don't get open email addresses do not message, then possibly the email opens; Why this took place over the 2 or 3 days?

During 2-3 days when I try to open an e-mail or delete an email I get "not responding" after 30 seconds or so him "unresponsive" goes then and I can open the e-mail or delete it. Why this is happening now and how can I fix it? It is very annoying to have to wait to read or delete an e-mail. I compact the file whenever the message appears on my screen. test: Antivirus_Related_Performance_Issues #McAfee

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    I am trying to install a program and I get entry point getdlldirectoryw could not be found in the library of links Dynamics kernel32.dll file and the same for shreggetvaluesw in shlwapi.dll. How can I fix the problem.

    You have all your current updates?
    Go to windows updates and see if there are updates that you do not have installed.
    The error message seems to indicate that your copy of XP has not been updated.

    Updated and let us know if you still receive the error message.

    Thank you


  • The message I get is Microsoft word has not been installed for the current user. Please run set up to install the application. I reinstalled the software, but get the same message.

    The message I get is Microsoft word has not been installed for the current user.   Please run set up to install the application.   I reinstalled the software, but get the same message.


    See the methods listed in the articles below and check.
    You receive an error "Microsoft has not been installed for the current user" message when you try to start an Office 2003 program or an Office XP program for the first time
    You receive a message "Microsoft has not been installed for the current user" when you start an Office XP program or start of Microsoft Office Maintenance mode

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • I don't get an email from a user known to me. It is not in my blocked list and not in the junk e-mail folder. what technique should I use to solve this problem?

    I have a known user that I have been to send/receive email from him for many years. now, I don't get the emails sent to me. If he is using my gmail account, email is sent to thunderbird, and I see the email with gmail address in my Inbox. His e-mails addressed to my sbcglobal address are not in my Inbox, or in my junk e-mail folder. I did not block lists, but I use Spam Assassin. is there a technique to solve this problem? It is the only email address that I don't get.

    Connect to your sbcglobal email by using your browser and see if they are put in a spam folder before Thunderbird never the chance to see it.

  • BlackBerry Z30 Blackbeery-ID: don't get any email confirmation

    I entered my Blackberry ID email on a new smartphone Z30. I made a typing mistake in the email, so it is impossible to verify / confirm the email. I have created a new email, but the screen for my phone name is used with the name of bad email. So I can't reach my phone to the BBID. I can't change the screen name, nor can I change the email as it is stuck in the audit cycle. Help!

    Yes, if it is not enabled, then you are sure to wipe the device.  You could do a reboot just to be safe.  Press and hold the power for about 10 seconds... through the countdown, through the Red led, and until you see the BB logo again.

    If she remains disabled, then you are ready to go to wipe it.  In addition, be aware that any backup you do under a BBID cannot be restored on a device using an another BBID.  You will lose your data.

  • 8500 getting wrong ip address - can not connect or print

    The installation of my new 8500 (A909a) is going very well - and I was able to print correctly.  24 hours later (after the printer was turned off or gone to 'low power')-j' was able to print is no longer.

    Have you some troubleshooting - and the strange thing I noticed is that the IP address of the printer in the Network Configuration Page is  The computer and the router signal that IP address should be (all other devices on my network have addresses of 192.168.0. *-According to the DHCP of the router settings).

    I even tried to set the IP, subnet mask and the gateway to the values I think that the router waits (,, respectively) - and still no luck.

    I restarted the router, PC and shut off/on the printer - still nothing.  And I can't ping the IP address of the printer in either case ( or

    8500 is related to a wired to a wireless DLINK Dir625 router.

    I am running Vista if it's important.

    Where it becomes the 169.254. *. * IP address - and more importantly, how it be reconnected?

    Thank you in advance!

    Book an IP address of your router for the printer (probably  Stop the router and the printer.  Then restart the router, wait, then restart the printer.

  • I get an email telling me that I went over my limit of 30 GB mailbox.

    But sound of I would of thought, it would be Microsoft. Asking me to click on a link and validate my mailbox by entering my email address and password. Is this true?

    No, no, NO!

    E-mail is a scam. I suggest that report you for phishing. Email is an attempt to steal your e-mail account in order to to use for illegitmate and possibly criminal purposes.

    If you have Hotmail, you will never ask to enter your e-mail address and password at least in the official sign the hotmail page. Most of the other respectable companies would never ask for this information by e-mail anyway. You should NEVER, EVER respond to these types of e-mail because they are all scams trying to steal your account.


  • HP laser jet 3030 how to get an email Id for this print using eprint

    How to get an email ID for jet Laser HP 3030 to use eprint

    This isn't a matter of comercial, I Chron. Hp and I have Hp laser Jet 3030 printer how to connect the two

    Please aadvice

    Raymond [redacted for privacy] Canada

  • Search option does not. Then appears the watch "is not responding.

    Hello all. From the Start button, I've always been able to type anything in the box search and find an answer. I usually clean my read-ahead this way. For the last days of the trial, the research program opens again when you type whatever it is, click on 'Search' a stop button appears and then another window will open to display, "the program addresses do not. Other auto updates I've nothing changed in the system. Am running XP on an IBM. Help would be appreciated.

    Hi Homersit,

    What is the result of the second Fixit?

    Method 1:

    You can read the article and try to run a disk check.

    How to perform disk error checking in Windows XP

    When you run the disk check, there are chances of losing the data that you can take a backup before running the disk check.

    Method 2:

    You try to open the Task Manager and then try to Search.

    a. click new task.

    b. in the create task dialog box, click Browse, locate and select the program that you want to start, click Open, and then click OK.

    c. or type the name of the program, a document, or a folder, and then press ok.

    Also check if there is a particular process, using all the resources at the time of the question.

    For more information, see the article:

    How to use and troubleshoot issues with the Windows Task Manager

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    "The page isn't redirecting properly?

    i receive this warning on a daily basis. it seems to occur whenever i open a message  in gmail or try to send a message. anybody have a clue about this? thanks!

    Firefox has detected that the server redirects the request for this address in a way that will never end.

       *   This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept


  • at check-in or "SkyDrive" downloading, I get: 1. fairly long delays, 2 Message of XL 'file conversion '. Why?

    File compatibility (?).

    Invariably, when registration to or from "SkyDrive" downloading, I get: 1. long delays, 2 Message of XL 'file conversion '. Why?


    Questions from SkyDrive belong here:

  • When I try to open the lastpass vault, I get an oops page could not be found and the tab has the word inside chrome

    OK... I downloaded a free program and now when I try to access my Lastpass safe a page comes up with an oops can't find. The tab on the page has the word Chrome. Now, chrome has been loaded download free even if I ticked the box don't not to do this. I uninstalled Chrome, but it is still somehow in my browser. How di I get rid of this pest?

    A URI that begins with the chrome: / / Protocol links to an extension or any other code of build-in Firefox.

    If you do not see such an error then indicates that generally the there is a problem with an extension.

  • I don't get my email, how is it?

    Told me an emailhad was sent ask because I am on actually changed changed password two times there was a question if I have a alternative email which I gave, but another came so I tried of him removing money was livehere13 @ I do not receive either newsletters such as mypoints, frrebiehut, add as a Biglots, Albertson, I get nothing. I've had this account for a long time I need this operational account. Also I didn't have messenger and now I get it with horid fithy prono. Please help me to recover my email. Thank you cindy faye floyd


    I suggest you to contact the service provider of e-mail for assistance.

  • tried to send an email but said: the e-mail host address is not found correctly enter the server never did this before but now it's

    The host ' * address email is removed from the privacy *' is not found. Please check that you have entered the server name correctly.
    Subject ' Emailing: 3n73k23pfZZZZZZZZZ96r29a70b32ee1112d3', account: ' * address email is removed from the privacy *', server: ' * address email is removed from the privacy *', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, secure (SSL): no, Socket error: 11003, error number: 0x800CCC0D

    I must say, it's pretty funny from my perspective.

    T-4-2, our system deleted servers because he recognized them as an e-mail address. To protect user information, he removed them.
    Jaz, the problem is that instead of using a server, you use your e-mail address.
    Since you use Yahoo Mail, you upgrade to the paid Yahoo Mail Plus to access POP3 servers service. You can learn more about it here:
    I hope this helps!

    Cody C
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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