Digital fax on computer - when the computer is offline, what is happening to the incoming fax?

I have the HP all-in-one Officejet Pro 8600, and it is on the network.  I recently put to save incoming faxes as digital files on a computer on the network and it works perfectly when the computer is available.  My question is this: what happens to incoming, if the computer is offline or unavailable fax (as if someone shuts down the computer)?  I want to just make sure that faxes are not 'lost', and they will be printed or recoverable in some way.


Hi Memjay,

I understand that you have an Officejet Pro 8600 that you put in place the digital archiving of faxes to a network folder, and you have just a question about it. I will do my best to answer this question for you!

If your computer shuts down, and the printer had to receive a fax while it was turned off, the printer should hold that fax in memory (can generally hold up to about 30 pages in memory) and then when your computer is back on and pull has refreshed (generally set to 5 or 10 minutes) faxes in memory should appear in the network on the computer file. This document of setting up digital fax HP to save faxes received on your computer has a before you Begin section that explains just that ideally, you want to leave the computer at any time, but once again the printer there little memory to contain faxes until the computer is back on and looking faxes again.

I hope this helps to answer your question, have a great day!

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  • Digital inputs only noisy when the laptop is plugged

    I had problems with loops of Earth and power supplies for laptop in the past.  But it is the first time I got it so wrong that it makes the digital inputs which are both related to the ground and the debounced software cannot be used.

    It is NOT material OR.  It's a DT9816 of data translation, a USB DAQ Multifunction with small budget.   The laptop with the problem is a refurbished Dell, with a very obvious not Dell PSU who throws to the top of the warning in the BIOS and scales back from the processor.  (Danger Will Robinson!)

    The problem with the digital entries shows only upward on the Dell when it is plugged into a power outlet.  On all other machines and with the printer unplugged Dell, digital inputs floating.  But those that I have attached to the Earth is rock solid and work very well.

    What surprises me is more than the noise is so bad that even tied to the ground with a half second debounce, I get always false triggers.  I have not brought to power, but considering that it sounds really loud, I suspect that it looks pretty bad.

    I think I'll try a powered USB hub.  If this does not work, then I think that the customer will have to replace the power supply on the laptop.

    However, I was surprised.  I used a lot of USB DAQ hardware, and it's the first time I've never seen a problem like this.  The NI USB 6002 I tested on this same laptop does not seem to show the same problems.  Even if it is true that this is a different software and the test was brief.

    I'm curious to know if other developers have found something similar in the past.

    I can confirm that using a USB hub external powered eliminated the problem of noise in the original post.

    Interesting things.  I had not seen this before.  Now, I wish I had again the NI DAQ USB I had here last week so I could test that.

    Looks like I'll use a hub powered on this project.  But I think I will recommend always replace this power.  Although a lot of noise coming from the power supply, probably isn't good for nothing plugged it... or even sitting near him.

  • Where can I find the HP digital monitor to reinstall on the Windows Vista computer?

    original digital monitor: HP

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    "The HP Digital Imaging Monitor is a program used by many printers HP all-in-one." It is automatically installed in the startup folder and launches automatically when you start your computer. It consumes volume system resources and can slow performance. You can disable HP Digital Imaging to launch start the computer and launch every time you want to use. »

    you will need to reinstall all that it came with

    try hp support

    HP support forums

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    So you're claiming Apple is selling iPads with a charger that doesn't work?

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    This is great... .buth how and when the computer turns off?  When I reopen it wifi comes back, I'm correct when she stops she also turns off wifi?

    Hello allan299,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    According to your post, I see that you have any questions on how and when your computer shuts down, and how the WiFi on your Mac is affected. I know it's nice to be able to properly manage what happens when your computer stops and starts in mode 'sleep'. I'm happy to help you find the best resolution.

    You're right, when your computer stops completely it will turn the Wi - Fi. If you enable the wake for network access, Wi - Fi remains lit, and you can access shared resources on your computer, such as printers or iTunes shared playlists even when your computer is in "sleep". Definition of a calendar closing and start on your Mac can also be useful.

    Check out the following resources that will help the set options that control the energy use of your computer, sleep, and wake-up times for your Mac and the calendar from your Mac to turn on or turn off or go to sleep:

    OS X Yosemite: energy saver Preferences

    OS X Yosemite: set sleep and wake up on time for your Mac

    OS X Yosemite: A schedule for your Mac to turn on or turn off or go to sleep

    Best regards.

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    Thank you

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    Some security software has features of virtualization or sandbox which can cause protection problems and restoring files in the Firefox profile folder option after a reboot.

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    Following a reformatting my hard drive of the computer, my laptop recognizes only the AC/DC power adapter when it is turned off. When the computer is turned on, it does not recognize the AC adapter.

    Changed the power supply ac and it made no difference.

    Have also tried an update of the BIOS (3.0), I am running Windows Vista 32 bit.


    I doubt it has something to do with the software or the operating system. In my opinion, that this looks like a hardware problem, because the battery will be always charged if AC/DC adapter is plugged in. That's why it of not necessary to enable this setting in the configuration of the software.

    If your BIOS is already updated, contact an authorized service provider. Technicians can check your laptop and maybe the motherboard needs to be replaced.

  • Tecra A5 - charges the battery only when the computer is turned off


    For a few days, my Tecra A5 has started to beep and stop it (like when the battery is low) then that it was connected to the power supply adapter.

    I finally realized that when the computer is plugged in, the battery discharge and does not use the power supply to recharge.

    On the other hand, if I turn off the computer, the battery starts to charge.
    I replaced the battery a few months ago, so I think it's still OK.

    The charger would be defective? Seems strange since it can always recharge the battery when the computer is turned off.

    Thanks in advance for your contributions.

    > The charger is defective?

    Theoretically; Yes, but could also be electronic supply on the motherboard is affected, but on the first stage of the AC adapter should be verified and laptop needs to be tested with AC adapter new, good work.

  • How can I configure numerical Lock ON when the computer starts?

    I have a new laptop HP G70.  In the User Guide HP G70 on keyboards - C01540939.pdf, paragraph 3 using keyboards & pointing devices, Page 8 there is a note "the function of the keyboard that is active when the computer is turned off is restored when the computer turns on.   This does not work on my computer HP G70.  It always starts up the number Lock OFF.   How can I configure my computer to set the digit Lock ON when the computer starts?  I always use the number keypad and never use page up/down - button on top/bottom/right/lelt arrow.

    Also, how can I configure my computer to set the touch mouse on the computer OFF for the start.  I always use an external mouse.

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    I'm surprised that nobody knows how to set the Num Lock at startup before you connect.  Where is the help of HP?

    I now have Windows 7 64 bit.

    There must be someone who knows how to do this.

    Bob in PGI

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    I inherited a Toshiba 32RV635D. I have a PVR based on linux (Mythtv) connected to the TV via HDMI, connected on a Nvidia GT610.

    With my previous TV, a Vistron LCD Panel at low prices, he would go to sleep when the put PC into hibernation and light up when the PC came back.
    This required no configuration of me, he's done right. The Toshiba TV does not work.

    With this Toshiba TV, when the POR turns off the TV turns off screen but is actually still on - power led remains lit in green.

    Same thing with the other way around - if I put the TV in standby and powered the POR, the TV does not respond and I have to manually put out of Eve.

    I updated the firmware and it has not changed anything, and I can't find anything related to power management in the menus of televisions. I even tried just pulling the HDMI cable to the back of the TV so it has no physical active entry, and yet, it does not fall to sleep.

    The Amazon page for TV mentions the power management features, and I expected from what I understand, it should behave the way she.

    I read a lot on HDMI-CEC, but to use it with my existing kit, I would need to buy an adapter USB - CEC, and which seems a little odd because my previous TV not cheap-as-chips just done this...

    Also, the different uses in linux suggests considers its sounds the right - 'xset q' running when the computer is idle tells me that "the monitor is turned off" when in fact it is not.


    Ricklous, it can be useful if you have a look at the url

    If you want to download the manual of the English edition for your model, I have not read through, but it may be useful to you.

    Either by the way, I have the model 32RL900A and find only a VCR plugged into the claims of taking SCART screen every time it turns on while the TV is set to a string of FTA (Free To Air) and then 'hands back' screen when he (PVR) goes out, and this, I discovered, is a characteristic of the system SCART.

    I don't know if this information is useful to you, but hope it helps.


  • Dv7-3165dx notebook computer unexpectedly shuts off when the battery is low

    Dv7-3165dx notebook computer unexpectedly shuts off when the battery is low. Even at 17%.

    This gets really annoying, that I keep losing jobs! Before it used to give me a warning and then Hibernate. Now there is no warning and it turns off without saving anything.


    The laptop is a year old.

    I already ran the diagonsitic battery and it said the battery was good.

    OK, I think I finally figured it by changing power options, and I think that the way you reset the battery also helped.

    Here are the parameters:

    reserve battery level (this is when the popup will appear).


    low battery (this is when the low battery action will be performed).


    critical battery level (my computer would die at this point.)


    low battery action: sleep, sleep (this customize to your liking).

    battery low notification: on (hold on).

    critical battery action: sleep, sleep (my computer died already in criticism.)

  • PCI-6733 signal noise when the computer screen is plugged, the weight on the case


    I hope that it is in the right section.

    Card: PCI-6733

    I'm a 60 Hz, 2 mV peak-to-peak with a compensated 2.4mV noise when the monitor is plugged into the VGA port.

    Same card in a second computer, problem is more serious, 4mV Ridge to Ridge, 4.3mV offset. When I push on the case near the power supply the offset rises from a few millivolts.

    The two computers are running the same exact versions of software and drivers. Dell and quite similar to each other in both material and form.

    I have a third computer that noise coming out of the map is horrible no matter what.

    I exchange business cards and the problem is with the computer, does not follow the acquisition cards.

    No idea how to solve this problem and what is the cause?

    Thanks for any thoughts!



    Looks like you may be plugging your monitor and your computer in different points of sale.  If this is the case, this is probably the cause of your noise and can be eliminated by connecting the two devices on the same socket.

    Here are some articles that deal with the noise you are experiencing and various workarounds in the cases where what I mentioned above are not the case:

    The problems of noise in the measurement configurations

    Sources of the measuring Signal ground

    How to eliminate noise on measures DC power without using a lowpass filter of material?

    I hope this helps!

    Thank you

    Trey C.

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