Disk management does not recognize the full disk size

Just got a 3 TB internal SATA to replace one more small one (~ 300 GB). It is a secondary (non-bootable) drive, as it was the drive of ~ 300 GB it replaces. BIOS recognize drive 3000GO and simple BIOS of the drive test passes, but disk management it shows as only 746 GB. How can I get the full capacity? TIA.


See this:

How to fix the 746 deliver GB available to a 3 TB hard drive

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  • W7 Device Manager does not recognize the Intel AMT devices

    Please help: where can I find - how to install the latest drivers Intel AMT for Windows 7.


    Thank you for the question to Microsoft Community. I'll give my best to help you.

    From your problem description, I understand that the Device Manager does not recognize the Intel AMT devices

    What is the brand and model of the computer?

    Check out these links and see if they help.

    Computers that use Intel's vPro technology can have devices that are not recognized in Windows 7 Device Manager


    Clean installation WARNING: Back up your files before you begin reinstalling Windows, even if you're reinstalling Windows on a hard disk partition. A clean installation replaces the current version of Windows and all personal files.

    If your motherboard supports AMT technology, you can download, install the drivers from this link.

    AMT: Intel® AMT Driver for Intel® motherboards


    Note: This download is valid for the products listed below.

    Intel® card mother DB43LD

    Intel® card mother DQ43AP

    Intel® card mother DQ45CB

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    If the problem persists, I suggest you to contact Intel support. http://communities.Intel.com/Community/Tech

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    I found a workaround for the music files on the card.  I removed from the Blackberry and installed in an SD adapter full-size and there in a USB key with a SD slot.  My computer has seen the media card (embedded in the USB device) and I flew over songs in the repertoire of music on the media card, put it back into my phone and viola... the music file was there!

  • Device Manager does not recognize the internal WLAN card

    I have a laptop HP/Compaq Presario V6200CTO which has an internal wifi card. The wifi worked perfectly until about a week ago, when Windows 7 has ceased to recognize the card altogether. I thouhgt first it was a hardware problem and that the card had died and so I bought a USB adapter, but before the arrival of the adapter that I needed to start in SafeMode w/network (I used adapter Linksys a friend). When OS safe mode entered it automatically loaded the driver "Broadcom", installed the wifi device internal and it worked fine while I was in safe mode. After the system restarts the operating system has yet to recognize the internal card. I rebooted in SafeMode once again, but still the card was not recognized. It seems unlikely that a dead card came suddenly to life for the short period of time I was in safe mode, and then quickly died again on restart. Therefore, I think it is an OS problem, but as the map is not displayed in Device Manager I have no idea how to proceed. N USB adapter I bought works fine, but I'd rather be able to use the internal card and free USB port. Is there a way to load the device from the command line or in a way to force the operating system to find the map?

    Lack of maps can often work for short periods. Then, some components overheating or falls down and they stop working.

  • 4630 printer does not recognize the custom page size

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    Hi Scubaluvyand thanks for getting back to me!

    I recommend the rest of this paper on create paper formats in Windows 7

    Please hold me!

  • Windows XP does not recognize the full HD 500 GB

    I have an old version of XP Pro. My HD crashed & installed 500 GB HD sees now only 128GB. BIOS sees 500 GB. I haven't made windows to & including SP3 updates still no change. What is the solution?

    Windows XP RTM can format only up to 128 GB - it took until SP1 (?) that the formatting of the larger disks was available during the installation.

    Your HD will have a large part of the unallocated space - you should be able to create a second partition using all that space, now that you have installed SP3.

    If you want a single system partition, then you need to extend the existing partition by using third-party tools or use a CD Pack of Service higher for installation.

  • The Task Manager does not recognize the ram upgrade

    Hello HP community!

    Well, it seems that I have a problem with my ram upgrade. My system came with 2 GB of ram, and I had to upgrade (with another 2 GB), I am using programms like autoCAD, 3dsmax, photoshop, etc who have special needs on the RAM. Here's the problem; While the bios memory being recognized (4096 MB), what the task manager of the total physical memory is only 2046 MB! I also did the update to the BIOS, but it didn't work. The new memory I plugged in has the same features with one installed. The only difference is the manufacturer, the new is Kingston.

    Here are the characteristics of my system;

    Operating system installed: Windows Vista 32-bit

    Product name and number: HP Pavilion dv7 - 2030ev

    • Motherboard: Quanta 3624 intel PM45 (supports up to 8 GB of ram)
    • CPU: Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo P8600 2.40 GHz (64-bit Architecture)
    • RAM: 2 GB DDR2 PC2-6400 800 MHz 6.0 CASE Samsung latency
    • BIOS: F.46

    The RAM I bought is:

    Latency CASE of Kingston DDR2 PC2-6400 800 MHz 2GB 6.0

    (The package information to be exactly: KVR800D2S6 / 2GB PC2 - 6400 CL6 SODIMM 200 - Pin)

    I also mention, I tried the only Kingston on a Slot and the system worked without any problems...

    I would be so grateful if you could help...

    Thank you in advance,

    Nick Chatzikonstantinou

    Hi, Nick:

    One of our experts at the top of the forum (DavidPK) page suggested that you look at this solution to the question of memory you meet...

    I quote David:

    "In the system startup tab Configuration screen, the Advanced Options, it proved that there is a check mark in the maximum memory box.  Once removed and the applied change, Windows recognized all the Ram (less the reserved) after the reboot. »

    If please give than to try and post back and let us know if that frees a memory system for you.


  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager does not recognize the device without administrator privileges

    Hello. My "BOLD" BB works fine at home with 4.6 DM. However, at work DM detects that the device is plugged when I get with administrative privileges (Windows XP Pro, SP2). When I am denied the additional privileges DM cannot detect the BB.

    DM has been intalled under administrator privileges, but I'm not allowed with this privilege permanently.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

    It seems that when DM has been installed, it has not been installed "for all users".  Maybe uninstall and when it is reinstalled, make sure that the option "for all users" is checked (insteald "only for this user").

  • Hi the new extension manager does not recognize the new products Adobe.

    Here is the log file.

    [Warning] Tue Aug 25 13:42:10.442 2015 (ExManProductEnumerator.cpp, 146)-failed to get the version of the path of the file "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe first Pro CC 2015!

    Thanks for help.

    That's right, that it is no longer supported for CC 2015 Bekessy

  • Logical disk management does not recognize a slave drive

    I installed an internal HD as a slave. The BIOS sees the drive, Western Digital Lifeguard sees the drive (it checks OK) with the appropriate drive letter, PMagic sees the drive before starting, but the logical disk manager does not recognize the drive or the drive letter.

    Using Windows XP, SP3 with latest updates


    1. The hard drive is recognized in another computer?

    If this isn't the case, then the problem could be the hard drive itself. If he is found, then the problem is in your computer. In this case, run the diskpart.exe utility.

    Use the list partition command and see if the partition is detected. If so, then I suggest you to format the drive in diskpart.

    However, take a return of all data on the hard drive before the format by plugging it into another computer. Help with backup data, see

    Backup: what, how, where


    To use the Diskpart.exe utility, follow these steps:

    1. type diskpartand press ENTER to open the diskpart tool.

    2. type list diskand press ENTER. A list of available hard disks.

    3. type select disk =[n]

    n s Specifies the number of disc the disc to receive the focus.

    4. type list partition

    This command displays the partitions listed in the table to partition on the current drive.
    5. type select partition =[d]

    This command selects the specified partition and gives it the focus.

     d s Specifies the drive letter or mount point path of the partition to receive the focus.

    6. type format drive: / FS: NTFS/Quick

    For more information about commands, see

    A Description of the Diskpart command-line utility


    Now you should be able to see the slave drive in Solution Explorer.

  • New installation of XP PRO sp3 does not recognize the 500 GB HD

    OK, here are the details:

    System: Computer PORTABLE of Acer Aspire 1700 Pent4, 2 GB of RAM, 80GB (3.5 "full-size, trainee) IDE HD [this is the original HD on this laptop of size important which is designed to use disks 3.5" hard].

    Initial situation: Windows XP Pro (SP3 integrated) installed on HDD of 80 GB and works without poblems. BIOS does NOT show the ability of the intern HD in the BIOS screen. BIOS reports only the model and the serial number of the HD, and there is no options to specify the HD type/format (e.g., MLA, etc.)

    Available: Win XP Pro bootable CD slipstreamed with SP3; It is tested and verified work well to install PC or laptop!

    When running XP Pro on a partition internal 80 GB HD, and when I join a brand new WD 500 GB IDE HD via USB, HD is recognized correctly. I can partition and copy data on the HD 500 GB with no problems!

    When I replaced the old 80 GB HD with the new HD 500 GB HD interning on the laptop, I have the following problems:

    1. I can NOT boot into Windows XP Pro (SP3) which was Ghost on the HD 500 GB of the old 80 GB portable HD it recharges, and if I try the console recovery or secure boot, then the laptop restarts also.
    1B. I have Ghost xp partition to 80 GB HD to a piece of spare HD (40 GB) and replaced the 80 GB with the 40 GB HD and was able to start the laptop without problem. So the problem is NOT related ghost!

    2. I can't perform a clean install of Windows XP Pro (SP3 integrated) because Windows XP Setup recognizes the HD 500 GB GB 131 HD. Therefore, the remaining capacity is not recognized.

    3. I can NOT perform the installation of Windows XP pro (SP3 integrated), even if I have previously partition new HD 500 GB by attaching it to a free desktop PC and use Partition Magic, partitioner of Paragon Disk or other partitioning tools. After partitioning prior, when the 500 GB HD is installed on the laptop (as a trainee HD), then win xp installation lists quality HD of GB 131 and lists the existing partitions as corrupt!

    4. Curiously, if I use Knoppix, Debian, Ubuntu or linux boot CD Mint and start the laptop computer with one of these linux distributions, then the linux installer recognize the HD properly during the phase of recognition of material and later during the phase partitioning HD, the linux system to report a full capacity of 500 GB available for partitioning. In addition, when there are partitions, partitioning linux program then lists these partitions properly as well!

    Considering the 4 points and especially MS Windows XP PRO (integrated with SP3, which should recognize HD with sizes exceeding 137 GB limit - from MS says you must be at least XP SP1 to overcome the size 137 GB limit - and that the different distributions of linux can see the full-size HD 500 GB with no problems) which is exactly the problem with Win XP? Why it does not recognize the full capacity? And how to win xp recognizes a 500 GB capacity, if the new HD is attached to the laptop via USB as an external drive when running XP PRO (SP3) of the 80 GB internal HD?

    so... Can anyone sheds light on the issue with Win XP Pro installation on HD 500 GB IDE?



    Hi Palcouk and Doc,

    I think that's the final answer!

    Although, there is a mixture of simple to complex responses to the problem at hand, what it all comes down is that there is a significant difference between the installation of Windows XP and Linux installer program. The XP installation program needs help from the BIOS to deal with HD, and if the BIOS does not support, XP not has no facility to remedy the situation. OTOH, most of Linux new kernels rely on the BIOS for a limited number of extended, but communicate directly with the hardware, in this case, with the HD and therefore manages the material accordingly.

    It seems among users of dual-booting (win/linux) using old PCs, it is a matter of very pretty. What they end up doing is using the first 137 GB that is seen by the BIOS without problem for XP (either as a single partition or divided into several partitions), and the rest of the space is used for Linux because linux has no problem.

    I guess that it really nails the problem with my laptop to a BIOS NON-lba-48-bit!

    Then close this thread as answered or matter who has more to say about this?


    P.S.: It was very nice meeting you fellows and appreciate all the help and tech expertise.

  • BlackBerry 8830 smartphones & Desktop Manager does not recognize Outlook Express 2000, cannot sync

    I just installed Desktop Manager 5.0 and connected to my BB 8830.  I use Outlook Express 2000 for the calendar and I want to sync it with my BB 8330.  However, in Desktop Manager under Sync / Config / select the device for the calendar, the only choices are Yahoo and text import/export.  Of course, it does not recognize Outlook Express 2000 as a calendar program.  Does anyone have a solution?

    I bought this 8830 mainly to sync its calendar with my Outlook Express calendar.  If this does not work, then I'll go back to my cell phone operator.

    I installed Desktop Manager 4.1 and it works now.  Be aware with this version, once you connect your BB to your computer, unless you go through the Wizard Windows Found New Hardware, Desktop Manager does not recognize the connection with your BB and your computer (I don't have to do with version 5.0).

    RIM should be more attentive to people with a recent phone, but still using an earlier version of Microsoft Outlook / office.

  • Re: Win XP does not recognize the art Store 1TeraByte external HARD disk

    my xp does not recognize the art Store 1TeraByte external HARD disk.
    In the past he woked fine.

    I tried to connect it to another computer with XP and it works very well.

    If I understand well there is no driver to download for this disc. It is plug ' don't play.

    There is no massage.
    other devices that I connect to USB also works very well,

    Thanks for your help.


    You tired to update the chipset drivers?


  • Compaq presario cq57-339WM does not recognize the drive as a bootable disk recovery

    Compaq presario cq57-339WM does not recognize the drive as a boot drive recovery, I'm sorry people, I searched and I entered the job in New York as a matter of research. Operating system is 7 Home premium. Hard drive went bad, so I rplaced with new. I have had I have windows image backup, but the wizard could not find the hard drive. I ordered the HP poped the first of the two recovery disks, but the machine does not recognize the drive as a bootable disk recovery. I did factory retrieve records a large number of times on computers with different operating systems and have never seen this. TNA

    Randy Rich

    I found this on PC world. I downloaded everything I need, I hope. I tried not to build the disk again. I need some rest and sleep. Stay tuned for more develonents. Here is the link http://www.pcworld.com/article/2364269/how-to-reinstall-windows-like-a-pro.html?page=2

  • my computer does not recognize the Device Manager cd/dvd/rom drive says corrupted or missing code 39

    my computer does not recognize the Device Manager cd/dvd/rom drive says corrupted or missing code 39

    Try following the steps under "Windows 7 or Windows Vista" in the MS KB article:


    These measures, to remove the UpperFilters and LowerFilters, values if they exist, in the registry key named can help.

    Create a System Restore Point beforehand and restart the computer later.

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