Disk failure HARD Tecra R950-104


I have a Toshiba Tecra R950-104 with almost a year.
Everything works fine except the HARD drive.

In this period (almost on the year), I got 2 hard drive failure (hdd 2 had to be replaced!).
Fortunately the issues occurs within the warranty period.

Y at - it problems with this machine, about the drive HARD (it's a 500 GB, 7200 RPM Toshiba HDD).

Thank you


HARD drive problems do not portable but depend on the use of HARD drive and use of portable.
The HARD drive is a wearing part. Sooner or later every HARD drive was going to die.

This problem can occur because the HARD drive is affected by shocks while moving the laptop. In addition, there a lot of different hard drives on the market. Some are less expensive because of the low quality and some HDD cost more because of good quality.

If you keep the eyes on the quality of the HARD drive.
But to be honest, I would never buy a laptop HARD drive. I replaced my HARD drive with an SSD. Its much faster and more sustainable as a HARD drive

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    Is it possible to replace my DVD drive with an SSD with a HARD Drive Caddy?

    My laptop is a Toshiba Tecra R950-104.

    Kind regards



    I found on the internet some UltraSlim SATA HDD/SSD mounting frame that allow the use of 2nd 2.5 HDD/SSD drive instead of ODD in Notepad Tecra R950 but to be honest I m not 100% sure if the BIOS recognize such additional device.

    I know that computers Toshiba laptop (Portege and Tecra) series different takes in charge these updates in the past but this replacement was not supported by each laptop model.

    It depends on the BIOS and in the event that the BIOS recognize the 2nd HDD/SSD drive, the system should be able to recognize 2nd HARD drive

  • Tecra R950-104 - memory expansion


    Can I install 16 GB of Ram in my Toshiba Tecra R950-104?

    Currently, I have 8GB and I would like to replace the existing one with 2x8GB 2x4gb.

    Best regards



    According to tender specifications that your Tecra can scale up to 32 GB and you can use modules RAM 4 X 8 GB.
    Compatible RAM 8 GB memory modules have PA5037U-1M8G part number.

  • Can I use the Modem 3 G on my Tecra R950-104?

    I have a Tecra R950-104, and when I remove the battery, there is a 3 G Sim Card slot, just like it says in the manual.

    The problem is that Windows (Win 7 64 bit) does not recognize any 3G modem in the computer.

    So, this means that only some models have the modem, but all have the slot for the sim card?

    I have already installed the 3 G Modem driver, downloaded from the Toshiba site, the driver has been installed without any problem, I have a Sim card that works - tested in a 3 G USB Modem - but still I can't do any connection because Windows does not even a modem.

    You are right, some models have the 3G module inside and, unfortunately your model does not have it.

  • Dell xps 8100; Disk failure hard error 2000-0142 0 self test status 79

    Hi guys, I was wandering in the forums for a few hours, now looking for ana response to this question, and can't find anything clear. I have a XPS 8100 that I run a diagnostic and received a 2000-0142 error code that says MSG: error code 2000-0142 hard drive FAILURE 0 self-test status: 79 based on what I read in the forum is that there is a disk failure, and the only recourse is to solve the problem in my view is to replace the drive. Firstly, can someone please give me an absolute confirmation that it is indeed what I have to do, or is there something else I should do to fix this problem first? If a replacement drive is there someone could please tell me how can I do to get my OEM software off the coast of the partition recovery and on my new drive. I now office preinstalled and, of course, premium Windows 7 I would like to see on my new hard drive and I was not provided with one of the disks at the time of purchase. Thanks in advance to all those who respond

    Hi XPS8100kid,

    Welcome to the Dell Community Forum.

    The 200-0142 error is for hard drive failure and you need to replace the hard drive.

    Since the hard drive has not, you would not be able to access the partition recovery on it. Data would be lost and the software already installed on your computer will need to be reinstalled.

    Windows 7 will need to be installed on the new hard drive. Please click the link below to get the procedure of re - install Windows 7.


    If based in the United States, you can ask for the backup drives by clicking the link below:


    I would like to know if additional assistance is needed.

    Thank you and best regards,
    Babita S

    For easy access to the drivers, manuals and updates, please visit our Support Site .

  • I can't boot from disk external HARD - Tecra M5

    Hey guys,.

    I tried to start my Tecra M5 from disc external HARD with a clone of my hard drive but it does not work.

    Maybe you can give me some advice for this problem.

    with greetings


    > Maybe you can give me some advice for this problem.
    This isn't a problem! It's just not possible!
    Regarding a I know that it of not possible to boot from the external USB HDD

    You can boot from these devices:
    USB FDD, disk HARD primary, SelectBay devices, Network (LAN), SD-CARD

    Good bye

  • Pavilion 11-n010dx: disk failure hard error long dst Pavilion 11-n010dx

    I realize after searching for the error that my only solution is to replace my hard drive but I need some advice on what exactly, I need with respect to a new hard drive. Not very tech-saavy. Please notify.
    Failure id 9fnhbr-7b783q-xd7v6k-61ed03.
    Thanks for any help.

    Here is the Service Manual:


    Replacement hard drive is shown on page 36 of the manual. Your laptop, plug, came with a disk 5400 RPM 500 GB. This model uses 7mm superslim hard drives is as well as what you buy. There are also options for a solid m2 or normal size state drive solid state SATA drive as a replacement for the mechanical drive slow 5400 RPM. In other words, it would be the perfect opportunity to speed it up a little.

    It would be a 7200 RPM mechanical drive of 500 concerts and would be a good replacement at low cost:


    Solid state drive designed to replace the hard drive:


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  • updated level & disk failure hard hp spectrum xt

    Hello, I have a HP Envy spectrum XT with i7-3517u at 1.9 GHz processor; RAM 4 GB, x 64, Windows 7 Home premium

    A few months ago it kept freezing and gives me the blue screen - I ran a diagnosis and determined the following:

    Hard drive short DST: FAILURE

    Product ID: A9D34AV

    Hard drive 1

    So, I realized that my hard drive needs to be replaced and I want to do it myself. I need to know which models are compatible with my laptop. My current standard disc has the following:

    Product name: c400 mSATA

    Model: MTFDDAT128MAM1J2

    Capacity: 128 GB

    Height: 3. 75 mm

    Interface SATA

    Also, where can I buy this drive - store tech, futureshop, bestbuy, etc.?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Here is the Service Manual:


    See Page 35. The drive is a WSSD mSATA solid state drive. It looks a bit like a wireless card; very small and no moving parts. See page 19 for a large image of it and the original two offers: a 128 GB and 256 GB. You don't need a disk duplicate exact; any reader of mSATA MSSD will work.

    This is a good deal on a drive of 240 gigabytes:


    Let us know if you need assistance with migration/installation of the software.

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  • disk failure hard id psl5vq-5m163t-mfkr5g-60dc03

    The laptop (product ID LW291UA #ABA) displays an error of hard disk, I ran a test that does not immediately and displays the error code [psl5vq-5m163t-mfkr5g-60dc03] during the test drive 1. Operating system is windows 7 starter edition, but the OS does not load consistently. He has previously, but usually moves to a SMART disk error screen and suggests a test drive.  More information about the specific error code are appreciated. Tell me whether or not I have to buy a new HARD drive is also appreciated. The computer is not mine, so I don't have much of an idea how the failure occurred.


    The failure ID indicates that your hard drive has failed and you must be replace the part and reinstall the operating system on the unit to get it back if you work.

    If your laptop is still under warranty, contact HP and arrange for the disc replaced.

    If you are out of warranty and would like a guide to replacing the hard drive yourself, let me know.

  • Disk failure hard satellite L650-12N - replaced with SSD - how to recover?

    My HARD drive has failed, so I bought a 256 GB SSD Crucial CT256MX100SSD1. I installed it in the laptop and went to use the recovery CD. It's the bit score correctly as far as I can tell, but to cut a long story short, I think that the recovery disk is missing a few vital pieces of information (read below - I may be wrong).

    So, how do for Satellite L650-12N new recovery discs?

    Thank you

    After the partition, it then says "copy files of database recovery.
    some random jargon

    Then he said: «unpack the OS and system/WinRE»
    Set of RECO...
    It says "copy F:\ZZImg\11353XSP.swm to V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg 1/10
    1 file (s) copied.
    Copy of the CRC files
    1 file (s) copied.
    Copy F:\ZZImg\11353XSP2.swm to V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg 2/10
    1 file (s) copied.
    Copy of F:\ZZImg\11353XSP3.swm to V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg 3/10
    1 file (s) copied.
    Copy of F:\ZZImg\11353XSP4.swm to V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg 4/10
    1 file (s) copied.
    Copy of F:\ZZImg\11353XSP5.swm V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg 5/10
    1 file (s) copied. »

    at this stage it says ' insert the next recovery media (containing the F:\ZZImg\11353XSP6.swm file)!
    but the backup I did only has one drive.

    Hmm, for me, it seems that some image packages are missing.
    According to your message, the recovery image must contain 10 packs, but the first recovery disc provides only 5 packages.
    Should be so 2nd drive providing other packages to complete the recovery procedure.

    I m wondering if you already used the recovery disc (CD) in the past.
    Are you sure that this recovery disc has been done correctly 100%?

    From my point of few recovery disk is defective and to recover the laptop, you need a good way to return to work.
    Usually this can be ordered here:

  • HP 15-f023 wm Notebook: what disk failure hard Dothe codes mean?

    I was given a HP 15-f023 wm because it didn't work anymore. I bought a new power adapter, but it still wouldn't start.

    I finally managed to do run Diagnostics, who stumbled on the Hard Drive Smart Check.

    I had the following default ID: 94WKG0-7GX87L-MFPV6K-60ES03

    The product ID is J9M28UA #ABA

    Can someone tell me what means failure and how can I fix it?

    Thank you very much!


    Unfortunately, this error indicates a hardware failure on the hard drive, it must be replaced by a new.

    Check the manual page, 44


    750 GB, 5400 rpm 778190-001

    500 GB, 5400 rpm 669299-001

  • Re: Disk failure hard on my Satellite A305-S6905 1 year

    My hard drive is defective on my laptop [a Satellite A305-S6905] so it was a year old Feb 11' th not guaranteed, now I have to pay someone to put in a new HD, will pay for HD and pay to put a new OS in there because they do not come with operating system disks more, a good I had already bought a Windows 7 disc , but wait... I can't use it, it is an upgrade, so now what am I going to do?


    I agree with the user above. Replacing the HARD drive is easy and can be done in a few minutes. On the underside, remove the cover of the HARD drive which is fixed by screws, and then you can exchange the HARD drive.

    Reinstalling Windows, to the disk recovery Toshiba or a disk of Microsoft. All drivers and tools can be downloaded from the Toshiba site.

  • disk failure hard compaq presario cq62-231nr

    My compaq presario cq62-231nr (product # XC434UA #aba) stopped working last week and I took it into the store of the computer it is diagnosed. They said that the hard drive has failed and they were unable to get all the files out of it. They wanted about $200 to fix so I just brought home. I bought a hard drive to it (500 GB hitachi) and when I install it myself. I have 4 dvd recovery disks that I made for her when I bought it there are 1 1/2 years. Never done this before so I am a little worried about smooth how it will go. My questions are:

    1-will the recovery discs works

    2 - 500 GB hard drive will I put actually no difference from the old hard drive was a 320 GB

    3 - What steps should I take after I put my hard drive in and start it (insofar as the use of the recovery discs)?

    4 - I need a key at any time in this process? I don't have one that I know of.

    Any help is appreciated!

    Hey, Dan:

    You are the very welcome.

    You have almost...

    When you turn on your PC for the first time after installing the new hard drive, you must press the F9 key to the HP welcome screen.

    This will give you a few startup options.  Your DVD player should appear as one of these options.

    Don't do anything about the selection who again. First, open the DVD drawer and insert the diskette 1 of your set of recovery disks. Close the door and wait a moment – just a few seconds.

    Then select the DVD - ROM drive in the list of the bootable devices in the list of startup options.

    Follow the instructions on the screen.

    You never know how long will last the electrical components.  This is why it is always advisable to keep the backup files.

    There's an old saying... "It is not a question of if a hard drive will fail, but a matter of time."


  • What to do after a disk failure hard when the latest version was an "Upgrade".

    I recently had a hard drive failure and had to buy a new desktop PC Summit. I have the most recent version is the upgraded version of LR 6 (bought for download). My question is, can I just download this version on the new PC? Or do I have to go back and download the first 'full' version, I bought (LR 3) and then download the upgrade to LR6?

    Hi twoedmunds,

    Just download Lightroom 6 on the new system and enter the serial number upgrade, once you enter the serial number upgrade, it will ask you to select the base product (Lightroom 3) and then apply the serial number for it, that's all you need to do.

    See the download link for Lightroom 6:Install Photoshop Lightroom

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards

    ~ Mohit

  • Disk failure hard satellite L850 - claim under warranty in Sri Lanka

    My brother bought me a Satellite L850 of UAE UNITED a month ago.
    But I'm in sri lanka.

    The problem is now the hard drive does not start and it says to replace the hard drive.
    I have the card with me.

    My question is can I claim the warranty in Sri Lanka?

    Please help me soon as soon as possible.
    Thank you.


    If you have not purchased the additional international interest, portable computer s hardware problems can be set only in the country where the phone was purchased.

    But AFAIK that parts such as HARD drive or memory are set at the user level.
    Maybe you n t need to send the laptop to UNITED Arab Emirates for a fix, but maybe the guys would be able to send you a HARD drive under warranty conditions.

    Here you can get all the details on the FSA available worldwide.

    I recommend you to contact the ASP and ask for assistance

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