Difficulty of shockwave

I use google chrome running on xp and the shockwave crash drive what can I do?

Please ask in the forum Google Chrome (Windows) here:

http://productforums.Google.com/Forum/#! categories/chrome/windows

or the Adobe Shockwave Player here forum:

http://forums.adobe.com/community/shockwave .

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  • Shockwave - patches not difficulty then why block?

    Seems all topics on Shockwave are locked, and one is marked gaving a dozen things to "try".

    I had 3 updates, FF, updated, uninstalled, updated, renewed FF, Shockwave, Silverlight, installed, uninstalled, safe mode, - non-secure mode (safe mode of verses) - it still messes up and crashes.

    This is a problem for two years, and two years Moz depended on its users to fix.

    A topic on the issue said that when Moz has re-opened the topic found 15 000 visits in one week, which suggests that there is a BIG problem with Moz including Sockwave in FF?
    I've been a fan since the first Netscape Moz, and there's really nothing else out there that is not take over our computers and try to read our minds (almost - no doubt not very far).

    I tried every fix available, except - uggggg - Chrome and try again to hide part of my private life of Googoyle.

    But I'm sad to say, I'm on my way,
    Will not be back not a whole day
    My heart is broken, my head turns
    I had to leave for the next best browser in town.

    My apologies to Harry Belafonte and GEORGE, IRVING.

    Heck - and Moz FF was the only browser I've never trusted and would gladly pay for - if it worked.

    Sorry, that your journey of the last 2 years + with Adobe Shockwave Flash on Mozilla has been so chaotic. As phillip have already said, my opinion is that the Flash Plugin for Mozilla browsers went to hell when the "protected mode" was created by Adobe.

    The good news is that Mozilla is working very hard to get rid of the need for a plugin 3rd group for SWF files. This project is code named Shumway.


  • My Shockwave Flash for Firefox (and IE) plugin causes computer/browser crash & restart, but only for the worms. 10.2 +. 10.1 & below, no problem. Any difficulty?

    I had this persistent problem of Shockwave Flash crash my system and causing an automatic my PC restart, as soon as I try to play flash videos (any browser, in fact). However, as long as I keep my flash to version 10.1 and not update it, it works fine. The problem is how long can I keep it like that until some future tweak of the same general Web site if flash sites that prevent work?

    I want to know if there is a fix so that I can install future versions of the Shockwave Flash plugin and actually make it work so I don't have to use such an archaic version of the Flash more (gag, even if I say this, I again Flash, it's so awkward in any version, I wish websites would turn to some other standard videos already).

    If anyone has an answer, please let me know. (My computer works on Windows XP with Firefox 12, either said by the way. Oh and I would love it if there was a way to get Firefox to work on the iPad, Safari is such a crude, childish browser, it has almost no Add-ons useful or features custom at all.)

    I just noticed that, in the subject line of your message, you specify the ActiveX of Flash for IE version causes the same problem. I wonder if there could be a problem with your graphics card driver software. Have you checked the firmware updates?

  • whenever I open firefox, I get the message: "Shockwave has stopped responding; "Difficulty, ignore, do not show this message" and it's driving me crazy. I have to wait and wait

    because he go away (sometimes 30 seconds) and I have tried clicking on "do not show this, ' and 'ignore' and others (all the possibilities.) Its driving me crazy and I think the move to Opera instead of Firefox. Can you help me? Thank you. MM2


    Some problems with Flash video playback can be resolved by disabling hardware acceleration in Flash Player settings. (See this article for more information on using the Flash plugin in Firefox).

    To turn off hardware acceleration in Flash Player:

    1. Go to the Adobe Flash Player help page.
    2. Right-click on the Flash Player logo on this page.
    3. Click settings on the shortcut menu. The Adobe Flash Player settings screen opens.
    4. Click the icon in the lower left of the Adobe Flash Player settings window to open the display panel.

    5. Remove the enable hardware accelerationcheck box.
    6. Click close to close the Adobe Flash Player settings window.
    7. Restart Firefox.

    This Flash Player help - display settings page contains more information about the Flash Player hardware acceleration, if you are interested.

    Does this solve the problem? Let us know.

  • Sites using flash/shockwave cause Firefox hang.

    If the shockwave flash plugin is enabled on version > 22, visiting a site that contains flash content will cause Firefox to hang / react very slowly. I tried to disable all the modules without effect.
    I use shockwave flash 11.2.r202.310 but it doesn't seem to matter when the version of flash that I use.


    Hi there did you manage to untangle you Adobe Shockwave Flash crashing in fox

    I had the same problem no Vids net base wouldn't play at all no Iplayer, you nothing would be the area of the screen/vid tube grey or black

    It's just me took 19 hours to do but his mended

    On the top of the page hit firefox tools then in the drop down options of small sect.

    When the window opens up, select ADVANCED

    on this page, you will see a box with (hardware acceleration to use when they are available)


    Its as simple as this good luck... Date I posted this difficulty (15/01/2014)

  • 11 Shockwave on Intel Mac OSX & amp; Firefox doesn't DO NOT WORK

    Not sure if I should post this in the Flash 9 forum or here. However, here goes...

    I have 2 computers, a MacPro and a Macbook Pro. Both use OS 10.4.11. The two Macs have Flash 9 for Intel Mac installed as well as Shockwave 10.

    Both computers have Safari 3.11; However, my default browser is Firefox. On my MacPro, I'm running Firefox, and on my Macbook Pro, I'm on Firefox 3 beta.

    Suddenly today while on my MacPro using Firefox, I went to a Web site where I just before watching an embedded Youtube video and could no longer see any video, it was replaced by the empty space.

    Still with Safari on the MacPro even on the same Web page, I could see the embedded YouTube video.

    I thought it was a thing of Firefox, however, what's weird is that on my * Macbook Pro * where I am currently using the beta version of Firefox 3, I'm quite able to see YouTube video on this same Web page.

    When I visited the Shockwave test page, it said that I had no Shockwave 11 and so I thought that maybe I should now install Shockwave 11 on my MacPro. I downloaded it. Leave my browser and other applications, and has installed. I restarted my Mac and went to the Shockwave test page which confirmed that I had managed to install Shockwave 11.

    That said, I STILL could not * see * any video from YouTube on the same site I had been too early. Yet when I opened Safari and went on the same site, the embedded YouTube video was there.

    Yet why did on my Macbook Pro with 10 Shockwave and Flash Player 9, I can see the Youtube embedded video in a beta version of Firefox 3?

    Any help would be most appreciated. Last year I went through hell and back trying to solve the problem of Flash Player 9 on an Intel Mac (and fact - under the nickname 'sheewolf' and 'voxpopgirl')). See here

    It was such a * I posted a layman step by step of difficulty (see here) so that no one else had to go through the huge amount of time and frustration.

    I hope that someone here might be able to help or to reciprocate.

    Help, please. Much appreciated,
    Lisa (formerly alias "sheewolf" and now "voxpopgirl" and "elle_d_bea")

    Thanks to you two. However, before I could try even to your recommendations, as suddenly and instantly was the problem, it has disappeared. Just like that. I will however, do not forget your suggestion and try, if this happens again.

    a soon and thank you for your quick help. Very much appreciated!

  • I can't get Shockwave to work

    I got a new iMac a couple of weeks. Play the games through sport fish, but now I have several games that do not work. Sport fish online support tells me that I need the latest version of Shockwave and Flash. Flash seems to work very well, but not Shockwave. I tried to install - it claims to have installed, but when I test it doesn't.

    Any ideas?

    There is a link to the support help Adobe for a version of Shockwave.

    but do not know if this is something that's actually any good.


    "Shockwave" seems to be more up-to-date

    ~ but this does not mean that is updated or secure.

    Don't forget to use the Adobe official support sites

    for whatever it is their brand and avoid others who

    Maybe adware malware or hosting responsible for fraud.

    If in doubt, use the Adobe source 'uninstaller '.

    get rid of a product more or somewhat suspicious;

    also check for adware so strange symptoms appear after

    a facility if a guest browser window you

    Download Flash of in a browser; no Adobe/direct.

    {Could be the shock wave is not really installed; in one}

    more recent Mac OS X, there are security measures to

    keep some applications to settle. Unless it

    is temporarily disabled, GateKeeper may be refused.

    See the link below to find the installed Adobe help

    {Adobe flash and shockwave versions of the product.}

    As for me, I do not use Adobe Flash or Shockwave.

    Essentially, through several Mac OS, Adobe

    is not a popular article for me; I doubt their security.

    When confronted with Flash or Shockwave, I spoke

    to their own ideas to help pages.

    https://helpx.Adobe.com/flash player.html

    • For Mac OS - help adobe flash installation problems


    • Problems of Installation of Shockwave for Mac OS - adobe help

    {"Reader" from adobe is useful for PDF files that have been written

    by a person in the Adobe software. Preview may not show

    details, an author may have included, in the opposite case.}

    Good luck in this case!

  • Mac mini 2010 change or difficulty?

    I have a mac mini 2010, put in extra RAM. During the ages erase and reinstall Captain el OS because the spinning wheel of dreaded.  Whenever I try to start it, it takes forever and the spinning wheel occurs.  I have to keep doing a STROLLER and it is a bit of the night Mare. I wonder whether to buy a new battery which someone suggested is causing problems, or to send in for repair to apple or simply decide its time to throw it out and buy a new mac mini.  I invested in Logic Pro X and even pass on the mac mini and get it going is causing a lot of headaches. He got 8 GB, and it's a processor intel core duo 2.4 gigHertz 2.  Difficulty or time to buy a new one? And worth the trip of a few hours to the apple the nearest store or send it to apple to see what they can do.  One has had a similar experience? Thank you

    Try running Apple Hardware Test first:

    Using Apple Hardware Test - Apple Support

    This will tell you if there is a hardware problem or not.

  • Difficulty iCloud

    Difficulty iCloud iOS 9.3.4

    How do you think that iCloud needs fixing?

  • How to remove the plug-in: Shockwave for Director

    I got a new pc a few weeks and recently downloaded Firefox. I don't know if shockwave for Director came with the download. But he is listed in the PLUGINS. It displays a warning that they are vulnerable and must be updated. I don't want to do that. Although I have so far, it is not anything on the PLUGINS screen to REMOVE a plugin. That's what I want to do. I checked the control panel to uninstall, but it is not listed under Adobe, Intel, Shockwave, etc. I read another post where people suggested some things real techno that I would never try.
    Dear Firefox: Please find a way to "REMOVE" as an option to remove a plugin.

    See this link;

  • When Shockwave Flash is activated it causes flash videos trolling

    I just got a new laptop (Acer) with Windows 10. In Firefox 42.0, all youtube videos play fine (because of HTML5, I guess), but the Flash videos trolling. I put Shockwave Flash plugin list for 'Never activate' that corrects the laggards. But now some videos on other sites are not at all because they need Shockwave Flash (they also staggered forward, for your information).

    What do you think is the problem? Of course I want to have it turned on all the time, but without any delay.

    I found the problem. It was crappy Acer CPU. During playback of Youtube videos that Firefox took the CPU to 95% most of the time and with the Flash it was even worse because of Firefox and Flash player running at the same time.

    So my problem must be fixed by buying a cell phone better. That's what I get for assume that all laptop these days can run Youtube videos.

    Thanks for the help, and I hope what I found helps other people also have this problem.

  • Shockwave Flash set to update automatically, however...

    Under December 2015 Adobe Security Bulletin, I wanted to check my previous Shockwave Plugin update and viola! It was already updated to in date from 12/08/2015. Great! That said, I also noted that, under the foregoing to day was a previous November 2015 Shockwave, still in place... a bit strange, nespau? I'm wrong, but the new update should completely replace the old, do not install the older version of again and remain status quo? Doesn't seem to be a problem in terms of performance, however, I would be recognizing opinions as to whether the latter should be removed manually, or left as that is.

    See attached screenshot.

    Thanks in advance.

    First try to restart Firefox if it was running when updating Adobe Flash Player. Sometimes the Flash Player doesn't have older version on Windows.

    You can use the uninstaller to uninstall Flash Player, and then install the current version.

    Make sure Firefox is not running / closed before uninstallation and installation of Flash Player.

  • Outdated FF (3.0.72) using shockwave for no reason, is unable to stop even if I 12.2 installed

    Nothing will solve this problem, the button of automatic update on the page of diagnosis, uninstall and reinstall shockwave, nothing - and if users seem to repeatedly I have this problem with all versions of flash at least the last 2 years of scouring this site via Google, not a single answer to one of the sons was actually useful to solve this. What the hell is happening with ff and why it is not recognizing the new version of Shockwave or flash for some people?

    Hey sorry, this seems to be a bug in the plugin site checker. For some reason, it confuses one of the Intel (the one with this version number) plugins with Shockwave. You can either disable the Intel plugins if you don't use them, try to upgrade to a newer version if you, or ignore the message.

  • where can I get the Shockwave Flash plug-in

    Shockwave Flash caused my browser 40.0.3 to launch the videos, I didn't play, I added an add-on to block the Flash Shockwave; However, this has become very cumbersome to turn on and off when I go to sites requiring Flash as a greeting card site. I found an other add-on called "Video without Flash", he told me to remove 'shockwave Flash' I did it, now I can't any video on the site of greeting card. Is the problem that I removed the Shockwave Flash or something else, I have the latest version of Adobe's Flash Player.

    I need help.


    I did some more digging found the plug-in, and now I am up a race thanks to all who responded that you help me a lot...

  • How can I remove sites that I greeted Shockwave Flash to always turn on?

    There is at least one site who plays Shockwave Flash without permission. I am sure I do not give permission for this site uses Shockwave Flash, but it's still. I put in my settings for Flash to ask to activate. Somehow, Time Warner Cable Email use Flash without permission. Is there a list that I can remove it? I searched for a way to remove this site automatically using Flash, but I had no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi, you can right click on an empty spot in the offending page, go to see information page > permissions and change the settings accordingly.

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