does not connect to allow to export a PDF file to a Word document

does not connect to allow to export a PDF file to a word document


Try to do it here:

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  • How to export a PDF file to a word document? at this time he came with "specified by a policy (CMap) encoding is missing? What can I do?  Thank you

    How to export a PDF file to a word document? at this time he came with "specified by a policy (CMap) encoding is missing? What can I do?  Thank you

    Hi frenchiem,

    This is due to the PDF file cannot display the original fonts. To fix it, creator must create the PDF file with the police embed option enabled. Thus, the user can open the file on any platform with the same layout. Or the product Acrobat can display them after installing the media kit for police on the client side.

    Kind regards


  • Export a PDF file to a Word document

    I received a pdf file that is to be exported as a supplement to a class Word documents. In addition, I would like the pdf. be shortened by creating a view "handout", with

    3 pages, condensed on one, similar to the way in which you can take a powerpoint presentation and create views of document.

    Help, please! Thank you. I appreciate any guidance you can provide.

    Hi kellynmca,

    You can export PDF to a Word document in Acrobat, but the steps will vary depending on what version you have. In the current version, Acrobat DC, you choose file > export to > Microsoft Word (in previous versions, the option is file > save as another). Once you have converted the PDF file to Word, you can handle it if necessary to combine these pages on one.



  • I want to export the PDF file to a word doc. I can't find the icon on the right?

    I'm trying to export a PDF doc to a word doc. I've been on the help site, I can't find the icon in the toolbar. My PDF reader is version 9.

    Hi padgetcat440,

    I see that you have a Pack PDF Adobe membership. You can access it directly from this link: (click the tab ExportPDF if want to convert a PDF to Word file). If you have Acrobat Reader, you can also access the ExportPDF function in the tool pane there.

    Please let us know how it goes.


  • Why does my PDF files appear as word documents?

    My PDF files are displayed as icons in word document and I don't know why. I can still open them as a PDF file just right click and then go to 'Open with' but I prefer them rather to open as a PDF immediately.

    I did some research and most popular answers seems to be to change the association of file by the following steps:
    1. Click Startand then click Control Panel.
    2. Click on Folder Options.
    3. Click the File Types tab in the Folder Options window and complete file types and their association is listed.
    4. Click new and type the file Extension in the box and then click Advanced.
    5. Choose a file type association.
    6. Click OK and then click close.
    7. Open the file again.
    But when I go in the "Folder Options" I can't find the 'File Types' tab anywhere! The only options are "General", "view"and"search".
    If someone could help me with this problem that would be much appreciated.

    The File Types tab exists in Windows XP and earlier and removed from Windows Vista.

    You can use the option 'Open with' to change program file associations as Entegy said in addition, you can find this useful link.
  • Lately, when I convert a Word document to pdf format, the pdf document is not the same, but it leaves out the parts of my Word document.  Do anyone know of a solution or fix for this problem?

    When I use Acrobat 9 to convert a Word file to pdf, the converted document does not match the original, but leaves rather parts of the original Word document.  Someone knows what to do?

    I found the problem and solved by changing the conversion of PDF from Adobe

    settings uncheck "enable accessibility and reflow with tagged Adobe."

    PDF. "Thank you.  John

    The game, 00:23, 2 July 2015, Anubha Goel [email protected]>

  • Firefox does not connect to any site since the new update to download.

    Firefox does not connect to all websites since the installation of the last update. Google Chrome and Internet work.

    Some problems occurs when your Internet security program was set to trust to the
    a previous version of Firefox, but no longer recognizes your updated as version
    level of confidence. Now how do I solve the problem: to allow Firefox to connect to the Internet
    Once again;

    • Make sure your Internet security software is up-to-date (for example, you are using the latest version)
    • Delete Firefox to list your program of trusted or recognized programs, then add it again. For detailed instructions, see

    Configure the firewall so that Firefox can access the Internet. {web link}

  • Thunderbird does not connect to the server after update to 24.4. How can I fix it?

    TBird updated today V24.4 on my desktop and now it does not connect to the server. I have V23.4 on my lap top and it works fine. Someone at - he had this problem and figured out how to fix it?

    Please check your anti-virus software.
    He may have detected a change and decided to not allow Thunderbird. He could therefore block Thunderbird.

  • Firefox does not connect to any Web site, but other browsers will.

    When I get something in the URL-, localhost, one bar the IP address, there is a fraction of a second flash, then the bar becomes empty and nothing has changed. It seems that Firefox is not even try to connect to the internet.

    Yesterday, everything was fine when I was running FF on Windows 7. After the upgrade to Windows Pro 8, Firefox has failed. I've updated for Windows 8.1, hoping for the best, but it's the same problem.

    I've walked by the firewall program, several times (the only race is the built-in Windows Firewall). Finally, I uninstalled Firefox, including all my settings, custom and reinstalled from scratch, twice. And even this version pure and clean Firefox does not connect to the internet.

    I am a computer web developer and would be happy to look at the log files or run a tool (Fiddler?) to see what happens at a low level, if I only knew where to look.

    john99, thanks for the links. I went through all (again), one by one. The last link showed me what helped. I've renamed "firefox.exe" to "firefox1.exe" and was able to use firefox.

    It made me suspect the firewall or malicious software. I ran a Malwarebytes full scan, zero problems detected. I have pored on the entries of windows firewall, the "Windows Firewall with advanced security" view and also the simple control panel view. The only mention of Firefox is that I continue to add and remove to allow firefox through.

    Here I knew what was going on, but for now, I can at least use firefox. How frustrating!

  • iTunes does not connect with my iphone 6

    I updated my phone and itunes for recent versions, and when I try to connect my device with itunes, it does not connect. My computer says that my phone is connected but my itunes doesn't work. When I connect my phone, a notification appears saying "allow this device to access the photos and videos? Nothing appears saying "approve this computer? I restarted my computer several times and my phone but it still does not connect. I tried the update of the driver portion, but he says it's updated, but when I go to view the file "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver" it does not appear on my computer.

    Have you tried the following steps:

    If iTunes does not recognize your iPhone, iPad or iPod - Apple Support

    If so, you may also want to see excellent iTunes to turingtest2 for troubleshooting Windows guide to:

    Troubleshooting problems with iTunes for Windows updates

    especially the chapters containing Apple Mobile Device Support.

  • Why is my Apple - Super Drive CD does not connect to my iMac?

    Why is my Apple - Super Drive CD does not connect to my iMac?  That was before I upgraded to el Capitan.  Now it will not allow CD insertion and the icon does not appear on my desktop.  However, the device is displayed in the Finder and seems to rest for more than 15 minutes, try to connect.  Any advise appreciated.

    try resetting the SMC

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

  • distance does not connect

    Logic remotely allowing to work on this system. Now does not connect the remote control. Using the logic 10.0.7 and system 10.8.5

    Not wanting to update system (work of plugins) and logic don't increase past this due to 10.8.5 I guess.

    Guessing the app remote has updated itself?

    Someone knows how to get these guys to play nice as they once ddi?

    Yes... the last LR now requires the latest version of logic to work correctly...

    Since LR iTunes Info page...

    The system configuration required

    Requires iOS 9.1 or later

    iPad support requires Logic Pro X 10.2.1 MainStage v3.2.3 or GarageBand v10.1

    iPad support Pro requires Logic Pro X 10.2.1 or MainStage v3.2.3

    support iPhone requires Logic Pro X 10.2.1

    I hope that you have a backup of the iPad in iTunes so that you can roll back the LR app on your iPad... for an earlier version, otherwise you are stuck, I'm afraid to say...

    Note: I recommend not turning not not on automatic updates on IOS or OS X devices due to these types of problems after applications or operating systems are automatically updated...

    In IOS...

    Auto power off app updates may be a bit difficult to find in the settings, but follow these quick steps and you'll be done without delay. Under the Automaticdownloads section, you will see an item called updates. Tap the toggle switch to turn it off so that it goes from green to gray.

    In OS X...

    There is a new default in OS X Mountain Lion. You can turn it off by going to the Apple, system preferences menu, and then selecting the Software Update pane. Uncheck all the boxes next to 'Searchautomatically the updated'and 'Download newly available updates in the background'.

  • iPhoto does not connect to buy prints

    IPhoto does not connect to the server in order to buy prints and maps.  Is there a solution for this?

    There are 9 different versions of iPhoto and they run on 10 different versions of the operating system. Tips and tricks for dealing with issues vary depending on the version of iPhoto and the version of the operating system. In order to get help, you need to give as much information as possible. Include things like:

    -What version of iPhoto.

    -What version of the operating system.

    -Details. Full, a description of the problem as you can. For example, if you have a problem with export, then explain by describing how you try to export and so on.

    -History: Is it going hard? Everything has been installed or removed? -Are there any error messages?

    -Have what measures you already tried to solve the problem.

    -Something unusual on configure your? Or how you use iPhoto?

    Anything else you can think of that could help someone understand the problem you have.

  • Pavilion G6 does not connect to the cellular device

    I have a Pavilion G6 with Windows 7 OS, which is used as a mobile data terminal. I am trying to use my iPhone Verizon 5 c to connect to a hotspot. All my other HP laptops connect to this phone without problem, but the G6 does not connect to the internet via the phone with cable, wifi or bluetooth. The G6 recognizes the phone and shows it in "unspecified devices." I tried everything to get it to connect without success.

    Hey RC800,.

    Thanks for the info.

    I forgot to ask before, can you tell me the exact model specifications what do you use? For more information on the search for your model and product numbers, click here: How can I find my model number or product number?

    If the laptop connects to other devices, we can say that the material is very good. If he does not see the iPhone theres only a few things you can try. The adapter in your laptop is probably 802.11 g capable which is the minimum requirement for the hotspot iPhone, so we can exclude.

    Please, try the following:

    Turn off the power to the adapter:
    1. open Device Manager. (Win Key + R > type devmgmt.msc > OK)
    2. expand the network adapters.
    3. right click on the Ethernet adapter / wireless, and then click Properties.
    4. click on the power management tab.
    5 remove the check mark next to allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.
    6. click on OK.
    7 test cycle.

    Reset the TCP/IP settings on your PC:
    1. go to your start screen/menu and type CMD.
    2. right-click on the command prompt icon and select run as administrator.
    3. in the window that opens type "netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt" without the quotes and press ENTER.
    4 restart your PC and test.

    It can also help to reset the winsock catalog:
    1. go to your start screen/menu and type CMD.
    2. right-click on the command prompt icon and select run as administrator.
    3. in the window that opens type "netsh winsock reset" without the quotes, and then press ENTER.
    4 restart your PC and test.

    Reinstall the NIC drivers:
    1. download the drivers from here , but do not run them again.
    2. go to your Start menu/screen and type Device Manager.
    3. expand network adapters.
    4. right click on the wireless adapter and choose uninstall.
    5 install the drivers downloaded in step 1.
    6. restart your PC and test.

    Test another iPhone connection:
    Explicit. This will tell us if it's only an incompatibility with a phone or any iPhone hotspot. Try a hotspot Android will help narrow things down as well.

    Let me know if this helps.

  • Error - 'Auntentication with the server failed. Family Tree Maker software does not connect on the Web dashboard.

    Original title: Family Tree Maker does not connect on the Web dashboard.

    My Family Tree Maker 2009 does not connect to the Internet comes up with the message which is cannot authenticate the server, but it tells me that my version is up-to-date.  He has always worked so far? Comes with the following message if I try to do anything that involves the net.

    "Auntentication with the server failed.

    Hi HelenTL,

    You did changes to the computer before this problem?

    If you have any software security & firewall installed, disable them temporarily and check if the problem persists.

    check to allow them back on the computer after you complete these steps.

    Hope the helps of information.
    Please post back and we do know.

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    I can't get sound from Laptop speakers.  I get sound when plug in my headphones and when I on bluetooth my headphones or an external speaker.  Check the drivers and audio devices.  everything seems to be activated and working properly.