the switches 8 port said to create a wireless network with the same details as the Fritz! The box according to another article of the support (Airport Extreme wired AND expand network - need of entry). Airport utility shows me Wi-wired connections and seems to work.

    I look at the AirPort Extreme disks tab and can see the attached USB drive here. However, it does not appear as a choice of drives available for backup in Time Machine preferences. I tried 2 different discs with the same result.

    The Question (finally)

    How can I get Time Machine preferences to show the USB disk attached to AirPort Extreme as a valid choice for backups? If anyone can give me a little help in the right direction, I would be very grateful.

    Thank you for reading this,


    Unfortunately, the key here is that the version of AirPort Extreme you have does not officially support Time Machine backups on a drive to the USB port of the device.

    The only version of the AirPort Extreme, which will officially support Time Machine backups on a drive in the USB port on the airport is the 802.11ac current version that looks like a "tower". Older versions of 'flat and square' of the AirPort Extreme don't support Time machine with a USB drive attached.

    To check, please see "Time Machine in charge of USB drives" in this Apple support document... AirPort base stations: discs on USB - Support Apple

    Support for time Machine to USB drives

    OS X Time Machine supports compatible USB drives encrypted, related to the time Capsule (802.11n and 802.11ac) AirPort and AirPort Extreme (802.11ac).

    Given that the average life of most wireless routers lasts about 5 years, and your AirPort Extreme seems to be about 9, your AirPort Extreme did very well for you... much better than the average. It might be time to start thinking about a replacement who will be responsible for backups Time Machine... either a time Capsule (i.e. an AirPort Extreme with a built-in hard drive) or another AirPort Extreme.

  • Difference between Satellite Pro L300 and Pro A300

    Can someone please tell me the difference between Pro A300-21F and Pro L300-1RS as specifications on Tosh pages seem to be identical.

    Like us all, I'm looking for the more powerful machine at the lowest cost. TKS

    _Satellite pro A300-21F: _
    -Intel (r) Pentium (r) Dual Core processor T3400
    -SATA 160 GB (5400 RPM)
    -Chip graphics Mobile INTEL GL40
    -2 GB DDR2 (800 MHZ)
    -No Bluetooth
    -No fingerprint sensor

    _Satellite pro L300-1RS_
    -Intel (r) Pentium (r) Dual Core T3200 or Intel (r) Pentium (r) Dual Core processor T3400
    -SATA 160 GB (5400 RPM)
    -Chip graphics Mobile INTEL GL40
    -No Bluetooth
    -No fingerprint sensor
    -TV out (composite) or RGB external monitor available routes

    You are right, the two models of notebooks seems to be very similar and supports virtually the same devices.

    Good bye

  • External hard drive to format HFS + (not OS x) and Time Machine boot

    Hello, I have a MBP of 2014 (10.11.2).  Have a 2 TB external drive SG was NTFS but reformatted using THE HFS + and created two partitions of 1 TB (Yes, for my intended purpose in hindsight should have apparently formatted to a ready drive "Time Machine").  But just went with HFS + and Time Machine is ready to use one of the partitions to backup nonethelss.

    Hmm... but 1) TM do not encrypt, and more important again, I wonder if TM 2) can perform full restore from a drive WITHOUT the OS X on the ext drive (no matter the format HFS + appropriate)?

    (FYI, I received a warning when you use CCC related attempt to clone the drive to this disc hard ext, but received a warning "not re-bootable from any OS X").  Thank you!

    HFS + Mac OS Extended is what should be the disk.

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    What is the difference between a runtime error and the syntax error (syntax error seems pretty obvious).

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    Hello, I know that an implicit validation occurs before a runtime error.

    You do? How do you know that? What is the source of your information?

    What is the difference between a runtime error and the syntax error (syntax error seems pretty obvious).

    The syntax is checked at the time of the analysis/compile. Runtime errors occur to, of course, of execution time. You can NOT run sometimes that there are syntax errors.

    Could you give me an example or 2 an error of execution'd. Should not be explained with statements etc. just a small example of first.

    Ideally, Oracle has created an entire book of them. Make your choice.


    The doc PL/SQL treats Exceptions language and everything that you always wanted to know about them. It also includes examples


  • My MacBook has closed, but I made backups using Time Machine. When I get a new computer, I'll be able to simply reinstall my Creative Suite Design of my external hard drive? It is as simple as plug in my external hard drive or do I

    My MacBook has closed, but I made backups using Time Machine. When I get a new computer, I'll be able to simply reinstall my Creative Suite Design of my external hard drive? Is it as simple as connect my external hard drive or do I need something else?

    Adobe applications must be installed using installation files.   The downloads are available

    Download and Installation Help-



  • 150:30 of error after you restore the backup CS4 Time Machine

    I bought a new Imac with OS X Maverick and put in place by using a backup from time machine. My Adobe CS4 now has a problem with the license and shows me the error: 150:30?

    I have to uninstall and reinstall CS4? Is there an easy solution to this problem?

    Thanks to everyone for help.


    I have to uninstall and reinstall CS4?

    Unfortunately Yes.

    Also run the cleanup tool before reinstalling

    Use the CC cleaning tool to resolve installation problems. CC, CS3 - CS6

    Restoring backups Time Machine invariably breaks the activation mechanism (error 150:30) and there is no easy way to correct an error of 150:30 otherwise than by the re-installation.

  • Difference between Date of invoice and Date GL accounting Date Oracle AP


    I have a question that might help a lot of people too late.
    I tried to run these queries
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    Select aia. INVOICE_ID
    where aia. INVOICE_ID = aida. INVOICE_ID
    and aia.GL_DATE <>aida. ACCOUNTING_DATE

    I see that there are a lot of results for these queries, where the Date of the invoice is not equal to the posting date and of the GL_Date of an invoice does not match the posting date in the distribution table.
    So, what is the difference between these dates.
    And if I had to take the date of posting of the invoice of the document, the date on which I have to take for these invoices in AP

    Thank you


    Date of GL:

    The date used to determine the right time of accounting for the transactions of your invoice and payment of GL. You assign a GL Date on your invoice during invoice entry
    and your payments during the creation of payment.

    Date of invoice:

    The invoice date that you assign to an invoice, you enter in Payables. Accounts payable uses this date to calculate the invoice due date, the terms of payment of the invoice. The invoice date may be the date of the invoice, or it can be another date that you specify.

    Posting date:

    The GL Date for distributions of the invoice. If you do not enter a value here or enter a value for GL Date when you submit Payables Open Interface Import, accounts payable will allocate a GL Date based on the GL Date set in the region of the invoice of the Payables Options window.

    Kind regards

  • Difference between groups of ports and VLANS

    Hi guys

    I read ESX Admin guide 2 times till now, but I still don't know what exactly is the difference between groups of ports and VLANS? I understand, but if someone asks me this question I will not be able to respond with confidence.

    Network also label: my understanding is that it's just label No technical significance in configuration?

    Thanks in advance

    One VLAN is one of the many settings that you can configure for a group of ports, you also have the tabs security, Traffic Shaping and consolidation of NETWORK cards.

    Port group name, you associate you a VM port group must be placed systematically on other hosts if you want to migrate or virtual failover from one host to another.



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