Document generation functionality exist in IIS?

The OPA 10.4.5 Install Guide mentions J# Redistributable Package installation for PDF Document generation, but it doesn't seem to be a server document generation binary equivalent to the installation of the document-generation file - server.war in a J2EE environment.


The Server Document provided with the OPA 10.4 generator is Java only, as this is a wrapper to several Oracle BI Publisher JAR libraries.  The developer of the OPA's Guide explain how it works if you are interested (

To enable the generation of document with IIS, the simplest method is to install Apache Tomcat and configure specifically for WAR Server-generator of documents (

The reference to J# in the installation guide is misleading, because it is no longer relevant for the generation plugin legacy document used before the OPA 10.3.  While it is still supported, it doesn't have the ability to easily create models of document for the legacy plugin and I would discourage to use it for any new project.

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    Hi Stephan,

    The screenshot in your previous post shows the iOS application that's not Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    Unfortunately, mobile applications of Adobe Acrobat Reader (for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) do not support static XFA forms, or Dynamics generated by Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

    Please use the version of XFA forms office view of Acrobat Reader on a Windows or Mac computer.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    .docx is a quite complicated XML file format, I doubt that there is a native LabVIEW application for this anywhere. You may be able to do some simple find/replace on strings inside XML or try to use xml for find/replace analytical tools that you need - try opening up with something like Notepad and see what you can do.

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    Select * from object where owner = 'YOUR SCHEMA NAME' and object_type = 'PROCEDURE '.
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    Mention the name in block LETTERS or use superior.

    Thank you & best regards

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    How can I change the size of the document on an existing document?

    The default units are set for new files by changing the units in the preferences of undocumented opened. Existing docs will not be affected, but you can just right-click the leaders (or intersection to do both at the same time) and the change units at any time.

    In the new dialog box document, enter the desired dimensions. You can use any unit, even if they are not unity by default, as long as you specify what they are (it's truths in most IDS fileds, incidentally). If you do not include a unit, ID assume that the default value for this field.

    For an existing document, got to file > Document Setup, and enter new dimensions. This does not change the margins, which are available on a per-page basis (or a master page that will change all the pages based on the master) page layout > margins and columns... Before making this kind of change, you can turn on the adjustment of the layout to allow executives who are broken guides to reposition or resize automatically. Layout > layout adjustment...

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    02/11/11. I also saw generic files, not as My Documents, but the existing replacement have been replaced.

    Hi RoseForbes,

    Follow the steps in the article.

    Steps of troubleshooting for problems when you try to use the System Restore tool in Windows XP

    The system restore service does not work in Windows XP

  • Is there a way to access document scripts through javascript?

    I know that I can add and remove a script from the document through name, but is there a way to access the actual content of the writing of the document?

    I have a script that I use in an action to complete a large number of forms I create (clears the form, add the javascript requirement, valid and sets some parameters, etc.), and I would add an action in the document based on whether or not a certain function exists in the document level scripts. If I can access the code, I can analyze outside to see if the desired channel exists or not, but I don't see a way to do this.

    Is this possible?

    If you know the name of the function, you can use the typeof command to find out whether or not it is declared.

    For example:

    function hello() {app.alert("Hello!");}
    typeof hello; // returns "function"
    typeof goodbye; // returns "undefined"
  • Generation of PDF 10.2 OPA

    Hi, I use OPA 10.2 I can get a xslt for the generation of pdf that allows me to show all the attribute divided by screen and in order, the controls are based on screen

    We have an existing solution for document generation, take a look on: "Document Generator Plugin Overview" in the "political Oracle Developer Automation Help."

    We don't have an XSLT that is pre-made for you unfortunately.

  • Update ESD definitions used by Document

    I added some features to my EDD, more precisely a under list in a list item.  I generated a new DTD, then imported my definitions of ESD in the model.  I test the functionality of my list and sublist and it works beautifully.  Then I imported the new definitions of ESD into an existing document which was built on the previous version of ESD.  The new list features did NOT work.  The dialog box pop-up to request the type of list does not appear.  I double click on the list item in the structure view and was able to adjust the type (I took the numbers) and 1.  appeared.  I typed a few words and you press on enter, the 1. has disappeared!    I conclude that my definitions of EDD update procedure was not proper procedure. Can anyone help?

    [Moved to FM structured forum Thread]


    To the best of my knowledge, import a new DSP in a document REPLACES the existing ESD. Import does not add or press any existing ESD. So, if the new ESD works in the test document, it should work in any document in which it is imported.

    About contextual dialog... There is a DOCUMENT setting that governs the dialog box. Select view > assign Display Options. In the options, you can set the always dialog box to appear or always no show or show only for the required attributes. As I said, it is set for each document. So, my guess is that your test paper was a notch and the new document had a different setting. It has nothing to do with the EDD.

    Regarding the 1 endangered enter... don't know why that would happen. When you have selected numbers, you also click Set (or whatever button on the pod of attributes)? If this is not the case, the list can returned to the value by default when you press ENTER.


  • Report all existing browser cookies

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    Similarly, I would like to scan for & cookies all backup files on my PC at a specified location and time stamped file and have an app to open these files from backup of cookie in a readable way.

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    Will be the Cookies Manager + add-on helps you not at all?

  • Function of path of the band directly in TestStand?


    I use TestStand 2013 one I'm looking for a "Path of the band" function, which can retrieve path name and file name of a coherent path string.

    Such a function exists in LabVIEW but I found no comparables in TestStand.

    Kind regard



    To get the path of the sequence running (or other) try this in a press release:

    Locals.sequencepath = Left (RunState.SequenceFile.Path, Find (RunState.SequenceFile.Path, "-", 0, True, True));

    To get the file name of the path, you can use the MSCORBLIB function.

    Add a step to the .net action.

    Select MSCORBLIB assembly 4.0

    Select the root class "System.IO.Path (cannot be created).

    Select call .net as "GetFileName (System.String).

    I hope this helps.


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