don't wake up after hibernation at all

I have a Toshiba satallite running Vista Home and it went into hibernation and will not come out of it. I tried to remove the battery, release the battery died, each key on the keyboard while feeding system, any withdrawal of the laptop and trying to start it. I've been looking for days and tent everything to get it to you wake up with no luck. I have pluged to the top of each type of unit just waking and nothing. All I get is the power button lights up, housing starts of HD to go upward and the sleep icon will light up and the processor fan runs, but nothing else. It's a P305D-S8828.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi Jeff,

I think Sandeep is one proposed that there is a problem with your hard drive or the motherboard.
When you press the power button on your laptop you see anything on the screen? Are you able to get into the bios of your computer?
You will be able to check to see if the hard drive is still detected by the laptop in bios. If the drive has failed, it probably won't see the upstairs.
Warning: BIOS change / semiconductor (CMOS) to complementary metal oxide settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can resolved e. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

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  • ultra computer window 7 not sometimes wake up after hibernation

    I am running windows 7 ultra on computer dell xps QuadCore 8300 and recently my computer sometimes wake up after hibernation when I move the mouse so I have to shut down the computer using the power button can you help me.

    Go to your control panel and go to your Power Options. No matter what plan you have selected, click on "Change plan settings", then click "change advanced settings of power."

    This should open a list of options, now click on the button '+' option of sleep and
    change the "Allow hybrid sleep" to "Off".

    Just a note, you can avoid only the computer from sleep mode hybrid, means the hard disk activity will remain intact. So the next time your windows is asleep, you can always get on easily by just moving the mouse or pressing a keyboard button.

    Please see the link below. And I believe that it is a desktop computer?

  • Re: Tecra M5 wakes up after hibernation without good reason

    M5 technique 2 GB Xp Pro SP3
    Placed in hibernation (Shut Down-> Hibernation) machine fortunately hibernates and then, for no apparent reason, "wake up." Mamangement power settings are, in my opinion, OK
    * Network cards all have Powermanagement allow this device to wake this unchecked computer
    * Modem has this checked
    * USB Root Hub all have this checked

    The PC is hibernating so there is no software running then why the bitch wakes up?

    When he wakes, event viewer said the first thing to run was e1express (event 42 Intel(r) PRO/1000 PL Network Connection driver had started.) so something seems to be launched out of the network card, but unfortunately it does not tell me what.

    There is no scheduled tasks

    So, what is he wakes up




    I think that your laptop wake ups only if the network cable is connected. If you would like to disconnect the LAN cable then your unit would be don't wake himself.

    I think that you can solve this problem very easily; disable Wake up on LAN in the BIOS and save the changes.
    In addition I recommend checking device-> LAN card Properties Manager

    There you must go to the Advanced tab and must disable all parameters that might be responsible for the laptop to wake up.

    Good bye

  • Qosmio G20 wakes up after hibernation for no apparent reason

    Hello all,.

    For a while now, I've noticed that my Qosmio G20 tends to wake up from hibernation at random times for no reason apparent. When I place it in hibernation during the night, it passes in a State of hibernation, but (normally) after a few hours suddenly waking up from that State for no reason.

    Obviously this isn't a big issue, but I prefer to Hibernate when it's possible (as opposed to the day before) and it's pretty boring to woke up at 04:00 by triumphing over the Qosmio music shine (it's still better than windows ' your da!) " : P)

    Any ideas?


    Hi Lee

    Please check the BIOS settings. I'm not 100% sure, but on a page on the side right, there must be some sort of wake-up option. Check if this option is enabled.

  • M70-160: don't wake up from hibernation or standby - hardware or software?

    I just maaaaaan!

    works fine, but will not wake up from hibernation or 5000mAh! unless you're going to wait a while! 15 min or something like that!
    After that he's going to wake up and work normally.

    I thought that it is overheating problem but now just turn it on and when the toshiba logo appear if you turn it off, it works again, but after 15 min it will BE!
    This isn't a problem of heating!

    She does this even without HD top!
    at first, it was the hibernation and standby problem, now it dose the same with stop!

    what I can do!

    I bought just the guys! ASP is now a way!
    is there anyway that I can do to fix this!
    I have difficulty PCs a lot, but not books!


    You can also contact your local Distributor and check with him. They also have enough experience. On this path, it is not easy to tell exactly what is happening.

    Is the unit preloaded with recovery media or with your own operating system?

  • Windows 7 not resumed after Hibernation - tried all of the solutions out there

    I have a HP pavilion Dv6t laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate.

    -Intel i7 2670qm

    -8 GB ram

    -700 GB HARD DRIVE
    -AMD 7690mxt 1 GB graphics card

    The Windows is preinstalled with the laptop. This laptop has already had 4 primary partitions reserved by Windows and HP recovery disks.

    I need dual boot linux for development purposes, so I deleted one of the primary partitions. The partition that I deleted was the partition of 100 MB, I think, Windows uses to start and system for purposes of repair.

    After deleting the partition of 100 MB, I ran Windows repair and I started correctly in Windows. Then I installed Ubuntu and it starts very well as well. The boot loader is now the Ubuntu one, I don't assume the cause of the problem.

    Now comes the problem.

    When I put in hibernation in Windows, it hibernates correctly but using the Hibernate, I am presented with the message "Windows summary of Point of hibernation". I hit enter and Windows get stuck at Windows Startup logo. This can go for hours and hours remaining on the screen. I so force the shutdown of the laptop. Start the laptop I am presented with 2 options

    1. take out the point of hibernation

    2 remove the point of hibernation and continue to the start screen

    I select the option of delete will point and Windows starts but I lose all data saved with Hibernate.

    Please help me solve this problem! It comes to my work machine.


    Please contact Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you are unable to resume from hibernation.

    I will definitely help you with this.

    I suggest you go through the link below:

    Refer to the suggestion given by Naman R responded on December 23, 2011:

    I hope this helps. Please post back with the State of the question and we will be happy to help you further.

  • Z460, Ethernet does not work after wakes up after hibernation

    Hi, I used Ideapad Z460 for nearly 3 months. I have this problem. Ethernet does not work after wakes up to the top of hibernation. I have already updated the bios to the lates version (release date: 14/02/2011) but still this problem. Someone has an idea?

    Thanks for reading!

    try reinstalling power management, the default settings of the bios and also try this:

    Right click on my computer > manage > device management > network cards > select ethernet adapter > properties > under power management tab, clear the check box to be able to save "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".

    Restart your computer and check if it works.

  • Satellite A200-27U not wakes up after hibernation when you open the lid

    I just bought a new Satellite A200 27U which goes a lot so far.
    However, I have configured in hibernation mode when I close the lid.

    I can't resume automatically hibernate when I open the lid.
    I have to press the power button.
    Is this normal, should resume automatically?

    If yes how to do it do?

    It is the same with my Satellite P200 and I think it's normal. It is the same on my second laptop preinstalled WXP.
    Putting into service is not automatically and after you open the laptop I have to press power button / stop too.
    But it is not so problematic. What do you think?

    You use Windows XP Home or Vista edition?

  • Satellite A200 - 1 MB don't wake up on hibernation

    Help, please.

    I was using my laptop for over a month and I can't use the hibernation mode... I can't turn on my laptop when it goes into hibernation mode. The power light is blue. Is there a keyboard sequence that I have to type?

    I use Windows Vista Home Edition.
    Thank you.

    Hello Ina

    How, you switch to hibernation mode:
    -close the lid of the laptop
    -using the FN + F4 key combination or
    -using the button on the start menu?

  • Satellite L40 PSL40E not wakes up after hibernation when the lid is closed


    I had a serious problem with my L40 PSL40E:

    If I put at the bottom of the screen I could not restart and had to reinstall Vista! After some updates it was fine for a few months now I've lost my entire hard drive AGAIN!

    Friends told me that this has something to do with the hybernation mode or bios (?) and to download some driver bios?

    But does not work the link to 02/11/2008

    The link to the BIOS should work... I visited the European driver of Toshiba page and the links work without a doubt. Maybe you should try it again.

    Generally, it is not a bad idea to update the BIOS and the operating system to the last State.
    Vista still has many bugs and you should check the from time to time if a patches and hofixes have been released.

    In the next time that the SP1 should be published, and you need to install the final version (if available).

  • Dell 17r laptop doesn't wake up after hibernation

    As soon as the stop, the screen of the laptop, I need to turn on the computer laptop and off again to make it work.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    The problem was caused by drivers being obsolete.

    Windows Update does not pick up, then you will need to download the new drivers on the dell site.

    I recommend starting with the graphics drivers, but I did 3-4 changes

  • Equium - dead after hibernation, the system recovery does not work

    I'm trying to fix the laptop of one of my friends, but so far without success. It's a Toshiba Satellite with Vista.

    She had problems with a black screen after startup in Windows Vista. I found a work around for this problem, but it was a little complicated for her... She doesn't know much about computers. ;)
    So I but it would be a good idea to tell him to always use hibernation. However, when I put the portable standby extended, all seemed fine, shutdown, power off.
    I tried and then turn it back on. Light turns green, cd drive makes noises. Nothing more. Screen remains completely black. No sounds. Keyboard input does not work. No access to the Manager startup or anything else. He left light until I pass him by pressing the button for a few seconds.
    I removed the battery and put back in place, without result.
    Connection to an external monitor shows no results.
    When I put the original CD recovery Toshiba, no results.

    So, basically a cell phone dead. Ah yes, I'm in the Brazil in a small village, away from the stores of tech support or computer. Maybe a problem material, but all was working fine until I used the hibernation.

    Any help or ideas would be very appreciated! ;)


    My laptop could not wake up after hibernation too but I managed to wake up again.
    Disconnect the power adapter and remove the battery.
    Now, you will have to wait a while 1 hour should be sufficient, but you can leave the laptop disconnected for a longer time (all night long)

    After that, you must connect the battery and AC adapter and should try to light the device if it will not help you then you are in trouble
    This would mean that a serious hardware problem causing this problem and I doubt you could remedy without any help from the ASP.

  • Windows freeze after hibernation Dell Inspiron 660

    Every day my computer hangs when I wake it after hibernation.  Device Manager indicates that driver graphic card Intel is up-to-date.  Current Windows updates.

    Any suggestions?

    Hi barbara2351,

    You can run hardware diagnostics to check the operation of the equipment.

    • Stop and restart the computer.
    • Immediately when the Dell logo appears, press the F12 key. The list of boot devices.
    • Select Diagnostics and press ENTER.

    If there is no problem found, update THE system BIOS.

    The link is

    Note: Before updating BIOS please ensure that:
    * No external devices (printers, external hard drives, flash drives) must be connected.
    * All other programs should be closed and saved documents

    Please share the operating system.

    Keep me informed of the results. I'll be happy to help you further.

  • A30 - 203 hibernating then don't "wake up!"

    Have owned my A30-203 for 18 months without problem - last night I close the lid and left in hibernation as I often do. Came back about two hours later - lifted the lid - nothing. Usually, he wakes up and expects that a mouse click continue. Don't respond to ctrl-alt-del or all the essential features. Start button / stop did nothing no more. Had to disconnect the battery and the sector. Restored power and power key - machine referred to the point after hibernation! Machine also was locked - ignoring all the keystrokes at the keyboard and mouse clicks. Tried to delete the file "hiberfil.dat" of the file system in case it was corrupted - did not work. Problem remains. Have turned off the Hibernate function now. Machine has been locked up since. Have also noticed that the cooling fans seem to stay longer (and stronger) than before. Laptop is still covered by the warranty of Dixons Coverplan - but don't know if the issues I've already mentioned. Help!

    Hi adixon

    I put t know how many times you use the hibernation mode, but my experience is that if you use the hibernation mode constantly, it can happen that the laptop is a little confused. I use the hibernation mode in my office after work, but from time to time, it is advisable to do a reboot or turn off the laptop.

    I'm sure that there are no any kind of hardware malfunction. I don't force you to do that, but I also know this reinstallation of the operating system with recovery CD may solve your problem. Before take you to the service partner, try reinstalling the laptop only.

  • Equium A110: Cannot use LAN after wake up from hibernation or standby

    Hi guys

    I can't use lan on my tosiba equium A110 after he wakes up from hibernation or standby. Lan icon there is bur that the internet will not work. Please help me.

    Another problem. When I try to cut something I can't paste it if I open a new folder. I need to keep the file open back cut once again and then paste it. I mean that if after the cut, I open any folder it won't paste it.

    Please help me.

    Thank you


    Have you tried to update the connection? Something similar happens on my laptop, but not with LAN but with WLan. If you right click on the little icon of lan, you will see the option to repair. Check it out.

    Also found this possibility. I put t know if it will help but try it.
    1. go to [start]-> [Control Panel]-> select [System]
    2. the system properties dialogue box select [Hardware] tab-> click [Device Manager]
    3. in the Device Manager dialog box, select [network adapters]-> double-click [Intel (r) PRO/100 VE Network Connection]
    4. go in the [Advanced] tab-> property [Wake on settings] select-> Select [Wake on Magic & realized]
    5. Press [OK] to close the dialog box.

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