Disable facial recognition in iOS 10 photos?

I HATE what has been done to the Photos app in iOS 10.  I have an old personal system of ten year of creating folders and sort my photos in them and do not want some geek put his system in front of me. Just, you can't automate my own choice of folder.

Is it possible to disable facial recognition? and places? Is it possible to delete all these stupid folders in albums? I am looking to clean up the app and remove: people, places, selfies, panoramas, slo - mo from my iPhone.

If this is not possible, my second choice would be to move at least until the end of the scrolling line - after all of my own creation records.

Thank you


It's amazing, but they did not give us a way to opt-out of the image analysis and the only way to avoid it is to move your photos out of the IOS device.  I have auto-download of mine to Microsoft cloud, which then auto-telechargements them to my computer.  I remove out of IOS as soon as possible.  I don't know that apple hoped I wake up each morning, a bit of happy memory, but I open my phone every morning and all delete

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    Connection of the face is a pain.  It never works.  How can I disable it?

    I searched the manual, internet and contacted acer (they wanted £65 to answer and my laptop is only two weeks old!)

    I hope you can help because I'm about to do a factory restore in the hope that it will give me a new start with an option NOT to choose the face or any login also!

    Finally... I found it.

    Make a search App Pro Sheild, then click Credential Manager, face connection settings and uncheck the box!

  • Cannot turn off the facial recognition in elements Organizer 10

    I tried several times to disable facial recognition in items Organsiser 10 but the boxes 'which is' continue to flow upward. Does anyone have any ideas as to why it does not turn off.

    Vaishali, I thank very you much, that was the solution. Such a simple fix for a problem that I have been working on for so long looking through countless forums. Can't believe I didn't notice that option before. Thanks again.

  • Facial recognition error

    I have upgraded to iOS 10 the other day and it is very good even on my iPhone 6plus. However in the photos app, the facial recognition software is great, but it is not perfect. He can see me and group all my photos into an album (JanuaryShark) and that's fine. But if "AprilFish" appears in my album like me then how can I rename this photo and put it in his own album (AprilFish)?

    But if "AprilFish" appears in my album like me then how can I rename this photo and put it in his own album (AprilFish)?

    Select AprilFish from your album of person and not use 'this person '.

    See: http://help.apple.com/iphone/10/#/iph9c7ee918c

    Remove misidentified one. Press a person in the photo album, and then view all to display all the photos they appear in. Press Select, tap Show Faces, tap the misidentified face, press the Share button, then tap not this person.

  • Rename people in the new facial recognition

    I quickly learned how to add a person's name in the new facial recognition feature in iOS, but I made a typo in a person's name and saved. How can I go back and change the name of the people? When I press on their behalf, nothing seems to happen.

    Tap Albums > people then the person of your choice.

    Tap the name right at the top, then change the name.

  • blank icon for the recognition of faces in Photos ios10


    Some icons in people / facial recognition on my iPhone or iPad with iOS10 are white.

    When I click on it, I don't see any pictures, just a white square, like the icon.

    But they are listed in the list of faces recognized with a '1' below.

    In addition, I have pictures with friends who are not listed or recognized.

    Thanks for your help.

    When I click on it, I don't see any pictures, just a white square, like the icon.

    But they are listed in the list of faces recognized with a '1' below.

    If the photos containing the face were hidden, you will see a white square.  Are there photos in the album "hidden pictures"?

    Analysis of faces will recognize all the faces. A completed analysis of the faces?  It takes a very long time.

  • Qosmio G55-q802 - facial recognition problem

    Since I got my laptop facial recognition program will not work. He comes up with an error and says device camera initialization failed. The camera is used by another application or it is not recognized by the system. Camera Toshiba utility works. I've even tried to install the latest drivers on the web. I saw a post on a yahoo site that said disable cec_main in the Task Manager, but this program does not work yet.

    I tried to call tech support, which was totally unnecessary. They have me call back and ask for level II. Does anyone else know this same feeling of frustration? Other than this issue, this laptop is impeccable!

    G55-q802 with Vista 64-bit installed

    I can´t answer this question but just wanted to say that this is a beast of the laptop. Bravo

  • Facial recognition 2 in 1-7359

    I recently bought an Inspiron 13-7359, 2-1. 10 Home Windows, version 1511.

    I also own an Inspiron 15R 5537 10 Home Windows, Version 1511.

    Both devices have integrated cameras.

    I use facial recognition on the 5537 which works very well.

    However, I am unable to install facial-recognition in the 7359 because he is not an option in 'Accounts', located in 'Sign-In options.'

    No idea why? If the problem can be solved easily?


    I studied my question, the answer and the solution is simple. To use facial recognition, a camera RealSense is necessary. The 7359 does not include a RealSense camera as part of the configuration.

    Instead of facial recognition, I use photo password.

    Best regards and thanks for your time.

  • Facial recognition Lightroom


    I am new to Lightroom and I know how to set all and facial recognition by creating the faces, I don't know even how to organize pictures of one person and how do I sort them according to the date they were taken. For example if I created a face for my son and I want to create a CD with the photos of my son just can I do in Lightroom and how I can create it. I see people in the catalog (left panel) I know how to create the file, but how do I get the photos from the 'people' that is displayed on the right panel?

    can someone help me with this :-)

    Thank you


    Hi Martha. Facial recognition in Lightroom tags are key words with the 'person' checked property. All keywords are available in the library module. Try this:

    1. Press G to enter the module development in grid mode.
    2. Find the control panel list of keywords on the right.
    3. At the top of the keyword list Panel is the keywords filter box. Type the name of the person you want to filter in the box to search for the keyword.
    4. When you search for the keyword, hover your mouse over the key word. On the right displays an arrow that says "Click to view the photos containing the keyword"
    5. There is a sorting function on the toolbar under the grate. If you don't see the press of T toolbar to display it.

    Instead of manually filtering, you can also create a 'Smart' Collection which includes the special search criteria. Smart collections are created in the right panel in the Collections section. Here is the smart collection to find pictures of my daughter. Some ideas for the criteria that can help you (criteria depend on how you use Lightroom to tag your photos):

    • all the photos containing the tag a certain keyword (keyword of your son)
    • all Tags photos with a score of 3 or above
    • All the photos with the tag '5 stars '.
    • Photos marked as 'Pick '.

    When you have all the photos you want to burn to a CD using the file, export function.

    1. Click Edit, select all to select all images.
    2. Click on file, export
    3. Choose export to at the top and choose the CD/DVD
    4. Select any other options you want for the files (resize, rename, tattoo, etc.)
    5. Click Export.  (My computer has a burner, so he says 'disc burning only is not supported on this computer' and my export button is grayed out.)

    I hope this helps!

    Kind regards


  • Export data of facial recognition in html format

    I have hundreds of photographs dating from the mid-1800s, where I recognized faces. I would like to be able to export photos with facial recognition data to produce a web page.

    Is this possible in Lightroom 6 or 14 items?

    If I switch to Lightroom 6 can I import data from the elements with the facial recognition data attached?

    I currently use 5.7 Lightroom & 14 items on an iMac 27 with OS X El Capitan

    I would like to than LR to produce one page per photo with the ability to click on an icon to activate the boxes to facial recognition to reveal the names. This would be ideal. This is a project we hope to identify hundreds of people on photos for a society in history.

    I know not all plugins or software that would do the job for you.  Maybe someone else to do it.

    I had also thought of how or if it is possible to produce a spreadsheet of names and the names of files that are not in.

    The plugin LR/carrier can export a spreadsheet containing the names and keywords attached to them.  (LR stores the names attached to faces as regular keywords.)

    If you want to access the rectangle real around each face as the name attached to the rectangle, you must export the photos of LR and then use external as the Exiftool free to extract the data.   On Exiftool learning curve is quite steep, at least you are technical interested with the latest scripts or experience in programming, so expect to take many hours to get on the same page.

  • Export thumbnails of facial recognition?

    Hey guys,.

    I would like to create a photo mosaic of faces of people at work. I have a huge with lots of photos lightroom library. I would like to somehow export all thumbnails that Lightroom creates the faces of people when you use its function integrated facial recognition.

    No idea if this is possible? You can use a third-party plugin to do?

    Best regards


    I don't know of a plugin that does this.  If you are technical interested, you can use the free Exiftool to extra rectangles face and associated names. Then, you can use free tools of ImageMagick to extract cultures of these rectangles.  Would not take programming, in itself, but should be familiar with the script command line tools.

  • facial recognition does more work in Photoshop elements 12?

    Version 12 and face recognition is no longer works - tried to remove and reinstall but it did not help.  Any suggestions for what is poorly appreciated.


    Operating system that you are running on?

    You say facial recognition doesn't work anymore I'm assuming that she worked at a given time.

    Why do you say that it doesn't now?

    You get the error message?

    Your existing correspondences appear on the people tab?

    You have enabled automatic? (Edit-> preferences-> media analysis - automatically analyze photos for people)

    You see-> recognition of people checked?


  • Disable voice control on iOS 10

    I would like to disable the voice on iOS 10 command like he did in the way of the screen capture function. I already have it switched off function in settings > touch id and password > voice dial, but it always seems to happen when you press the home button.

    Is there a way to disable it completely (including voice control of music)?

    Settings > Siri > Off should probably do.

    Regarding the screenshots if you lead a bit with the power button then you shouldn't have a problem.


  • How to disable automatic updates of ios connected via wifi

    How to disable automatic updates of ios connected via wifi

    1. Open the settings app.
    2. Push App and iTunes Store.
    3. In the automatic downloads section, you will see an element called updates.
    4. Press the switch to turn it off
  • Facial recognition Zoom

    In the implementation of facial recognition login, you are able to Zoom image and take pictures of the sample.

    This allows the site further from the screen in a normal working position. However, when you try to connect at startup, the system returns to the no zoom, and if the images are not & you have place your face very close to the screen to allow a successful connection.

    Is there anyway that zoom settings can be configured to allow a default zoom setting at startup?

    You write about Toshiba face recognition tool or what? I checked the settings here but I can't find anywhere the zoom option.

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