Dimensions GROSS a7S

All of the RAW files on my camera are coming as 2768 x 1848.

How can I set up the camera to make great RAW format?

Thank you!


Looks like you have either a 'APS - C (only') E-mount lens attached (as opposed to a FE-mount), or you have a setting in the camera to capture size APS-C in position we.

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  • ThinkPad x120e - weight and Dimensions of Lenovo shipping box

    Problem - I need to know the total weight and the dimensions of the box that the X120e (0596CTO) is sent to help.

    Reason - I am wanting to buy a Thinkpad X120e and the ship forward in Australia, cos, although the X100e has been marketed in Australia, the X120e wasn't.

    L              *             W            *             H                             Weight Net        Gross

    33.0        *             12.0        *             23.0 cm                                 2.3          2.3 kg

    13.0        *             4.7          *             10.0 in                                   5.0          5.0 lbs

  • SX20 power brick Dimensions

    I have a few I need to install a codec SX20 alongside the ring, and I need to know the dimensions of the power of SX20 "bricks", as well as the way in which the wiring between the "bricks" and the codec is.  Can someone help with this?  I could not find this information in any documentation.

    Thanks for any help.

    Gross measurements in now a rule next to one:

    135 x 65 x 30 mm (5.3 "x 2.5" x 1.2 "")

    Note that the largest dimension is where the power cables go inside and out at each end, allowing a nice RADIUS on the cable for the SX20, and the head of the CIS at the other end, it instead of 240 mm (9.4 ").

    The cable between the brick and the SX is about 150mm (5').

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  • FDM sign flip function account and Custom Dimension pairs


    I have a requirement where I have to change the sign of the amount when you import the data to the PIF file, I am aware of the sign flip in maps where can pass the sign based on the story. The requirement that I got is a little different.

    I was given 40 pairs of accounts and Custom3 members and I will have to change the sign for these 40 pairs.

    For example:

    1 account - Cover_Premiums and Custom3: gross

    2 share of reinsurance matters – Cover_Claims and Custom3-

    If the data file is to have the above pairs the amount of those who should not change.

    I wrote a script to import and attached to the dimension of amount in the import format. The script is

    If len (strfield) > 0 and account = Cover_Premiums and Custom3 = gross weight then

    signflip = strfield *-1

    on the other

    signflip = strfield

    If len (strfield) > 0 and account = Cover_Claims and = Custom3 share reinsurance then

    signflip = strfield *-1

    on the other

    signflip = strfield

    End if

    End If

    End Function.

    The script ran end after that recording works fine when the file is imported and its reversal, the sign for the records, but the problem is his flipping the sign for all records in the data file.

    I guess that it is run if statement only until the len (strfield) > 0 and its performance not the rest of the condition in the condition statement. IE: account = Cover_Premiums and Custom3 = gross weight.

    I'm not an expert FDM and not even sure if this is the right approach to do it or not.

    It is a requirement that is very critical for me, please help me with this problem.

    Thanks in advance.

    In a script to import, you have two input parameters:

    -strfield: value of the column of the source file that is defined in the import format. In case you, amount field

    -strRecord: all of the data in row processing.

    If we need to check the account and 3 Custom fields, you will first get these values for the strRecord parameter.

    In any case, I would say that you optimize your code by concatenating account and Custom3.

    For example, if you have a delimited by ';' with 5 fields file where the account is in 1st position and Custom 3 in the 2nd:

    Function signflip (strField, strRecord)

    strAccount = DW. Utilities.fParseString (strRecord, 5, 1, ';')

    strCustom3 = DW. Utilities.fParseString (strRecord, 5, 2, ';')

    strAccount = strAccC3 & "-" & strCustom3

    If len (strField) > 0 Then

    If strAccC3 = "Cover_Premiums" gross or strAccC3 = "Cover_Claims-reinsurance" Then

    signflip = strfield *-1

    On the other

    signflip = strField

    End If

    End If

    End Function

    Hope that specifies

  • Headers fail loading dimension with the contour fill utility.

    When I try to load a dimension with the contour fill utility I get the following error message in charge of contour newspaper.

    «Impossible to get analytical information and/or perform a data load: values of unrecognized column header, refer to previous posts.» (Note: column header values are case sensitive.) »

    Is there another newspaper, that I can go to in order to see what the value of the header is the cause of the problem?  The alternative is to remove a header at a time and try to make the charge, and since this dimension has more than one column, it would take a lot of time.  As a result a sample of my data file.

    Parent account, Alias: by default, operation, data storage, calculation re encoding, Type of account, balance time, value Skip, Data Type, Type of exchange rates, use 445, reports, Type of Plan (BUDGET), on the gaps Plan of aggregation (BUDGET), Type (BALSHT), aggregation (BALSHT), Source Plan Type

    Account, IncomeStatement, update, dynamic Calc, 0,.

    IncomeStatement, 300000, Net income, updated, dynamic Calc, 0, BALSHTenue, Flow, currency, Non-frais, 1, 1, +, BALSHT

    300000,310000, total income before taxes, updated, dynamic Calc, 0, BALSHTenue, Flow, currency, Non-frais, 1, 1, +, BALSHT

    300000,311000, income before tax from operations update, dynamic Calc, 0, BALSHTenue, Flow, currency, Non-frais, 1, 1, +, BALSHT

    310000,312000, another Exp (Inc), the update, the dynamic Calc, 0, expense, flow, currency, fees, 1, 0, +, BUDGET

    300000,320000, provision for income, dynamic update tax Calc, 0, expense, flow, currency, fresh, 1,-, 0,-, BUDGET

    320000,321000, costs of update, store, expense, flow, current taxes, currency, 1, 0, +, BUDGET

    320000,322000, deferred Taxes, update, store, fresh, flow, currency, charges, 1, 0, +, BUDGET

    300000,330000, minority interests, update, store, BALSHTenue, flow, currency, Non-frais, 1, 1, +, BALSHT

    300000,340000, income from investment in Subs, update, store, BALSHTenue, flow, currency, Non-frais, 1, 1, +, BALSHT

    300000,350000, back, update, store, BALSHTenue, flow, currency, Non-frais, 1, 1, +, BALSHT

    311000,400000, the gross margin, update, dynamic Calc, 0, BALSHTenue, Flow, currency, Non-frais, 1, 1, +, BALSHT

    400000,410000, net income, updated, dynamic Calc, 0, BALSHTenue, Flow, currency, Non-frais, 1, 1, +, BALSHT

    410000,411000, gross, updated, dynamic Calc, 0, BALSHTenue, Flow, currency, Non-frais, 1, 1, +, BALSHT

    411000,411100, income from operations, update, store, BALSHTenue, flow, currency, Non-frais, 1, 1, +, BALSHT

    411000,411200, BALSHTenue synergy, update, store, BALSHTenue, flow, currency, Non-frais, 1, 1, +, BALSHT

    411000,411300, IC revenue, update, store, BALSHTenue, Flow, currency, Non-frais, 1, 1, +, BALSHT

    410000,412000, returns and allowances, update, dynamic Calc, 0, BALSHTenue, Flow, currency, Non-frais, 1, 1, +, BALSHT

    412000,412100, return on sales, update, store, BALSHTenue, flow, currency, Non-frais, 1, 1, +, BALSHT

    412000,412200, discount sales, update, store, BALSHTenue, Flow, currency, Non-frais, 1, 1, +, BALSHT

    400000,450000, cost of sales, updated, dynamic Calc, 0, expense, flow, currency, fresh, 1,-, 0,-, BUDGET

    Try to run with running sec/n to validate and/m to generate headers. While doing this, you can also add a log location execption using /X. This will tell you what a question header.

    Review the generated header and examine the wrong header in the exception log.




  • Download the dimensions and types of files


    Some can tell me what kind of photo files and size (PNG, jpeg, bmp or gif) are allowed to be upload to the forum.

    Thank you

    When you click on the camera icon to upload a photo, you'll see the allowed dimensions.

    The maximum size of the file, 2.0 MB, Max 1600 x 900 pixels, or the photo will be put on the scale.

    What the sign says no, the file name must not contain the letter ' + '.

    You can download Animated PNG, JPEG, GIF files.

  • Dimensions of the image

    I do not understand the dimensions of the preview image. What number is the height?

    First number is the width, the second height.

  • Cannot show the dimensions of the image on a Mac?


    I know in the 'Pictures' folder, you can select "Show view options" and then "view info point" and it will show dimensions photo... but it is not possible in a different directory, not to mention that the pictures folder?

    I photograph weddings for a living, and I'm fairly new to mac. Naturally, all my images are stored on external drives... I don't see the dimensions of the image? It seems that I have to open each image individually within the preview, and then press CTRL + I to see! Please tell me I'm wrong.

    4 K - end iMac 2014

    You can right-click (command-click a button or the trackpads) on the image file and select information.

    The title of the chapter more information, one of the entries is dimensions

    Alternatively, if you set the display of the viewfinder to the list, is one of the optional columns to Dimensions. Command-click on the column headers to add or remove columns.

  • What are the dimensions of a spread of 2 pages in a photo book great connected to the 11x8.5?

    I'm building a provision tailored to a large cardboard cover, 11 "x 8.5" Apple products photo book printing.  I build my images full page in Photoshop and Illustrator and then import in Photos v.1.5 to assemble the book.  I need to know the dimensions accurate for a 2 page spread in this size of the book.

    The overall dimensions of the book are based on the format picture book. Most photo 'frames' are in the proportions of 3:4 format. The exact layout is based on the page you select in the options of picture book. It is not something that you can "import" a provision to third parties.

    If I misunderstood your question, please explain in more detail.

  • Re: Camcorder Camileo X 200 Microphone Jack: Dimensions (cord)


    I need to know the dimensions of the external mic-plug/plug to buy a cable/cord to set the camcorder to my Yamaha Clavinova CLP370 ePiano.

    Thanks for all tips: o)

    Best regards from the Germany

    I guess that it s a stereo plug to 3.5 mm as it is often mistaken for external microphone, more

  • Where is the dimensions column in the finder?

    I wanted to be able to sort a folder full of images on my network by dimensions.

    I'm not able to find the column for the dimensions in the list view.

    Can someone help me find this?

    Thank you!

    Hi nomad2224

    Right-click (Ctrl-click) on the bar of the column and select a side to add a dimension column.

  • New HP 2011 x 20 '' LED monitor for old Dell Dimension 2400. necessary graphics card?

    My in-laws have an old Dell Dimension 2400 and the monitor exploded. I bought a new HP 2011 x 20 '' LED monitor. My WIRE went to set up, and he tells her that a HMDI graphics card is required.

    This is a pretty old computer. I think he might have as... 512 MB of RAM. Is there an inexpensive graphics card that will meet their needs?

    And besides, when they buy the graphics card, are there all the cables that they must reach a new monitor to an old computer?

    Thank you very much!

    Nice description of Dell:
    Video connector to 15 holes :-)

    Seems to be a VGA connector.

    From the description of the monitor:
    There is an also vga connector, so you will have no problem to connect the two.

    No additional card is necessary, no other cable - just use the old vga cable.

    Your only problem might be the resolution:
    resolution 1600 x 900 set at the factory for the monitor.

    I don't know if you can set the resolution to Dell, you should test.

    Otherwise a 4:3 normal/old monitor would be better than this 'big screen' new.


    P.S. the Dell printer documentation:

  • Flash embed tag does not obey the dimensions of percentage, even with html and body to 100%

    For some reason, I can't get this swf file to show the height and the width of 90%. I tried to add a style sheet in the header to explicitly set the html and body to 100%, but this is not always enough. can you see if there is a problem in the code?

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd">
    <style type="text/css">
    html, body {
      	margin: 0;
    	padding: 0;
      	height: 100%;
    	width: 100%;
    <object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=6,0,29,0" width="90%" height="90%" ID="Captivate1">
      <param name="movie" value="tutorial.swf">
      <param name="quality" value="high">
      <param name="menu" value="false">
      <param name="loop" value="0">
      <embed src='tutorial.swf' width='90%' height='90%'  quality='high' pluginspage='http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer' type='application/x-shockwave-flash'/>
    <align=center><a Href="javascript:window.close();">Close Window</a>

    This can happen because of the < center > element that does not have a height and a width specified. Don't forget to specify the dimensions for all containers if you use percentages, otherwise you can end up with 90% of 0 or a default value.

  • Import of 60 p from sony a7s for idle

    Hi all

    I opened a 24 p project sequence, and I use the importing of sony A7S which are 60 p.

    And when I use the automatic resynchronization, the 60 p files will be becomes a slow clip - 40% in the 24 p project.

    But I found it repeat the previous image as a-a-b-b-c-c, normally, it should be a-b-c-d-e...

    Then I double check that the file I import A7S, it's the same a-a-b-b-c-c...

    Can someone nice enough to tell me that this is the problem?

    What's not? !!!

    Should I transcode the original file when importing?

    Or is the slow decision-making process goes wrong?

    Does anyone have an idea when making idle for final cut pro x file?

    Thank you very much!!!


    CCan post you somewhere a piece of this media?

  • Lumix LX100 - gross of editing does not

    Import my raw since Lumix LX100 files into pictures. I use the standard library of the system OS X - El Capitan. I can see the photos marked as raw and I can use the standard editing tools. But the raw editing tools are grayed out only. Why?

    You mean RAW editing tools?  Photos is not no matter what specific RAW editing tools, there is only the "Use RAW Original title" and "Reprocess RAW" commands in the Image menu.  "Reprocess RAW" will be available in edit mode and only if the changed RAW support and reprocessing should be made to upgrade the treatment to the new version of the GROSS of RAW support.

    'Use the RAW Original title' is available I have editing as well, and only for the RAW & JPEG pairs, if you use JPEG format as the original.

    You may have installed an extension for processing RAW image editing?

Maybe you are looking for

  • HP Pro x 2 612 TAB G1: recovery using factory powered usb

    My HP Pro x 2 612 TAB G1 with i5-4302Y keyboard power is unusable after a factory reset went wrong and I wiped all of the HD, including the Recovery Manager. I got a HP recovery USB (which I inserted it), but now the problem is when I start the compu

  • Some problems minors yoga 900

    Hello I recently started using a 900 yoga, but have found that some problems with the way things are displayed. Google Chrome has a weird blue bar at the top right below my favorites. In addition, Google Chrome does not well fit. I use the default 25

  • My computer shows several instances of xpsp2res.dll module in System 32.

    My computer shows several instances of xpsp2res.dll module in System 32.  I found them using Norton Systemworks process Viewer.  They look identical.  Is it a kind of duplication should I eliminate?

  • Error "Setup.exe has encounter a problem and must close" when you uninstall a program.

    Original title: Unistalling a program (Remove) I want to uninstall a program but when I click on remove the following pop up messege appears (Setup.exe has encounter a problem and nneeds to close.) We are sorry for the inconvenience.-----------------

  • Install vWorkspace MR1 8.0 on w2k12 has been interrupted.

    At the end of the installation of vWorkspace MR1 8.0 on w2k12 was interrupted with the error: Error 1329. Failed to install a file that is necessary because the C:\vWorkspace_X64\VWORKSPACE\CB.cab file is not digitally signed. This may indicate that