Display driver for W98 - satellite 5105-s501

Help me find the display driver for Windows 98 SE.
computer laptop toshiba satellite 5105-s501


For this unit, you can find a few drivers for W2000 or Windows XP Home edition. The unit has a NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go graphics controller. Try to find a driver on the download page of graphics card manufacturer.

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  • Cannot install latest ATI mobility Radeon x 1600 display driver for my Satellite A100


    My Satellite A100-704 PSAA9E is equipped with the ATI Mobility Radeon X 1600 graphics display card, that ATI provides a new driver, named Catalyst 8.3. My problem is that when I run the verification software, I get a message telling me that this driver is not suitable to be installed on my system.

    Is any information available on this subject? I always install the new Catalyst driver or it's better if I do not have? Oh, the current driver, I have running on my laptop is the one downloaded from the Toshiba site, 8.292 I believe.

    Any information is appreciated. Thank you very much.

    It is well known that laptop to the manufacturer is responsible for the support of driver on laptop computers. You're not the first person is facing this problem. To be honest, it is not the problem. The fact is that the laptop manufacturers use updated drivers to protect the equipment.

    Because of this I recommend you to use the Toshiba drivers only.

  • Intel HD need display driver for my Satellite A660

    I recently tried to use Windows Movie Maker, but get error message to say installed the driver Intel HD is blocked. (version

    When I try and update through the update Intel tells me can not be updated as manufacturer of operation has set up the device, but there is no more recent version on driver downloads for my machine on Toshiba support pages.

    I have updated the drivers of NVIDIA card without problems via the NVIDIA site, but how do I update the Intel one? Please tell us that it is driving me crazy.

    My machine is a Satellite A660 running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, with an Intel Core i5 - 480 m processor and graphics Intel HD (r).


    Intel Core i5 - 480 M supports the Intel HD graphics and the latest driver can be downloaded directly from the page of Intel:
    The installation is a bit tricky.
    First, you will need to download the ZIP package where all the singles driver files are compressed in the file.
    Then, you must update the driver in Device Manager.
    Here, you start the installation procedure put forward which allows you to choose the file downloaded and unpacked.

    This update procedure works for me like a charm

  • Need display driver for my Satellite A200 - PSAF6H

    Hi all

    I just reinstalled Vista Home Premium on my Satellite A200 but cannot get display drivers installed.

    When I go to display advanced properties, he said ATIATOMBIOS type of chip, when I downloaded and installed the ATI drivers, he went through the installation process, but does not install the drivers. He said that my graphics card is Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. I tried 2 different versions on the ati drivers, I also tried the Intel graphics drivers and it say my hardware does not support.

    Please can you guys help out me?


    Can you please send the exact model name (A200-xxx)?

  • I need a new display driver for my Satellite 2430 502

    Please can you tell me one I can download a new one. I got from the year 2003.


    Unfortunately, I also found only a graphic driver since 2003.
    As far as I know, this unit was delivered with a NVIDIA GeForce4 420Go 32 MB graphics card.
    I recommend to check the graphics drivers for other units that have the same graphics card.

    Good luck

    Good bye

  • Display driver for W2k for Satellite L20-112


    I am looking for a display driver for the Satellite L20 - 112 for Windows 2000.

    Can someone help me please. I'm looking for the driver for a long time. I have the ATI Radeon Xpress 200 M.

    I downloaded the Catalysp 5.13, but he insists that 'Not found Video Driver - error INF'.

    Thankx for help

    Good bye

    Hey Kevin,

    AFAIK the L20 range was only provided with Windows XP, so it is unlikely that you will be able to get a suitable display driver Windows 2000 Toshiba.

    You have already discovered it is generally not possible to use the drivers of graphics directly from the graphic card manufacturers is specially modified for use in a notebook.

    You can try to use third-party drivers from sites such as http://www.omegadrivers.net/

    Good luck

  • Need display driver for Satellite A200 - 1AE PSAECE

    Help, please. Where I can find the display driver for 1AE Satellite A - 200 (PSAECE) that will work and rigtly install?

    People help me I don't know what to do!
    I found the driver of another site, but is not install on the laptop. At the original site of toshiba, it has all the drivers, but the display driver is missing!

    As I can see on the support site of Toshiba, you can find the display driver for Windows XP Home and Vista edition. So, what's the real problem?

  • Satellite A505 - where can I get display driver for XP?


    I recently bought a Satellite A505-S6986 that has a NVIDIA GeForce GT 230 M graphics card. Unfortunately I have to downgrade my Windows7 XP OS for my work. I tried to download the drivers for the Geforce 200 m (and others) series manually, the automatic detection tool and read the countless forums without success.

    Can you please help me locate THE display drivers that will install successfully on my system? (I don't mind if they are legacy/old).

    Thanks for any help


    I think it might be a little difficult to get a display driver for XP and this graphics card. The fact is that Windows XP is old and the past. No support, there is more to the new laptops.

    I think the only option is the original nVidia Driver but these drivers are not pre-tested on your laptop and doesn t have protection against overheating. He could destroy your graphics card.

    In your case, I would like to install Windows 7. If you use the Ultimate edition is there a XP virtualization mode where you can run older applications.

  • Satellite A500D-10F - Display driver for Vista 64 bit

    Hi guys.

    I currently have a Satellite A500D-10F (PSAN3E-00900JN5). I was browsing through the download page, looking for the display driver for this model works on Vista 64. Unfortunately, only vista 32 and versions of windows 7 are only popping up on categories.

    Can someone kindly help me on this or maybe direct me to the appropriate for the correct ATI display driver download link?

    Thank you.

    Hey Buddy,

    I checked Toshiba driver download page and you have written for Windows 7 64-bit, a driver is available. I n t have A500D before me so that I can t test it, but usually Windows 7 drivers also work on Vista 64 bit, because they are very similar. In your case, I would like to try the 64 bit Windows 7 driver.

    You want to install Windows Vista 64-bit? Why you n t choose the best Windows 7?

  • Satellite A100 (PSAA9) Display Driver for Windows Vista

    Hello world

    This link does not work so I did not install my display driver for Windows Vista and system performance looks really terrible. I was wondering anyone use Satellite A100 (PSAA9) and Windows Vista. Because I was looking for this driver on the internet but I coudnt fint it anywere. This situation made me so sick.
    How to prevent or to send e-mail to the Toshiba customer support any link broken. Or anyome know address direct download for Vista driver? Please help me asap :(

    15/02/07 Windows Vista 97.54 nVidia display driver

    Thanks for your help,
    Mehmet in Istanbul


    Try the driver nVidia for Satellite P100 (PSPA0E).
    nVidia drivers work for all their graphics chips.

    Good bye

  • Where can I find display driver for satellite A200 Windows XP 32-bit PCAECE

    Where can I find display driver for satellite A200 Windows XP 32-bit PCAECE? Help!


    Most of the A200 series made use of this video card chipset.

    [Intel (r) Graphics Media Accelerator Drive X 3100 | http://askiris.toshiba.com/ToshibaSupportSite/search.do?cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&externalId=1670 732xml & sliceId = & dialogid = 57594450 & stateId = 1% 200% 20 57598302]

    Hope this will help :)

  • Can not download the display driver for my C55 - A Satellite

    I'm not sure I've come tro the right place that my post is not really computer related, but I will ask my question in any case.

    I tried to download the display drivers for my C55 - A Satellite for the past 3 days, the download happens to between 10 and 15% done then stops just I don't know if it's the Toshiba site, my pc or my internet I tried several times during that period of time, and each time the same thing happens.

    An ewlse had this problem with the Toshiba site. If I'm in the right place to post this comment, please direct me to why I should post.

    Thank you


    Probably your driver download problems were related to problems of time server.
    The fact is that I could download the display driver for this model and the process was not interrupted.

    This is why I think that the server problem has been resolved.

  • Re: Satellite L505-S5967 - Display driver for Win7 32 bit

    I need display driver for Satellite L505 S5967 for Win7 32-bit because I can't find it on the site
    I can not even find my model of my laptop and when I try to search by series said num num of invalid series so kindly advise

    Hi dude

    I think that the reason why you can't find the laptop is that this model of laptop belongs to the Toshiba U.S. series and you have searched the European driver Toshiba page.

    Here is the page of the Toshiba driver we:

    Here you can find your model of laptop.

  • How install display driver for Satellite a Win XP running?

    I recently got rid of my Satellite laptop Vista and had XP installed.
    I need to install the display driver (for ATI Radeon video card) that I had to download from this site.
    How to install the driver?

    When I reinstall the driver the system can not find.
    What I am doing wrong or do I need to run first?

    There are as many files I don't know... I tried to start implementing, but that did not help.

    Thank you


    First I it would be interesting to know what model of laptop you have, who pilot display and you are trying to install.
    This is an original page ATI display driver?

    Look, man. You should get a display driver has published on the European driver Toshiba page. These drivers are pre-tested and configured for mobile use.

  • Satellite L10-190 - Display driver for Windows 7


    read the message below * I * wonder about this anwer * support Toshiba! Why * not * install Win 7 on a 'former '? I did the same and it works very well. But I had the same problem as Assim. And everyone knows that Intel didn't intend to allocate a Win 7 driver for this chip (INTEL 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics). In my opinion, this is not correct behavior.

    I think TOSHIBA or INTEL should allocate such a driver for their clients. It would be a minimum of support. Maybe you think...

    Best regards

    Re: Satellite L10-209 - how to install the display driver for Windows 7?
    Posted the: March 17, 2010 09:02 am in response to: Assim in response to: Assim


    I m wondering that you have installed Windows 7 on this good old classic. In my opinion Windows XP would be the best choice, but ok, you can do what you want ;)

    Anyway, AFAIK your laptop is equipped with an Intel graphics card then I recommend to download the driver form Intel directly because the Web from Toshiba site displays only the Windows XP display drivers.

    Check this box!

    Hey Buddy,

    Why is this Toshiba support response? I have never seen anyone from Toshiba here so it s called user in forum.

    I put t know where found this answer, but I agree with it. In my opinion Windows XP seems to be the best choice in old enough Satellite L10.

    In any case, if Intel doesn't provide new drivers Windows 7 for this chipset, it s not a Toshiba error. You can only try the Vista driver because most Vista drivers work on Windows 7.

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