Dislikes 8.0! Cannot use my 'screen capture' as I LOVE REALLY! How to return to an earlier version?

Dislikes 8.0! Cannot use my 'screen capture' as I LOVE REALLY! How to return to an earlier version?

I am having trouble finding a way to return a single step (version - or more) to get the add-on called "Screen Grab" (with a right click) working again!

FireFox 8.0 we 'OK' but I don't really miss being able to use the screen saver! Honestly, I miss it a lot more than I like the new version of FF.


Thank you all for your comments! Really very happy to be "more operational"! The new version of Screen Grab works great with Firefox 8 now!


Hey John!
We made a compatible version based on the latest version of screengrab (0.96.3).
You can enter here.

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