Does anyone know a program of accounting for Mac?

II am looking for a program of accounting for Mac, any suggestions?

There are literally hundreds of them. Search for others on the App Store. Search on MacUpdate and by searching on Google. There is no way we could make a suggestion. You will need to research, test them, and then make your choice based on your needs and what can do the software.

How to safely use MacUpdate to download malicious software free software: *

This site has both free and paid members accounts. If you don't have then some software will be distributed in a wrapper for an installation that includes adware/malware, you can not. Such a download may appear on your computer as follows: Firefox installer.dmg. Remove the download and return to the main site where you will find a direct link to the Web site. Use this link to download the software.

To avoid these downloads to MU simply create a free membership account. Sign in to your account before using the site. You can avoid the wrappers of the installer and download of adware or malware. I continue to use their site without any problems.

If you prefer not to create a membership account and note that on the download page under the price area will be the link to the developer site. Use this link and download the software directly from the developer work around the use of MU altogether.

* You simply establish a free subscription or paying to avoid problems getting adware with your download.

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