Do I need to install SP2 before SP3? If Yes, where can I find the Microsoft of SP2 version?

I had to re - install Windows XP SP1a, from a CD of resettlement came with my Dell laptop. This was done because I upgraded the hard drive. This facility went well. I went to the Windows Update site to try to get the SP2 and SP3. The webiste is said to SP2 until you can do SP3. The only version of SP2, I find on the website says that it is for the professionals and see the link for the Service Pack to the simple version. When I go on this link there is no one version. Do I need to install SP2 before SP3? If Yes, where can I find the Microsoft of SP2 version? In addition, the site says that automatic updates SP2 but I checked my Configuration of the automatic updates and it will not take anything in. Is there a way to force the automatic update to run immediately? Thanks, Ben


I totally agree with PML, you should be able to set up IE and then go to the Windows updates from there, once you get on the Windows Update site it will scan your system and implement critical updates and optional updates SP2 and SP3 should be on the list. It's a way to force an immediate update.

I hope this helps.


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