Docking station and of the menu bar does not appear automatically


I have some problems with the bar menu and Dock not appearing not to when the cursor is hoisted at the top and the setting up of the docking station...

It appears in the Security Mode.

In addition, the windows in Mission Control shows either, when you place the cursor at the top.

I tried to kill the Dock. Finder and Menu bar in the Terminal with the command 'killall '.

speculate as to what is wrong?



You can stop the process force using the background activity monitor utility. Just find the process Dock (sort the list of processes by name), or use the search box at top right, select, and then click the button exit (the icon is an 'X' in an octagon) in the upper left corner of the window of the activity monitor. It will ask if you want to make a normal Quit or force him to leave.

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    Adobe Reader is here to fill out the forms. Indeed, Adobe Acrobat is not free.

    Indeed... probably one reason Reader is free is so that Adobe can sell Acrobat for their manufacturing...

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    Quite separately from what the above I have a problem with my overflow of memory for temporary periods, even when I'm not demanding any activity. I installed more memory, which aleviated the problem briefly, but all of a sudden, a few weeks ago he's back. I did tests antivirus nothing helps. When this happens it is always Mozilla and Thunderbird as top of the list of activities and I am tempted to re - install. I'm going to do a back-up first but prefer not to rely on what I haven't tried recovering from a back-up. Specifically I need to take measures to protect and preserve the history of my email? And addrbk?
    Thank you in anticipation of any help.

    I was using version 38.0.1 and did not experience the problems you describe, but there can be other personalized preferences etc. accumulated over time that the difference between your profile and mine.
    Yes, the answer may have looked like manual, but it's usually the fastest method to get the corrected results.

    I am now using the latest version 38.1.0 and currently is not undergoing problems.

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    When I open a tab, I don't see the URL of the page that is open in it. If I enter a new address and press ENTER, I go to the page. The URL displays the entered URL, but does not change for new pages that load.

    In addition, previous/next buttons do not work. I'm guessing that it is related to the issue of address bar.

    You have this problem when running in Firefox SafeMode?

    Do not choose anything at the moment, just use 'continue in safe mode.

    If this is not the case, see this:

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    To answer my own question, I closed the Keynote used AppCleaner to get rid of the supporting files for Keynote, then restarted the app and everything was fine.

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