dose of support 3rd generation apple tv LG 4 K TV

dose of support 3rd generation apple tv LG 4 K TV

Any HDTV with HDMI and you're good to go

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  • Is the 3rd generation Apple TV still HomeKit compatible?

    Already a 3rd generation or newer, Apple TV could enable remote access to the HomeKit accessories. The documentation on this page refers to the 4th generation Apple TV.  In addition, my 3rd generation that apple TV is now as "disabled" in the application of the House.  Is the 3rd generation Apple TV is no longer supported with respect to this feature?

    3rd generation ATV was never compatible with devices HomeKit, since it took Siri be accessible.

  • you want to add a TV channel to my 3rd generation Apple TV: how to?

    How can you add a string of television of a 3rd generation Apple TV. I want to add YuppTv. The content provider says it work with AppleTV.

    You can not. 3rd generation Apple TV are not editable. If the provider is not already on it it is impossible to add it.

    If the provider has an application to download, you need a 4th generation Apple Tv to download.

  • 3rd generation Apple TV stopped seeing all wi - fi networks.

    3rd generation Apple TV suddenly stopped to see Wi - Fi.  I bought an Apple TV 3rd generation (stupidly) shortly before the 4th generation came out.  But it works fine for the short time I've had it.  However, I moved it to a larger TV this weekend so we could use the new HBO subscription now (and look at the vinyl with a bigger screen and better speakers) and he would suddenly see a wi - fi network.  Then I brought it back to the original location and it will not always see the networks.  It's almost like unplug it killed, but that can't be true! What is going on?  I tried to plug it into my new laptop running latest everything, with a mini-usb cable, but iTunes doesn't recognize.  The white light at the front of the Apple TV flashes quickly.  I think it would still be on the one year warranty, but I can't find my receipt.  However, it looks more like something weird network.  My modem comcast/xfinity wi - fi still works with all other devices in the House. iPhones, iPads, computers laptops. I don't want to buy a new one.  It then he darn, it should still work.  This happened to someone else?  Thank you.

    If the white light flashes quickly then you need to restore via iTunes

    Mmake sure that you follow the delicate steps (disconnect all cables, connect the USB microphone, plug). Connect directly to the computer, try another USB microphone cable (make sure it is capable of data transfer, if it has been delivered with another device, then it can be scheduled for the device)

  • ITUNES radio for the 3rd generation Apple TV?  Why he disappeared?

    I received the 3rd generation APPLE TV for Christmas and love it.  But the ITUNES RADIO app disappeared, despite the fact I recently subscribed to the new service.  Why?  Will there be an update? Help, please.  It was one of my favorite applications.

    He was abducted last month:

  • Cannot open the component of the battery of the 3rd generation Apple TV remote.  The "cover" stripped is by using a coin to turn the cover counterclockwise. Any suggestions?

    On the component of the battery of the 3rd generation Apple TV remote, the "lid" is getting stripped by using a coin to turn the cover counterclockwise. I even used a screwdriver flat head with a cloth & it will not always be open.

    It is partially open, but I think there was some debris. I disabled the debris, but the "lid" is badly stripped. I stopped as I would not completely destroy the compartment cover. Any suggestions?

    I had a similar problem with another camera, but a very similar configuration, a round lid on a stack of pancakes about two years ago. I got to have adhesive PuTTY handy of Museum at the time.  I took enough Putty to cover the circular cover, let it sit for just a moment, or so that he could 'stick' (it's not like glue, it will come off easily). I have enough of the dough (about a 3/4 inch ball) used to create a handle and everything pushing down pretty firmly on the sealant to keep it on the cover, I did one-quarter turn and cover came out. I just took my money AppleTV 3 remote out of storage and tried this technique on her, and she seemed to cling to the coverage and helped me with the tour. My remote money is not received tap stuck like yours and the housing is in good condition. But it might be interesting to try. If you live in Irvine, California you should probably have some of this PuTTY on hand. It is usually used to prevent the fall during an earthquake of trinkets and other fragile objects of light weight. If all else fails, a new remote money is always available on the Apple Store for $19. Good luck.

  • is the 3rd generation apple TV speaker bluetooth support

    I was wondering if apple tv 3rd generation supports bluetooth speakers?

    N ° ability Bluetooth was introduced with the 4th generation...

  • How can I find more applications with 3rd generation apple tv

    I have an Apple TV, 3rd generation.  I was not able to find a way to search for apps, or find additional applications.  All I can find online, shows an app store icon, which I don't see.  The system says my software is up to date.

    The third generation Apple TV does not support downloadable applications.


  • Ios10 of 3rd generation Apple TV

    I just updated my iPad to ios10 and now I can not mirror to my 3rd gen Apple TV (7.2.1).

    How can I fix it?

    Hello. First of all, AirPlay is enabled on your ATV? In the second place, the center of control of iOS 10. Now has two parts. Mirroring is available in the left pane, right normal AirPlay. Have you tried the mirroring button? What you have tried and what happens?

  • Ask apple to add apps for 3rd generation Apple TV

    Is it possible to request apple to add more apps for apple's generation 3 TV such as Lightbox nz? In New Zealand, there is a lot of irrelevant preset apps on apple TV. This would encourage more use of the apple TV, if it's apps can be structured for each country.

    No, but you can send feedback to Apple.

  • 3rd generation Apple TV

    Since the last update, whenever I try to open anything (movie, song, etc.), it asks me to connect to the iTunes store. I'll enter my name of user and password (get the verification of code on one of my iOS devices and enter), but then it loop back to ask me my name of user and password. Cannot open/launch anything.

    Hello. You should be able to add the code to your password and login in this way. Otherwise, you may need to temporarily disable the mode of verification by logging in to your Apple ID from a browser.

  • Can I play radio Apple 3rd generation Apple tv

    JJust wondered how

    Radio Apple is not currently available on the Apple TV 3.


  • Bought harmon Kardon aura studio in Australia - no optical output. Used to synchronize to the 3rd generation Apple TV. iPad / iPhone works ok. Suggestions?

    Integration of the Apple TV wireless speaker

    Welcome to the Apple community.

    I'm sorry that I do not understand your question.

  • How can I submit password wifi for the 3rd generation Apple tv

    I put my wifi password in when prompted, but can't find a way to submit

    I don't know, but perhaps the Enter button is at the bottom of the "keyboard".

  • My iPad Apple 3rd generation wifi + his cell phone does not work

    MY 3rd generation Apple iPad, wifi + cell

    model number MD408LL/a

    Serial number DM * VGL


    < personal information under the direction of the host >

    All sounds, or simply notification and sounds apps (for example do music and videos app still have sound)? If notifications and apps you have notifications on mute: on the iPad side switch - Apple Support ? If the sounds in all applications which have tried for example soft-reset/reboot of the iPad, insert/remove the headphones?

Maybe you are looking for

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