Does not start with 4K monitor

Mid 2012 Mac Pro Tower.

Spare parts R9 280 X graphics card flashed with the firmware correct EFI (fully used and recognized by the Mac).

Today I received my new 4K monitor. When I boot the Mac the gray screen appears just after the chime. However no apple logo appears and the parts of the second half of the chimes constantly in a loop until what I pulls the strings of power out or hold down the power button. If I boot Mac without the connected monitor and finally connect as soon as I know it is completely revived, I get a screen and the full 4K resolution is put at my disposal. The computer wakes and sleeps very well.

What is the problem with my computer?

PS Connected via Display Port. DVI and HDMI does not support 4K@60hz on this map.

What specific form?

It starts OK when connected to another monitor via DP?

Have you tried:

-Try to reset memory NVRAM/PRAM and SMC

MacIntel: Reset of the controller (SMC) system management

Subject of memory NVRAM and PRAM

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    new MacPro (end of 2013), Yosemite 10.11.2 3.5 ssd flash 6-core

    Thank you


    What follows?

    have you tired by ensuring that everyone is on a different port TB.

    For what to ports are on which bus see:

    Use multiple screens with your Mac Pro (end 2013) - Apple Support

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    I have a laptop with a broken screen I get the start to the high view until happens start in SafeMode with networking etc. or start normally everything is ok it doesn't matter if I click Start in safe mode or normally happen at a screen black flashing several times all first please can someone help I just want to check that everything is ok before we get a new screen for this laptop.

    However I was going to find the computer and I put in my windows ultimate cd and all the colors and options came, but he told me that I had to wipe the computer first wil a right recovery cd so if I don't!


    ·          The question started after the screen was broken?

    Step 1: I suggest you to connect an external monitor and see if the problem still occurs.

    Step 2: Disconnect any external devices (printers, scanner, USB (universal serial bus) drives, etc...) Except the keyboard and mouse) and then start.

  • Tecra A6 does not start with battery only

    Hi all
    I'm having a strange problem with a Tecra A6 I picked up recently at the refurb because it does not start with a battery only: it starts only when / sector is also connected, but eventually DΘmarrer on battery alone (and works fine) with the power cord removed shortly after pressing the power button. It's just on battery alone, I get no answer by pressing the power on button (so the power outlet must be set at this first stage or I don't get anything).

    Now I'm wondering if maybe it's the battery voltage? It seems that there are 2 options for this model, a 10.8 v and the other at 11.1V. With loaded Windows and Hardware Monitor reports running the battery is at 0% wear level and cool until completely (so I don't think that the battery is faulty), but it indicates that the battery is running at * 11, 1V, * but the battery installed is actually the * model 10.8v*. Could that prevent any power on only to batteries?

    More information on the model I have:
    Tecra A6-PTA60E-0EJ013EN
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 2.0 Ghz
    2 GB of Ram.

    Thanks in advance for any help on this one. Essential, I would like to know is if I have a 11.1V battery to run this model correctly (and get it) on battery alone. If the voltage makes no difference so I guess it must be a weird motherboard problem and I need bother not buy a new battery.

    > Will have to buy another battery and see if the same thing happens (I'll know then if it is the motherboard), but in the meantime if anyone can let me know if the voltage is serious I would appreciate it.

    To my knowledge, the batteries for Tecra A6 should take in charge 10.8V
    There's piles more strong for example 5200mAh but the voltage must be the same 10.8

  • HPE-510 t does not start with AMD over-pants W5000 (Windows 8.1)

    I just bought an AMD over-pants W5000 (TDP = 75 W) to replace my nVidia Quadro 600 (= 40 W TDP) in my 2011 HPE-510 t (i7-2600, 12 GB of RAM). Dell U2913WM monitor.

    My machine does not start with the new inserted card. I upgraded a 450 W Antec VP450F 300W stock power, but that has not changed the start situation. I tried DisplayPort and Dual-Link DVI - D.

    Someone at - he was able to get the AMD over-pants working in an office of this generation HP?

    Thank you



    Open RUN (win + x key) and enter: MSINFO32

    What level of your PC BIOS runs?

    If you can not enter the BIOS at startup so be sure that your keyboard is plugged into a USB 2 port.  Otherwise some time in Windows 8 go to Advanced Options.  See the image below.

  • Satellite A200 PSAF3A does not start with 4 GB


    I have a model A200 PSAF3A-0QH01N.
    I've been led to believe that it supports 4 GB of RAM but does not start with 4 GB, freezes at the toshiba logo.
    Also have A100 running new 4 GB RAM works very well in this machine. Have updated BIOS did not help.

    Any advice?

    According to THIS specification that your laptop can be upgraded up to 4 GB of RAM.

    Downstairs you can also find the part number of the compatible RAM. List of the memory modules are tested and working with your laptop.

    Where have you bought?

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    Hi all, I recently got around a few major problems with a new buuild, but I found another issue. Windows does not start with my connected storage disk.

    hard drive 500 GB of important data that I can't save on it and need access. It is a hitachi drive, which works fine on other systems but usually works in this one. any suggestions are appreciated, thanks in advance

    fixed the problem of swapping of sata ports and reconnect the cables, thanks for the advice but

  • Photoshop CS3 does not start with popup indicating that "licensing for this product has stopped working" I tried uninstalling and reinstalling 3 times, including after you run CCCleaner tool.  Any help would be appreciated?

    Photoshop CS3 does not start with popup indicating that "licensing for this product has stopped working" I tried uninstalling and reinstalling 3 times, including after you run CCCleaner tool.  Any help would be appreciated?

    Same fixed.  At executed license repair tool, Adobe - Adobe licensing repair tool, and it fixed the problem.

  • Satellite Pro L50 does not start with 8 GB

    I have a brand new L50 Pro of Satellite (PSKK3A-001001)

    Config of RAM is default of 1 x 4 GB memory DDR3 12800 1 use slot 1 slot free
    I removed 4GB and install 1 DDR3L 12800 8 GB but it does not start.
    The form of State capacity 16 GB so with 2 slots logically, that means 2 x 8 GB cards.
    He also said DDRL, which I assume is the correct type.

    The 4 GB mark was Hynix and the 8 GB is Apacer.
    Anyone have a resolution on this or know what the problem is?

    On this forum you can find many threads where people describe similar problems. In most cases the problem is compatibility modules, especially if Ram needs to be upgraded with modules produced by different manufacturers.

    According to the specifications of the laptop you need DDR3L memory (1600 Mhz).
    Talk with your dealer and ask if there's Kingston compatibility module. Kingston offers high quality and 100% compatible memory modules.

  • Satellite C660-108 does not start with 8 GB of RAM

    I bought 2 x 4 GB memory modules to upgrade memory up to 8 GB.
    With 8 GB installed, the laptop does not start, but he will start with 6 GB installed.
    Modules 4 GB 6 GB configuration and wood East of 1.8.

    Any ideas?


    According to the manual, this laptop can be upgraded up to 8 GB of RAM.

    Then you should be able to use the 2 x 4 GB RAM modules

    I think that both modules are not compatible with each other and therefore cannot boot up the laptop.

    You should test the laptop with the help of other modules.

  • Satellite Pro 460 does not start with the new drive in

    I recently received a Satellite Pro 460, but he had no hard drive.
    It starts great without a disc in but as soon as I put a new hard drive in it does not start.

    I thought that it might be again a hard drive, so I pulled out my old Toshiba Satellite with my old drive to work, and yet, it does not start.

    Someone has any ideas why this is and what I can do about it

    I think that you can not do much. Satellite pro 460 CDT, for example, comes with 2 GB of HARD drive. If you try to get it work with similar HDD without success, it may be defective IDE port on the motherboard.

    What HARD drive you are trying to use on this good old classic?

  • HP envy Phoenix: win 7 does not start with connected external hard drive

    I have a desktop HP Envy Phoenix with i7 chip and an SSD for the OS.  If I connect via USB external drive of 3 TB WD for the backup of the system does not start while it is attached.  The pc seems to be trying to boot from the outside, can't find the OS and does not start.  It will start fine with small external drives connected.  It is the size of the disk? Is there a way to fix this?


    The WD drives seem to pose problems of my potential.  I have used other brands such as Seagate and Hitachi without running into problems with external USB drives causing the system to boot.  Maybe it's the USB adapter that I use which does not cause starting problems.


    I used the adapter HP USB 3, which uses drivers NEC or TI and has never had a problem starting via a USB external (non - WD) readers.

  • Satellite A30 does not start with the USB device connected at boot time


    I have a Satellite A30 and sometimes it does not start.
    After turning on, not even the BIOS starts.
    even if sometimes the BIOS starts, but the OS does not load.

    I figured out that its related to USB devices connected at boot time.
    If no USB devices are connected, it starts without a problem.
    Even if the start-up is suspended, as soon as you unplug start it BIOS USB devices.
    Its ok to connect USB devices later, once the system has started.
    I disabled "removable devices boot" and "network startup."
    just in case, but it makes no difference.

    BIOS is version the most recent (1.70) and it comes up with all kinds of USB devices.
    printer, mouse and (self-powered) external USB hard disk.

    Is this a known issue?
    There is no known workaround solution?


    I put t know why this happens, but it has to do with the BIOS.
    The same thing happened on my old laptop. I couldn't start my unit while the USB printer has been turned on and connected.
    The only solution is to disconnect the external USB device during the boot process.

    RSY you should check if the order of boot in the BIOS has been on the HARD drive first.

  • C870-19(r) satellite does not start with the new SSD


    I will update the Toshiba Satellite C870 19(r) with a Pro 840 Samsung SSD, but it does not start.

    He said: not found system.

    Post edited by: joch333n

    None found system means that there is no system installed on the SSD drive...

    What you trying to do?
    You start from a disk in order to install the new system?

    In this case, you should disable startup secure in the BIOS.
    I also recommend moving from UEFI mode MSC!

Maybe you are looking for