Does anyone use iCloud for everything?

Does anyone use iCloud as your main service (i.e. for synchronization, documents of cloud and primary email address)? I mainly use it as my primary service, but finds that she has its drawbacks, especially when it comes to Mail and web messaging on - it is a bit old and lack of functionality.

Wonder if anyone has experiences and possible suggestions to fix/improve the service?


I use my account for all iCloud. It is my main email account, iMessage account, allows you to synchronize my calendars, is my main calendar, synchronize and stores my contacts, contains most of my personal documents (although I also use the box, Dropbox and OneDrive).

I had no problems with it. What features Miss do you? I rarely use I mainly go there through the apps on my iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.

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  • using iCloud for photos

    Decided that I would try using iCloud for synchronization of photos to all my devices - ipad and iPhone.  A simple and way big to keep all the features of update of the sounds.  I followed all the directions for setting this up and find that this more complicated that we shouldn't.  I finally got some pictures in the library iCloud for my computer, but of course they do not appear on the iphone or iPad.  I apparently won't implement the iphone or the ipad properly.  I think I tried everything I could find on this operation, but nothing works. For some reason when on the iPad and try to access the with Safari, I get the message that the server is not responding.  When you do the same thing on the iPhone, it connects but it takes me to a window that says "Setup iCloud on this device."  Seems weird like iCloud is already on this currency.   Bottom line is that I spent hours too much try to do the job as well as to purchase more space icloud. I might have to overcome my 8 year old grandson to help me.

    Yyou don't use to display your photos on your iPad and your phone, you use the Photos app with iCloud library active, just like the photos on your Mac.

  • Using iCloud for other files storage


    I bought an extra storage in the hope that I can save files other than those created by Apple applications. In particular, I want to back up all my photos that are currently managed by Photoshop, as I am a passionate photographer. I fight to see how I can use iCloud for anything other than files created by Apple apps.

    Anyone know if this is possible?

    Thank you very much.

    No, it is not possible. You can use iCloud for storing photos using the Photos app and iCloud photo library:

    iCloud Photo library FAQ - Apple Support

    iCloud Photo Library help - Apple Support

    To save your photos in a Cloud Computing service, you need to use Dropbox or similar cloud service.

    See you soon,.


  • I want to stop using iCloud for storing my original photos, how do I download the on my device?

    I want to stop using iCloud for storing my original photos, how do I download the on my device?

    When I disable iCloud for photos, it is said that the original for more than 600 photos will be deleted because they have not been downloaded on my device. So, how can I do to download everything on my iPhone?

    Display the information below, to get help with your photo library - Apple Support iCloud

    To disable iCloud photo library for a device unique iOS, go to settings > iCloud > Photos and disable the iCloud photo library.

    To disable iCloud photo library for a Mac, go to System Preferences > iCloud > Options next to Photos, then deselect iCloud photo library.

    If you need to optimize storage on, you all your photos and original videos may not be on your device. To download the photos and videos on your original iOS device, go to settings > iCloud > Photos and select Download and keep the originals. On your Mac, open the photo, choose Photos > Preferences, and select to download the originals of this Mac. Then you can cut iCloud photo library. You can also select the photos and videos you want tΘlΘcharger

  • I can't use iCloud for backup of data from third-party applications

    I use an iPod touch 6th generation and I wanted to use iCloud for backup of Twitter, IG, Pinterest etc. I've tried searching steps. So far I've been finding the same set of instructions:

    Settings > iCloud > storage > select your iDevice > turn on apps you want to iCloud to save

    But after clicking on the storage, I don't see that 'manage storage' and below, the option 'change of Plan '. Why does my iPod not not the option choose iDevice? I can see the option to save the data of integrated applications, but not applications, third-party. My iCloud that unit is on but my Photos under icloud is disabled. I really need the extra space. What seems to be the problem?

    Click Manage store (settings > iCloud > storage > Storage manage and you see what moves backup iCloud storage.)

  • Use icloud for storing my photos will reduce the amount of space these pictures tak - up on my iphone?

    Use icloud for storing my photos will reduce the amount of space these photos take on my iphone? I guess the pictures would be automatically download on icloud but under settings, it tells me photos waiting to be downloaded, why?

    Yes, if you delete them from your device.

  • MacBook, el capitan - keep getting msg "cannot send a msg using iCloud Server" even if use iCloud for years. Msg force quit

    in mail msg "cannot send message using the server iCloud. use iCloud for years

    The iCloud system preferences pane, please just uncheck the Mail and check again.

  • How to use iCloud for PC without an iOS device?

    I received an invitation to join a place to share photos of iCloud.  I'm not an Apple user, do not have an iOS device (or plan in the near future).

    I've created an Apple ID iCloud and have iCloud account.  I downloaded and installed iCloud for Windows on my PC.  However when I try to run the program and enter my Apple ID and password to connect, I get the following message:

    Unable to connect

    Your identifier Apple must serve to iCloud on an OS X device or an iOS to install before you can use iCloud for Windows.

    Is this to say that I can't access the iCloud photo sharing subscription since I did not have an iOS device to set up my account?  ICloud photos can be shared with users who have an iOS device to that?

    Thanks in advance.

    You can create an Apple on a Windows PC ID, but you cannot create an iCloud account - it is a separate additional process and unless you've been able to create one on a Mac or iOS device you don't have an iCloud account, only an Apple ID. This is why the error message you see.

    iCloud accounts are essentially positioned as a way for Mac/iOS users synchronize data from their devices and are a free service at the Starter level; the control panel is intended for users of Mac/iOS, which also happens to have a Windows PC. They are not intended for Windows users only. Unless you can find a way to set up a device to iCloud on a Mac or an iOS device, you will not be able to move forward.

    iCloud sharing photos can be configured as a public or private - the first are directly accessible in any web browser, but private sharing requires you to have iCloud account. If your source is not willing to set up a public share (that would be accessible to the world in general) you will not be able to access it without an iCloud account.

  • Re: Files I've accidentally pressed + create new folder. It changed all my file names to now show the full path that is users/Michael/pictures... and I see is no longer the name of the folder.  I use folders for EVERYTHING and I need to go all the way

    CC Lightroom library module: I tried to do something else and I pressed on '+ create a new folder.  All the names of my files now have the full path as their name, i.e. of C:\Users/Michael...  It changed my folder name so much more that I can see is no longer.  I use folders for EVERYTHING.  I never use collections or anything else, and my inability to quickly determine the names of my files is driving me crazy.  How can I get rid of all this nonsense of path?  He was never there until I hit this sign.

    On the same dropdown menu selected "name of folder only.

  • Can I use iCloud for save all my Apple devices?

    I leaned on the use of cloud storage to ensure I have backups of my documents, music, pictures, etc.  I know that Apple has iCloud to do with iOS devices.  Can Macbooks save it too?  A full backup of the computer can be programmed to run and be stored in the cloud?  Does anyone know?

    N ° it do not backup Mac.

  • How the practice is to use iCloud for storage with a new MacBook Air documents

    I currently have almost 500gig in documents on my macbookpro 2012.  Thinking of getting a new MacBook Air. For storage, I need to iCloud or a external hard drive. Don't want to carry a second piece of equipment, so I think almost any movement to the cloud. It's convenient.  Safe?

    Simply store your 500 GB of documents in iCloud is a space-saving convenience and sharing between or on your Mac (s). It is not a backup strategy because Apple does not archive the user data stored in iCloud. External, 2 TB USB3 drive will fit in the Palm of your hand, weighs almost nothing and ensures that Time Machine is to backup your user data wherever you are. It is the solution that I use with my MacBook Air to 2014, even when sitting in a coffee shop (and using VPN for security). Time Machine also captures Users/yourname/Library/Mobile Documents, which is your application compatible iCloud files and documents.

    As well as a Time Machine backup of this 500 GB of documents, I would like to put them on another external drive that goes on the plateau to ensure the guard. Sometimes external drives completely fail without warning, including two Time Machine disks that happened to me over the past four years.

    If you choose to use another non-Apple Cloud service, read the fine print on this autonomy of providers to transfer data between international servers, and your rights under foreign laws and safety distance will always give you access to your data.

  • Does anyone use this switches in a data center?

    I have an interest in the switches of SG-300 or SG-500 small businesses for small and moderate use.

    These are rack switches, but my question is if someone is actually using them in a rack of data center with public servers rather than catalysts?

    I understand that they are small business units, but they would hold the heat, vibration in a rack? How do they practice?

    I have an older catalyst, it costs less than new now that some of this small business ones, but I really need gigabit for internal LAN traffic ports and my DC tells me none has this unit to small businesses in their DC, it is not normal to use because they are not high-performance switches. IM worried to go small businesses who are actually Linksys device and not Cisco. I have some Linksys devices for personal use and at home and they are still in years. But I Don t know how they perform outside of this environment. I need to stay under $ 1000 per switch.

    They would fail in a few months? Can be clustered (2 switches) so if one fails the other take the network up until I have replace the failure? If so, I could take the risk, but one dying switch would be a disaster.

    My needs are low speed gigabit between the servers for backup and storage, but usually less 50 Mbit on the public Wan. These switches are really only for small office use or if they work very well with the servers in an institution? If so, I'd love to hear some real experiences, everyone I ask most of them said not to go with the switches, but then why are they still rack? They can´t be this bad or that they are not really designed for 24/7 usage?

    I'd appreciate some experiences with the amount of traffic you are passing on them and for how long (months) because I Don t know anyone use so far in a remote installation.

    Catalyst has shared backplanes and ASICS. SX300 and SX500 series does not work. If you do not need things like the protocols of the road (BPG, OSPF, IS - IS), VTP, CEF then these switches are very good.

    The switch has generally not hardware failure unless it is due to external voltage problems. A real failure, the MTBF is probably 4 or 5 years old, and I say this because the SX300 was not of the most and I've honestly never seen a die with the exception of power problems (storms, power surges, etc.). I saw ports to die only once and a while but that does not matter much because the switches are hardware to life with replacement free advanace...

    If you plan to use these switches as a Ridge with high throughput, especially in layer 2, I seriously doubt you'll break this thing.

    I am not yet sold on the robustness in environments of layer 3 but as a core for sub 300 people is a good switch. In response to another concept, the SX500X switches supports VRRP.

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  • must anyone using iCloud photo sharing have an Apple device

    The family has an iPhone or a Mac computer.  Some computers are older and do not work elCapitan.  Should everyone have an Apple elCapitan device to use sharing photos running?

    You can view sharing photos without an Apple device, if you share your albums as a public web page and send the link to anyone without an Apple device, see this help page:

    iCloud, sharing photos - Apple Support

    You can even share albums with friends and family who do not use iCloud. Just open a shared album you have created, go to the people tab on your iOS device or click on on your Mac and turn on the Public website. Your photos publish on a website that anyone can see in an up-to-date web browser.

  • How to use iCloud for Windows if I don't have a fisrt iOS device sign in with?

    I lost 135 MB of download capacity for iCloud for Windows, so I can participate in the program of sharing with my children, to see the miserable piece of software I have to first sign with an iThingee, which I did and refuse to buy.  This makes iCloud for WIndows USELESS!  Ther3e anyway for me to activate iCLoud for Windows WITHOUT either one) fouling up to iThingees of my children by making them sign me on my Apple account and then re - configure their machines to RETURN on their own AFTER I get iCloud for WIndows goes on my Surface or b) purchase of an iThingee that I refuse categorically to buy?

    As you found, family sharing requires a Mac or an iOS device to start with. You can read this information on the use and configuration of the sharing of the family. Implement the family share - Apple Support  You can't use it on the Windows computer until it is configured on an iOS or Mac device.

  • Can I use iCloud for storing photo backup?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if it is possible to use iCloud as photo backup storage. I have a lot of pictures on my OS 10.7.5 and save them on the cloud. Is this possible? is it possible even with an older version of iPhoto?

    Thank you friends mac colleagues.


    No iCloud by itself. You can save the images on iCloud drive, but then they are just images randomly without structure, unless save you them in a kind of files that will help you organize them in the drive.

    If you want to archive and save photos, you should be import on your computer, or you must use a Cloud service of archiving such as Dropbox or Google Photos. It is the only way to store your photos.

    Good luck


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