Display the name change for the story?

Hi all

I was wondering, if I change my display name (not username, of course), which would change my nickname for ALL past and present message and call history/records (not only recent but all THE records taken)?

A quick response would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi, Narpoo,

Yes, it is a change of 'global '.

See you soon!


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    --------   -----------

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    As indicated by the version number change when there is change in age as well, but I need a query that gives the version number referring to the last name change for each emplid.


    DATA_TABLE (EmplId, Name, Age, version) as

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    Max (Age) age of Dungeon (dense_rank last order by version).

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    then "renamed".

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    of data_table


    where the change is not null

    Emplid group

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    2 PQR 18 20



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    I have a question about DRM security for users with access add to the sheet and only read access to the members. The requirement is that the user should be able to add a sheet and change all the properties associated with the leaves but cannot add or change the Member or any property associated with a branch. To do this, I created a group of node (NAG1) and assigned categories of goods (PC1) associated with the hierarchy of the NAG1 with editing access to PC1. The NAG1 for journal access ADD and NAG1 for branch had read access. The user has only one role which is the interactive user. This way, the user cannot add spreadsheets, edit the properties associated with the leaves, but don't can't add limb or change all the properties associated with limb, HOWEVER, the user is not able to change the name of an existing journal. If I give the user role 'Director of Application', while they are able to change the name of the system, but then they see the section Administration on the left and everything related which we want give...

    Is it possible to give the user the ability to change the name of the worksheet without giving ""Application Administrator ' role? "

    Denzz Murali Pasumarti

    Thanks in advance


    Have you checked RenameLeaf and RenameLimb system preferences?  I think that by default, only the administrator can change the name of the node, but you can grant this possibility of additional roles.

  • Find the layer with the name "Name1" a name change for 'name2' and then save PDF

    Hi there together, we have the following problem:

    We need a Javascript script to rename all the layers named 'name1' to 'name2' and then save the PDF file.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much


    This code will rename the layer:

    var ocgArray = this.getOCGs();
    for (var i=0; i

    Save the file afterwards is more complicated. You can use the Save command sub in a context of trust to do it silently, or you can call the dialog box save as, and let the user manually, by using the command app.execMenuItem ("SaveAs").

  • HOW DO GET YOU RID OF THE GOOGLE TOOLS bar?-sound ' if boring, I put break to not display the story, but then, it still shows up right underneath when I type in the search bar. It shows it as a default - what can I do I don't need this bar? HELP HELLP

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    Here's how to uninstall the Google toolbar: http://www.google.com/support/toolbar/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=9231

  • How can I active names change for images exchanged in duplicate symbols?

    I have what seems to be a bug in cc2014 driven on-Board under the following circumstances:

    1 duplicate a symbol

    2. drag the symbol duplicated on stage.4

    3 Rename the symbol

    4. Click to edit the symbol

    5. Select an image inside the symbol

    6. in the properties panel, change to reverse the image to use for this instance of the duplicate symbol (I need to reuse this symbol several times and not being is not able to change active names is a real problem!).

    7 names for the asset in the chronology and elements was automatically generated at the time of the duplication when trying to change the names they go back to the auto-generated name.

    How can I overcome this problem, which is clearly a bug or an evil thought thanks to some highly competent programming by another adobe edge animate tesm

    I thank in advance


    You can assign IDS and classes of symbols with attr ('id', 'newIDName') and addClass().

    So let's say I have a symbol that contains other symbols - I had to first give an id to the outermost symbol, then drill down to other internal symbols. So since I can remedy directly, then I can do what I want with them.

    When I want to create several symbols, then I run a loop so that they have the same name with an index.  Here, I'm not add an id to the internals, but you could use the same principle. You can also assign names of classes.


    create buttons in a div. navigation bar

    for (m = 0; m<>

    var buttons = sym.createChildSymbol ("button", "navBar");

    Buttons.Element.attr ("ID", "Button" + m);

    SYM. $("#button" + m) .css ({'position': 'absolute', 'top': 5, 'left': (distance += 50)});   Make sure you have the # in front of the name of the new

    sym.getSymbol("#button"+m).$('bg').css ({'background-color':'white'});})

    sym.getSymbol("#button"+m).$('number').html (m + 1);


  • How can I change this request, so I can display the name and partitions in a r

    How can I change this request, so I can add the ID of the table SPRIDEN
    from now on gives me what I want:
    1,543     A05     24     A01     24     BAC     24     BAE     24     A02     20     BAM     20
    in a single line, but I would like to add the id and the name that is stored in the SPRIDEN table

    SELECT sortest_pidm,
           max(decode(rn,1,sortest_tesc_code)) tesc_code1,
           max(decode(rn,1,score)) score1,
           max(decode(rn,2,sortest_tesc_code)) tesc_code2,
           max(decode(rn,2,score)) score2,
           max(decode(rn,3,sortest_tesc_code)) tesc_code3,
           max(decode(rn,3,score))  score3,
           max(decode(rn,4,sortest_tesc_code)) tesc_code4,
           max(decode(rn,4,score))  score4,
           max(decode(rn,5,sortest_tesc_code)) tesc_code5,
           max(decode(rn,5,score))  score5,
           max(decode(rn,6,sortest_tesc_code)) tesc_code6,
           max(decode(rn,6,score))  score6         
      FROM (select sortest_pidm,
                  row_number() over (partition by sortest_pidm order by score desc) rn
              FROM (select sortest_pidm,
                           max(sortest_test_score) score
                      from sortest,SPRIDEN
                      SPRIDEN_pidm =SORTEST_PIDM
                    AND   sortest_tesc_code in ('A01','BAE','A02','BAM','A05','BAC')
                     and  sortest_pidm is not null  
                    GROUP BY sortest_pidm, sortest_tesc_code))
                    GROUP BY sortest_pidm;


    That depends on whether spriden_pidm is unique, and you want to get the results.

    Whenever you have a problem, post a small example of data (CREATE TABLE and INSERT, relevamnt columns only instructions) for all the tables and the results desired from these data.
    If you can illustrate your problem using tables commonly available (such as in the diagrams of scott or HR) so you need not display the sample data; right after the results you want.
    Whatever it is, explain how you get these results from these data.
    Always tell what version of Oracle you are using.

    Looks like you are doing something similar to the following.
    Using the tables emp and dept of the scott schema, producing a line of production by Department showing the highest salary for each job, for a set given jobs:

    DEPTNO DNAME          LOC           JOB_1   SAL_1 JOB_2   SAL_2 JOB_3   SAL_3
    ------ -------------- ------------- ------- ----- ------- ----- ------- -----
        20 RESEARCH       DALLAS        ANALYST  3000 MANAGER  2975 CLERK    1100
        10 ACCOUNTING     NEW YORK      MANAGER  2450 CLERK    1300
        30 SALES          CHICAGO       MANAGER  2850 CLERK     950

    On each line, jobs are listed in order by the highest salary.
    This seems to be similar to what you are doing. The roles played by the sortest_pidm, sortest_tesc_code and sortest_test_score in your table sortest are played by deptno, job and sal in the emp table. The roles played by the spriden_pidm, id and the name of your table spriden are played by deptno, dname and loc in the dept table.

    Looks like you already have something like the query below, which produces a correct output, except that it does not include the dname and loc of the dept table columns.

    SELECT    deptno
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 1, job))     AS job_1
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 1, max_sal))     AS sal_1
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 2, job))     AS job_2
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 2, max_sal))     AS sal_2
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 3, job))     AS job_3
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 3, max_sal))     AS sal_3
    FROM       (
               SELECT    deptno
               ,          job
               ,          max_sal
               ,          ROW_NUMBER () OVER ( PARTITION BY  deptno
                                              ORDER BY          max_sal     DESC
                                )         AS rn
               FROM     (
                             SELECT    e.deptno
                       ,           e.job
                       ,           MAX (e.sal)     AS max_sal
                       FROM      scott.emp        e
                       ,           scott.dept   d
                       WHERE     e.deptno        = d.deptno
                       AND           e.job        IN ('ANALYST', 'CLERK', 'MANAGER')
                       GROUP BY  e.deptno
                       ,           e.job
    GROUP BY  deptno

    Dept.DeptNo is unique, it won't be a dname and a loc for each deptno, so we can modify the query by replacing "deptno" with "deptno, dname, loc" throughout the query (except in the join condition, of course):

    SELECT    deptno, dname, loc                    -- Changed
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 1, job))     AS job_1
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 1, max_sal))     AS sal_1
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 2, job))     AS job_2
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 2, max_sal))     AS sal_2
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 3, job))     AS job_3
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 3, max_sal))     AS sal_3
    FROM       (
               SELECT    deptno, dname, loc          -- Changed
               ,          job
               ,          max_sal
               ,          ROW_NUMBER () OVER ( PARTITION BY  deptno      -- , dname, loc     -- Changed
                                              ORDER BY          max_sal      DESC
                                )         AS rn
               FROM     (
                             SELECT    e.deptno, d.dname, d.loc                    -- Changed
                       ,           e.job
                       ,           MAX (e.sal)     AS max_sal
                       FROM      scott.emp        e
                       ,           scott.dept   d
                       WHERE     e.deptno        = d.deptno
                       AND           e.job        IN ('ANALYST', 'CLERK', 'MANAGER')
                       GROUP BY  e.deptno, d.dname, d.loc                    -- Changed
                       ,           e.job
    GROUP BY  deptno, dname, loc                    -- Changed

    In fact, you can continue to use just deptno in the analytical PARTITION BY clause. It may be slightly more efficient to just use deptno, as I did above, but it won't change the results if you use all 3, if there is only 1 danme and 1 loc by deptno.

    Moreover, you don't need so many subqueries. You use the internal subquery to calculate the MAX and the outer subquery to calculate rn. Analytical functions are calculated after global fucntions so you can do both in the same auxiliary request like this:

    SELECT    deptno, dname, loc
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 1, job))     AS job_1
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 1, max_sal))     AS sal_1
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 2, job))     AS job_2
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 2, max_sal))     AS sal_2
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 3, job))     AS job_3
    ,       MAX (DECODE (rn, 3, max_sal))     AS sal_3
    FROM       (
                   SELECT    e.deptno, d.dname, d.loc
              ,       e.job
              ,       MAX (e.sal)     AS max_sal
              ,       ROW_NUMBER () OVER ( PARTITION BY  e.deptno
                                           ORDER BY       MAX (sal)     DESC
                                          )       AS rn
              FROM      scott.emp    e
              ,       scott.dept   d
              WHERE     e.deptno        = d.deptno
              AND       e.job                IN ('ANALYST', 'CLERK', 'MANAGER')
                  GROUP BY  e.deptno, d.dname, d.loc
              ,       e.job
    GROUP BY  deptno, dname, loc

    It will work in Oracle 8.1 or more. In Oracle 11, however, it is better to use the SELECT... Function PIVOT.

  • Hi, back back can check files you opened with "recent files"? With my current setup, I can only see the last 10 files. Can I change the setting to display the last 20 files for example? Thank you

    Hi, back back can check files you opened with "recent files"? With my current setup, I can only see the last 10 files. Can I change the setting to display the last 20 files for example? Thank you

    File management preferences is where you can change the number. I don't know the maximum.

  • How to display the user name for database connection using dreamweaver? [was: help]

    connect display mode database using dreamweaver user name

    LionelLionel wrote:

    OK, sorry 4 that; I use dreamweavercs6 and the script server is php.i as accurate must I set up a server (wampserver) local on my laptop for this level of competence of project.my with scripts php is very limited. and now, after you have created the database (in phpmyadmin), I want to display the user name of the user after login... I need help please.thx

    You want to display it where? On the login page of "success"?

    Add the below to each top of the page:

    Then add the following in the code where you want the ' user name to appear:

  • Is there a VM event for the VM host name change?


    I have an application that is in talks with the VC to get the events from the virtual computer.

    I have a virtual machine on which I install VMWare tools to get the host name of the virtual machine. From now, the first time that the virtual machine gets up, my request to get the host name for this virtual machine. Now, if the host name of this virtual machine changes, is there any event that will be generated by VMWare or VC tools that my application can subscribe to in order to choose the host name change?

    Thank you

    There is no integrated case that will capture this.  The virtual machine has the dns name property that can be extracted from the db, or using one of the vi toolkits.  You can run gets against these data and validate it against the previous value, but no direct case is only triggered when the host inside the virtual machine name is changed.


    VMware vExpert

  • Description not changed for KEY, even if the name changes applied patch

    EBS 12.1.3 installed, and I try to install Russian localization following < R12 EMEA locations - CIS [ID 472418.1] module > document.

    So, first of all, I installed 8640014 (KEY: Adsplice for R12.1 (All RUPs of R12.1)), as is the condition sine qua non of 9350941.
    Then I installed 10164748 (change of name of Consulting EMEA locations' 'EMEA locations (9034879 replacement) module), as this is a postrequired of 8640014 patch.

    Both went ok without any error.

    However, when I continue with the installation of 9350941, GEN (R12.1 - KEY: Company Info package), he always complains about mismatching of the description below.

    - - - - -
    Reading patch file of the driver.

    Determine the version target...

    The current version of target is 12.1.3


    The description of the entity 'key' in the driver patch
    does not match the current description.

    The current description is: "EMEA Consulting locations.
    The description in the patch is: 'EMEA locations module.

    The current description will not be changed.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    This basic patch contains files that may require translation
    According to the language currently installed.

    Oracle Corporation recommends that provide you translated versions of this
    patch for each of your languages other than the United States before applying this basic patch.

    The translated version of the patch should be applied immediately AFTER
    apply this hotfix to base.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    You do not want to apply this fix now [no]?

    You must check the file

    to find errors.
    - - - - -

    Then, I stopped by answering NO to the question.
    How does this happen? Shouldn't the name changed after the application of the patch 10164748?


    This warning can be ignored.

    Please check

  • How to make the name of the account for each e-mail, display the Inbox for e-mail, so I don't have to expand each account

    If I want to use Thunderbird for all of my emails in one place, I'm tired of constantly switch tabs in google to see all the... But google rocks because of how it displays everything is so beautiful.

    But when I have 10 e-mail accounts, I have to develop each e-mail account, then click on Inbox to view this account Inbox, it's stupid. YES I know that you can combine them together into one Inbox. I don't want that. I simply want the program displays the Inbox that I click on without having to click a small arrow. I can't fathem how this have not been added already? Perhaps it has been deleted? Whatever it is, can someone show me how to achieve this result? Also, if someone wants to share if there are in all cases to style the program so it doesn't look like Outlook 2007, it would be great.


    No, which is combining them into one Inbox, which I don't want to do. Thanks anyway. But it seems that this program does not have what I want what it more so I'll find something else.

  • All the sites SSL Web I visit displays the message "this connection is untrusted" and shows me a false SSL certificate for a different domain name.

    When I visit a Web site that requires SSL I displays the message "this connection is untrusted". Any Web site that I visit, it's always exactly the same message and the same SSL certificate that she is no longer valid for www.thawte.com

    support.Mozilla.org uses an invalid security certificate.

    The certificate is not approved, because no sender string has been provided.
    The certificate is valid for www.thawte.com
    The certificate expired on 11/11/2011 23:59. The time now is 11:46 28/01/2012.

    When I click "Add the Exception" on a Web site and view the certificate, it is exactly the same certificate with the exact same serial number.

    I had a similar problem with Internet Explorer showing a 404 error when I visited SSL protected pages but to do a restore of the system a month ago to correct this. All other bowsers are / were very good.

    I installed Firefox 3.x month last to test something that is when the problem started. I have since uninstalled Firefox 3.x and reinstalled the latest version. I deleted all the preferences/settings, disabled modules and reinstalled many times. I did a Windows system restore to before that the problem started with no luck.

    The time / Date on my computer are correct. I have no firewall other than the windows one. I had no antivirus (netbook) until I installed a (Avast) yesterday to see if a virus was causing issues (found nothing). This problem arises on any internet connection (tested to work and home).

    Try bypassing the caveat

    or try to use the module Skip Cert error (to jump to the SSL/TLS certificate error page)

    Thank you

    Please check 'Resolved' the answer really solve the problem, to help others with a similar problem.

  • Change the path where Windows search displays directory name

    Dear Sir

    I'm regularly using Windows search and I am facing some problems with the way the folder names appear.

    Imagine the following situation: I have three files, called text.txt, located in the following directories:




    When I launch a Windows search to find these files, I will get answers in the column 'file ':

    SubFolder_1 (D:\Folder_A)

    SubFolder_2 (D:\Folder_A)

    SubFolder_1 (D:\Folder_B)

    When I then click on the "Folder" column header to sort, I will get following result:

    SubFolder_1 (D:\Folder_A)

    SubFolder_1 (D:\Folder_B)

    SubFolder_2 (D:\Folder_A)

    This way of sorting mix main directories "D:\Folder_A" and "D:\Folder_B", which is false.

    This problem is due to the fact that the names of directories are not displayed as '' but as ' ()", which is not what I want.

    Is it possible (as a registry key) where I can configure my Windows 7 to display the names of directory as '' (as in previous versions of Windows)?

    Thank you

    Right-click a column header and choose "More"... "since the menu drop down.

    In the choice, find the path and turn it on.  When you click OK, the new column 'path' will be the one you like (showing the full path).  Example:

  • Firefox for Android only displays the desktop version of gmail rather than mobile.

    Android only question.

    I prefer to access gmail via a browser rather than the gmail app. Tests of other browsers on Android (Chrome and Dolphin) I see that they display a mobile-specific version of the gmail Web site.

    Firefox for Android only displays the version of office on my Nexus 7 (5.1 runs Android 2012) - and therefore more difficult to read and use. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Pinellas Chuck

    Well, Yes, it's that Word annoying Tablet.

    What I'm going to describe is difficult to type, so I hope that you can open this page on your tablet.

    Select (0) and copy the following text on your Tablet if possible to avoid the excesses of type:

    general.useragent.override.mail.google.com Android; Tablet;#Android; Mobile;

    The forum linkifies this first part, but it is not supposed to be a link.

    (1) open a new tab to Subject: config (type about: config the Awesomebar and hit the arrow go or tap Enter).

    You can bookmark it for easy future access.

    (2) in the search box, type agen and make a pause while Firefox filter list

    (3) scroll down to the bottom and look for a preference named general.useragent.site_specific_overrides and confirm that it has its default value true. If it is set to false, press the reset button for it back to true.

    (4) scroll back up and press the big button "+" to the left of the search box to add a new parameter

    (A) the name of the preference must be general.useragent.override.google. com (for all Google sites) general.useragent.override.mail.google. com (for Gmail only)

    If you type this, beware of the correction automatic insertion of spaces and be sure to remove those.

    If paste, remove the part after that.

    (B) on the right side, type Boolean and in the popup, change it to a String

    (C) the value of the preference should be Android; Tablet; #Android; Mobile; -in other words, substituting Mobile for Tablet.

    If you type, pay attention to the excess spaces.

    If gluing, remove the preference name and extra space before this part.

    (D) then click on create

    If you open https://mail.google.com/ must now use the mobile layout.


    Edit: To clarify the name of preference options.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello Anyone know how to turn on backflip languages entry after being installed? I know I could access settings, and then click language & local, but I was wondering if there is a shortcut to change languages. I see that the Chinese language icon app

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    No matter what I try, I get this error message on all the options of the system.  I can not even do a backup or restore.  How can I fix this problem. I suppect is something that my grandson caused when he was on the computer, the last weekend, but I

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    Decommissioning of several W7 to XP machines I have to call the activation for each individual computer. For example, I'm downgrading 15 machines and do take 10 minutes for each computer on the phone to get an activation code of downgrade.  That adds