DigitalPersona, validity of fingerprints fingerprints and Windows 7


You use this guide at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any problem.


Before you do anything, please make sure that the previous fingerprint reader driver and software has been uninstalled.


The driver that is displayed in this guide supports the following validity sensors models: vfs201, vfs300, vfs301, vfs421 and vfs451.

Table of contents:

To install the validity fingerprint driver and software DigitalPersona Personal

B update DigitalPersona Personal to the latest version

C the connection to Windows 7 using DigitalPersona Personal

To register a Web site on the DigitalPersona Personal software

E manage registered accounts



To install the validity fingerprint driver and software DigitalPersona Personal

Before you do anything, please make sure that the previous fingerprint reader driver and software has been uninstalled.


Uninstall software in Windows 7

Uninstall or change a program in Windows 7

Download and install the driver for the validity of fingerprints to here (installator worm 4.1.139, driver see 32/64 bit Win7, published on 13/08/2010)

Download and install the fingerprint software DigitalPersona Personal worm 4.10.3790 for 32-bit Windows 7 here and for 64 bit Windows 7 here.

Restart the system.

The fingerprint sensor should now be detected by the DigitalPersona Personal software.

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  • The sensor validity finger print reader and windows 7

    I recently installed windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit on my dv4t-1300cto. Everything is great except for the fingerprint reader is not working. It appears in the device as manager being installed correctly, but windows and digital persona say its not connected. I tried a few reinstall software and drivers, but nothing helped. And when I look for software, the results are quite rare. HP tries to convince me that I'm using a beta version software and support will appear soon, but is not a copy of version beta what whatsoever. Everybody do what ive made and it sorted?

    the drive model is Vfs201.

    Thank you all.



    Check the linke below:

    HP SimplePass Identity Protection, validity of fingerprints fingerprints and Windows 7.

  • DigitalPersona, fingerprint AuthenTec and Windows 7


    You use this guide at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any problem.


    Before you do anything, please make sure that the fingerprint reader driver and software has been uninstalled.

    Check the link below to learn how to do it (this is not a standard uninstall process):

    How do I uninstall the driver and the AuthenTec fingerprint software


    • Please first check the FAQ before you want to post any question;

    Table of contents:

    To install the AuthenTec fingerprint driver and software DigitalPersona Personal

    B logon to Windows 7 using DigitalPersona Personal

    C update DigitalPersona Personal to the latest version

    To register a Web site on the DigitalPersona Personal software

    E manage registered accounts

    F FAQ

    To install the AuthenTec fingerprint driver and software DigitalPersona Personal

    Download driver fingerprint AuthenTec here (installator worm, driver, see

    Extract it with WinRar.

    There are two folders:

    • x 86-containing the driver for 32-bit Windows 7;
    • x 64-containing the driver for Windows 7 64 bit.

    Install the driver appropriate for your system.


    How to determine if you have a 32-bit version or 64-bit Windows

    Then download and install DigitalPersona Personal worm 4.10.3790:

    • for 32-bit Windows 7 here.
    • for 64-bit Windows 7 from here.

    Restart the system.

    The fingerprint sensor should now be detected by the DigitalPersona Personal software.

  • HP Probook 430 G1: Common validity of fingerprint driver for Windows 10


    It is a solution. You will be able to use your fingerprint across Windows Hello without any HP software reader (I have not even try to use simplepass). I'm on Windows 10.

    Download and install:

    I hope it works for you too

    Download here:

    GENEZIZ wrote:

    Thanks for posting this...

    The driver works for me on a 8570p here, although I had to foce it a little...

    I've upgraded an install of Windows 7 (not original) to Windows 10 and decided to try the new build-in OS support sensor. On Win7 I didn't use it because you have to installed the HP tools and it was more bloating, so I'm comfortable with... of course the problem is to get the drivers... Windows seems to have installed a driver that is over 2 years old and seems not even compatible with the OS API footprint. I'm not entirely sure if Win10 is the same as using Win7, but in any case, updating the driver did not find a newer version which is compatible with the BONES of characteristic fingerprints.

    I downloaded and installed the version that lucadebe posted (link removed for error in the link). (Note that the Setup program seems to disappear all of a sudden, it's normal I think, there is no that add the driver of windows, it does not actually update the device).

    I rebooted, but unlike others that wasn't enough in my case. The reason was that the shift driver does not actually list the VFS491 as a compatible sensor...

    So basically, I had 2 options:

    1. use the driver (from lenovo) published by the creator of the thread that is accredited as a Win10 compatible, but do not officially support my sensor.

    2. use an old (but still relatively recent; a few months old) driver (from lenovo) that supports my sensor, but is not certified as compatible Win10. There are several versions to choose from here, although not RECOGNIZED HP...

    The first driver lists the new probe of VFS495 (mine is VFS491), so I thought I could force and see if it works, rather than use a somewhat older driver (Lenovo) are not not as compatible Win10.

    I went into the Device Manager and open the properties for the biometric sensor. On the driver tab, I selected "Update driver"-> "Browse local dirvers"-> "Let Me Choose from a list of drivers for devices on my computer.

    Then, because the new driver does not actually list my compatible sensor, I had to uncheck "Show compatible hardware".

    If you use the provided HP driver it will by default have a driver selected in manufacturere "Validity Sensors, Inc.". They were acquired by Synaptics, so the new driver will be available under "Synaptics PS sensors". I installed in fact a number of more recent drivers, but one displayed above should be included amongst the "Synaptics PS (WBF) (PID = 003d) sensors '." Select it and click next to install...

    After installing the new driver, open the Sign In options screen suddenly showed a header additional 'Windows Hello' with a button to add a fingerprint...

    So far, works like a charm.

    @PeerOne: I would like to get the driver from the HP site with the game of the right driver... IF HP has bothered actually updates driver. As is the case, the only recent drivers for the VFS491 are available through lenovo.  I installed the HP Softpaq Manager... While the application itself got an update for Win10, only "driver" always updated through it is the BIOS. Everything else is old...

    I find it particularly disappointing because they are generic drivers provided by Synaptics... manufacturers have simply repackage the... but even that is too much effort, it would seem.

    Also, considering windows 7 can switch itself to windows 10 in place, there will be many people who will need drivers compatible win10...

    It has saddened my we rely on another manufacturer provide us drivers for HP products... Lenovo is always provide drivers for laptops that are older than mine, even drivers for newer operating systems...

    Will be probably considered as when we need to replace our phones current...

  • 2015 x 1 carbon fingerprint reader and Windows 10?

    Just bought the x 1 carbon, upgraded to windwos 10 and I can not install the Lenovo Fingerprint Reader software! I don't see that 8.1 avaiable. No option for Windows 10?


    Too bad! Found a fix.

    In response to the reports of customer in the fingerprint reader does not not as expected on the X 1 portable carbon (20A 7, 20 A 8, 20BS and 20BT) Lenovo has released a updated driver.

    Version 4.5.505

    (Fix) Difficulty for the driver does not work when upgraded from Windows Update of OS Win10 TH2.

    Validity of fingerprint driver common v.4.5.505 can be downloaded here:

    Thank you

  • EliteBook 8560p: fingerprint validity does not work in windows 10

    Hi >

    My cell phone was on windows 8.1 and I used hp protect tools for log on to windows using my fingerprint

    I have installed windows 10 now and 10 windows asked me to uninstall hp protect tools because it is not compatible

    now in windows 10 > there is no option in [connection settings] to use fingerprints as connection type

    I installed two copies of windows 10 and the same problem... and the validity of fingerprint driver is installed but its for

    Windows 8.1 because I searched drivers for windows 10 to hp Web site and the latest drivers was to

    windows 8.1 ...

    Please I need a solution to connect with my fingerprints...


    which is currently being updated with the latest version for windows 8/8.1/10.

    Please, use this link for HP client Security Manager:

    And then click on the following link for the pilot of fingerprints:

  • Problems with fingerprints in Windows 7 and HP 8510

    I have 8510 HP with windows 7 ultimate x 64. Thanks to differentiate clear installation... I did all the steps, but it keeps saying that my sensor is not detected! I installed the drivers for the sensor, but windows has also updated the driver as well! under Device Manager, it also indicates the sensor ready to employment (biometric devices - AuthenTec Inc. AES2501A). Please tell me if there is anything I can do to solve this problem.

    [Topic has been replaced by more understandable]

    Uninstall again pilot fingerprinting and the software with the same method as you have used before.

    Download and install the software that is made for your model and posted below:

    HP ProtectTools Security Manager Suite here

    Inside this package, there is fingerprint driver and software - Credential Manager.

    I bought your model last days so I'll test it for sure on mine is DigitalPersona working on it well or not.

  • EliteBook 840 G1: Validity Sensor fingerprint reader is not listed in biometric devices

    I received an Elitebook 840 G1, tried to turn on the fingerprint reader, but it was not acknowledged.
    Control Panel/biometrics devices, there is no device, although the "Validity Sensor" Device Manager is listed, the pilot seems too. I installed HP ProtectTools Security Manager, where I can find the footprints of the option, but to logon Windows is always Username/Password the only option to log on the system.
    Check the BIOS, fingerprint logon is enabled. Tried to uninstall Validity Sensor and then reinstall it, didn't work.

    OS: Win7 (x 64)

    Thank you in advance!

    See you soon,.


    In the meantime, I found the solution:

    I've updated HP Client (sp63509) Security Manager, opened the program, registered my fingerprints and checked 'Windows logon security' at home/Advanced Settings / Security Features.

    It finally works, I can not connect with my fingerprints.
    (Again, under control panel / biometric devices there is no item listed)

    See you soon,.


  • Tecra M9 - reader of fingerprints and BIOS password

    I want to disable the fingerprint reader and bios password at startup of the computer.
    I already uninstalled upek protector suite ql, but at the start, I'm still prompted to slide my finger.
    I've seen and followed the instructions in "toshiba passes: definition and suppression (BIOS passwords, supervisor and Windows)", but I still have to enter my password to start the computer.
    What should I do?

    In the field "Enter new password" press only in order to remove the old drive HARD password... Repeat this in the field "confirmation"...
    Then he must change the password for HARD drive status to "unregistered".
    After that, save the BIOS changes and exit the BIOS.

  • Portege Z30t-A-11U problem of point fingerprint reader Windows 8.1


    I have problem with player figerprint on portege Z30t-A-11U - in Windows 8.1 PRO
    It comes from the outset - (System factory pre-installed)

    Several times a week does not fingerprint reader in the morning or after the awakening of the laptop. (connection icon is not at this time see - the drive does not work even after a manual connection)

    Thanks in advance.


    If this question of the fingerprint will not happen always, but only from time to time, then the troubleshooting will be very difficult
    These occasional problems are always tricky
    Anyway, if you haven't tried updating the software of the fingerprint in the past, I recommend you to do

    In addition, please check if the fingerprint sensor has been enabled in the BIOS.

    If this isn't the case, activate the fingerprint and save changes to the BIOS.

  • Qosmio G50 - files inaccessible fingerprints after Windows 7 upgrade

    Hello. I use a laptop Qosmio G50-115. #

    My problem is that files that I protected with the PC utility in windows vista are now inaccessible due to the upgrade windows 7 original. Files now I have are with. VitaKeyAC3000 extension and I couldn't find a way to restore one of them, and they are inaccessible. They were the files within the original configuration of vista and I kept the in an external drive.

    I'd appreciate the help.

    Stand by.
    Can you launch utility to fingerprint and register new fingerprints?

  • Can not connect. He does not recognize her fingerprints and does not recognize the password

    Original title: cannot open a session

    my friend cannot connect to his pc. For some reason it does not recognize fingerprints and then when he tries to connect manually using his password, it says it does not recognize the password, even though he knows that it is correct. Does anyone know why this is and how to solve?

    Hi Knightofkent,

    You can read the article and check if it helps.

    What to do if you forget your Windows password

    In addition, technical support engineers Microsoft cannot help you recover passwords files and Microsoft who are lost or forgotten product features.

    Microsoft's strategy concerning lost or forgotten passwords

    I hope this helps.

  • T400 says "computer name is not valid" despite the validation of fingerprint


    I use T - 400 in which I recently changed the name of the computer to something that was complicated to something that is easy to remember.  Subsequently, I am unable to connect to my laptop using my software fingerprint (version for validation.  It keeps giving me a message that the computer name is false.  (I don't remember the old name.) However, I can access my laptop by typing the password.  Is there a fix for this problem. My OS is 32-bit XP Professional.

    Thanks in advance.

    Amit Kotak.

    Try to clear the data fingerprint and re-enrollment.

  • Fingerprints and the remote control supported on Satellite P100-387

    P100-387 has a fingerprint and the remote? Please, someone answer me.
    Thank you.


    To my knowledge, the Satellite P100-387 does not support the fingerprint reader and is not supplied with the remote control.
    But you're right.
    The fingerprints and the remote control are optional and some laptops in the P100 series support fingerprint reader and are delivered with command remotely.

    I also found this site with P100-387 material specifications:

  • Phone lost my fingerprints and the password after taking battery


    I have the 4.1.83 of charge, has been empty since it was released. I just signed up for this forum and turnned off my phone to get the serial number behind the battery. Once I new turnned on I found that my fingerprints and password locking were gone and I need to reset. This seems to be a bug. I just wanted to inform the moderator.

    Thank you


    Just found out that the fingerprint was not lost. It seems that the screen did not close when I pressed the power button until I have reset the digital PIN.

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