disable the keyboard shortcut help f1

I'm using XP in Windows 7 and using a program of server terminal server that requires the F1 to press for some functions. Whenever I press F1, it is successfully sent to the server but the windows virtual PC help screen rises every time which is very annoying. Is it possible to disable the F1 function in windows.


Hi Andy Wade,.

As the question is related to XP Mode, you would receive better support in the Technet Forums. It is better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public.

Please post your question in the forums of virtualization in Windows 7 .

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    Hi Captain Alexandre Chappuis,.

    (1) what is the number of brand and model of your keyboard?

    (2) what do you mean by keyboard shortcut mode? Please provide more information on this

    Method 1: If F-lock (function lock-FN) is available on the keyboard, turn it off and then check if it makes a difference

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    Simply create a KEY-ENTQRY-trigger on your form with the code:

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    Suneel salvation,

    You try to create a new script or modify a script existing hotkey?

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  • How can I disable the mercury pass with the keyboard shortcuts in the first 2015.0.2


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    There is no shortcut key assigned to switch between the rendering engine.

    You can fill the thing for the same Adobe feature request form:

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    Kind regards

    Navdeep Pandey

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    I guess that what you mean is that when you type, your hand hits the trackpad causing a right click of the mouse. I used to have the same problem.

    If you go to the Hardware and Settings under control panel, you should see the settings for your trackpad. Under these settings, clear tapping to click. The trackpad still works, but hitting should not get them to click. The settings vary depending on the trackpad you have.

    I hope this helps!

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    Hi Shakur,

    You can disable the keyboard on the screen of the accessibility.

    Note: The touchpad is disabled permanently.

    Steps to follow:

    (a) press "Windows + R" and type 'control' in the open field.

    (b) in the search at the top right field, type "ease of access" and open the "accessibility".

    (c) click on 'Use the computer without a mouse or keyboard' and uncheck the "use of on-screen keyboard" if it is checked.

    (d) restart the computer and see if you still face the question.

    To purchase an application from the Store in a specific country or region (based on the location of the House for your PC), you must use a method of payment of that country or region.

    Here is a link that tells you how to change the method of payment in store Windows:

    Add or change your payment method for the Windows store


    For more information, see the article:

    Set your preferences for the Windows store


    Hope this solves the problem. If the problem persists, you can write to us and we will be happy to help you further.

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    I tried to plug in a USB keyboard that made me only once. I thought I had solved the problem. (I should have uninstalled startup options when I had the chance!) Now, the Director of security of startup is disable the keyboard on board when it starts AND the USB keyboard when it ends. I tried almost all channels through the menu options in the hope of a different outcome. My only remaining option seems to be to reinstall the o/s to a DVD.

    It's really more of a complaint rather than a cry for help. I enjoyed the unique connection for a short period, but cursing hp to release a product that so easily loses his own material. Another day in the toilet that I reinstall - assuming I can reinstall...

    UPDATE: flashed the BIOS to version F.20, which seems to have solved the problem for me. YMMV.

    Note that the keyboard and mousepad (!) were non-functional, but I managed to limp with USB components. Updated the BIOS seems to have fixed problems of mouse and keyboard. Fingers crossed!

  • How to disable the keyboard 15 Flip in tablet mode?

    So I have a problem and can't go back to my computer on, but is there a way to disable the keyboard in tablet mode? I know this may sound stupid, since it covers the keyboard, but one of my keys "alt" is higher than the rest, it seems and gets depressed in tablet mode, which makes it so on-screen keyboard responds to commands of 'alt' and the pen is not working properly.  Thanks for your help!

    so I found an answer to my problem in case someone else runs into this.

    Basically, there's some flex in the keyboard, so when I put my flip in tablet mode, he was pushing down the alt key causing the keyboard to the screen don't work as causing issues for the stylus in some programs.

    I downloaded a program called vivid keys remapped the alt on the left of the button pause (because I've) never ran into a situation that I needed to push and key which fixed my problem. If I need to Ctrl + alt + del, I just press ctrl DELETE pause.

    Anyway, if someone does not want to receive their laptop repaired, it's a quick easy fix.

  • Change the keyboard shortcuts for zoom


    When you look at the keyboard shortcuts for MAC, the 100% zoom is broken as alt '0' of the command, and yet it is displayed in the drop-down list as 'n'?

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    Is it possible to change the shortcuts. The 100% zoom was simply command (apple) page '0', which is now fit to.

    Can someone help with how to change shortcuts, please?

    See you soon


    The shortcut by default to zoom to 100% should be command + 1.

    You can change the keyboard shortcuts in the Edit (Command + Option + SHIFT + K)

  • Export the keyboard shortcuts first CS6 on OSX lion? Comment exporter shortcuts clavier first CS6

    (Mac OS Lion) How can I export my keyboard shortcuts in Premiere CS6 on another computer (without printing and typing)?

    (Mac OS Lion) Comment exporter importer on another computer (without print and retype the shortcuts of the United Nations at United Nations) and the keyboard shortcuts in Premiere Pro CS6?


    This might help:

    Adobe forums: Find and customization of keyboard shortcuts

    Lion, you will need to find a way to get into the library folder that is hidden. One method would be to use the Goto command and paste the wire: (name of your primary hard drive) userfolder/users / / Library/Application Support/Adobe/Premiere Pro/6.0

    If this does not work immediately then reduce the thread until your in the folder library hiden and then find a folder of Premiere Pro.

    See you soon,.


  • Still not found the keyboard shortcut to move the logic mixer sliders?

    I looked through the keyboard shortcuts and on You Tube, maybe I'm missing something!

    Y at - it a keyboard shortcut to move the sliders?   without using the mouse

    It is not a. You will have need of a control or a MIDI controller surface cc #7 out on a button or fader... Keyboard shortcuts can not send continuos output of the controller.

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    Dear Sir.
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