Don't envy of 23 "monitor - no sound

I bought Envy 23 "yesterday. Tried to check his "Beats Audio" of internal speakers and heard nothing. Monitor is connected via HDMI with cable supplied. Completely reinstalled the nVidia drivers - same result. Tried to connect with an analog cable for my sound card - and once again no result. "Speaker self-test" in the menu does not any sound either. Is my broken screen? Any help would be appreciated.


Hello again weird773,

You're right that your monitor has no internal speakers. In some countries, it comes with speakers and in the country that there is not, you are required to purchase a separate set of speakers. I got this information from page 4 of the QuickSpecs which is linked directly from HP ENVY 23 23 inch diagonal IPS (E1K96AA) LED backlit display - product documentation.

This means that you must connect the separate speakers or headphones to your monitor.

I hope that I have answered your question to your satisfaction. Thanks for posting again on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

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    My HP ENVY 15 t-j100 Select Edition, I bought a year ago and has been flawless, but I noticed that my sound is not loading, I noticed a few times, but never put thinking to it.

    recently I noticed that my web pages took a long time to load, in offbeat video Facebook and not sound

    So I thought it was time I did a cleanup then reinstalled Windows 8.1 {twice}

    I found that the sound would not load, I found in Device Manager the sound icon has been crossed out, removed and not reinstalled audio drivers still no sound, I also installed another set of drivers of HP that was no help, the sound would not load configuration check in the speakers, and when he did load his new filling pages and gel

    Even noticed it wouldn't wake up sleep and sometimes a hard reboot.

    I did a test config F2 all pass and Yes Virus scan

    I've tried different drivers from Intel, Nvidia video drivers without change, by default Internet Explore 11 several times used not Chrome no difference

    Times I can get sound but this will cause a blockage, usually I have to do a hard reset

    I tried several relocations OS all have the same problem

    I think what's then contact for repair

  • No Beats Audio HP Envy 24 IPS monitor

    I recently bought a HP Pavilion 500-300nz i5 and beats HP ENVY 24 IPS monitor. Windows 8.1 is installed. Everything works fine except that I get all the sounds when I open a file, music or Youtube. HP ENVY than 24-4 NIVIDIA High Definition Audio is the default value. What can I do to get this problem resolved? Thank you very much for your help!

    Hello @Tongren,

    I understand your Issus with sound not coming from your HP ENVY 24 23.8 inch IPS monitor with Beats Audio when played on your home PC HP Pavilion 500-300nz. I'm you provide a HP support document: No. sound speakers (Windows 8), I need to you use to solve your noise problem. In the case of speakers, you want to make sure that you apply the steps to the speakers of your screen.

    Please re-post if you need extra support. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a wonderful day!

  • Help his Mac Mini? Connected to monitor w / sound coming from monitor. I tried speaker external buffering in the back of the unit and still get only his monitor speakers.

    Help his Mac Mini? Connected to monitor w / sound coming from monitor. I tried speaker external buffering in the back of the unit and still get only his monitor speakers.

    How is the monitor connected?

    Are to connect the speakers to the headphone 3.5 mm? And not the line-in jack 3.5?

    If you go to System Preferences > sound > you can select the speakers/headphones output?

  • Since I changed my monitor my sound no sound. I did an update, still no sound. The sound appears to play but still no sound. Since then, I downloaded and installed the updates.

    Since I changed my monitor my sound no sound. I did an update, still no sound. The sound appears to play but still no sound. Since then, I downloaded and installed the updates.


    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community forums.

    I understand that there is no sound on your computer once you have changed the monitor. I would like to know if it is incorrect.

    There are articles that provide methods to solve this type of problem.

    Method 1:


    Check out the link and follow the steps.

    No sound in Windows

    Method 2:


    You can also check out this link and follow the steps in the article.

    How to troubleshoot sound problems in Windows XP

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • I have the HP envy window8 and monitor AOC 22 "Led. I can't get all the colors to be displayed.

    Original title: color monitor

    I have the HP envy window8 and monitor AOC 22 "Led.  I can't get all the colors on the screen. The colors are bright that I receive, but can't get the yellow, green, purple. etc. I followed in the Help menu for calibration of the colors without success by the buttons on the monitor in windows.

    Hi Ellen,.

    (a) you use HP ENVY laptop or desktop computer?

    (b) what is the model number for HP ENVY and monitor AOC?

    (c) what kind of connector do you use to connect the monitor?

    (d) have you tried to use the other cable and check if works?

    You may experience this problem if the connections between your computer and your monitor is loose or if the drivers of graphics cards is corrupted. Try these methods and check if that helps:

    Method 1: I suggest you to update the latest drivers for the graphics card for Windows 8 and check if it helps:

    Method 2: Visit the COA Web site and install the latest drivers by selecting the drivers of the AOC monitor for your model and see if it helps:

    See the documentation for your monitor and see if you can find the menu to restore default settings. If the problem persists I suggest you to contact the manufacturer (AOC) for assistance.

    Also refer to this article: get the best display on your monitor

    Hope this helps, if you need help on Windows let us know we will be happy to help you.

  • HP Envy 23 model K027c no sound from headphones don't jack / speakers stop

    I just bought a Hp Envy 23 model K027c I plugged my headphones in sound decision-making and its still comes from speakers and switch deosnt for earphones or headphones, I tried as well, even if they work on other devices.  This model has the audio beats so don't know if this could be a problem. To Windows 8.0 help

    Hello TKUrling,

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the Forums of HP, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the Forums HP first time here? Learn how to publish and more. I see that the headphone jack of your computer is not allowing sound to your headphones, and I'd be happy to help you! To start, I have to ask you a few questions:

    • Has your computer finished all his important updates from Windows?
    • Have you updated your drivers from HP the HP SupportWizard?

    In the meantime, I recommend that you follow this document on the no sound on speakers (Windows 8), which will contain milestones on the way to test the audio on the helmet. This should help in the configuration of your headphones while disabling the main speakers.

    Please re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, as well as the information requested above. I look forward to your reply!


  • HP don't ENVY 17 Notebook PC TS no sound

    I have a HP ENVY TS 17 laptop PC that is running Windows 8 and I can't get the sound to work.


    Try the following.

    Open windows control panel, open Windows Update, select "View update history" in the left pane and then select "Installed updates" link in the next window.

    Locate the KB2962407 update, right click and choose uninstall.  Once completed, restart the computer, open windows control panel, open Windows Update and select "Check for updates".  You will see the update that you have uninstalled just offered once again - right click and select "Hide update".

    When windows has reloaded, you may or may not need to use the Recovery Manager to reinstall your original Audio driver as it is stated in the document at the link below.

    Recovery Manager - Windows 8.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Phoenix HP don't Envy 810-330qe no sound

    I received my new 330qe 810 envy yesterday, 10/07/2014.  I followed the installation procedure according to the operating manual provided.  I then turned and followed the instructions on the screen to set up Windows 8.  I connected my speakers that I used on my HP Pavilion present h8 - 1080t.  They worked on it.  I also tried my helmet, but they didn't work either, as well to the rear and the upper side.  The 1080 a Realtek HD Audio card.  810-330 a map of Beats Audio.

    I went through all the troubleshooting the problem proceedures, but nothing helped.  I read several of the posts in the troubled forum and did the solutions said, but the problem exists.  The audio system of the graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GTX 745 works on the HP w2338h monitor.


    Try the steps listed in the link below

  • don't envy of m6 mobile-1207tx no sound

    Sound does not work, tried to update drivers, drivers of restoration, System Restore, uninstall the driver, found in some things tried got sounds back then next day started his laptop computer it initially then goes, the warranty expired in April, I was wondering if the hardware or software issue.

    problem seems to be fixed after reading some other posts, uninstalled update KB 2962407

  • New ENVY 17-j092nr very strange sound/no sound


    I just bought a HP ENVY 17-j092nr 17.3 "laptop with Windows 8, and out of the box, there is a major issue of his. It's hard to explain, so I'll try my best. It is a certain type of sound from speakers but it's extremely studdered and virtually inaudible. the volume controls do raise and lower the volume of the sound. I tried the helmet, and there is no sound at all. It would be like listening to a cell phone call, cut and heard only a split second of sound followed by a half second pause time and again. This is for all of the sound of the video system to the game sounds. I'm not really sure where to start with this and any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Don't bother, I returned this bunch of junk and never looked back. I'm just glad the place I bought has a two week return policy. I don't look at HP again all my computing needs.

  • HP Envy 15 j140na: suspected of sound card - no way to diagnose failure?

    I suspect a sound card that has failed on my HP Envy 15, I'm getting no audio through speakers or headphones. 10 Windows and Ubuntu, I have no sound card/no audio device detected. Is it possible to run hardware diagnostics on my laptop to confirm that it is a hardware problem, or is it a software problem?

    It is soldered to the motherboard, so if the connection is doubtful it will mean a new motherboard for sound. You can use a usb sound card dongle and headset is the only solution.

  • HP Envy 15 x 360: Audio, sound recording, but not releasing any

    Went to this for an hour and I tried all the previous solutions. I've updated, uninstalled/reinstalled, restart the computer, shoot bad, etc., but nothing seems to solve my audio. It is not a problem with the headphones as with or without them audio does not work. I think it's a problem with the speakers, but not quite sure.

    Product name: HP ENVY 15 x 360 PC
    Product number: J0E41AV
    Serial number: [personal information deleted]
    BIOS (Configuration):F.24-11/28/2014 (0978100000405F00000420180)
    Keyboard Review: 89.22
    Total memory: 8.00 GB
    Name:Intel (R) Core i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70 GHz processor

    Hi @mnma88 ,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. It's a great site for information and questions. I looked in your question about your computer laptop HP ENVY 15 x 360 and questions with no sound. Here's a documenton troubleshooting sounds if you need it.

    Please ensure that your edits were made on the laptop. In under his right click Device Manager and update driver. This is another step to try.

    1. right click the speaker icon in the lower right corner of your time.
    2. click on playback devices.
    3. click on speakers/headphones.
    4. click on properties.
    5. click on the Advanced tab in the Properties window.
    6. change the default menu Format in the highest quality.
    7. apply properties.
    8. click OK to close the Properties window.
    9. click OK to close the playback devices.

    Please let me know how it goes.

    Thank you.

  • HP Envy Phoenix: Disabling Beats Audio Sound card in desktop HP Envy Phoenix

    Here's my problem, my HP Envy Phoenix office above came with Beats Audio standard install, I installed a new card his SoundBlaster Audigy 5/Rx installed fine, but one of my audio editing programs says

    The output of the sound card could not be defined at this sampling frequency: 44100 Hz

    Either the device does not support this sampling frequency, or it is in slave mode and its sampling frequency cannot be changed by elements of WaveLab. So how do I know if my new sound card is running in slave mode and how do I change this? or maybe disable the card Audio Beats?

    Thanks in advance,


    SP60, welcome to the forum.

    Beats Audio should automatically be turned off when the sound card is installed.  However, you can go to the control panel Audio Beats and uncheck the "Set as default device".  You can do this with the recording device, too.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

  • 750 - 177c envy: connection of monitors

    Just bought this HP 750-177c envy, and when I went to connect my instructors, I saw there are 2 HDMI ports on the back of the computer.  One of my monitors has an HDMI port, but the other monitor has a VGA and DVI port only.

    What can I do?  Buy a new monitor w / HDMI port?  Buy a video card w / DVI to insert into the PC ports?  Or is there a cable that can connect to the monitor's DVI port and the computer HDMI port?


    Please buy a HDMI-DVI (about 10 to 15 dollars) cable to connect

    Kind regards

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