Difficulties with all versions of html files since the upgrade of the Sierra

I have problems opening and dealing with htm, html, html5 files since the upgrade of the Sierra.  Someone else?

Please provide details. What problems are you having? HTML files open in a web browser, the browser you are using?

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  • English which is the version that works with all versions of Windows 7

    Who is the English version of IE10 that works with all versions of Windows 7? I ve been in the page Download Center to download IE 10 English I Spanish W7 Home Premium 64 bit, and I would like to than IE 10 in English. I uninstalled IE on my computer and downloaded the exe new file "IE10-Windows6. 1 x 64-en-us"and sometimes in Spanish. I did it twice! Help, please!
    Kind regards.


    Thanks for the reply.

    Sorry for the delay in response while we were doing the research on the issue.

    You must upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate for this feature. Only Windows 7 Ultimate includes support for MUI (language). You can then install the Spanish language pack under regional and language settings in Control Panel.

    You can perform an Express Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade that will preserve your settings and personal files:

    Learn more: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/products/features/windows-anytime-upgrade

    I hope this helps.

  • Opening of the local shared .html file in the browser?

    My WebWorks application creates and saves the test.html file in the shared folder to 'blackberry.io.dir.appDirs.shared.documents.path' successfully. If I try to open this file in the browser of PB, like this

    var filePath = blackberry.io.dir.appDirs.shared.documents.path + "/ test.html ';

    var args = new blackberry.invoke.BrowserArguments (filePath);
    BlackBerry.Invoke.Invoke (blackberry.invoke.APP_BROWSER, args);

    can I get an exception with the message: 'undefined '; I guess that the args object is not created. The browser is not started.

    However, if I run the browser PB manually, navigate to the file test.html in the 'file:///accounts/1000/shared/' folder, I can open it.

    What Miss me? Thank you.

    More surprises every day... Apparently, the browser of PB does not file:/// protocol support; He expects a URL that begins with http:// or https://. But I managed to write my own code to open the .html file in the browser of PB. However, it's disappointing to do this kind of "gymnastics" to activate the basic features.

  • Open Local HTML file in the browser to the app?


    We have a question, we want to make a link to a local HTML file form in a DPS article, it takes the HTML file to open in the browser in application; We cannot use an overlay of web content for this feature. We are able to do this easily with the content of a source online by creating a link to go to the URL of the Web site in the URL section.

    Is it possible HTML form resources folder and can it be tested in adobe content viewer?

    Or better yet can we easily link to a local folder using the go to URL with a local file path? If so what would it be?

    Thank you

    Dream awake

    Yes, you can open an HTML file in a browser in app by adding the HTML file to the HTMLResources.zip. Create a button with an action to go to the URL that looks like this:


    Make sure that you create your HTMLResources.zip file correctly and transfer it into the folder. You can test it in Adobe Content Viewer on iPad or on the desktop so that get you a glimpse of the folio (not article or page layout).

    Basically, you use the same technique to post a link to the HTML file that you use to post a link to the PDF files. For more details, see the application of DPS tips > Advanced overlays > linking to PDF files.

  • Windows 8.1 - permissions of files - do not have access to the files since the abolishment of all permissions except for the system and my own useraccount.

    I had to put in my computer to the repairshop, so I changed the filepermissions on a large foldertree to all permissions for my own useraccount and all permissions for the SYSTEM account, but deliberately deleted the permissions on this folder to 'Administrator', since the repairshop started getting their own account and I had to make that account a member of the Administrators group.

    Now I'm stuck with a bunch of folders and files (strangely, this didn't happen to * all * files under the folder in question) that I can't read or delete, when logged in as the useraccount with all permissions on the files. I've tried everything, and while I had to click on a dialog box explore asking me to provide administrator access to subfolders in the folder in question, some folders becomes fully accessible (possibly), but some button blown up a "Try again" in explore a dialog box - which has sometimes worked but for some records * didn't * work to resume the TP to my own files.

    I want to know how I can find the full access to these files.

    Talk about the size of a cargojet bug...

    If your own username is a member of the Administrators group, then all you have applied to this group is for you also.

    I would like to start by trying to change only the owner of the files to yourself.  Apply and when finished, close all.  Then go back and change only the permissions that should be easier now that you own on everything.

  • Get html files in the previous version of Muse


    I lost the most recent. Version of the MUSE of my site file. I have an older version on the left, which is obviously not up-to-date. I searched this forum and learned that it is not possible to recreate a. MUSE, folder HTML pages.

    But is it possible to import all HTML files in my old existing version of MUSE? This would save me a lot huge work.

    Thanks a lot for your answers.


    It is irrelevant in this discussion, if I tried to get the other items.

    I didn t ask if it is possible to restore a document of Muse. Luckily I have an older version of the Web site even as MUSE file. As models etc are the same, I was wondering if I can import HTML IN the existing file.

    FYI Back-up has been done but it is corrupted.

  • Hello, I just reinstalled Firefox 8.0 and imported my backup bookmarks.html file, but the bookmarks toolbar has not changed with my old favorites. Is this a problem or I have to manually add each bookmark again?

    don't know what details to tell you, that all important data are written in the question. Thank you.

    You have now two folders of Bookmarks Toolbar. One of the installation of Firefox (the main one) and a 2nd file to import a bookmarks.html file.

    Find the Bookmarks Toolbar folder that is under the bookmarks Menu folder and copy or drag ' drop these bookmarks in the Bookmarks Toolbar folder that is above the bookmarks Menu folder.

  • Problem opening pdf files.  I have Acrobat Reader DC/Windows by default, but when I click on the file, a file conversion screen with all these codes. Must use the "open with" function which is a nuisance.  Why it will not default?

    Problem opening pdf files.  I have Acrobat DC/Windows by default, but when I click on the file, a file conversion screen now with all these language codes. Must use the "open with" function which is a nuisance.

    Why it will not open by default when I click on the file?


    I guess that you are looking for this:

    Open drive

    Go in Edition > Preferences > General

    Uncheck the option, the online storage see the opening of the files

    Click OK and restart

    Thank you


  • How can I start Firefox with a parameter passed html file

    I want to leave Windows (7), passing a local html file name as a parameter to use this html page for the start page of Firefox. There is no help or documentation on the parameters of start (a major deficit oversight or program)

    It should work in a .cmd or .bat file.

    start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\Firefox.exe" "C:\Users\DES\Documents\MSData\HTML\GPD.shtml"
  • create an exception in avast for the nsemail.html file in the temp folder

    I was pulling out my hair trying to find if there could be anything in the temporary files that I have to keep the last few weeks. Then I came across this: "the release of Avast 10.3.2223 (we think it's this version) has resulted in questions with avasts prevention of Thunderbird.
    to function properly. The solution seems to be to create an exception in avast for the nsemail.html file in your
    computers temp folder. "So now I'm completely confused. Why would I put something I need all the time in a temporary file to have remove for cleaning ccleaner?

    Matt, thanks. I read your blog post. I need to replace my HD and I've been fretting over if I have to loose important data from the temporary files. Apparently not. When I talked about ccleaner, it was in the generic sense. I avoided ccleaner because I thought it was a big hammer and some data that he brags about getting rid of I really want to continue. I know that I can choose what remains and what is happening, I'll have to give him another look. Once again thank you.

  • HTML player or any other way to read HTML files in the browser?

    On my old XP computer, I had a defect that could easily all HTML files to display as expected. On my laptop Windows 8.1 I do find no option for this. "Notepad" will allow me to display the html files? I saw online readers who are very well for text; But if images are included with the file of html file, it is very nice of them to appear on the page, which is linked to the images in the folder.

    I don't want to really go out and download the software for this purpose if Miss me something in my current system?

    Thank you


    said jscher2000

    Are these some HTML files that you have saved on your computer?

    Firefox can display HTML files saved locally, but depending on how the pages were saved, some items may be missing. There are also some security restrictions that Firefox applies to files space in a different way than the pages on the web. Yet, it is worth a try.

    Normally, by double-clicking the file will launch it in your default browser. If there are problems with the display, could you describe it in more detail?

    The file is unzipped now... it's a folder art tutorial... and maybe I did the wrong thing by asking my Wordpad for opening the text file. Which is written in HTML. Whenever I click on it, all I get is the raw HTML on a wordpad document. Maybe I should try to download the tarball again? I have another one that is in PDF format, which is not a problem at all! It is with this text file not PDF that gives me headaches...

    [EDIT] Nevermind, I found it! Change of Wordpad is not bad. I right click on this file and of course it shows Firefox as the first option! I don't know how I missed it before. But when I chose that file opened fine in the browser.

    All is well now! Thank you! -rosebud

  • Impossible to display the names of HTML files in the HTML Files (topics) folder in the project manager

    RH8, I want to see the names of the HTML files instead of topic titles in the project manager.  I chose the button toggle project manager and the name of the folder is passed to "HTML Files (topics)" of "Project Files".  However, the folder of files HTML (topics) lists topics with subject titles, rather than the names of HTM files.  I was expecting to see the topic list in the Manager component of project with HTM file names.

    What should I do to display topics by names of HTM files in project manager?  The rocker is not working properly, or I do not understand what the toggle button?

    This occurs for each project, we have - all of which have been improved from RoboHelp X 5 to RH8.

    Thanks for your help.


    You switch between the new view and the classic view. Try the view menu.

    See www.grainge.org for creating tips and RoboHelp

  • display of the files since the last update fw

    I use my mediahub with a PS3 and a NOXON2 streaming devices. Since the last update of firmware, the option to display FOLDER disappeared. This is terrible, my entire collection is sorted by CDs, each CD is a folder, so I read records CDs and I have no reason to get used to something else. What's not here? Why it was deleted, and it will still be added to the next version of fw? Thank you.

    Ooh Yes, now we're Talkin '. Sorry, I didn't realize that Twonky was the server program, I thought that this statement was only for those who have had - but mine also had.

    Yes, this is the solution, thank you very much. And thanks for being persistent and back once more. I was just a bit dull that you realize...

    Thanks again. Bravo!

  • Missing files since the last update - Windows 7

    Windows Update (19 updates) the 09/09/2015.  First of all, I have a few games that I play in my free time. Since the update I can only play multiplayer, single player won't work for all games. These games are CoD1, CoD2 and IGI2.

    I restored from a backup of the previous day and all games work properly again. When I turned off the computer, he decided to reinstall all updates 19 again. After reboot, once more the games did not work properly, unable to play solo, but still able to play several players. But this isn't the end of my problems.
    I am a Web Designer and when you work on a model, I noticed that when you view it in my browser, Firefox, IE and Chrome, the model seemed as if she had some CSS files, although the CSS files were present. I tried other models and got the same results. I started to look through my files and found that, in each model (212 models in all) of them did not have records of js where javascript files. Fortunately I had compressed them all and zip files were safe.

    However, I started thinking that my single player games does not and all of my missing my model js files can be linked. All other programs appear to be unaffected and working properly.

    I used some malware/spyware, MS Security Essentials and McAfee Security Suite programs and found no problem. If I restore from a backup, MS was updated just once more will overwrite it whenever I shut my computer off, causing the same problems.

    No idea why my games single player stops working and why all my js file (javascript files) became absent from my models?

    You are right Tony Gatlin.  It is KB3086255 security update.

    I uninstalled all updates of September 9 and reinstalled each update (in numerical order KB) and checked to see if COD2 solo work after each installation.  He failed on 3086255.

    The description of this https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3086255 update includes under "Additional information" the astonishing statement that: -.

    "After you install this security update, some programs may not work. (For example, some video games not work.) To work around this problem, you can temporarily enable the service for the driver, secdrv.sys performing some commands, either by editing the registry. "

    He's going to tell how to do it manually.

    I think that's what we call a function of ironic software.  I'm not impressed by MS today.

  • Adobe animate CC (2015) - how can incorporate you JS in the HTML file in the publication?

    We need the ability to include all the inline Javascript in the HTML file using Adobe animate CC (2015).

    Manually update the HTML code and referenced JS file after publishing a bandage isn't really an option as any Animate republish tasks will blow these manual changes.

    Is there a way or an option to animate part of the edition to include all Javascript code in the HTML file published?

    I searched on this here and the web and saw many others ask on the same topic, but have not seen any recent or formal Adobe responses.

    Thanks in advance.

    There is no built-in way to do currently. We seek to include this option for a future release.

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