Don't remember my user name and pass word to open my windows mail

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I can't rember my user name and pass word to open my windows mail how do I unlock it


I can't rember my user name and pass word to open my windows mail how do I unlock it


Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) that people normally use one e-mail address and password on their part in Windows Mail...

See you soon.

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    I forgot my user name and pass word to enter my computor, it won't let me go any further then windows username and pass. can not enter in the rest of the computor

    Keep secure passwords - Microsoft strategy on move the passwords

  • After I set up windows mail through my provider I get a window that requires that me but a user name and pass word so I can connect to my e-mail of tpg

    I set up my windows mail through my provider which is I put in place correctly, but when I want to receive emails there is a mistake. It requires
    I use a log on the user name and password, I used the same name and password on my windows account, you can surgess what I can do to find the problem.
    The respect of
    D. W. Ellison

    My answer is the same:

    Try to define under Tools | Accounts | Mail | Properties and if you still have this problem, make sure that there are no conflicting anti-virus (see and try to compact and repair the database (see  If it still does not work, then see if you can connect using the web interface:

    The parameters of Windows Mail (which is renamed in Vista OE) are the same for OE.  WMUtil is therefore exclusively for Windows Mail.  If your settings are incorrect then try and change them as indicated.  If the settings are correct and its doesn't work, then if it is not due to the antivirus or the database, and then its something on the server end and you can try and remedy the situation by contacting your provider.  If they put in place and its nothing does not work, then there's someone here can do to fix it.


  • BlackBerry smartphones, I don't remember my user name


    Please help me very urgent, I don't remember my user name


    I can't create new account on my phone and I can not receive or send emails from my phone, how do I get my user name

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    On behalf of what you remember your username?

    If for your account, contact your carrier - they control this account.

    If for your e-mail, contact your e-mail service provider - ther controls this account.

    If for anything else, let us know so that we can help you.

  • Not receive a computer given to nine, but don't know the user name and password

    I got a refurbished computer and I don't know the user name and password. Someone knows what to do?

    * original title - I received a refurbished computer and I don't know the user name and password. Someone knows what to do? *


    Reinstall vista

    I'm sorry, but the strategy of microsoft in these forums is that without assistance will be given about lost or forgotten passwords

    read the policy at the link below

    Here are the different ways to reinstall vista

    Contact the computer manufacturer and ask them to send you to vista recovery disks to reinstall the operating system back as it was when you bought it

    they do it for a nominal cost of $

    also ask them if you have a recovery partition on your hard drive to get back to the way you bought

    you would normally press F10 or F11 or Alt + F10, 0 at startup to start the recovery process according to the manufacturer

    Ask them of the exact key sequence

    or borrow a microsoft dvd vista

    Make sure that you borrow the correct 32-bit or 64-bit microsoft dvd to your computer

    they contain all versions of vista

    This is the product key that determines which version of vista is installed

    Save all data, because it will be lost, do the above

    How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs and replace product manuals

  • HWO to practice 2 gmail and facebook 2 on the same firefox without needing to type the name and pass word time avery and keep them all open

    HWO to practice 2 gmail and facebook on the same firefox 2 with
    not required for tipe the name and pass word time avery and keep them all open

    In Gmail, you should be able to have several accounts at the same time, check the settings for Gmail.

    See also:

  • Hi, my windows stopped to remember the user names and passwords.

    I remember all my usernames and passwords, even those who was previously stored all went.
    My hotmail and password user name remember even if I have to say.

    Formatted my hardrive cured the problem, a bit drastic however.

  • WRT160Nv2 - don't know the user name and password

    Hello, im trying to access my router wireless via

    When he asks for username and password, I made...

    User name: (BLANK)

    Password: admin

    But it does not work, I think that maybe I changed the password at some point, but I'm not sure. Is there anyway to check the password and username?

    See you soon,.

    WoW Platinum

    The username is always empty.  The password, it's what you did.

    There is no way to find the password of your router if you do not know.  If you have forgotten your password, you will be required to reset the default router (by using the reset button), then Setup the router.

    Note: When you try to access the settings of your router to, you should always use a computer that is connected to the router.

  • My gmail to open automatically when I started Firefox, now I have to sign in each time. Also other sites wb where I try to register a username don't remember the user name either.

    I went into options and set my homepage on the open gmail site but it does not always open when I run firefox

    Have you checked the cookies exceptions?

    You can control and manage permissions for all areas on the Subject: authorizations page via the address bar.

    If you use a software like CCleaner cleaning then check the settings in the Firefox application.

  • someone is asking me my info saying that its Windows Live team and asking my password user name and date of birth or my e-mail account will be cancelled

    is this a valid email and address if so the sheet to check does not open please confirm what sheet I've done so far and what's necessary
    From: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy *.
    To: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy *.
    Subject: FW: requirements for the update of your account!
    Date: Sunday, may 8, 2011 20:18:56-0500

    They said this title below.

    Just reply with your contact information

    Thank you
    Windows Live team
    E-mail address is removed from the privacy * is the email that I received this message from the

    Dear user,

    You are advise to check your account details below to enable us upgrade your account.   For example your Hotmail ID password, Date of birth etc.  Ftranslation to do this, you automatically lose your Hotmail account.

    This message is from center of Hotmail email to all Hotmail account owners and premium account. We are currently upgrading our database and e-mail account Center. We are removing all account unused Hotmail to create more space for new accounts.
    Full name:  


    Hotmail ID:............................................
    Date of birth:...
    Your country or territory:...

    After you follow the instructions in the sheet, your account will not be interrupted and will continue as usual. Thanks for your attention to this request. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    WARNING! The account owner who refuses to update his account after a week of receiving this warning will lose his account permanently.

    The Windows Live team

    I think that its someone trying to get my info that has ever asked me to hotmail at all my private info


    The Microsoft Windows Live team would not send e-mails asking for personal information and do not reply to the email asking for information.

    Also, I suggest you to post this Windows Live ID and would be better suited to the Windows Live community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will support what ask you:

  • If a Firefox window is open a 1password address open, only when I quit Firefox and use a 1Password user name and password is firefox open the necessary

    I'm keeping Firefox updated.
    However, it would be nice to use an address to 1password logon when a Firefox window is open and just opened another tab.
    See you soon

    Hi mountfordp,
    I understand that you ask is why when you address window the 1Password Firefox does not open in another tab?

    I found that he was kidnapped and recommended update after version 40 Firefox:

    However for the tab does not open I don't know if it's Firefox or the 1Password.

    In the past, a new profile has been recommended to be created with the latest version of 1Password in Firefox. Use the Profile Manager to create and delete profiles Firefox , first try a new profile and see if the new tab opens correctly.

  • Forgotten user name and password to log on windows.

    My laptop recently froze and I had to force quit. The login windows session came when I turned on the computer back, but I don't remember my user name or password, even though I tried different combinations of my passwords more common. How to replace the opening scene of session or change the user name and password so I can use my laptop? Right now, I just can't past the family logon Windows XP Edition page.

    Hello Storm27,

    Unfortunately, we are not allowed to give instructions on the workaround (hacking) a username and password.

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

    John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Expert - consumer: | | |

  • Forgotten user name and password to connect to my OS XP Service pack 3 laptop of Dell Latitude 610

    I have a Dell Latitude 610 Windows XP Service Pack 3, which I have not used in a few months due to some problems she was having. I try to boot mode safe, but not can't log into beca use I don't remember my user name or password. Once, I can solve the problems she was having and use correctly again. Any ideas on how to recover, reset, or be able to connect to my laptop computer system?


    Maybe you can try to log on as a user 'administrator'in'Safe Mode', this user has no password (default).


  • Message - "network authentication - please enter your identification information. I don't know the user name or password.

    I recently got my samsung laptop wiped to speed it up and it has updated since windows xl to windows 7. However when I now click on my wifi tab windows security pop with the "network authentication - please enter your credentials" and ask for my username and password. I don't have any idea of either that I've never had a password that I know... can anyone help, really need my laptop with College work editing! Thank you

    Moved from feedback

    Original title: don't remember my user name or password

    Hi EoinFarrell,

    For many users, this problem is resolved by following the steps below:

    Step 1

    Try to turn off password protected sharing and check.

    (a) Open advanced sharing settings by clicking the Start button, then Control Panel. In the search box, type network, click network and sharing Center, and then in the left pane, click change advanced sharing settings.

    (b) to expand your current network profile, click the chevron.

    (c) under the password protected sharing, select the following:

    (d) turn off password protected sharing

    (e) click on save changes. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    For more information:

    Step 2

    Try to add manually the wireless network and selected will automatically connect.

    (a) open network and sharing Center (click on start - Control Panel - Network and sharing Center)

    (b) click on manage networks wireless on the left side and opens a new window - manage wireless networks that use (wireless)

    (c), click Add

    (d), click on add a network profile

    (e) enter the name of the network - security Type and security key (this info should be provided by your internet service provider)

    (f) check the box that says "Connect automatically when this network is in range" and click the next button

    (g) click on the close button in the next window that opens (or you can take a look at the settings, if you like, and then click close)


    Let us know the status of the issue. If you need help, please after return. We will be happy to help you.


  • BlackBerry Smartphones user name and password reset email

    Hi, I recently updated my phone and my husband is now to have my Blackberry.  However, I don't remember my user name or password to connect to change the e-mail address with the.  Can someone help me.  I called O2 who cannot help you.  My husband is with TMobile and they cannot help either.  I am now at a loss.  Is there a reset button so we can delete data that is on the phone?

    cldanks wrote:

    Is there a reset button so we can delete data that is on the phone?

    Sorta, Yes.

    You can wipe the device of all your personal information and get back to almost a factory as parameters... Options > Security > Security > Security Wipe.

    If your phone is locked to O2, and he uses it on Tmoible, it will have to be unlocked for use on another carrier. See instructions and the links below.

    Then, he will need the BlackBerry data Plan on his Tmobile account and have registered for use on Tmobile THAT PIN/IMEI device. You must have the device PIN and IMEI released from your OS account.

    Good luck.

    To determine whether your BlackBerry is already "unlocked":
    1. on your BlackBerry, go to Options > Advanced Options > Sim Card.
    2. in this screen type MEPD (see note below) on your keyboard. A new menu will appear.
    3. search for the network in the list.
    4. If your device is "unlocked", we should have disabled or inactive. If it says active, it is still blocked by this carrier.

    If you need instructions on how to unlock your BlackBerry for use on a
    carrier other than that to which it is brand, check out BlackBerry
    Unlocks him
    it of full trust and know to release me from the seller.

    and read this link for instructions.

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