do I need an additional OBA for mobile devices?

Hi, I was thinking about buying an apple ipad, but I don't know if OBA creative cloud covers the mobile apps too. Is it possible to use the mobile application without an additional OBA?


@jw, which is an acronym, or another language?

@ck, Yes, no additional subscriptions are needed, Adobe mobile and tablet apps | Adobe Creative Cloud

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  • How to format for mobile devices

    Hello world:

    I just managed to download my only and probably only site.  I built it in DW CS5.5.  I have worked to learn the basics of HTML and CSS, but still have a huge learning curve.  I watched videos and you read all that in adobe help to understand how to format for mobile devices and tablets, but I'm missing a step somewhere.

    Can someone please take a look and advise me?  What I have to do a reconstruction complete or can I use the same CSS/HTML I currently have?  Please direct me to the steps to fix, build, or something else

    Thanks in advance:

    What you need to do exactly?

    The site makes it very well on my iPhone, it looks like the desktop version (that I prefer by far to be forced to a single iPhone site).

  • Help blackBerry Smartphones! Get "no additional applications for your device were found".

    I have a new BlackBerry 8900.  Whenever I try to add 3rd party software, I get the error message "no additional applications for your device were found".  Tried loading MSDict English-French dictionary.

    I was using Desktop Manager 4.7, then tried 4.5, both without success.  Can anyone help?

    Thank you.

    Do you use your handheld in a corporate network?

  • The domain Adobe Acrobat Reader for mobile devices controller may reveal some layres?

    Is the new Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for mobile devices allow the visibility of layers?... or it is possible on the PC, laptops that have the complete player on your computer?

    Hello Milos Stankovic,

    Application of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for mobile devices have no function to display the layers.

    However you can view layers on the desktop application.

    Kind regards


  • How to force the format landscape for mobile devices (phone & pad)?

    Hello, I am designing a new Web page in muse. It will be necessary for this layout, view the page in landscape format (mobile / ipad & iphone).  is there an opinion to force the format landscape for mobile devices? whereas even if the device is in portrait format, the site will be displayed in landscape format?  support told me that I will have to add the code. could you tell me the code and how do I insert this to my page? Thanks for your help

    This might help you:

    fixed vertical layout for mobile

  • Web Design for mobile devices

    This has probably been asked a thousand times, but can anyone offer some advice on the design of web sites for mobile devices? I just bought an iPad 2, as well as my smart phone, then I discovered that Creative Suite 5.5 focuses largely on mobile devices. (I still use CS3 and will probably not be able to upgrade until next year; "I have to buy a new laptop first).

    In any case, a question I have regarding the domain extensions. Is there a big advantage to get a Web site with the .mobi extension, or most of the people just change their Web pages so that they appear correctly on all workstations for mobile devices?

    Also, can someone point me to a good tutorial or resource that deals with the design of web sites for mobile devices?

    Finally, can someone tell me why I can not post on this forum with my iPad? I was able to type in a title, but I couldn't write anything in the message area.

    Thank you.


    In any case, a question I have regarding the domain extensions. Is there a big advantage to get a Web site with the .mobi extension, or most of the people just change their Web pages so that they appear correctly on all workstations for mobile devices?

    For smartphone/tablet, there is no advantage in having a website for .mobi for the average web site owner, (corporate sites are however another reality entirely) and it is now a more common practice to use media queries to a specific provision of the device.

    Also, can someone point me to a good tutorial or resource that deals with the design of web sites for mobile devices?


    Finally, can someone tell me why I can not post on this forum with my iPad? I was able to type in a title, but I couldn't write anything in the message area.

    Sorry, but not not not an iPad to test the problem I can't help with this one. Maybe someone else can do!


  • Windows Calendar sync for mobile device: iPhone

    Please HELP - I'm at the end of my synchronization attempt roll my Windows calendar with my iPhone details-

    what I am doing wrong?

    These two entities are not compatible with each other?

    Please in advance for any help you can provide: o)!

    See if any of these links you get.  Do you receive a specific error message that can help find your problem?

    I need help etc calendar synchronization to outlook 2007 like PDA was previously synchronized to earlier softwar.

    Try your luck in a dedicated too Forum.

    HowardForums: Your Mobile phone community & resource > manufacturer Discussion

    Windows Mobile Device Center - Troubleshooting

    Windows Mobile Device Center - view of whole connection

    cannot sync cellphone with Vista; The mobile device Center indicates first of"binding", after a while "error."

    "Lead story on October 23 of Scott Dunn, who described workarounds to help sync you Outlook contacts and calendars with an iPhone, failed to provide detailed instructions for users of Blackberry, Windows Mobile and other devices.

    The best way to merge your contacts with the iPhone

    Fortunately, the procedure to merge data with these other phones address books requires only the synchronization software provided with your mobile device".  Read on...

    Synchronize your Outlook and mobile phone contacts

  • How to create a menu burger for mobile devices with submenus?


    I don't understand why Muse have still a self building mobile menu as it does for Desktop - Web sites. All other tools like RapidWeaver done!

    So I have to build my own burger menu manually. The problem is: How can I build with the submenus? Levels got more complex Web site and it would be much better, if the user can access directly through each of them on a mobile device in a burger menu.

    Can anyone help?

    I don't see what you want potential problems.

    Not 100% what you want, but the simple option is to nest panels in accordion inside each other. I spent 10 minutes during lunch at one place scheme (the burger is bad image and size of items is all wrong, but you can play with it (and change from pretty bad looking for something OK/good)).

    Mock up quick hamburger

    If you really want a slide from the right as in the example you have pointed out, you need to insert some html/css:

    -build the submenu just next to the page and the group. Listen to samples and inspect the element chromium to find the UID of the group. The click of the menu item, call the submenu UID and move the element on the page. Include the ease settings to soften the transition.

    Can go more in detail if you wish.

    Good luck and sorry is not the prettiest workaround. Maybe build widget a day.

  • animation for mobile devices

    Hi all

    I animate bitmap images, scheduled for a soundtrack with Flash. It is very good for viewing in a laptop or kiosk, but I need this type of project to mobile devices to port. What should I use?

    Thank you

    You can use a text editor to create html5 content.

    and you can simplify your production using (free) jquery.

    and if you can accept some restrictions of design, you can also simplify your production by using jquery-mobile (free).

    and it is absurd to use images bitmap when designing for mobile, because none of them have large screens.

    But yes, cc flash can manage bitmap images and publish html5 content. There are, however, limits of the bitmap:

    The largest authorized square bitmap is 4 095 x 4 095 pixels.  Non-rectangular size limits vary, for example, the following sizes all fit them within the limits of Flash Player 10:

    • 2169 x 7735
    • 3133 x 5355
    • 3315 x 5061
    • 3615 x 4641
    • 4095 x 4097
    • 4097 x 4095
    • 4641 x 3615
    • 5061 x 3315
    • 5355 x 3133
    • 7735 x 216
  • How to transfer the file from Notepad for mobile device?

    Hello.. I can transfer files from mobile phone to laptop (with interchange of information) but not the other way around! I tried to use "Wireless file transfer" to transfer file from laptop to laptop but when I click on send, nothing is really happening. Can someone please? Thank you.
    BTW, I use a toshiba R500.

    Salvation, but what mobile device you have?
    Maybe you should try the following: uninstall all bluetooth related things, download the latest version of the bluetooth software is available for your computer, install it and try again. It might be a good idea to install the latest bios and drivers.

    Would appreciate comments on your part.

    Welcome them

  • RV320 - supported VPN for mobile devices


    does anyone know if mobile devices (smlali iPad, iPhone) can establish VPN tunnel to RV320?

    Perhaps with the IPSec client integrated?

    Or maybe with Cisco Anyconnect?

    Or PPTP?

    Kind regards


    iOS embedded in the client IPSec or built-in PPTP can work with RV320. You need to activate the easy VPN server or server PPTP on RV320.

  • Are PDF Portfolios dead for mobile devices?

    Can you tell me if Acrobat CDS PDF Portfolios are convenient for viewing on mobile devices, especially for Android and retail?

    I was a big fan of highly customized PDF portfolio in Acrobat 9 and X era.  Now, I'm trying to get plain-vanilia Acrobat DC PDF Portfolios to work in mobile devices, including Android.  It seems futile.

    PDF portfolios don't will NOT be open and display in any popular mobile browser?

    Or is there a way to make that happen?  (I tried 'share links' of Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox, but rather than consider the PDF Portfolio, it appears a message saying the visitor to download the PDF file to view it on their device.)

    PDF portfolios will be only open and view in Acrobat Reader for Android?

    I am tired of several popular applications for Android PDF Viewer.  None of them could open a PDF portfolio.  Or am I missing something?

    I think I'm spinning my wheels on trying to use this technology once and large (on the desktop for the distribution) and the display on Android devices.  Am I wrong?

    Thank you for your attention and your time.

    Sincerely, Preston

    The description of what makes a PDF portfolio work in a PDF are public and have been for many years. But as far as I know, none of the authors of software has nothing with this info, so portfolio view only happens in Adobe software. Unfortunately, it is up to the authors of all what other software. Now, it is not surprising that portfolios have been ignored for years, because for years the portfolios only we did used Flash. Times change, but it may be too late for the portfolios.

  • display of the work plan in real time for mobile devices?

    I do my design in illustrator before exporting all the assets for use in mobile applications. Is there a way to get the work plan to display on my mobile device in real time? As it is now, I have to save the artboard as an image and put it on my phone to see what it looks like.

    Hi Mike,.

    The answer would be 'no', at the present time. You are already one of the workarounds.

    Thank you


  • Slide show image for mobile devices

    Hello world

    I'm doing my mobile site a little more user-friendly. On my current home page, I have a flash slideshow of images jpg image.

    Current page - photography of birds - Glenn Bartley Nature photography workshops

    I hope someone can help me with this move to a certain type of image slideshow that would work on mobile. Basically, I want to just images to scroll through all the seconds at random. Maybe 20 photos.

    Previously, I had a small banner ad of my main website that works on mobile. But when I tried to copy that code above doesn't seem to work. Perhaps because he was in a table?

    See banner advertising - Glenn Bartley Nature photography workshops - photography of birds, Nature, photography,.

    If someone has a simple code I can insert my workshops page to rotate the images through mobile devices I would really appreciate the help.

    Thank you very much!


    Mobile users might appreciate not all that consumption of bandwidth.  I often give my cell phone static image a users to look for not eating their limited data plans.

    On the other hand, most Tablet users have Wifi, so the bandwidth consumption is not as big a consideration for them.  However, 20 images is excessive.  5 or 6 means a better.

    If your site is built with delicate framework Bootstrap, you can use the built in component carousel Bootstrap described below.

    ALT-Web Design & Publishing: customization carousel of the Bootstrap

    Bootstrap in Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015

    There are other sliders reactive carousel available online.


    WOW Slider

    If you have a large number of images, you can use a thumbnail viewer Gallery and lightbox instead.


    Nancy O.

  • How can I make the menu vertical spry clickable CS6 for mobile devices?

    It works very well for the PC, but on mobile devices you must press a link, then the other. Then go back and click on the first link to get the secondary menu appear or work. I know he's a scoring event in the JS file, but don't see anything that could trigger an event click or tap. I'd love it if someone could point me in the right direction, because I'm doing my old site more mobile friendly.

    Spry is dead.  Adobe abandons Spry in 2012.  Nobody uses it more because it's not touch friendly.  Find a better system of menu - jQuery & CSS.

    Nancy O.

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