Difficult to change IP address in WRT160N

I am trying to use my 160N as access point and I read on the Linksys site on how first, replace address IP and then disable DHCP and save the changes.  The 160N is plugged into my laptop (address IPv4 and the laptop is not connected wireless to any other network.

After I saved the changes, the next screen says "change successful" and then I hit the continue"" button.  There is a 20 second pause.  The bottom of the screen shows the laptop tries to connect to the new IP address, but cannot. I started from.  I try to reconnect to the configuration using the new IP address page, but can't.  I use the old (default) IP address and still not get the configuration page.  I have reset the router 3 times do the same exact process and get consistent results.  Linksys, I called and they told me that I had to change the third digit and not the last number to avoid any conflict of IP so I tried without success.

Why can't I change the IP address?

1. disconnect the E3000 WRT.
2 wire a single computer to the WRT.
3 reset the WRT by pressing the button of reset for 30 seconds.
4. open the web interface at
5. change the address LAN IP of to
6 turn off the DHCP server.
7. save the settings.
8 disconnect the computer from the WRT.
9. wire one of the LAN ports of the WRT to the E3000.
10. connect your computer to the E3000. Try opening

If this does not work, open a command prompt window and type "ipconfig/all". After the output full.

In addition, make sure you have a working internet connection on the computer without worrying if it is connected to the E3000 or the WRT.

Tags: Linksys Routers

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    You must install the heel first with admin rights. Then once that the user connects with its own rights (not administrator) and he needs to do anything administratively (like change the IP address), the agent asks the stub to do and it works.

    Click on the link I sent. He has a lot more details :)



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    J. Smith

    Once you console in just go to activate the mode, and then go into \windows\system32\conifg\system mode and change the address of the BVI interface:

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    config t AP #.

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