Disney Infinity 3 UK?

Anyone know when Disney Infinity 3 will be published in the United Kingdom. I've been checking the website regularly especially since the US release but still no starter pack. Intended to buy this for my kids for Christmas and now starting to get a little nervous, that he won't be out in time. Also anyone else see that there is a starter pack Skylanders on the site of the United Kingdom for about a week, but now that is gone as well. Would like answers.


I have exactly the same issue, I'd expect to get for my children for Christmas. Does anyone have answers?

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  • Bluetooth 3.0 Infinity Disney base no not matching on AppleTV

    I have the new AppleTV 2015 and the Disney Infinity 3.0 starter edition that I ordered from the Apple Store a few weeks ago.  The box indicates that this is the version of bluetooth of the Base of the infinite and compatibility of Apple devices lists.  The operating system is updated to tvOS 9.1 and Disney Infinity 3.0 is installed, we have been able to play one of the Starter levels (battle of Yavin).  But there is no sign anywhere of the AppleTV, be able to communicate with the Base of the infinite, even after a few iterations of the electric based bike and restarting the AppleTV.

    Is there an indication of mating or communication which should be evident outside the game?  In the Bluetooth configuration in the system preferences panel, I am able to see the controller that comes with the game starter pack and it pairs and works.  But, no sign anywhere of the Base of the infinite, which is turned on, nearby, and flashing her little blue light.

    Should what steps I take to understand on which piece is broken, the Base, the AppleTV, or something in the software?

    (a remarkable singularity, when I hold my phone near the Base of the infinite to try to take a picture, the answer Apple pay screen!  Is there an NFC chip in the Base?)



    I have the same problem with the same material. As far as I know, the base will not appear in the menu bluetooth tvOS. Our base finally showed after power cycling a few times and made the right base against or on top of our Apple TV. Then, inside the Infinity Disney app, our base appears with full signal strength but we cannot choose to play with our numbers. We can only play the digital edition, while the base just flashes blue on the disk space of power. Very disappointing.

    IF anyone knows a solution, let us know! Disney site has anything about it at the moment. Thank you!

  • nonsense I can't play Disney games because of this stupid bug

    When I try to play infinite disney 1 so half the screen turns black and the game drops to the bottom half so, how do you that I play my games? Quickly correct missing im on a lot of fun

    Moved from the community involvement Center

    Disney has added to the title


    We cannot help with this game here.  Please visit the official website


    You will be able to find them there help.

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    It's clearly VERY incomplete, but normally I would check here


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  • Disney app

    Experience Disney app is available for Iphone, Ipad, etc.  Anyone know if it will become available for the Iwatch?   It would be very useful and I don't know that I'm not alone in this.

    Thank you


    Hello, Kathleen

    I'm afraid that no one here can tell you what that this either on the plans of the developer of the application (it is a user-based community of technical support).

    If you want to ask that they add an app Apple Watch, I suggest that you contact them and let them know:


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    meaning of icon next mailbox "Infinity" symbol look-alike?

    What version of Mac OS x you are running and what mailbox icon you speak?

  • Apple TV won't let me access the Disney shows

    I already went through the code and connected to my direct tv account a few days ago. Everything worked very well! I was able to access all the Disney watch I wanted. But today after I just made a movie on the Disney app, I went to click on the following and an ERROR came up saying that I have to change my parental control because I'm not allowed to watch it. This now he tells ALL about the Disney app even shows I've already looked at. In addition, I don't have my parental control in my settings... I re set my apple tv and that nature has not worked. I got it for 3 days...  Help, please!

    Are there perhaps parental control settings on behalf of DirecTV or in the application of Disney?

    Have you checked the ATV settings to ensure that they are not activated?

  • AirPlay iPad 2 Air for Apple TV Gen 3 fails using Disney anywhere

    iOS devices can stream movies that I bought from Disney by using the Disney Anywhere application however when I try to read from the application through AirPlay Apple TV will be dark and declare "year error occurred ', otherwise Airplay works.

    It is a 'feature' of the iOS.

    I suspect that it is a 'feature' of Disney movies anywhere.

    I suggest rather than trying to use AirPlay to show a Disney movie streaming, choose the possibility to download the movie of Disney movies anywhere on your iPad.  Then see if AirPlay works to show the film to Disney downloaded to your Apple TV.

  • I have an infinity of transformer Asus Pad and Android Market says that Firefox is not compatible with my device, but your site says that it is. How to do it?

    I want to install Firefox on my Tablet Asus of Infinity transformer and market Play/Android Google says that Firefox is not compatible with my device (even if I have it running well on my phone).

    Your Web site lists compatibility with this camera twice, once as got TF700T and then as Infinity Pad transformer.

    The transformer is up-to-date with all the software, and I am running the latest version of the Google game.

    If you are having problems with the Google game to download Firefox for Android tries to download these versions: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/channel/#firefox .

    Don't forget you must enable this settings: allows you to install app from other sources than the Google game

  • Dust in the Infinity display

    I have a dv7t with a 1680 x 1050 infinity and continuous dust screen from getting caught between the screen and the display of the infinite. This is the second time his happnened. (the first time I had the screen replaced) and dirt has gotten there yet.  is it possible to disassemble the screen and get out the dirt?

    OR... HP Services media library can help > > HERE

  • I bought my computer in the Japan and first went on the Disney site it. Now, if I'm back in the United States, he keeps taking my Disney Japan of the site. Any suggestions?

    I tried to delete cookies from disney.co.jp but that did not help.

    You can try opening http://www.disney.go.com/

  • How to connect iTunes account Disney movies anywhere

    This article: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202915 tell me how to connect my iTunes through Disney film anywhere settings account.  Well, I do that and click on continue inside the settings to connect the accounts, and then it takes me to a page for downloaded itunes... It is, I already installed iTunes.  I don't need to download again.  If the connection of the two accounts process stops.  Anyone know how to connect your Disney movie Anywhere settings to iTunes when you have already installed iTunes?

    Found.  The answer is... you must use Firefox.  Chrome, IE and EDGE do not work.

  • goes into infinity "tabs" loop when I type any email 'Contact us' button how can I stop the loop?

    goes into infinity "tabs" loop when I type any email 'Contact us' button how can I stop the loop?

    You use a Mac, or you're on another platform?

    Any other use of platforms:

    • Mac: Firefox > Preferences
    • Linux: Edit > Preferences
    • Windows: Firefox > Options

    Press F10, if the menu bar is hidden under Windows and Linux, or use "> Firefox Options/preferences.

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    I saw this new post: http://blogs.skype.com/2015/06/18/disneys-inside-out-emoticons-launch-on-skype-today-express-your-fe...

    Check for updates, but can't seem to see the emoji on my Windows Phone or the Windows desktop with the version.

    What are these emoji keyboard shortcodes?

    That they are not listed here: https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA12330/what-is-the-full-list-of-emoticons?q=emoticons&intcmp=blogs...

    These emoticons are now available on the latest version of Skype 7.6.XX.103.


  • Having a problem of reconnection of the Disney movies to iTunes

    So, I received an email this afternoon who said apple was my movies Disney Anywhere disconnect my iTunes account because of the protection of personal information, and they do this every 2 years. They gave a link that took me to Disney anywhere to reconnect, but it has been impossible to repair. Everyone has a problem with that? I followed the instructions on the support page, but the page Web of Disney apparently didn't read instructions from Apple. None.

    I have tried for the last twenty minutes and I get one of the 2 errors. The first (and most common) are a white page. The second is that sometimes I get a popup that says click on 'continue' to open iTunes. When I click on continue, it opens a new tab and takes me to the Apple store to download iTunes. I tried with iTunes open and closed.

    Any ideas on how to fix? I'm really a bit confused that they were disconnected first, but now I can't get it reconnected, I get upset

    Thanks for any help!


    Same problem here. Why Apple makes it easy to take your money, but difficult to get anything done?

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