double dotted line?

How can I draw a double line in dotted lines in Photoshop CS6? As used to mark a small road map... looks like a series of signs =.

Hi frankd,.

Refer to this tutorial: drawing in Photoshop - YouTube dotted lines

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  • Line tool - other arrows, dotted lines

    CS3 PC:

    The use of the tool in my toolbox online gives an arrow. Are there any other typesbesides of the default arrow? I would like a double-ended arrow to indicate the measurements on a technical drawing.

    In addition, using the pencil tool, I would like to be able to draw dashed or dotted lines.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    BTW, u8sing the word 'line' of the search function has produced zero responses. Not sure how this could be. Must be something wrong there too.

    Here's how to set up a brush to make the dotted...  Click on these pictures if they look blurry.


  • How can I remove the dotted lines around the tag?

    If set browser.display.focus_ring_style to zero, I always see the dotted line.
    You can see this problem on this site (when click on the map). But the problem gets more complicated on the other computer everything is normal.

    I see what you mean. There is a pattern once the image has been selected.

  • get a dotted line around .swf files in my flash site now. This is new from Firefox 3. With the help of 4 on a MacBookPro. tried the fix "style no outline. does not work. any help?

    get a dotted line around .swf files in my flash site now. This is new from Firefox 3. With the help of 4 on a MacBookPro. tried the fix "style no outline. does not work. any help?

    Ah, quite understand now that I added to my doc html

    < style type = "text/css" >
    background-color: #FFF;
    "'object {outline: none ;}"} '

    < / style >

  • Double vertical lines on the Qosmio G20

    I bought a 16mois g20 there and one day I tried to turn it on and gave me a few double vertical lines...
    I took it to the repair shop, they told me that I have to change the motherboard which is quite expensive and more installation wills cost much. So I think that... Why spend a lot of money for this laptop... .and know this thing came

    To be honest I wasn't disappointed with the machine worked very well... but reliability... .and its not so old to say...

    I was doing some research and very few have the same problem please... Toshiba should do something to make us upgrade the machine or get at least something cheaper to fix...


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    Hello, Fabian

    I'm very sorry to hear that you have a problem with your Qosmio. I have too many Qosmio G20 and I really like this camera. I know it is expensive (I bought an opportunity), but it's really a very powerful and noble device.

    Right now my works well but when I read something like your ad that I'm a little worried mine too. I have gift? t know how long warranty period is in your country, but especially about 2 years ago. Try to contact the Service partner in your country and speak with them. Maybe is it possible to fix it.

    Good luck!

  • Vertical dotted lines and bad shading on Satellite P30-109


    Sorry for my bad English,
    I have a problem TFT on my Satellite P30-109.
    Regular vertical dotted lines and bad shading.
    I formatted the disk with the recovery disk, but nothing has changed.

    An irregular viewing is present during windows startup.
    What can be?
    Have you any suggestions? I have to throw my PC?

    Thanks for your help.

    Chain is quite right. If the same thing happens on an external device there is problem with the video card and probably the whole motherboard must be exchanged.

    Sorry, but you must contact partner authorized in your country. If you need address, you can find them under

    Good luck!

  • Pages dotted line.

    Pages v5.6.1

    I have an existing document from a previous version that has ruined lines between words and dollar amounts. As in "words-$".

    When I try to add or remove all the features dotted the entire line turns into a continuous line.

    In a new document, the dotted line remains a dashed line.

    How can I keep the dotted line when you add or remove all dashes?

    In the Pages v5.6.1, uncheck menu Edition: Substitutions: Smart dashes. This will prevent any effect of continuous line.

  • Dotted lines are possible without background bitmap?


    I'm trying to get the grid on my graph dotted lines.  After searching around, I think I can only achieve this by setting the background as a bitmap that has the dotted lines on.  Is this correct?

    I think that this was addressed in the .NET version, which now has this feature, but not in the version of VC ++ (inherited).  I just wanted to confirm that this was the case.

    Hi Richard,

    After installing the legacy support version of one of our machines, I can confirm that the function you're looking for seems to be unavailable for VC ++. Unfortunately, as it comes to legacy support, it is unlikely that the feature will be added in the future.

    I hope that answers your question

    Kind regards

  • The dotted lines or borders on my desk

    RE: Vista home premium w/sp2 32 bit

    Recently, I noticed these dotted lines appearing around my desktop icons. They seem to stay with what is active on the desktop, including menu, or the taskbar windows that are reduced to a minimum. Its more a nuisance than anything either. Everyone knows this? Or even better, how to get rid of him. I tried to adjust the effects of animation for the visuals in the advanced settings, but nothing works for the moment. Yet once this anomaly does not affect the performance somehow, its just very strange. I've got MBAM activated in real time and Avira Antivirus. I have run two scans of complete system on both. The results were squeaky clean for bugs. Disk and registry have been deep cleaned and defragmented. Windows updated the auto value must so good there. I got a file true 'X' here, but I know that the truth is out there somewhere.

    Thanks for the reply Ajay K. No help but on the 3 methods. Good news is that I was able to find a way to cut the lines dotted on my desktop icons. A selection of the EASE of ACCESS program box has been activated somehow and that's what caused this inconvenience. If everyone should be having a similar problem like this, go through the control panel and open "ease of access". There are a few options to help users to set their computers to special needs or conditions they may have. I learned a lot and got rid of a problem at the same time. Thanks again for your help.

  • Is SVGElement 'STROKE-dashoffset' for the dotted lines?

    Is SVGElement STROKE-dashoffset for dashed lines?

    If so, how it works, I put it to 1, 5, 10 and 100 and I don't quite see a change. The lines are always solid

    ' Private Sub placeDashedLine (String color, int width, int x, int y)
    Create a new item.
    "newelement" [newElementID] = (SVGElement) _document.createElementNS (SVG_NAMESPACE_URI, "line");
    "newelement" [newElementID] .setFloatTrait ("x 1", x);
    .setFloatTrait "newelement" [newElementID] ("y1", y);
    .setFloatTrait "newelement" [newElementID] ('x 2', 100);
    "newelement" [newElementID] .setFloatTrait ("y2", 100 ");
    "newelement" [newElementID] .setFloatTrait ("-l' line thickness", width);
            "newelement" [newElementID] .setFloatTrait ("STROKE-dashoffset", 100);
    .setTrait "newelement" [newElementID] ("stroke", color);
    "newelement" [newElementID] .setTrait ("stroke-linejoin", "round");
    "newelement" [newElementID] .setTrait ("stroke-linecap", "round");
    _svg. AppendChild (newelement [newElementID]);

    Thank you!

    STROKE-dashoffset provides only the offset in a race model defined by stroke-dasharray.  Stroke-dasharray described the effects of the dotted line.

  • Hello how to make a dotted line?

    IM try and try and it just does not work

    Thank you


    Nice day!

    Either create a shape layer and apply a dotted

    or create a brush tip and use the appropriate parameters of brush to paint a dotted line.

    Kind regards


  • Do the dotted lines of the vector

    Hi guys,.

    I have this file

    Dropbox - finger

    I don't know how to do the fingerprint to be as dotted lines?

    Any help or ideas?

    Thank you guys! I really appreciate your help :-)

    Yes, I took out the clipping mask, and then convert the line forms at one track, then used Pathfinder > split clip everything outside the old mask, then I cut the ends of each line with the scissors and removed half of each path. After all that, I applied three different dotted with traits for the different ways to achieve this:

  • Dotted lines do not meet the size on the print

    Hi, I have a big problem with my design and the dotted lines with inDesign, maybe one of you can help me ^_^

    I have a lot of dotted lines in my design and in the inDesign I see perfect, they fit perfectly with the margins. But when I print the document that the dotted lines do not correspond, I send you an example, the continuous line have the same width as the dotted line.


    Thank you very much

    Did you also use step and repeat for the duplicate lines or draw each individually? You must be the step and repeat for consistency.

    That said, I think that a better way to handle this would be to use notes on withdrawal right tabs. Use a block of text and set the text leading to the spacing that you want (or set up a reference with this spacing grid and set the paragraph style to align with the grid). Press SHIFT + Tab to create the first withdrawal right tab, then Enter and Shift + Tab for each additional line. Create a character Style with a dash of personalized using your style dotted underline and apply it to the tabs.

  • Blue dotted vertical / Horizontal dotted lines in Source and program monitors


    I was cutting a project on an iMac for the last week (external drive - G-Technology G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt 3 TB - don't know if it matters) and just opened the project file on my MacBook Pro while I'm on the road and, although the reading itself is permitted, when images stops playing in my Source or my default monitor program to a black screen with vertical dotted lines blue and dotted horizontal (very low).



    Premiere Error CU.jpg

    Although this is not the end of the world, it is also far from great.

    Any help would be massively appreciated.

    Thank you.

    First, see if the update to the fixed bug Mac 10.11.1 will help you

    -an exchange of views of 10.11.1

    He has problems with Mac 10.11 El Capitan... which is perhaps one of them

    See answer #5 in for several solution links

    -the first link that the answer is a possible solution to install problems

    -There is also a link on the video display problems in Premiere Pro

    - and many other programs... MORE Microsoft Office also has problems

  • Dotted lines of red/blue passing vertically on my photos of GoPro


    I took a series of still images on a GB pro (black Hero3) with a Time lapse 60 sec setting.  The image size is 4000 x 3000.

    I am trying to create a time-lapse video that I did using the software suite from GoPro.  However, I have problems when you try this first Pro, as the final video does not render correctly.

    Action taken:

    1. Create the new project - accept the default settings.
    2. Click Import to start a media.
    3. Select the image and check image select.
    4. Drag the file with the framerate of 25 fps to the timeline.
    5. Click on file.
    6. Click export media.
    7. Tick match sequence settings.
    8. Click Export.

    This creates an MPEG file, but the image is distorted and has red/blue dotted lines vertically.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 13.02.35.jpg

    I suspect that this is due to using the wrong sequence or codec, but don't know what should be in these settings.

    It's turned equivalent using the software of the GoPro.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 13.03.45.jpg

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Using El Capitan?

    First graphic question Pro?

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