Documentation for the API decisions calls, parsing and formatting.

Will someone provide me with links and information to make the API calls, analysis, and/or formatting the JSON in ColdFusion. If there are video tutorials, it'll be great.


It does not work. It's what works... obtained from StackOverflow. I assumed that the automatically transformed deserializeJSON match but it was not. Looks like it is a struct.

Name: #.

Weather: [i] .main #.

Description: [i] .description #.

Tags: ColdFusion

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  • Where can I find the documentation for the API Eloqua

    I wonder this a fair bit type and wanted to ensure that the response was available in Topliners.

    Here it is:

    There is also a guide on how to create a custom connector cloud here:

    Please add other resources for discussion if they are useful.

  • Documentation of the API for CWIMAQControls

    I am a software developer with several years of experience in medicine and other sciences, but now is working on a software project using National Instruments IMAQ customer in .NET and have no prior experience with image processing.  The only I can find the API documentation is a help file with the product intalled.  Then this under did a good job explaining the service inputs and outputs, it is light on the explanation in a real retail functions actually do.  Under .NET (not my favorite but this is what I got), I can get a good summary of the objects and their properties / methods, which is useful.  I see there are a lot of good material in this forum, but what I need right now is good basic documentation.  I also noted a plethora of PDF files in the directory of installation but found nothing there or on which gives me the level detail fo I need.  When I think that the documentation of the API, I expect something as complete what Sun Microsystems offers with any JDK Java - it seems that the doc API IMAQ assumes a certain level of ease and does not for someone like me come with literally no background outside a lot of math (algebra of vector fortunately!) and science in College courses.

    Am I missing something?  I see that there are many examples of programs and I can get what want from those, I guess, but I do not charge my client for all the time it will take, if there is a more ready fo source information.

    Now, I realize that the field of the treatment of the image is large and it would be difficult to develop a software of this nature without a learning curve.  So I have

    I studied through two web queries image processing and having bought the book 'Digital Image Processing (Gonzalez, wood).

    Specifically, I was put to zero in on what is needed for the task at hand: "blob detection" and "blob tracking movement."  It seems pretty clear to me, some have become familiar with the image processing basic terminology and methodologies that have been developed for tracking, and image recognition of movement IMAQ software can do what it takes.  At this point, I can do basic things with objects presented in .NET.  It is analogous to maybe ask a kid who just the definition of an equilateral triangle to solve differential equations.

    In this case, what I really need is one or more examples of programs that perform functions similar to what I want to do.  Is there any suggestions in this regard?  My research on revealed evidence of the items of "blob detection" and "blob motion" and I see that these were used for tasks as complex as the particles of follow-up and the counting of blood components.  I don't see and od you expect not to see any object, follow also specific methods than what I need to do - which is in fact quite abstract - and chart the path of the blob more to light to the camera image gained when it moves in real time.

    It's a strange feeling to have been programming for decades, and then enter a field where the customer needs require me to act as a nini who has not done its homework.  But it's the nature of the job.  The pointers will be appreciated.  If I missed something obvious I don't even mind being reprimanded to be unobservant or lazy.

    Thank you very much in advance for any assistance that may be provided.


    Have you looked at the manual of the Vision Concept?  (it should be in the form of PDF in the documentation directory, or you can see it here) It has a more detailed description on what our algorithms.

    We also ship many examples for .NET - those of the 2. Functions\Binary analysis file dealing with blob detection and may be useful.

    Good luck to you on your application!

    Greg Stoll

    Vision R & D

    National Instruments

  • Where is the Documentation of the API for the Premiere Pro Panel SDK?

    I see the links to the sample application and the getting started guide, but where is the actual SDK documentation?

    Where is the documentation that describes the options for manifest.xml?

    Where is documentation of AGENCY javascript API for the type of functions used in the sample application (ie: "$. _ext_PPRO.importFiles ()" "")

    What about documentation for this global "__adobe_cep__" object I see in CSInterface.js in the example?

    Thank you

    There is no documentation for the ExtendScript API organization; the example code work is the right place to start. Feel free to ask questions.

    For the rest: Adobe-CEP/CEP-Resources · GitHub

  • Documentation for the conversion of virtual and physical memory

    Are there any decent documentation for the conversion of virtual and physical memory?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Yes I do, I'll send you my notes!



  • Where can I find documentation for the SDK of first?

    I already asked several questions in the forums, but I'm still lost. For each feature, I would like to implement, I come here to ask if it is still possible.

    So, what I would like to be my last question: is there an autour documentation?

    CEP 6 Extension HTML Cookbook for 2015 CC · Adobe-CEP/CEP-resources Wiki · GitHub

    This will give you a lot of important information.

    But there is no official documentation for ExtendScript APIs. I recommend so the PProPanel example:

    Samples/PProPanel to master · Adobe-CEP/Samples · GitHub

    I do not recommend questions here. Especially if you search in the ExtendScript APIs. Adobe´s Bruce Bullis used to be very responsive and dedicated. In addition, I started following these forums to help others since I know how complicated Premiere´s SDK can be at the beginning.


  • How to change the switch case sub - VI for the Subvi all calls


    to make the code more elegant and more reasonable, I source code, often called a Subvi. The Subvi is a box structure. If I add new cases of this Subvi thereafter, I must renew all selectors of Enum for the Subvi handmade calls. It's really annoying.

    Is it possible to pair the picker to the slot - VI for a change in the number of cases will affect all selectors automatically?

    Best regards


    Thank you very much. It works just perfect.


  • HP Photosmart 3110 referred to the documentation for the printer. Error 0xe18a001

    HP Photosmart 3110 referred to the documentation for the printer. Error 0xe18a001

    Hello caromuna,

    It seems that other users have found a way to completely reset the printer back to the default settings, which can help with this question.

    The reset is discussed in this forum thread and seems to be a bit difficult to fill. Let me know if it helps to solve your problem.

    Photosmart 3310 ink system failure

  • intermittent connection problem: 'the user profile Service service has no logon. The remote procedure call failed and did not execute. »

    Hello, I'm having intermittent problems with logging in my Windows 7 computer.

    Often after reboot due to applications of Windows Update or any simply restart after the holidays, I have the following message on trying to connect:

    "The service user profile Service has no logon. The remote procedure call failed and did not execute. "

    When I click 'OK', the machine disconnects and try to restart.  This can occur 2 to 5 times before _works_ .  But sometimes it happens at all.  And sometimes he _partially_ connects, but my "reminder" and the "Sidebar Gadgets' not loading not correctly and I get a different RPC error - for example, I lived once a message RPC over Skype cannot work because the remote procedure call failed.

    I'm fairly certain that it is different from the frequently reported issue 'profile of corruption', which was experienced by others.  This problem manifests itself as 'the user profile Service does not log. The user profile could not be loaded "and is reported as a blocking problem consistently reproducible which is set by the 'fixing' of the profile.

    However, the issue I feel is clearly related to an RPC problem is intermittent and not consistent - maybe one of my devices is not reset properly?  Where I can look in the logs of Windows, to provide relevant information on this subject?

    Because my computer was still under warranty, I have raised the issue of Dell and they removed the damaged system file (user account) last week.

    I hope that this will finally fix the problem (previously the error message disappear and reappear after a few weeks later.)  I'll give it a few more weeks to be sure.

  • The remote procedure call failed and did not execute

    whenever I put up-to-date Windows 7 freezes my new laptop and the computer ends by does not. Whenever I try to open my computer, documents, control panel and look for the following error message if poster to the remote procedure call failed and did not execute

    Hi aaabbbcccdddeeefffggg,

    Try the following steps:

    Type services in the start menu search box.

    In Services, scroll down to "Remote Procedure Call", and make sure that the status is "started."

    and set to automatic.

    The second 'RPC Locator' must be set to "manual".

    If the problem persists, as a workaround, you can perform online scan on your computer and check if the error message is caused due to malware or viruses.

    Now visit the link provided below for analysis online on your computer.

    Later, try to install the updates and check.

    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support

  • "search query: = services the remote procedure call failed and did not run".

    My computer crashed two days ago and I'm finally home, but whenever I try to open a window of any folder I keep refusing. In particular the main computer folder. One of the error messages I got is the following:

    search query: = services the remote procedure call failed and did not run

    Followed by this one:

    The remote procedure call failed and did not execute.

    I opened the Task Manager and tried to access the services from there, but whenever I do, the Task Manager window freezes.

    How can I fix it, my computer is so slow running and does hardly anything and guard with all freezing orders that I try.


    This error generally, if the system is infected with Virus and malware or system files are corrupt.

    Please, try the methods below and check if the problem persists.

    SFC scanner.

    You can read the following Microsoft article to repair corrupted using SFC tool files. Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files


    If the problem persists, try a run Microsoft Safety Scanner.

    The Microsoft Security Scanner is a downloadable security tool for free which allows analysis at the application and helps remove viruses, spyware and other malware. It works with your current antivirus software.

    Note: The Microsoft Safety Scanner ends 10 days after being downloaded. To restart a scan with the latest definitions of anti-malware, download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again.

    Important: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Do try the suggestions above and let us know the results.

  • "The remote procedure call failed and did not execute." Tried many things, still does not work

    Hello, whenever I try to open a file, the message "the remote procedure call failed and did not execute" appears. I checked that "Remote Procedure Call" began and is on automatic, as well as the RPC Locator is the manual value. I also ran a full system scan of my Norton Antivirus, which picked up nothing.  Can someone please?


    You can try to change RPC Locator auto and see if that fixes the problem?

    I recommend that you only perform a scan with the auditor of the filesystem, which will scan your system for missing/corrupted or damaged files and will try to correct them.

    How to run the System File Checker

    Also, you can run the check disk to find bad sectors that may be present on your system.

    Check your hard drive for errors

    Thank you


  • When you try to log on, get error - "the system event notification service has no logon. the remote procedure call failed and did not execute. »

    My netbook will not open a session because it can not find a certain file. She won't tell me the file. and when I try to go to safe mode it freezes... is there anyway I can just read another account another point? the message I get is "the system event notification service does not log. the remote procedure call failed and did not execute. "tips anyone? I care is no longer the files it contains. If I could wipe it off somehow to factory settings then would be too cool. his windows 7 starter edition

    Original title: hp netbook to log issue

    You have two options:

    • Perform a factory restore. Check the homepage of the manufacturer for instructions.
    • Start the computer with your Windows XP installation CD, and then follow the prompts. You will have to find the different drivers to match your hardware, for example a driver for SATA hard drive.
  • How can I change the size of the font for the comments/text call out boxes?

    How can I change the size of the font for the comments/text call out boxes?

    Hey sylviec10386621,

    Once you add any call box, select this option and press (Ctrl + E) to open its properties.

    Try this at your end and let me know how it goes.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • Documentation for the automation plugins


    I'm new with Oracle OSM 7.2.2 and trying to find documentation for the feature that is available in automation_plugins.jar

    I see that there are many classes available that can be used in XQuery Automators, for example:

    declare namespace context = "java:com.mslv.oms.automation.TaskContext";
    declare variable $context external;
    context:completeTaskOnExit($context, "success")

    There is nothing in Oracle Communications order and Service Management Documentation that describes what classes are available in automation_plugins.jar and how they can be used. Is there a javadoc or other documentation somewhere?

    Thanks in advance


    Yes, there are java documentation available. It will come with SDK during installation of the OSM.

    Check your default folder: C:\Program Files\OSM\SDK\

    Hope this helps you.



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