Document pages in word on the iTunes format are duplicated.  How can I delet extra copies?

I synchronize with all my Pages documents in Word format.  The problem is that every document on my iPhone is presented as reproduce under the iTunes, section of Pages of Documents, same old deleted documents.  Tried to remove the extra copies directly from iTunes, but could not.  Is there a way to remove these additional documents on iTune and couldn't get back in my phone?  Only when I use to synchronize using PDF format where duplication is not created.  But I prefer to have the documents in Word on my PC.


Hi Gezirazlk,

If you create Pages documents on your iPhone and want a PDF on your PC unless it is duplicated on your iPhone, a possible flow of work/solution would be to download iCloud for Windows on your PC and use iCloud drive to store your PDFs for your PC.

Take a look at the resources below to see how it works:

Implement the iCloud drive on all your devices

Take care

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