Display exceeds the size of the monitor screen


I just bought a HP 5208uk (without a monitor). Connected to a (digital) TV via vga on a resolution of 1024 x 768 and dvi on the 1080ix60 resolution (two settings came automatically).

The display of the Office is outside the borders of the screen, regardless of the I use (vga or dvi).

I tried to update the drivers (pc and tv to date), playing with the resolutions (does not work) and using the Troubleshoot utility that tells me all is well.

Please anyone know how I can solve this problem, ideally use dvi?

All the answers, including blind sarcasm, are welcome, and I would be really grateful to be.

Thank you


* Bleep *, welcome to the forum.

Well, I couldn't come up with any brainless sarcasm, but here's an idea on how you can solve the problem.

I will try to completely uninstall the video driver.  Sometimes, a new facility from scratch can assign problems.  Then, install the latest driver.  I did this job several times over the years.

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    Hi Sdaugherty3,

    Follow the methods below:

    Method 1: Try to change the resolution of the screen and check the results.


    To change your screen resolution


    Method 2: If the method above is not enough, you can see the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base and check.


    Resources for troubleshooting problems in Windows XP


    I hope this helps.

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    Someone at - it suggestions? This is a problem for others here?

    As you describe the issue, I think it is somehow a bad connection or a damaged cable, because it does not work once you have disassembled the screen.
    Maybe you need to check all the cables, leading motherboard to the LCD and take a close look, maybe for a few scratches or strong curvature.

  • The start screen is displayed on the external screen

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    Recently, I have a Thinkpad L540 and it is pretty cool.

    But I had a problem when the laptop starts when a VGA is plugged, the splash screen (the screen just after, when the portable lights) is always displayed on the external screen (projector).

    I already checked the BIOS and it is set to "Thinkpad LCD".

    I don't know if it will be fixed with a BIOS update.

    Thanks for your help.



    Welcome to the forum!

    What you see, it's quite normal and the way it has always been on ThinkPad.

    Don't expect an update of the BIOS to "fix".

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    I am a school teacher and my student missions, etc. are in the files on the desktop.

    I'd appreciate any help you can give me.

    Please keep in mind that I'm not a techno person and very little familiar with several computer attributes.

    Thank you

    Press Alt + Ctrl + delete

    Start the Task Manager

    Click new task below or click file > new task

    Type explorer.exe

    Click ok

    Bring this back?

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    You can't, it belongs to start cold initial process.

    However, you can stop the process of re - open a session after a period of inactivity or sleep by turning off the function of password via Power Options in Control Panel.

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  • External monitor flickers and send the display to the laptop screen

    I'm running Windows 7 on a ThinkPad. I have an external monitor from ViewSonic VX2433wm I connect and use scope display mode. This all worked fine for many months, and then a few months ago I started having a problem where, after several minutes, the ViewSonic and the computer screen will be time twinkle a few times and then just what is on the ViewSonic flies to the computer screen. I have updated the monitor display drivers and the laptop, but still have the problem. In addition, I discovered by chance yesterday that, even if the external monitor is turned off but connected to the laptop, the screen of the computer, still wobbles. It's driving me crazy!


    I suggest you try the following steps:

    Step 1: change display settings also change color depth then test


    Step 2: Flickering of the Correct monitor (refresh rate)


    Try using the display quality problems to solve the problem. It ensures that your video card driver is compatible Windows 7, and checks to see if your color grading, video effects and display settings are correct.


    For more information, see the link below





    I hope this helps.

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  • Qosmio G20 - could not get the video to display on the LCD screen

    I have a laptop Toshiba Qosmio G20, running Windows XP MCE.

    The DVD player on board isn't sounds very well so I thought I would plug an external DVD drive to expand its use. After a lot of internet research, I finally found how to do this. Here's my setup.

    Using the monitor port I used the adapter 3 RCA jacks. (There is no S-video on the DVD drive and an adapter did not work). I finally discovered that in order to get the image on the screen, I have to use Fn + 4. Now, here's where I'm having the problem. I can't get the video to display on my external LCD. FN + 5 didn't do. The monitor is an I - inc AH191D and is connected by VGA cable. There is no driver other than the one for the VISTA operating system... That is why it is not anywhere in the Device Manager.
    Here are the settings I use in order to have all that shows on my desk, shows on the monitor.

    In Control Panel open to the screen. Properties
    Number chosen 1 - multiple monitors GeForce Go6600 video card...
    Advanced under
    the GeForce G06600 tab,
    nViewDisplay Mode: clone 1 a 1 b
    The main screen: digital flat screen
    Secondary display: AH191

    I also tried using the properties of controls on Toshiba. He says under TV output TV output but gives options of the program, but I don't know what I would use. Any ideas out there?

    Wait I'm confused, if you try to send the output of your external DVD drive in the laptop, and then display the image on an external monitor attached to laptop?

    If you use the DVD player on your laptop, it will be good quality S-video as a signal of low resolution.

    Is there something wrong with the DVD player?

    If it's just the DVD software you don't like, you can download other DVD players. PowerDVD is excellent, its better than WinDVD and other players in my opinion.

  • No display on the monitor, computer and your monitor work?

    I have a few years old desktop computer with windows XP a few days back I lost all the screen. I have looked for answers on YOUTUBE, what advice to clean the Rams

    I did the screen came back, but even once it is out after a few days. I can't do any screen of the monitor is turn on the computer, therefore, but not display.

    Can you please help!

    The first thing to try is to make sure that the cable that connects the monitor to the video card of the computer is properly connected and the screws are tight.

    RAM does not usually cause no problem 'display '.

  • erratic uncontrollable movement on the monitor screen

    The erratic movement, as if everything on the screen moves vertically or rolling. It takes 15-20 minutes, then returns to normal. Meanwhile I can nothing except try to close the screen or shut down the computer. This happens several times during the day.

    Hi Sandra,.

    Here are a few things that you try.

    1. make sure that the wires to the screen of the central unit are connected correctly. (If you are using a desktop computer)

    2 start the computer in safe mode and try to correct the blink rate.

    Safe mode: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-in/windows7/start-your-computer-in-safe-mode

    Correct monitor flicker rate: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-in/windows7/correct-monitor-flicker-refresh-rate

    3. If the problem persists, try to uninstall and reinstall the adpaters screen.

    a. click Start , and then type DEVMGMT. SMC in the startup search box and press ENTER.
    b. click the forward arrow of graphics cards, make a right click on the video driver , and then click Uninstall.
    c. you may be prompted to uninstall the driver software, please insert a check mark to have the driver is completely removed from the system.
    d. restart the computer.

    Windows will automatically try to install the video drivers. If this isn't the case, please visit the computer manufacturer to download the latest display drivers.

    4. try to run a full scan on the computer to ensure that it is virus-free.


    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Just to check if the monitor is defective:

    Press the menu button on the screen and bring up the onscreen menu. If this menu moves then the problem may be with the monitor.

    Hope this information is useful. If you have any questions, please let us know.

  • line that appears on the monitor screen

    There are line appearing on my screen, says that there is a problem with the image, and then asked me to restart my laptop. now im in safemode, my speakers does not work, what could be the problem?

    In Safe Mode, many devices do not work, then no sound is not a problem here. Connect an external monitor to your computer laptop, is the line shown in the monitor as well?  It seems that if your laptop must be taken to a workshop for diagnostic work.

Maybe you are looking for