Display the Date weekending


I have a requirement based on the year and month of the appeal, it must a list me of all the dates weekending as you please suggest me how to get this information

For example: If we adopt 2015 March

It should display 7-mar-2015

14 -mar-2015

21 -mar-2015

28 -mar-2015

Thank you




It depends on what is a "weekending Date."

If you want a list of all Saturday during a given month, then

WITH got_month_wanted AS


SELECT TO_DATE ('MARCH 2015', "YYYY MONTH") AS month_wanted

OF the double


got_saturday AS


SELECT ADD_MONTHS (month_wanted, 1) AS next_month

, NEXT_DAY (month_wanted - 1).

, 'SAT '.

) + (7 * (LEVEL - 1)) AS Saturday

OF got_month_wanted

CONNECT BY LEVEL<= 5 ="" --="" no="" month="" has="" more="" than="" 5="">


SELECT the Saturday

OF got_saturday

WHERE the Saturday<>


This assumes that NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE = ENGLISH.

If you can not be sure of NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE, then the request should be changed a little, but only a little.

If you need to do this (or things like that) more than once, it must create a calendar table, which contains a line for each day where you might be interested.  See Re: function from PL/SQL to calculate non-working days

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    Where can I get (read) the answer?, by e-mail?, trying to find this Forum?

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    Just click on my Threads under your name and avatar and you can quickly find your messages.

    Bruce Hagen
    MS - MVP October 1, 2004 ~ September 30, 2010
    Imperial Beach, CA

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    The following instructions will prepare photos
    with the EXIF Date/time stamp then you can print

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    EXIF Date/time in the face of your photos in a batch.

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    If you are unhappy with the result your originals
    will be intact.

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    Advanced Options button / tab text.
    Check the box... Add text...

    (You will need to experiment with the position and the police
    size and color to get the desired result.)
    (the text size will need to be adjusted according to the)
    the size of the photos)

    Open the window drop... "Insert a Variable."
    choose... EXIF Date Time / Date and time...
    (in the white field you should see ($H1)
    Left click... Ok

    On the Batch tab convert... in the left field...
    Left click the square button "select the Source folder.
    Find and select the photos you want to

    Left, click on the Add button to move the files to
    the right field.

    Choose an output Format...

    Choose an output folder...

    Click on the button convert...

    It's much easier to do than to explain then
    give it a try before say you "Good Grief... it's too
    a lot of work.

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    Always see the day, date and time in the taskbar

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