Double click does not open my files more, instead I need to select open in a popup window. can anyone help? I use windows XP

Double click does not open my files more, instead I need to select open in a popup window.  can anyone help? I use windows XP

This could be due to your double-click speed, look on your control panel and go to the mouse. There will be a tab for with double click on set your speed to what you want and test on it fake file.

Hope this helped,

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    Have you tried to install the latest drivers for Windows 7 and the software from the following link for your printer?

    In addition, when you mention that the software does not open, do you mean the HP Solution Center software?


    I work with HP, but these comments are my own and not from HP

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    Hi Nathrotep,

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    @KateGee, error code, try 201: troubleshoot Adobe Creative cloud download, install and update questions

  • Windows XP - double click does not work on the desktop icons

    Hi all

    I have a really strange and weird problem!

    My brother-in-law put me back is equipped with all the malware as possible you can imagine... Virus, Trojan, Adware, Rootkit horse... etc.

    A collection of all the wicked thing you can collect on the web today!

    I clean everything with the help of several antivirus and UBCD4win, reinstall a new and up-to-date antivirus and a firewall and everything seems to be clean now after 2 days of work

    I have just one strange thing. When I double-click on any shortcut for the program on the desktop, it starts more software!

    Same thing on the menu!

    But if I double-click 'My Computer' or another icon of system on the desktop, it works as expected!

    On the shortcut for the program, if I did a right click and select it 'open' it works

    I checked the option mouse, everything seems ok, I tried to create a new user on the machine, but it works the same way!

    Something strange also and can be connected, when I press "Windows key + E" to launch the Explorer, it works or...

    The simplest solution would be to re - install windows XP, but I really prefer to avoid

    Does anyone have a suggestion/idea (good)?

    Thanks in advance for your help


    I answer to myself :-)

    I solve my problem by going back to the old system restore point!

    I had to reinstall/uninstall an application, but now double click works well


  • Jet 7: Stream 7 Double click does not work in the program


    I just bought a 7 run 8.1 flow win specifically for Ham Radio software that decodes the digital signals of my radio. The program that I am running is WSJT ver 1.5.

    The question I have is that double tap/double click in this software seems to be disabled. I tried to change the compatibility of the program to Win XP, Win 7, etc, but it makes no difference. I've updated the drivers, once again no difference.

    The software works fine on Win 8 and 10 to win on two laptops that I have access to

    I have someone has any ideas I can try, I'd be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance.

    Touch screen double click the work fine in Windows?  I have 10 Windows installed on my Stream 7, if I click once on the Recycle Bin on my desktop it highlights it.  If I double-click on it, it opens. There is the double click speed setting in the mouse settings also where you can test.  If it works with Windows, but not this software, you can check with the Publisher of the software?

  • target for a .pdf with the target _blank link file does not open in a new window.

    I have a simple html document with links to all the value _blank .pdf documents but only opens in a new window.  Others open as _self.  Change the target does not seem to make a difference.

    No idea why this is happening?

    It is preferable to share a link to the offending page, so that we can see the code, simple errors as a lack of "or = can cause what you describe.

    However since you work with PDF files there may not be anything technically wrong with your code.

    Files PDF is a multimedia file that is managed in a number of different ways depending on the settings of the user's browser and plugin installations. What gives the target = "_blank" on a PDF link can open a new blank page and the PDF opens in Acrobat instead. There is no way to force a PDF file to load in the browser, this is a user setting we as developers have zero access to.

  • BUMP: Single click against Action Double click does not

    Hi, having a problem with actions on the symbols. THIS IS a REPOST, hoping someone can help!

    I have symbols that when you click on play to a specific place on the timeline.

    LLE first symbol uses simple click (how I want)

    The rest of the symbols also use single click, but when I test the animation they need, double-click (even if they are coded to be single click)

    Any ideas?

    Here is a test for the animation site:

    Ideally, I want a simple click on the symbols. Double click is confusing.

    Thank you!


    Hi, Zack-

    Marie nailed without even looking at the project.    You call play() on a place that has a trigger that says stop().  The reason why he plays the second time is quite complicated and has to do with the behavior of play() by default when there is a trigger, but the easiest thing to do is to add one to your click event of the timecode.

    For example: currently says:

    SYM. Play (22000);

    Just replace it with:

    SYM. Play (22001);

    The next best thing to do is to change your call of game to use the optional 'false' parameter to force him to run not the trigger at 2200.

    SYM. Play (22000, false);

    -Scroll down to 'play' to learn more about the API

    Hope that helps!


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