Does not refresh

Skype will not update to the new version, I can only use the older versions. When I work to install the latest version, just on the window "a few moments we will improve your experience.

What should I do?

Try with this installer for the currently most recent version of Skype

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  • My itunes on windows 10 does not refresh to allow me to use my new iphone 7

    My iTunes on windows 10 does not refresh to allow me to use my new iPhone 7, I have loaded down the update several times but he gets halfway through the installation of the update then say there is a problem and UN-installs

    Follow the instructions by If you can't install or update iTunes for Windows - Apple Support

  • FIrefox does not refresh after you download the update

    FIrefox sends an update message to 38.something. I downloaded and restarted a dozen times, but I am still on 37.0.1. I even restarted the computer. Why does not refresh updates?

    Hello lastdollar, Please download and install firefox, follow these steps:

    1. download a copy of the latest firefox (dmg full package - all languages)

    2. Trash , install the current application of Firefox to do a cleaning.

    3. install the version you downloaded.

    Do not select to delete your personal data, your profile data is stored in the Firefox profile folder, so you will not lose your bookmarks or other personal data.

    See also: How to download and install Firefox on Mac

    Thank you

  • my weather gadgets does not refresh

    Hello. my weather gadgets updates no more, they will be only forecast.  other gadgets work OK.  This happened 7 days ago and I don't know all changes I made that might have affected them.  I'd appreciate any help.  Thank you bob

    Hi Bobby,.

    Welcome to the Microsoft Community and thanks for posting the question.

    According to the description, the weather gadgets does not refresh.

    This problem can be solved by reinstalling the Windows Gadget platform.

    Perform the steps suggested by udunwannano from the link below and see if it helps.

    Hope this information helps.

    Meet us if you encounter any issues with the Gadgets do not update or any other issue of Windows, and we would be happy to help you.

    Good day!

  • My gmail does not refresh when I connect to my account.

    Original title: gmail is my sign into account but will not regenerate

    my gmail does not refresh when I connect to my account. I know I have mail in my Inbox because it is there on my phone.

    If your gmail email address is your user name Microsoft Account, it is not actually going to receive incoming emails by default.  For example, you can go to and sign in with your Microsoft Account (your gmail address), but there is no email because the email is really going in the Google Web site.  There is one step more that it takes to get your gmail emails flowing through them so you options for how do.

    1. Configure your Microsoft account to 'pull' your gmail emails
      This method sets the upward so that the Microsoft Account connects to Gmail, downloads email and then displays them on your computer Windows 8.  You make this unique facility of inside  I've written about how to do it on my blog here (I wrote it for a different purpose, but the steps are identical).

      If you perform this step, you can also delete your Google account from your phone and setup of your phone to synchronize with instead.  You will always get and send emails with your Gmail address, it uses just Outlook as server.


    2. Add your Gmail for Windows 8 Mail App separately
      This option is easier to install, but I do not personally (just because of how Gmail behaves a little different). But there is no problem with him.  I've written about how to do it also with a video demonstration: Use Gmail in Windows 8.

      If you use this option, go to your Mail application settings and uncheck the "E-mail" to your Microsoft Account (the first listed email account) so that you do not have two accounts showing in your email application.

    I would like to know if you have any questions or problems.

  • Bridge does not refresh the thumbnails after changes in ACR.

    Bridge does not refresh the thumbnails after changes in ACR. Cultures made in ACR do not show more. I think it started after new ACR update. I have the last bridge and ACR and Photoshop.

    I thought about it. I have reset the settings of the bridge by pressing Command-Option-shift and then started bridge on my Mac. I lost my sight, I got but should display what I want to see again. But it solved the problem of the bridge not updated after modified ACR.

  • Hello. My Creative cloud subscribe does not refresh. I had students sign up, but a few days ago it stopped because there is no money on my card. Today, I sent student anouther subscribe with anouther card, I saw that the money went to adobe but subscr

    My Creative cloud subscribe does not refresh. I had students sign up, but a few days ago it stopped because there is no money on my card to prolongate it. Today, I sent student anouther subscribe with anouther card, I saw that the money went to "adobe", but subscription is not activated yet. I can't work, what can I do? Thank you. Sorry for my English.

    Since this is an open forum, not Adobe support... you must contact Adobe personnel to help

    Chat/phone: Mon - Fri 05:00-19:00 (US Pacific Time)<=== note="" days="" and="">

    Don't forget to stay signed with your Adobe ID before accessing the link below

    Creative cloud support (all creative cloud customer service problems)

  • CC does not refresh on my Win7 machine. I tried several times and it closes after update download and try to install. Downloaed new application from Adobe, downloaded, tried to install it and received the error 50. Help!

    CC does not refresh on my Win7 machine. I tried several times and it closes after update download and try to install. Downloaded new application from Adobe, downloaded and tried to install received error 50. Help!


    as strange as it may seem I'm afraid it is a challenge for Creative tool Adobe cleaning of cloud.

    Sometimes - for some reason-CC "unwilling" work. In this case you should CC completely remove and reinstall by using Adobe Creative cloud cleaning tool. (A try to uninstall by own resources is not enough!)

    I quote:... helps resolve installation problems for Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Creative Suite (CS3 - CS6) applications. The tool removes the records facility for preliminary facilities of Cloud applications or Creative Suite creative. It does not affect existing installations of earlier versions of Creative Suite or creative Cloud applications.

    Please use: l and follow the prescribed sequence of operations

    Sometimes, the "opm.db" file is the culprit. In this case, you must remove it.

    If necessary and for questions and so "open" Please use the cat, plus I had the best experiences.


  • CS5 Master Collection does not refresh after reinstall

    Hi people of

    My CS5 Mastersuite does not refresh. The development of updated does not start yet. Does anyone else have this problem?

    Try to update the product manual download available for the products.

    Link to download updates:

  • Meta Refresh does not refresh the menu drop-down select options but don't check the boxes... IE works without error (Max FF issue)

    Drop-down list not update even if the html code was changed using the meta refresh tag. The problem has been resolved by deleting the name of the list in the html code in the part of my page refresh. It's a php script, so I can do but with html directly, I don't see a way to solve the problem for others finding this a problem, FF should not do this.


    < select name = "page_header_color" >

                 <option >blue</option>
               <option >green</option>
               <option selected >red</option>
               <option >black</option>
               <option >silver</option>

    whether refresh properly changed to this:

    < select name = "" >

                 <option >-------</option>

    the script modifies the page preceding between the discount and the 'real' html that resolves this problem, otherwise FF does not update the drop-down lists at all, but it is updated check boxes and everything.

    You must reload and bypass the cache to reset the choices made through selection and from the drop-down list boxes.

    Otherwise the selection are reloaded from the cache, so a meta reload does not work either (can work if you reset the through an onload event).

  • Windows 7 does not refresh the folder views

    I have the following problem:
    Windows 7 does not automatically refresh the folder view (until I have updated manually by pressing F5) after the following file operations:
    Create/delete/rename/move files or folders

    Final version of Windows 7 Professional, international English version. No upgrade, clean installation.

    It seems to me that it is a delay in my case: if I wait about 30 seconds, the updating is done automatically. There are shared folders on volume.

    I made the following points:
    -removed IconCache - did not help
    -Reset - folder views did not help
    -off to the discovery network and file sharing - did not help
    -Made a clean boot - did not help
    -a ran sfc - not found any violation
    -new user created account - did not help
    -updated the BIOS with the latest version - did not help
    -updated the VGA driver to the latest version - did not help
    -disabled the indexing of files - did not help
    -run Windows 7 Mode safe mode (without network): it seems that the problem does not occur

    I could be satisfied with Windows 7, but this question is terribly boring cause I work with a large number of files per day.

    Could someone help me?

    I had the same problem recently.  Here's what I discovered, FWIW:

    • After reading all of the above, it seems that, at the base, this is related to the shell of the user of Windows interface and how he tries to 'reach out' to other systems.  Fixes disable the Windows Client, disabling home groups, disable sharing of files, etc.
    • I discovered that I have the problem that in some folders.  For example, if I try to create a folder in the my DOCUMENTS folder, the problem occurs, but if I create the folder in a random folder on drive C: (e.g.. C:\MyTest), no problem!
    • I discovered that the folder appears finally - it takes 30 seconds. By pressing F5, I was "rush" of the process.  It also sounds like a kind of thing network client timeout.

    I wanted to start with the easiest, lowest impact.  It worked:

    • I opened the COMPUTER and removed a "network connection" that pointed to a server that is not currently available.

    That solved the problem completely.

    Dan Holme, Intelliem

  • iPhone 6 s - ios 9.3.3 - apps are missing or hidden and does not refresh

    After the recent update my iphone 6s 9.3.3 will expose a strange behavior with the management of the app.

    -Apps have disappeared but app store think they are always installed

    -For missing applications, the 'Open' button will be grayed out when I search for them in the app store.

    -The title of the list of app updates, some applications will not have button normal update even if they are listed as having an update. If I click on the app description, she goes to the details and show an update button. But after the update, the button open does not work. This app will not be judged on the phone. (screenshot below)

    So, it seems that the ios app database is corrupted somehow.

    The same thing happened on my wife's phone.

    Already tried remedies:


    -Hard reset

    -Restore backup using itunes

    Other ideas I could try?

    I stood in line at the store today, Apple expects a genius but appt pushed and I had to leave.

    ccage90 wrote:

    The same thing happened on my wife's phone.

    You and your wife have separated Apple ID, right?  If not, do this (start) using separate identifiers immediately.

    IPhone storage is full?  Check the settings > general > storage & use iCloud > manage storage (in storage).  Make sure that you have absolutely no less than 10% of total storage of free iPhone.

  • Does not refresh App

    9.3.3 IOS for 2 weeks, I tried to update the CSR racing 2.  It completed the update, but when I try to open the game, it just says: 'pending' and nothing happens, as it tries to update again.  In the App store, it shows that the update, but the game does not open.  I deleted the other app for storage and restarted the phone, but nothing did.  Help, please!  Thank you.

    Try to reset the App Store:

    Close the App Store completely from the window of the selector app by double clicking the Home button and slide up the App Store preview pane until it disappears from the display. Then sign out of the iTunes Store (in the settings).

    Then perform a forced reboot. Hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously for about 15-20 seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

    Then sign into the iTunes Store and try to download again.

    Also check the settings > general > Restrictions > and make sure that iTunes Store, Apps install, delete the Apps and In - App purchases are all under the section allow.

  • Problem using iCloud, does not refresh

    I use the latest versions of iOS 9.3.2 on my iPad and iPhone. I always use transfer, icloud and photos of flow. But last week, I noticed that iCloud does not update the pictures on both devices. I have 2 GB of free space 3. Activate all options on iCloud. I've made up, I disabled iCloud on devices. Nothing!  It does not work. Internet access is perfect. When I opened the Photos, there is a process "download (or download) 100 Mg / or downloading pictures 125 ' and does not continue. What should I do? Please, help me!

    Thank you!

    On both devices, tap Settings > iCloud > Photos then the iCloud rocking library Photo OFF then on IT.

    Give iCloud minutes re sync your data.

  • iPhone that does not refresh Plus 6

    My iPhone will not refresh Plus 6. I have tried since the new update came out. It gives me just this message: can anyone help?

    Try using iTunes to update.  Update the software on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support iOS The iTunes method is second on the page.

    See you soon,.


  • iMovie does not refresh

    I just upgraded my iMac yesterday at the El Capitan software and everything himself renewed except for my iMovie who slept in the same version (9.0.9). I went to the app store at level iMovie because he seems to have an upgrade, however, whenever I press the button upgrade, it does not display my ID apple for me to put my password and download it, instead it is a sign of loading in the upper left corner that will not disappear.

    I think it may have something to do with the download of El Capitan, but I'm not too sure. Anyone know how I can improve iMovie to version 10.1.1?

    Log on to the Mac App Store > restart your Mac > open the Mac App Store > go to updates and try again.

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  • message "memory device".

    I looked but did not really find a good answer.  I get this message on my iPhone I 31.1 GB available on my iCloud account and the phone 4.1 GB available?

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    Just restore system and HP beautiful force WEBslice Ad has take over my computer.  No way anything else that upset.  No way to remove or block.  No matter what I do, this is the MAIN page appears.

  • Updates to Windows Server 2000

    Can I still download windows 2000 Server updates? I have not updated in the last two months.

  • Track of several points of BBMap

    Hello Since in my app, I am interested in launching BBMaps and the route of several locations on the map.  I see where I can draw 1 point with setLatitude() and setLongitude(), is there a way to do for more than one? Thanks in advance, Glenn.

  • Trying to install a deskjet 3520 on mac osx 10.5.8

    Hello I am installing a deskjet 3520 all in one on my mac which is osx10.5.8 and he says he needs at least osx10.6, is there a software I can download to overcome this problem? Thank you!