digital signature of a certificate

I created a digital signature in adobe reader, there is a one-year certificate and is valid 5 years. How can I change the password?

Shirley Millicans


Hi shirleym33670907,

It is not possible to change the password.

If you have forgotten the password you will need to create a new digital signature, there is no way to recover it.

Kind regards


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  • Touch player with Digital Signatures with reader certificates?

    When Adobe Reader Touch is the ability to create and verify Digital Signatures with certificates.  I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for use at home with the Reader Touch and we use Adobe Reader XI on the systems at work.  I need the opportunity to sign and verify signatures on documents sent to work, is there a solution for this platform?

    Hi Peter,.

    For similar functions, you can try the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on your MS Surface 3 Pro. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC install for all versions.

    Let me know in case if you encounter any problem.

    Kind regards


  • How to make an electronic digital signature?

    How to create an electronic digital signature?


    If you want to create a digital signature based on certificates, you start to get a digital certificate. If you want to take advantage of the feature complete of digital signatures and then you get a reputable certification authority certificate. If you only want to ensure the integrity of the documents, you can create a certificate self-signed in Acrobat Pro. When you have a certificate add you it to the Acrobat digital IDs. After that you can start to sign your PDF documents using this certificate. In Acrobat XI go you to sign-> work with certificates-> sign the Document. Since version 11.0.7 that adobe Reader can also sign. Earlier versions of Reader requires that PDF is already ready to be signed by its author: includes fields from signature signed and is Reader extended for the signature.

    Make sure that when you get a certificate which is encrypted password, do you remember the password you may need several times.

  • Certificate for Digital Signature ID on Android

    Is it possible to use/create/import a digital ID certificate and be able to sign PDF documents on Android smartphone?  I looked at the filling and the sign and the sign of Adobe, but just, which adds fancy text or use your finger to add a signature. that I don't want.  I need to know if there is a way to use a certificate identifier / digital on a mobile device.

    Thank you!

    As much I KNOW Acrobat Mobile has not [yet] support digital signatures.

  • How to change the date format of dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy in the digital signature certificate?

    Digital signature means sign documents as we do by hand; the need for the signature also means that the document has official relevance. In this case, the right date format is absolutely essential. Don't know if this thing depends on Acrobat Reader Dc or the certificate itself, but I have not found a way to move from dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy. The only option that I found in the AR is to print or not the date of the signature. If the problem persists, I could work with other software to sign. Please help is necessary! Thank you guys

    Hi carlop16325670,

    I'm sorry, but this is how it works. There is no way to change this.

    Kind regards

  • How do you create field based on signature certificates where you can add a digital signature to the ID?

    During the preparation of a form, it seems that if the field name includes the word "signature", a signature by certificate field is created. If the word "signature" is not present an ordinary field is added which can be signed using fill and sign. I need to know how to create a signature by certificate field (if none is not automatically created) so that the digital IDs can be used to sign the document.

    You can manually add any type of field you want in the form of edit mode. Different field tools are in the toolbar at the top. One of them is the digital signature field tool.

  • ScanJet 200: mac: scanjet Installer invalid digital signature

    Hi y' all,.

    Try to get a new scanjet 200 works with my iMac (Yosemite 10.10)... but the included CD doesn't seem to work. I get the following pop-up message when you try to run the Setup program:

    "HP Scanjet Installer can ' t be installed because its digital signature is not valid." The package has been signed with a certificate that has been revoked. This package may not install what you expect. Get a new copy of the package, and then try again.

    Well... easier said than done. It was true that drivers etc. could be easily downloaded from the HP support page, but no more, it seems. Local HP support seems to be either nonexistent these days, or does not respond. Ideas, anyone?

    Don' t want to return the scanner, but if all else fails...

    Thank you!


    Hi Pete,.

    What versions of Mac OS X are listed on CD label? It is intended for 10.10?

    Can see you any difference in installig the drivers following?

  • digital signature: how to go to this topic?

    I want to have a digital signature.  How to go?

    Here is the procedure:  NOTE: You need a certificate until you can have a digital signature, but the instructions provide a link to a place where you can get a.  It can also seem a bit overwhelming at first, but it becomes easier to understand as it goes along.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • On the local Digital Signature Solution

    I am looking for a solution.

    • Is 100% local (no cloud based).
    • Integrates with an existing local PKI or provides its own certificates.
    • One API for other applications such as a JAVA-based application server sitting behind a web portal, can ask to digitally sign documents.
    • Supports multiple-factor authentication, you use the SMS or an authenticator mobile app.

    I am aware that Docusign (or even eSignLive) provide that above with infra-red or virtual servers that can be installed on site, but I want to compare features and an indication of cost and structure of multiple price options.

    Hi AlexZ53,

    Please be informed that Adobe sign is the signature service electronic non-digital signature service.

    You can refer to the sign of Adobe FAQ for help.

    • Is 100% local (no cloud based): Adobe is one of basic service.
    • Integrates with an existing local PKI or provides its own certificates. : We offer our own certificates
    • One API for other applications such as a JAVA-based application server sitting behind a web portal, can ask to digitally sign documents. : Yes
    • Supports multiple-factor authentication, whether you use SMS or mobile application authentication: based SMS authentication is available.

    Integration feature is available into account Adobe sign Enterprise: Adobe sign plans for individuals and businesses. Adobe Document Cloud

    Kind regards


  • Adobe Reader DC and digital signatures

    I was able to easily do before using the DC version.  I feel that I followed all the steps but when I click on fill out and sign, then choose a signature, digital is not available, just a place where I can type my name in a script font.  I'm looking for the old digital signature with a date and time stamp.  Help please


    Use tools > certificates

  • I don't know any password for the digital signature or the different menu options to remove the same. I need a new digital signature file, or the possibility of placing my signature on a document, as I did for years.

    Remove a digital signature, you need some other password that I do not have. It is clearly not the same as the one I use to connect to this Web site.

    I want to remove the old one and put in a new one, with a new password.  I have Acrobat XI running on a mac with OS 10.10.3.

    Hi Jimster,

    You can create a new without deleting the existing one.

    Open Acrobat > edit > Preferences > signature > identities & certificates secure > more > digital IDs > add ID.

    Let us know if you face any problem.

    Thank you!


  • Help to configure the digital signature?

    I have recently been upgraded to Acrobat Pro DC. In my previous version, digital signatures included text indicating that I had digitally signed the document at a specific time and date. I can't seem to do that work now, even though I see a signature that looks like that in "Configure Signature appearance" in the signature settings. I have a digital ID for which I checked 'use for the signature' in Digital ID & certificate trust settings. All I get when I select the "Sign & Fill" tool is my typed name. What Miss me?

    Try to select: Tools > Certificates > Digitally Sign (toolbar button)

  • Acrobat DC what happened to my graphics digital signatures I can't add them as I used with Acrobat XI.  No option for me to choose the signature that I want to use.  Is it still possible today?  Otherwise I'll go back to XI

    Well, what can I say the box previous says don't ask question title.

    The title pretty much everything said.  I can't understand how to add digital signatures my graphics with reasons for signature and the date of stamping etc.  I can see where they are put in place, but can't seem to add :-(


    OK try to use the tool of certificates instead of the signature tool that works very well.

  • PDF and digital signature

    We are a Ukrainian company that implements ECM solutions that are born on our platform - UnityBase.

    Our ECM solutions, we want to sign the digital signing of documents PDF. Digital signature, we want to build in the PDF and to check the digital signature to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    What we should buy to sign PDF documents digital signature?

    Hi Artem,

    You can buy Adobe Acrobat Pro for the purpose.

    These links can help give you an idea as to what can be accomplished using the digsig in Acrobat.

    Digital IDs in Acrobat ms

    Kind regards

  • How can I create a second digital signature related to my alternate email?  I want to have two digital signatures with passwords.

    How can I create a second digital signature related to my alternate email?  I want to have two digital signatures with passwords.

    I think you mean digital certificate to sign (digital ID). You can create as many of them as you want. Simply select "New ID" in the field "sign in" in the dialog box "sign.

Maybe you are looking for

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