Disable shake them without administrator privileges

I want to disable shake on my work computer, but I have no privileges to administrator, and themes are locked.  Is it possible to disable it or adjust sensitivity settings to prevent it from spinning accidentally?



I understand the difficulty you are having, because it is a consumer support forums we do not support the connected domain computers. Either as shown previously, you have to enter in contact with the domain / computer SCIENCE Department or we have better expertise on the TechNet forums, which will be able to help you the best.


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  • How do I allow users without administrator privileges install fonts?

    I need allow users to install fonts without administrator privileges.  Googling landed a few eccentric tools, but this isn't an option... I can change the entries in registry, file & directory permissions, use Windows commands in batch scripts, etc. but I can not use any third-party downloads.  In addition, just save them to the police for the session cache is not enough... they should be able to install fonts in C:\Windows\Fonts directory.  It's OK, if they can not uninstall a font, allowing that could remove a font that Windows requires.

    Hi John,.

    You are in a domain environment? I would recommend to repost your question with the professionals in our Technet forums to be:

    TechNet - political group

    Security TechNet - Windows 7

  • Running forms of the PC client without administrator privileges on Windows 7

    As company policy is aimed at users have locked down PCs without administrator privileges on Windows 7, we met with a number of problems we couldn't solve completely.

    The only way we found to date that worked (sort of) was at the first mark the administrator user, connect to the Weblogic Server to run applications compiled for the first time and accept certificates and jar files downloaded and revoke admin rights after that.

    No one has found another way to make this work?

    andrewmy wrote:

    ... The IE options are turned on to allow the Java plugins but apparently administrator is required to download and accept them.

    This should not be the case.  Like you, I work in an environment where standard users are not granted administrative privileges to their workstations and we did not have this problem.  We did something different - that I am aware of the - client side to allow the download.  JAR files are stored in the Java Cache Directory which should be open to all users.  Could your administrators have changed the privileges to this directory?


  • Why firefox can be installed without administrator privileges

    A standard user (IE without administrator or power user right), able to run the capable installation package in his work station. By by default, any executable file should not be run without administrator privileges.
    Help please, thank you!

    You don't want the administrator users to be able to install Firefox? What version of Windows?

  • Beta 5 of Firefox does not check the updates from an account without administrator privileges and won't ask administrator privileges apply downloaded update

    I can't get Firefox Beta 5 to check the updates using an account without administrator privileges. Beta version of Firefox 5 downloaded an update (from 2 Beta Beta 3), and now, there's a button apply update in the Firefox window that won't hurt, even though the update is properly applied from another account with administrator privileges.

    I use Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. In general, I use Firefox for an account without administrator privileges and provide the only administrator credentials when you are prompted to install or remove software.

    Delete the files in the folder updates\0 and updates.

    You may need to remove active - update.xml and updates.xml so, if it is present.

    C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Mozilla Firefox\updates
    (%LOCALAPPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Mozilla Firefox)
  • How to unlock some URLS without administrative privileges

    Original title: URL blocked

    Is there a solution to unlocking let URL without administrative privaledges.  Or install my downloads


    Welcome to Microsoft Community and we are happy to help you.

    From your problem description, I understand you want to unlock some URLS without administrator privileges.

    I would like you to answer a few questions to understand the question.

    1. what exactly do you mean by "privileges"?

    2. do you get an error message?

    3. what security software you have installed on your computer?

    4. what happens when you install the downloaded files?

    5. do you use Internet Explorer to access Web sites?

    6. did you make any changes before the show?

    If you use Internet Explorer, you can check this link.

    Security zones: adding or removing websites


    Your answers are important to us. Please come back to us with your valuable answers.

    For any Windows questions do not hesitate to join us.

  • Windows 8 without administrator privileges

    I did a stupid thing (I think)

    I wanted to get rid of the connection whenever I launched windows 8
    I followed the instructions and the PC started very well without connection, unfortunately the I used because the connection does not account/user administrator privileges, at least I think that's what happened.
    The result is that I can now none liked install/uninstall/change programs, items or laptop settings. Whenever I'm trying to reset or alter anything UAC wants the "Yes" box ticking, but it is grayed (because I don't have administrator privileges)
    Tried to update it's just the same thing!
    I liked windows 8, but I quickly fell out of love with her!

    Thanks for the reply

    1. Yes, I disabled the password function to connect to the account
    2 Internet instructions http://news.cnet.com/8301-10805_3-57457967-75/how-to-bypass-the-windows-8-log-in-screen/
    3. Yes, the problem occurred after you follow the instructions.
    4. no change was possible (now resolved)
    5 a on windows 8
    a. does not work
    c. says no available restore points
    I have now solved this problem
    1. start immediately after the splash screen and before windows logo press SHIFT - F8 (this may take a number of attempts to bring up the list of recovery)
    2. Select option 4, Safe Mode, allow launch safe mode
    3. I now had administrator privileges
    4. right click Select corner low LH run, type netplwiz (according to the instructions of the internet above)
    5. change all users (except comments) administrator - activate
    6. restart.
    PC now, back to need to connect whenever it starts, but I now have total control.
  • I'm trying to install a HP printer driver, but get a massage of error that remind me that I can not install the__driver without administrator privileges.

    I am registered as an administrator and is the only user of this laptop. I did not have a password. I installed a few programs without having this problem.

    This is the error message:
     This software cannot be installed using the command "run under...". ». The installation cannot continue until this is resolved.

    Action required: click Cancel to exit this software installation. Sign out and then sign in as a user with administrator privileges. (Contact your system administrator for more information.) If there is no system administrator, ask the primary user of this computer installation software. Restart the installation by removing and re - insert the installation CD.
    I tried to open a session as a different user, but it doesn't help either.
    Can anyone help please. Thank you. I'm not a computer expert.

    Try right click on the printer driver > run as admin.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Problems with the Touchpad drivers and printer without administrative privileges.

    Original title: my drivers are slowly disintigrating.

    Hi, I have a Toshiba running Windows Vista.  Lately, the pilots were wrong.  My mouse driver is "undetectable", so I can't turn off the option to click the touchpad, and my printer driver not working or the other.  I tried to reinstall my printer software, and (even though I have administrator privileges on my login account), the driver will not be installed, indicating that it must be done by an administrator.  I have checked the computer of viruses and have found none.  What should I do to fix this?

    Hi KateGreen,

    1. What is the number of brand and model of your printer?

    You can try to uninstall the touchpad drivers and try to install the driver using administrator privileges.

    Step 1:

    Uninstall and reinstall touchpad drivers.

    a. Click Start, point to settings and then click Control Panel.

    b. double-click system click on hardware and then click Device Manager.

    c. click on the PLUS SIGN to expand unit

    d. click twice on the device driver.

    e. tab driver, click on uninstall

    f. download the latest drivers from site Web from Toshiba.

    g. right-click on the installation files and select run as administrator to install the drivers.

    Step 2:

    You can also uninstall the drivers for the printer and install the driver with administrator privileges.

    Check out the link:

    Update drivers: recommended links


    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager does not recognize the device without administrator privileges

    Hello. My "BOLD" BB works fine at home with 4.6 DM. However, at work DM detects that the device is plugged when I get with administrative privileges (Windows XP Pro, SP2). When I am denied the additional privileges DM cannot detect the BB.

    DM has been intalled under administrator privileges, but I'm not allowed with this privilege permanently.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

    It seems that when DM has been installed, it has not been installed "for all users".  Maybe uninstall and when it is reinstalled, make sure that the option "for all users" is checked (insteald "only for this user").

  • Enabling/disabling wireless adapter without administrator rights (Win 7 64 - bit)

    Is there a way to toggle wireless adapter without it as an administrator? Our political laptops where user access is limited and admin password is required to install all the software are submitted. Since the enabling/disabling wireless adapter requires Admin rights, users by default are not able to turn on/off wireless. However, our IT Department has confirmed that their policy has nothing to do with the wireless adapter and it's a setting in Win 7. Is there a solution to this? Thank you.

    There is no control of Windows 7 that will allow a user account Standard toggle the WiFi card.

    A Standard user account is limited to the secondary action of switching on & off WiFi using the F7 / Fn + F5 key or the key it is for the model [a switch is often provided in the dialog box Windows-X as well, "Windows Mobility Center" key].

  • Without administrator privileges on Windows 7


    I just bought a new computer laptop Toshiba today and put in place. Everything seemed fine, until I tried to remove that stupid Office which has been pre-installed by Toshiba shortcuts. Then User Account Control took over and said I need to be logged in as an administrator to do. He said that I have to type a password, then click on Yes or no. There is no space to enter a password, and the 'Yes' box is disabled. My only choice is to click the 'no' and go back to the drawing board.

    The same thing happens when I tried to install Adobe Flash Player. I also tried to change my account (which is marked as a "Standard account" in an administrator one, but the same message occurs.) It's very frustrating, what good is a computer if I can't remove or install the programs I want to use?

    There is a basic simple solution, just restart you're system... as usual, press F8, it brings you to the option screen, startup
    Choose the safe MODE option, in seconds it automatically takes you on two users login screen...
    your account and the built-in Administrator account is here, no password for this administrator account... Just click on it and now you can access - settings - user accounts - page, simply change your accont type from STANDARD user to administrator... is she...
    Restart your PC... Enjoy

  • How to connect to the computer without administrator privileges?

    Original title: question administrator

    I don't have the admin rights even if I'm the only one using the machine. I accidentally deleted the Administrator profiles, I created and the default admin was left disabled and I don't remember giving it a password.

    I can't raise any application or change the permission of my profile.
    When I try, I have the window UAC which has the "Yes" button grayed out.
    When I go to computer management > users and local groups to change the properties of the profiles I get 'access denied '.

    I tried running with the system in mode safe but still can't find a way to get the elevation or change my authorization to administrator.
    When I get to safe mode and Admin profile appears on the list and I get to click, restart the system.
    It doesn't matter if all the services.msc a services property gray buttons? Is something wrong with the services?

    I accidentally deleted the Administrator profile

    Delete the only and only the administrator account would be equivalent to throw one and only safe key you have. Here's how you can recover from this error:

    1. Set your BIOS so that it uses the DVD drive as its primary boot device.
    2. Start the computer with your Windows 7 repair CD.
    3. Press a key when prompted to boot from the DVD.
    4. Select 'PC Repair' in the menu.
    5. Select 'Repair' when prompted.
    6. When you are prompted, select System Restore.
    7. Configure Windows to a point before you removed your admin account.
    8. Plan ahead a little and create, test and document an alternative admin account, same as you have a spare emergency House key. This will save you a lot of trouble.
  • I have a problem with connecting to a user without administrator privileges account.

    Original title: users cannot start one admin can

    This is the second time it happens: I can't log in as user (have four and one admin) and computor says contact system administrator (win 7 home premium) because it can not search correctly. Inictialy after writing password that it seems to be the login, but suddenly he says admin contact and I get only a black screen with the mouse in function only. If I turn off computor and turn it back on and if I log in as administrator all ok. After that if I restart or turn off and turn on again I can log in as a normal user. It's watt gets first time

    Follow the following troubleshooting methods:

    Method 1:

    Run System File Check to fix the corrupted system files and then check how it works.

    See the link "How to use the file system tool Checker to troubleshoot system missing or damaged files on Windows Vista or Windows 7" to run the System File Check.

    Note: It can ask the Windows DVD difficulty and allowing SFC to do more than minor repairs. Could some of the files saved on your computer are deleted when fixing corrupted files.

    Method 2:

    Download Microsoft Safety Scanner, then scan your computer for viruses and malware then check how it works.

    You can download Microsoft Safety Scanner from the link "scan to Microsoft Security.

    Note:  The Microsoft Safety Scanner ends 10 days after being downloaded. To restart a scan with the latest definitions of anti-malware, download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again. All data that are infected must be cleaned only by deleting all of the data, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

  • How can I change the standard account on behalf of Administrator without administrator privileges?

    Original title: uac is restricting my access Add or change account

    My uac has no opition for Yes just not how to change my standard account to administrator account

    and how would I do that I deleted my hidden administrator account and my off my guest account so if I didn't change anything, I have to be an administrator if he allows me to have Yes tab revealed to a click...

    When you say that you moved your hidden administrator account, are you talking about the account named "Administrator"? Since it is a built-in account, Windows won't let you remove it.

    If you are referring to your own admin account then removing would be to throw out your safe master key. I can't quite work on how you could do that, but you can get it from this reckless action as follows:
    1. Set your BIOS so that it uses the DVD drive as its primary boot device.
    2. Start the computer with your Windows 7 repair CD.
    3. Press a key when prompted to boot from the DVD.
    4. Select 'PC Repair' in the menu.
    5. Select 'Repair' when prompted.
    6. When you are prompted, select System Restore.
    7. Configure Windows to a point before you did what you did.
    8. Plan ahead a little and create, test and document an alternative admin account, same as you have a spare emergency House key. This will save you a lot of trouble.

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