Display shows upside down, how do I get the screen showing the right direction please?



There are a lot of discussions in these Forums with this information to solve your problem:

Press Ctrl + Alt + arrow keys OR if it does not, try the other arrows.

Or right click on the empty Desptop > graphics > Rotation.

See you soon.

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  • Display upside down, how do I get back to normal

    My screen is upside down.  Is it possible to return to normal?

    Do not worry.. It is very easy, you just press on...

    Press Ctrl/Alt + up cursor


    Press Ctrl/Shift-R

    .. .depending on the manufacturer. Use the video card utility to disable this "feature".


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  • My video plays upside down, how do I reverse the trend?

    The video was taken on a mobile phone, without doubt stands head down, how can I "flip" video to run properly?


    • It happens with all the videos that you play using Windows media player?
    • What is the format of the video file?

    There is no way to shoot a video with Windows media player.

    You will need to use Windows movie maker to turn the video and save it, then later play using Windows media player.

    (a) open Windows movie maker, click fileand then click import media items.

    (b) locate the file you want to import and then click import.

    (c) click the Clip, and then click Add to the timeline or Add to the storyboard table.

    (d) click Tools, and then click effects.

    (e) in the content pane, click the effect you want to add. You can click read under the monitor to see a preview of what the effect looks like.

    Importing files into Windows Movie Maker: frequently asked questions


    Note: Above link includes on Windows 7

    If you don't have windows live maker, you can follow the link below to download:


  • opening screen upside down how do I reverse the trend?

    Turn on & desktop page backwards

    Turn on & desktop page backwards

    With the help of advanced controls for your video card software.
    Try Ctrl + Alt + down arrow.

  • I wiped and recovered from my CD of my operating system to windows XP due to a virus, now my system XP is SP1 (version 2002) and needs to upgrade, how can I get the old updates please?

    I am operating windows XP, but it is more difficult to download anything, I can only assume its because my system recovery disk brought me originally pack 1 and missing essential items in my system which is used to enable automatic updates to work to get my system back to normal.

    Preliminary work:

    Download the installation files of SP3, IE8 and Microsoft Security Essentials, which is an effective antivirus/antimalware program. I prefer to keep these (and other useful files) on a USB key, but this is optional. Here are the links to all the installation of three files:

    http://www.Microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?ID=24 (for SP3)

    (You can TOTALLY ignore the message "intended for it professionals"!)

    http://www.Microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&ID=43 (for IE8)

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows/products/security-essentials (for MMS)

    1. physically disconnect from the Internet. Also unplug all unnecessary devices!

    2. temporarily disable the automatic updates. To do this:

    Start | Control Panel (switch to Classic view if not already selected). Automatic updates

    Select "Turn off automatic updates" and click OK.

    3. install the SP3. Restart TWICE.

    4. switch to IE8. Restart TWICE. (Note: it is important to let IE at the level before the upgrade to SP3 IE6.) After you are in SP3, then you can switch IE6 to IE8).

    5 install MSE.

    (What happens very often is that someone has their software antivirus running as they try to install SP3, which often translates into chaos! "This is why it must be done after installing SP3 and IE).

    6. make sure that firewall Windows is activated (it should already be):

    Start | Control Panel | Security Center

    (Now you can physically reconnect to the Internet. Update Antivirus program.)

    7. visit Windows Update to download and install only the critical security updates. Restart each time you are prompted.

    8. reactivate the automatic updates.

  • How can I get the right website to download?

    I have 2 copies of the same site, and one put to evil.  I made the site in Dreamweaver CS5 and I use a Mac computer.

    When you try to upload my site that looked just great in Dreamweaver, preview in browsers.  Major changes had been made, and I decided that I do them on my local machine and take off the server of the 'old site '.  When is about to FTP I remembered that when you talk to my host support team before downloading a site, and they had to move different places on my computer.  One place, they told me to put it was 'Sites '.  So, I decided to put it there.  Something happened that the sidebar with links to the pages disappear.  (the background was not the sidebar and the links were under menu, to the place where they were supposed to be.  I think it had something to do with the file in front of her had not been included when it has been moved and there was something missing on the model.  In any case, it is not found in its original form, but fortunately a copy had been made in the right site.  So, I just got the USB stick with the good copy and put it on my desk.  So this should be easy right?  FTP only this right?  HA!

    When I talked to my support to my host, they said the site could be just FTPed to my office.  Well, I got the FTP to work and uploaded to the site, but apparently he did the wrong website.  (that messed up) upward.

    This is what my local site folder:

    / / User name that I gave the small peak of House on my Desktop/Mac/directory /.

    I think that is where the rub as this is the download site for the 'Sites' instead of the desktop computer.

    So I think I want something else than name/User/Name I gave the small peak of House on my Mac but what would it be?  I think I'm downloading from the wrong office.  (The Office, I see when I put my computer on against the Office of the 'Site', they are apparently 2 different places).

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Open your site definition in DW - Site > Manage Sites...

    Confirm that your site definition is correctly pointing to your desired local site folder and not an older one.

    Also, confirm that the server log - in credentials are correct and the server remote root directory is defined as prescribed by your hosting provider.

    Nancy O.

  • How can I get the correct product key for my laptop?

    Hello I bought my Pavillion dv6707 us in TI 2008 has Windows Vista Home 32-bit (OPS).

    I just got a notice saying that my (OPS) are not authentic I have 2 key 1 products in the software 89578-OEM-7332157-00061 the other is on the bottem of my laptop that I can almost distinguish as V6KPX-BFMJF-DM7QP-T3X7B-QCQDD how can I get the right pair?


    Those at the bottom of the laptop is for the operating system on your machine.

    Kind regards.

  • How can I get the COMPLETE serial number to display? This number shows except for the 4 last digits.

    How can I get the COMPLETE serial number to display? This number shows except for the 4 last digits.

    Hi Infogoddess,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple! If you try to find the serial number of your iPod touch or another Apple product, you can find information and the steps in the following articles useful:

    iPod: how to find the serial number - Apple Support

    Find the serial number of your Apple - Apple Support product

    See you soon

  • How do I get the toolbar and the sidebar to display in the Finder?

    How do I get the toolbar and the sidebar to display in the finder window? The choices are grayed out in the view.


    You clicked on dock finder, take the cursor to the top and clicked on display and then click on hide menu bar .it toolbar is hidden.

    See the side bar, tool bar again click on view - once again, click Show toolbar.

    Thank you!

  • All of a sudden my shrunken screen size... How can I get the display back to what it was

    All of a sudden my shrunken screen size... How can I get the display back to what it was


    Please try this first:

    Hold down the CTRL key, and then press on + (plus) sign several times.

    I hope this helps.

  • Windows7 windows show open on the taskbar, but seem to be out of the screen-how can I get the focus?

    New Windows 7 and Firefox - icon in the taskbar, but will not display the window on the screen. When I put the cursor on the icon the little windows show which is open. It seems that the windows display is somewhere off the coast on the right side of the screen. Don't have a clue as to how it happened. How can I get the windows on the desktop where I can see? Thanks for all the tips that will help you.

    In Windows 7, pressing/holding the windows key and right arrow key FINALLY made the window reappear to me! Deleting the localstore.rdf did NOT work for me, unfortunately.

  • How can I get the data view to display the same amount of time I save?

    I use the Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite.  In the data view, I display a graph of time, the power spectrum, the Color Map and the waterfall.  I am also showing strength in numbers group for several bands and doing cutting-edge research.  I record 100 ms of the transient wave.  In the data view, why the temporal plots show several seconds of data?  What determines how much time will appear in the data view?  More important, the power spectrum reflects the power for the entire of several seconds of data displayed?  Same question for power in the values of band and cutting-edge research.  I want to just this data displayed for 100 ms of the wave that I record.  So, how can I get the data displayed (waveforms) and power numbers come only 100 ms of the recorded wave?

    Finally, what is the best way to make account concisely the recorded data?  By slide numbers on the Documentation tab is not concise, because it comes with graphics, etc..  I tried save as ASCII/LVM, but I get a bunch of stuff intermiated I don't care.  Help?

    Hi TimRsandiego,

    SignalExpress is programmed to display graphs with default scales based on the type of action, it's reading. These scales and settings can be changed by right-clicking on the graph, and then select Properties.

    If you are interested to learn more about how to use SignalExpress, I would recommend checking out some demonstrations/tutorials on NI.com. You can find some of these demos at the following location:

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Kind regards

  • How can I get the Adobe PDF printer driver to appear in the drop-down list on printer when printing various applications?

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    This printer is available on Windows computers.

  • How can I get the bookmarks to show in the latest version of firefox?

    How can I get the bookmarks to show in the latest version of firefox

    Make sure the bookmarks toolbar is visible and "Bookmarks Toolbar items" are always placed on the bookmarks toolbar.

    If the menu bar is hidden, then press F10, or press and hold the ALT key, which should make the "menu bar" appear.

    Make sure the toolbars like the toolbar 'Navigation' and the 'personal bar' are visible: "view > toolbars".

    • Open the Customize via "view > toolbars > customize" or "Firefox > Options > toolbars" (Linux, Windows)
    • Make sure the "Bookmarks Toolbar items" are on the personal bar
    • If the "Bookmarks Toolbar items" is not on the bookmarks toolbar, then FRY it in the toolbar palette in the window the bookmarks toolbar Customize
    • If you do not see the "Bookmarks Toolbar items" or other items which do not appear in the palette of the toolbar or a toolbar, then click on the button "Restore Default Set"

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