Display extended when using Boot Camp


I need MS Access for some time and will (need to but don't want to) install Boot Camp on my Mac Book Air from mid-2012.

Because it's only a 13 "screen on my Air, I'm hoping to connect it to the screen on my iMac 27" end of 2013 with a Thunderbolt cable.

This will still work when I run Windows, please?

Thank you.


Yes it will support multiple display in windows

But if you don't have access while you can with just install windows on a machine virtual it's easier and you don't have to worry about drivers and getting data to and from osx to windows and switching between them is instant

the only 2 reasons you need bootcamp is

1. If you don't have much memory because when the virtual machine is running it and osx share memory between them.

2 If you need to run the fancy or 3d modeling 3d games as a virtual machine is not video card drivers using it does not activate the video cards to use 3d features.

If you want to know more http://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/mac-software/run-windows-10-on-your-mac-using-v irtualbox-3621650 /

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  • Key verification not valid Windows professional XP on a MacBook Pro using Boot Camp

    I am running windows XP Professional on a MacBook Pro using Boot Camp. I had to reinstall Windows many times and this time when I get my verification key, I get the message that it is not valid. I am a University Professor and I bought this version of Windows at the University Bookstore, so I don't know that it's a valid copy, especially since the verification number has previously been accepted. I don't know how to solve this problem. Would what information you need me to help me? I appreciate anything you can do.

    Your problem is probably that you have reactivated more that the limit - you should try to activate by phone.

    Click the Start button
    in the search box, type
    SLUI 4
    and press the Enter key
    Follow the instructions - but when asked which service you need the ansafone phone, don't answer - it should oblige the operator to answer, who can deal with you.
    To analyze and solve problems for Activation and Validation, we need to see a full copy of the report produced by the MGADiag (download and save to the desktop - http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=52012 ) tool
    Once saved, run the tool.
    Click on the button continue, which will produce the report.
    To copy the report in your response, click the button copy in the tool (ignore the error at this stage), and then paste (using r-click and paste or Ctrl + V) in your response.

  • Cannot load Windows 7 using Boot Camp

    I am also unable to load Windows 7 on my MacBook using Boot Camp. When Boot Camp prompts Windows Setup disc, I put in the disc of Windows 7 Edition complete software Home Premium that I bought, and then my MacBook again request the Windows Setup disk and ejects the disc of Windows 7 Home Premium. On my MacBook, I have OS X version 10.8.2 and I've updated memory to 4 GB. What I am doing wrong?

    Delete and re-create the Boot Camp partition. If this does not work, use the Boot Camp Assistant to create a bootable copy on USB and use it to boot from to start the installation.

  • Error: "Windows could not update the configuration to start the computer. Installation cannot move forward"during the installation of Windows 8 64-bit OEM System Builder on Macbook Pro for help using Boot Camp


    I have a brand new Macbook pro and I bought the OEM System Builder of 64-bit Windows 8 driver in a store. My problem is that I have not only not able to install it using Boot Camp. At the end of the installation, a message appears with the following text "Windows could not update the configuration to start the computer. Installation cannot continue.

    I'm not really a tech guy but I also tried to download virtual box and the same error comes back.

    Can someone help me please?

    Thank you!

    Original title: Windows 8 64-bit English OEM System Builder

    The thread is old now, but it is for those who always have this problem.

    When I got the error, I cancelled and restarted the machine. I pressed the 'option' button when starting upwards and he grew the boot partitions. You should see a 'EFI Boot' partition. Choose that and you restart the installation process, but this time it works.

    Supposedly the boot EFI and WinInstall partition should do the same thing. Manually, select one or the other.

  • Creating cloud apps on Windows (using Boot Camp on a Macbook) has stopped working

    So here's the situation:

    I've been subscribing to creative cloud (CC) for a few years now and I have the 'apps' installed on Windows (using Boot Camp on my Macbook Pro). Why is it I am running Windows on a Mac? Because for various reasons I ;-)

    A few months ago, I cancelled the subscription but decided to begin to subscribe again. That's when the problems started. Premiere Pro (which is the program I use most often) started to ask forlicensi ng/registration and registration from cc. whenever I started PP I to connect to CC with the result "Thank you for licensing/save...". "or something like that. The other day, I was in a meeting with a client to review changes in a project of PP and suddenly it does not help to to connect to CC. I am stuck in a loop where it says "thank you for the record...". "and then nothing happens. When I click on PP I sign again and so on...

    I called Adobe support and when I told them I'm using Boot Camp on a Mac the first guy said ' it is not supposed to work on Boot Camp or virtual machines and if it works it is probably due to a bug in the software '.

    I google a bit on this subject and can't find anything about supposed to CC to work with Boot Camp. When I was persistent and told them that they really help me because I'm in a hurry and that the customer is frustrated he actually hung. I called support again and this operator says 'We have no instructions on how to help users with problems in Boot Camp'.

    I tried PP uninstall and reinstall, but still get stuck in the Sign-in-loop. Could this something in the registry that I need to change or remove?

    I installed PP on my Mac OS without any problem. The thing is that I guess I can't open old projects created on the installation of Windows of PP.

    Any help on this would be much apprechiated.

    / Thomas

    Looks like the Support of Adobe has solved the problem. I called the third time and this operator is out of the box.

    I had to delete some folders (PCB Adobe, Cache SL, SL Store), and then start any application as administrator (Windows) and log in.


  • How to install windows 8.1 using boot camp on sierra os

    Im trying to install windows 8.1 64 bit on my end 2011 MacBook Pro using boot camp.

    I downloaded the ISO from Microsoft file and saved it in the downloads.

    i boot boot camp and she has 2 activated options are: software DOWNLOAD to apple support and the other is latest windows install or remove windows 10 or later.

    I'm not sure why it says windows 10 as it is not compatible with my mac earlier. anyway I check the two options and then bootcamp download all drivers and records them in my pendrive of 32GB.

    He then asks me what hard drive partition and I choose but then it says: he cannot find the installation file. I tried opening the file so it is mounted, but nothing works. I thought it's supposed to tell you what to do?

    Thanks for any help

    A Mac 2011 needs a physical DVD to install Windows and need to use the optical drive (CD/DVD). You cannot use an external CD/DVD drive.

    Please burn the ISO on a DVD-R SL and then click the installation option only.

  • I reformatted my Macbook Pro (13', mid-2012). I want to use Boot Camp to create a partition for use Win 7 I had previously and have drives. Then go to Win 10. Where should I start?

    I reformatted my Macbook Pro (13', mid-2012). I want to use Boot Camp to create a partition for the use of Win 7, I had previously, and have records. Then go to Win 10. Where should I start?

    You can start here

    Use Bootcamp to install Windows

  • Hello. I just use boot camp to install windows on mac mini after I partitioned my hard drive. It works perfectly. How can I run OSX?

    Hello world.

    I just installed 10 windows in my mini mac using boot camp.

    It works perfectly, but I don't know how to restart my computer using the OS x operating system.

    Restart with the Option key or X is pressed or select the Mac OS X system in the startup disk Control Panel.


  • Can I install Parallels after installation of Windows using Boot Camp?

    Windows on Mac

    Can I install Parallels after installation of Windows using Boot Camp?

    You can install Parallels, but you will not be able to transfer your license existing if its already active in Boot Camp. You first need to remove the Boot Camp, then you can transfer it to Parallels. You may need to reactivate by phone:

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)
    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4
    (2) press the ENTER"" key.
    (3) select your "country" in the list.
    (4) choose the option "activate phone".
    (5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
    (6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

  • vmware2 using boot camp "take snapshot" greyed out

    vmware2 using boot camp "take snapshot" greyed out

    A Boot Camp Raw virtual disk partition is only metadata used to allow the physical partition (raw disk) to be executed with a Virtual Machine for all important data is really on the physical disk, however, if you want to save the Boot Camp partition.vmwarevm package, it is located at: "" /Users/$ specified article was not found./Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines / Boot Camp /... / ".

    If you want to save the Boot Camp partition physics take a look at: Winclone

  • Cannot start to OSX after using boot camp

    Hey everybody

    I have a Macbook pro 13' (2015) with display of keratina, 2.7 i5, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB Flash storage.

    The problem started when I decided to run the boot camp on the device, everything went well until the installation of boot camp on windows 10. The installer got stuck in the process, so I left it. Then I went to the OSXRESERVED partition and I found the boot camp folder but when I tried to open it to re-run the installation program, I got an error message saying that the file cannot be opened and its corrupt. Then I formatted this partition using windows (how stupid on my part). And now I can not start back to OSX.

    I tried to go to the recovery of the Internet then disk utility. I see that the partition I made for windows that is only 40 GB. And there's "virtual whole disk", which is written in red. When I click on check, he said that the drive should be repaired, when I clicked on the repair. The same warning showed once again that the disc must be repaired.

    Also I tried to restore using time machine backup, but as I mentioned it won't give me access to the other partition is the 80 GB one. Instead, it shows only the 40 GB one and its not enough storage to restore the backup with.

    Sorry I took so long and I appreciate everyone's help, thank you.

    Hi Tayar98,

    Please visit Apple support communities. Congratulations on your new MacBook Pro!

    It seems that you cannot boot to OS X or restore from a backup Time Machine after that a partition has been formatted using Windows install.

    You should maybe erase and repartition your hard drive MacBook Pro before restoring from Time Machine backup. You can use the procedure described in disk utility (El Capitan): partitioning a physical disk:

    Erase and repartition a device

    You can delete all volumes on a device and create new ones. For example, if you want to change the plan of partition of a USB key, lightning or other storage of Master Boot Record Partition GUID carte device. If you just want to delete a volume, see to delete a volume.

    WARNING: Deleting and partitioning device destroys all data on all volumes of the device.

    1. Select the device in the sidebar you want to erase and re-partition, then click the Erase button .

      Note: You cannot erase the device that contains your boot volume.

    2. Enter a name for the original volume.

    3. Click the context menu of the card, and then choose a format for the initial score.

      For MS-DOS, and ExFAT partitions, the name must be 11 characters or less.

      • Map of Partition GUID: Used for all Mac computers with Intel processor.

      • Master Boot Record: Used for partitions Windows will be formatted under MS-DOS (FAT) or ExFAT.

      • Apple Partition map: Used for compatibility with Mac computers with PowerPC processor.

    4. Click clear, and then click done.

    Best regards.

  • MacBook Air (early 2014) El Capitan impossible to install Windows using Boot Camp Assistant 10

    The ISO image has been downloaded from Microsoft.

    I was using a 8 GB USB (although not a brand new, but erased and formatted by disk utility).

    When the State of the task of the Assistant Boot Camp completed "Windows Backup Software Support", Mac restarted.

    As we see from the videos of YouTube, the Mac should start in a configuration of Windows but my screen as usual!

    Still, he resumed the partition (in my case 40GB) but it is empty!

    Can even suggest what is the problem here?

    You can try a different USB2 flash drive? What brand is the current USB?

  • Using Boot Camp Partition

    When I'm in the Virtual Machine library I press the start upward on my Boot Camp partition and this message

    Cannot open disk ' / Users/rickyoder/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines/Boot Camp/%2Fdev%2Fdisk0/Boot Camp partition.vmwarevm/Boot Camp partition.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.     Reason: The partition table on the physical disk has changed since the disk was created. Remove the physical disk of the virtual machine, and then add it again. »

    How can I fix this so that my Bootcamp will work?  I tried to click on rt and remove the boot camp partition, but this option is grayed out and wont allow.

    Thank you

    Note: These steps assume that you have a default Apple installation of Windows and a VMware Fusion Boot Camp Virtual Machine default partition (without a snapshot *) and if you have changed the Boot Camp partition the Virtual Machine to add additional hard disks to be virtual or RAW disk then do not use these instructions unless you backup the Boot Camp partition the Virtual Machine package first.  * Note that Fusion 2.0.0 may accidentally have a snapshot with the partition Boot Camp, Virtual Machine, and it should not have then you should check to ensure that the condition does not exist as well.

    1. If the merger is open, close it.

    2. in a Terminal (/ Applications/Utilities/Terminal) copy and paste command, as the following and then press Enter and it will remove the Boot Camp Virtual Machine meta-data partition. Note: This does not affect the Boot Camp partition to install Windows. Also be sure that you copy the entire command below "rm" line at the beginning of the "(quote) after the p in the Camp of. "

    RM - dfr "/Users/$ the specified item was not found./Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines / Boot Camp."

    3. start Fusion (/ Applications/VMware Fusion.app) and select the Boot Camp partition on the library of the Virtual Machine window, and then click the run button.

    Notes: Then, an authentication dialog box appears. "VMware Fusion requires that you type your password." Enter your name and password, and then click OK. (It is necessary to remove the Boot Camp for the merge partition to access it directly).

    Then, we should see a Boot Camp partition message stating "VMware Fusion prepares your Boot Camp partition to run as a virtual machine. This may take a few minutes. This occurs once. »

    When the virtual partition Boot Camp Machine starts for the first time after this VMware Tools may want or will install/update and restart the virtual partition Boot Camp Machine.

  • Failure of repartitioning after using Boot Camp to uninstall Windows

    Hey there,

    I am running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 on my MBP 15 "retina.

    I got 10 Windows installed on my device and I decided to uninstall it through the Boot Camp Assistant, but suddenly had an error that repartitioning could be done and the process has failed. Then I tried it again and this time, that nothing has happened and the bar has been blocked, so I decided to close and stop the process.

    After a while, I noticed that the Partition does not appear on finder, but the main part (Macintosh HD) was not the exact size of the disk, which means that the Windows partition still exists.

    Now please help me to solve this problem and remove this Windows partition so I can have a single partition and more free space.

    Note that I'm a little fake. (If I need a complete answer)

    Thank you.

    You can use lack some of my storage on my HDD, installed bootcamp has failed. as reference and after the release of orders as requested Terminal? We can determine the course of action, based on the output.

  • With parallel should I still need to use boot camp to install windows 7?


    For example if my mac pro laptop computer requires to install the Windows 7 operating system and I have a parallel software do I need to install via boot camp?

    No, Boot Camp is not necessary to install Windows 7 in Parallels. Parallels installs Windows 7 by starting in the virtual machine.

    You will need to launch Parallels in OS X, use the construction in the wizard to create a new virtual machine for Windows 7 and configure it with enough disk space and memory to run it inside of OS X.

    How to install Windows 7 in OS X using Parallels Desktop

    Please note that if you already have an existing installation of Windows 7 in Boot Camp, you will need an additional license to install Windows 7 in Parallels or you will need to remove the boot camp install if you want to reuse the product key.

Maybe you are looking for