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I recently bought a laptop Windows 8. As I tried to use the email app it worked fine for the Microsoft Mail (Hotmail and live). But when I added an email account Imap, I couldn't send an e-mail. He remained in the Outbox. Receive emails is not a problem.

I've read about this problem and it was supposed to be an update to the email app, but I still have this problem.

Can anyone help?

Thank you




I found the answer in one of the other issues (which are similar).

I had to change the Port number 25. After that it worked fine, I changed! :)

Thank you

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  • Meadow Bell send email on account Telus (mail Application Alert)

    Hi all

    Help required on all you smart people out there.

    I've just activated a Bell Palm Pre in the Canada, and my email provider is Telus.

    I entered my e-mail address of Telus and the password during the first start-up procedure, and the Pre started up well and was able to sync with my e-mail Web of Telus server.  I have seen emails pushed to my Inbox and could also see the other folders in my webmail account.

    Then I tried to send an email, and the problems began.  My email was sent to my hotmail ([email protected]) account.  When I hit send, the status line at the bottom of the pre says "sending"test"  (I called my first email 'test').  Then a few seconds later, I had another status that says "error sending"test"  Then a little envelope icon showed up on the bottom right and clicking on the icon has raised a large triangle of yellow warning with the message "alert Email-request" and below "error sending"test"  The outgoing email then just sits in the Outbox with a small yellow triangle next to him.

    Then I went into my email account settings and went in the "Change Log-In Settings.

    My incoming mail server was listed as but incoming worked OK, so I got that.

    The outgoing mail server was and the button 'Use authentication' was in position 'On' with my email address and password below.  He used the port 587 without encryption.

    The first thing I tried was to "use authentication" in the Off"" position.  Button slipped to 'Off', so, then, I left the settings page.  The status line at the bottom of the pre says "Update Preferences".  So just to check, I went back to the settings page, and the 'use authentication' was mysteriously turned to 'On '.  I tried this several times since then, and the Pre refused to organize the marketing in 'Off', my 'use authentication' is now always 'On '.

    At this point, I called Bell Tech Support.  I talked to a guy named 'Jimmy '.  He had me change the outgoing mail to and then to server, but none of those who have helped.  In fact, they seem worse, because now the Pre would be trying to send the email out about 30 seconds to a minute before you puke upwards the same error as before.

    Jimmy asked me to change the settings for the port at 20 and activate the SSL encryption.  Nothing helps.

    Jimmy finally said that he could not help and I should call Palm support.  But by then, they were closed for the night.

    I thank Jimmy and continued to try to work around.  I put all my settings back to what they were before I talked to Jimmy.  I tried a few more things, which sent an email to another address of [email protected] .  WOW! Success!  This e-mail is sent successfully.  But wtf?  Why only at email addresses?

    It was about midnight, and I got on the phone to technical support of Telus (they're going 24 x 7).  I logged on to Vartsala.  I explained the problem (about four times) that I could only send to addresses [email protected] and to me it seemed that Telus smtp e-mail server blocking addresses other than e-mail addresses.  She insisted that the smtp server of Telus is not the problem, and it is the Palm Pre level.  But why the Palm could send email [email protected] , but not the email [email protected] ?  She could not answer.  I then spoke to her supervisor, who also insisted, it wasn't a problem with the smtp server of Telus.  Then, she refused to me more help because she said it wasn't a problem of Telus, and there was nothing she could do.

    This is my first question to anyone out there:  Is this a problem of Palm Pre, or is there a problem with the e-mail Telus smtp server accepts only not messages of the pre unless you be directed to the address [email protected] ?

    This morning I called Palm support and then be put on hold for an hour, techcinal I am connected to "Juliette".  Juliet took down my info and said that she would not be able to help with this.  She said a person you will call later today, or maybe in a few days and I should be patient.  So, no solutions there.

    Any ideas anyone?

    See you soon.

    OK people, I think we have a winner.

    I finally got frustrated while I sponsored a conference call with a Palm level 3 tech support guy, the representative of Telus and a representative of Bell.  We were waiting for a total of 45 minutes that I chained call along and everyone eventually got on the same line.

    So here's the deal: the installation must be done manually as proposed by thepoet.  The incoming server is OK as imap and without encryption.  The outgoing server must be set to point to WITHOUT authentication, port 25 and no encryption.  Initial Bell tech support guy was very close to the solution, just the incorrect port number and the wrong sequence of implementation.

    I could send successfully, but want to try a few things more before I declare it is a complete success.

    Thanks for your help, poet, really appreciate your persistence.

  • E-mail client sends email (gmail account)

    I have properly configured e-mail account and you can see the email inbox. The problem occurs when you send emails. He keeps trying without giving any error, so I have to kill the application to use the customer again.
    I have a double secure gmail account but I've created a one-time registration for this customer password

    Hi Gabriele Vidali,

    I used the service secured by double on my Gmail account and creates a unique password for the mail app for my Firefox OS device with flame v2.0.

    I was able to send and receive emails from my account double-secure Gmail without any problem. I got no error when sending email, and Auto Sync worked correctly.

    Where did you download the 2.1 version of?

    I suggest rolling back your flame for at least version 2.0 device. The version you are currently using is still very unstable, and it is still actively underway, is not uncommon that the features and applications will break.

    Version 2.1 is intended to be feature complete on 13 October and then there is still work of stabilization and optimization is done on this. Mozilla code on version 2.1 of the Firefox operating system is scheduled to be complete Code on 21 November 2014 - so there is still a lot of work to do on this version. =)

    I hope this information is useful. Please let us know if you have any further questions send and synchronization of your e-mails on more stable versions of Firefox OS.

    Thank you


  • Don't send email Z30 Mac blackBerry

    Hi all

    Z30, fully updated software.

    I have 4 email clients on my phone. Mail Mac decided not to send emails at all, although I can still receive all emails as usual. Other clients work perfectly in all respects, receiving and sending.

    I tested all clients and tested the phone on multiple connections wifi, as well as through mobile 3 G signal. I rebooted several times. Short of deleting the account to put once again, I find nothing useful online, or to suggest that mac Mail has a problem; I mainly use emails from mac on all platforms, and there seems to be no external problem.

    Any helpful suggestions would be welcome morst. Thank you



    With a strong carrier network (for example, not only WiFi), I suggest the following steps, in order, even if they seem redundant to what you have already tried (step 1 should translate a message from your BB... Please wait just before moving on to the next step):

    1) register HRT

    • KB00510 How to register a BlackBerry smartphone with wireless network
    • Please wait a 'recording' message

    2) restart

    • Hold the top button until the counter reaches zero. Wait for the unit to be completely stopped (for example, nothing appears on the screen, no lights, etc.). Hold the top button until the red light. Wait through the entire boot process.
    • IF this fails, you can try the method more energetic keep up/down keys volume until the device turns off completely. Wait a bit and start normally.
    • See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.

    I hope that will move things again for you! If not, then you should indeed try remove and re-add your configurations for the relevant accounts.

    Good luck!

  • is don't send email recovery

    I buy my itunse and when I wanted to buy something really important, it says check and it took me to my security questions and I answer the questions and it says wrong answer and then took me to this page web and I wanted to go to security it says tent too check incorrect
    you did a lot of attempts to answer your security questions. You can try again later or use e-mail to record the title to reset the security information and when I chose to email verification would not send and I have a gmail in my account email, but its not to send anything and I have a lot of work to why his does not send not of it helps quick!

    Hello, ABDULSALAM1998sd.

    Please visit Apple support communities.

    I understand that you do not receive the email to reset the reset of your your security questions for your Apple ID.  Here are the troubleshooting steps I recommend going through this problem.

    If you don't receive your check or reset email

    See you soon

  • Don't send emails.

    I have windows live mail and austin Road Runner account.  When I try to send an email, I get the error message... An unknown error has occurred... Server ' smtp -' Windows Live Mail error ID Ox80070057, Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, secure (SSL): No. sent emails until yesterday when I received this message without any problem. "

    Hi WendiMozingo,


    The question you have posted is related to Windows Live Mail and would be better suited to the Windows Live community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the best support.
  • DO NOT SEND me EMAIL please I think already, I'm sorry to register. Please, don't send emails


    That you receive email from? Mozilla sends regular e-mails, the only thing being the Mozilla newsletter (send the GET outside once a month I believe)

  • don't send email, go to air currents, that it seems to be frozen on this page

    I want to send an email but it won't send him, I also tried to put the message in drafts but not moving does not at this page of either.the seems to be frozen I think.

    If you use Windows Mail in Vista, then find interference antivirus (see and try to compact and repair the database (

    Otherwise if you use Hotmail or WLM ask here:


  • Solve the problem of being unlisted - don't send emails from this IP

    I have been in trouble, sending mail from my Windows Live on Windows 7 application and have received notifications of failure each time. I need to remove my domain/IP blocking, but don't know how to do in this regard.

    If you use Windows Live Mail with a non-Microsoft e-mail server, (Comcast, ATT/Yahoo, etc.), and then help for Windows Live Mail is located in this forum

  • Firefox send emails

    I received email aan of Mozilla Firefox. A friend who has also Firefox told me that you don't send emails. LLA is correct and should I remove?

    You have no such a letter?

    If it's Mozilla there usually a link in the e-mail to unsubscribe that should point to a web page of Mozilla.

    See also 'Get Firefox news':

  • I don't know if I'm connected to POP3, IMAP, or SMTP that I can't send emails via hotmail or send pictures.

    I don't know if I have and or connected to POP3, IMAP or SMTP that I cannot send emails via Hotmail, and can not send photos through the Windows Gallery >


    I'm sorry, but we cannot help with hotmail problems in these forums in response to vista

    Please repost your question in hotmail in the hotmail link below forums

    Consult with Microsoft Certified Solutions
    and read this

    you need to configure your e-mail account windows mail with your ISP internet service provider

    They provide you with account settings you need to do

    Ask them to

    password for your access broadband account / distance with them

    Server of incoming POP3 mail
    outgoing mail SMTP server

    and here's how to configure windows mail after getting the email correct account settings

  • Mail from Apple sending emails of my two accounts

    That's what my title says. Whenever I have email from my yahoo account, it also sends it to my outlook. I had to disable my vision of the app that I could at least send emails correctly. Two emails are the same if this is important btw (eg. ( [email protected] and [email protected]). Is it possible to fix this? I don't really like having to open my outlook on my browser every time. The app is much cleaner and simpler.

    Try mail/preferences/AccountType account information. Select an account, and then access the server of outgoing (SMTP) mail. In the menu drop-down select list server SMPT Edit. Then set up a server for each e-mail account that is associated with the e-mail address. Then go to each account and set this server as the Mail Server outgoing (SMTP). You can click on use only this server if you wish.

    Mail/preferences/writing/sending messages - set to the selected mailbox account.

  • After the upgrade to Windows 10, I can't send mail from my IMAP account

    Upgrade to Windows 10 last night. Make a backup on MozBackup beforehand and restored after the download. I see all my messages in my Roadrunner and Gmail IMAP accounts. I can receive messages from all three types of accounts, but I can't send emails from the IMAP account. I checked that I have the right selected outgoing server. But whenever I try to send, I get the error:

    An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded:
    Action taken not requested: the mailbox not available
    Invalid DNS MX or the A/AAAA resource record.
    Please check the recipient of the "[email protected]" message and try again.

    Although looks like your new update of windows 10 has not the right or any other DNS servers set up. Thus, when Thunderbird is trying to send a mail it it looks like for the server and there is no... you can navigate t goole, com using this machine and one web browser other than the one provided with windows 10.

    The alternative is the email address your shipment to the a in the faulty DNS entry

    Research here shows that this is the case. The field of your shipment at all simply not exist in DNS.

  • Mine is Yahoo where POP is used. Tuberculosis is IMAP. I can receive and send emails, but when doing action on tuberculosis (Del or send) any reflection on the primary server

    My e-mail address is Yahoo and Yahoo by default user POPs.
    I understood from your help file synchronization is only compatible with the IMAP e-mail provider
    I can receive and send emails from TB, but during action on tuberculosis (Del or send) any reflection on the primary server, even when doing the action on the main server (Del or send), no change on tuberculosis

    help from yahoo I managed to find the Setup for IMAP, but could not apply them on TB, TB already have Yahoo as POP in the configuration list
    Please your help on this

    Best regards

    You cannot convert an existing account, but you can set up your Yahoo as IMAP account in parallel to the existing POP account. See

  • We have more than one PC connected to the same (IMAP) account, there is an error sending server and works as a single computer at a time.

    We have three computers to check the same email account (IMAP) and when more than one is not working and try to send a message is displayed:. 'Server offline [email protected] that the server may have dropped or there may be a network problem.
    Right next to Thunderbird on other computers, with only a computer connected to the error disappears, and everything works fine.
    When that happens, sometimes gives error when sending an e-mail, "error save message in sent" and the mail is not stored in the thunderbird or on the server, but is sent.

    Menu Tools > account settings > server settings > asvanced and reduce the number of connections from 5 to say 2 and see how it goes. I m the connection altogether on the total machines is the question can be reduced then should help.

    Seriously have several concurrent users is not a good way to manage an imap account.

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